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CS:GO Dev's Surprise AMA Recap

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at John McDonald's recent Twitter AMA that came out of absolutely nowhere. A lot of information was gathered from the two hours of questions he answered, so we will go through everything as organized as possible. Source : https://twitter.com/basisspace Music : Anamanaguchi HOME : https://soundcloud.com/home-2001 Color Index : https://soundcloud.com/user-497576043 My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (388)
Sonic Son'edit (11 hours ago)
I really liked how they balanced ARs in PUBG: they increased recoil by 30% making it MUCH harder to sprays, while increasing limb damage on SMGs / Shotguns. I think its a way to go.
Jeyer Lulz (6 days ago)
35 people are working on GO but the hitreg is still broken/not sync'd. Great job Valve, as always. And he didn't answer my question about the hitreg either.
OP's OC (6 days ago)
I am ligitimately salty senpai ido didn't win.
huekiNg (6 days ago)
You're telling me 18 people at Valve thought the R8 (at launch) was a good idea? Insane.
Knox (8 days ago)
Q when do we get new cs
John (9 days ago)
So when is x64 source getting released and when do we have 128 tick on mm?
1 2 (9 days ago)
Being sassy isn't a good thing when you're an employee of a company that has an extreme lack of transparency and you're being shitty towards people who've put a lot of time and money into supporting your products. He knows full well we can't cite sources precisely because Valve are so fucking obtuse and impenetrable. He also knows that machine learning is going to produce false positives and result in undue punishment to rule-abiding players. This isn't something to be hand-waved.
Wesley Savage (10 days ago)
csgo is dieing because of the lack of content.
Knee_ Grow (8 days ago)
Wesley Savage it doesnt need content jesus grow up
GR3Y (11 days ago)
I'm S2 and like 6 months ago it was me and 4 friends all in silver. And we got qued up against LE and DMG based ranns
joujou264 (11 days ago)
Why would Windows be the issue with alt tabbing when practically no other game has issues like these. That sounds like a cop-out.
Deniz (11 days ago)
John McDonald is our new hero! Fuck gaben, he's just a fat guy who became a meme. John actually cares about us!
SEX-POSITIVE GAMER (11 days ago)
John McDonald delivered more transparency in those 2 hours than Gabe Newell has in the past 11 years... and that includes Newell's useless AMA where he refused to answer any difficult questions from Valve fans. Congrats, MacDonald, this is how you respect and grow a fanbase.
illuminati FaZe (14 days ago)
Like for CMYK
Schwanzus Longus (14 days ago)
"not every system can handle 128 tick, k"
Jeesaf Oceanleft (14 days ago)
Most handsome? I don't even know how to answer the question because I don't know how to evaluate the quality of a male's appearance. Like, they both look human, and have physical features. idk.
Theo Hallenius (14 days ago)
Finally a valve employee with a mouth.
Gornemant (14 days ago)
35 full time devs? What are they doing all day, twiddling their thumbs? We certainly don't see much of it, or is it because they can never agree on anything and end up scrapping everything they ever do, which ends up the same as doing nothing?
republicofsandals (14 days ago)
He looks like John Romero.
Smack Bramhall (15 days ago)
At least someone over there is willing to feed people's curiosities
Myztkl-Kev (15 days ago)
I use alt for my PTT in game and the only time Alt gets "stuck" is when I alt-tab my mic will stay open until I tap alt again. really not a big deal
Spartan375x (15 days ago)
Love ya too!
Vitzel (15 days ago)
can you stop making a picture smaller and smaller when you throw it up? it negates the purpose of showing the viewer the picture if they cant read it.
Steven Tubonjic (15 days ago)
Thank you for telling us about the AMA.
sami hamouri (15 days ago)
no one bothered to ask about the battle royal leaks ?
ynk (15 days ago)
Spudnik (15 days ago)
I want source 2 in CS:GO soooo baaaaddd.
Sockie The Doggo (15 days ago)
so what's up with the ICE highlight video? I've seen it go up and you take it down twice now.
SwagHomerRon , (15 days ago)
My question: ?can you change the tick from 64 to 128 on matchmaking One more question: ?can you please ban the troller players at matchmaking
Knee_ Grow (8 days ago)
SwagHomerRon , cheese
Rëd (15 days ago)
what's your viewmodel settings?
Knee_ Grow (8 days ago)
Rëd lel
NoWayJose Hose (15 days ago)
In facebook free skins cs go go to facebook and write "Tanie Skiny za Psc do cs go "
Jakub Mika (15 days ago)
What about the leaked CSGO battle Royale?
Salty Guy (15 days ago)
35 people in the CS:GO team while there are only 15 in the tf2 team, and only 5 programmers ... ok. ps: I know the video is about counter strike but I just had to say this.
darkarch757 (15 days ago)
Tf2 has hardly any members working on it. Csgo has 35. I wonder how many the other vavle titles have going for them.
Desantti (14 days ago)
darkarch757 dota:200
- Haris - (15 days ago)
I wish csgo dev would add simple click the circle game on the waiting screen of matchmaking it gets so boring when waiting for a match
so★ (15 days ago)
"Pour their soul into the game" no updates OMEGALUL
Josebas Forero (15 days ago)
the thing is what kind update?
Thisnamedoesntfit (15 days ago)
When Mcdonald said "[Citation needed]" obviously explains that he doesn't understand the fans of the game, people hate this, nobody wanted it, and it hasn't done anything to stop scammers except delay their cash out by 7 days, and even then you have to be joking that it stops gambling sites, ofc it doesn't if anything it helps them, they get the skins the gambler gets the currency the site uses, then the skins they currently have in stock that are not trade banned are used for the gamblers to use to cashout on that site. John McDonald is dense, and doesn't understand what the people want especially the HUGE trading community that is on CS:GO. I would say he is the opposite of "Valve's most handsome" and instead name him "Valve's Most Dense"
Josebas Forero (15 days ago)
and people who complain for something needs to be more specific and not saying only ^^the game is broken, fix it^^
Josebas Forero (15 days ago)
one person cannot represent the hole csgo community and telling the problem he or she has like it is the opinion of the community it not always is true
C0nnie (15 days ago)
I literally got to supreme playing silvers
xxbr0txx x (15 days ago)
yeah he talked but we got nothing new, sadly.
Endertrot (15 days ago)
**cough** Paid Sprays **cough**
Omar Shehab (15 days ago)
Still no HL3
LSKzane (15 days ago)
35 Real human beings are working on this game right now? This must be the biggest joke in history or I just don't get it.
Individu λambda (15 days ago)
CrazyPlayer245 (15 days ago)
Player leave because rage,have bad internet connection,bad pc/laptop or their mom that doesnt understand that online games cant be paused
34marmarmar (15 days ago)
local valve employee answers questions while also not answering questions.
TryZoid (15 days ago)
Rip ibuypower Atleast unbanned by ESL and dreamhack so atleast make these guys cast or analyze
UnstableAdrianHD (15 days ago)
I sure wish i could get my Butterfly | Case Hardened MW that i was so cleverly scammed for
Pete Power (15 days ago)
Pls bring new Maps!
xXwindogeXx (15 days ago)
Pete Power are you gold* and no im aluminum
Pete Power (15 days ago)
xXwindogeXx You are Gold?
xXwindogeXx (15 days ago)
Pete Power why? People only play dust2
Kron Krian (15 days ago)
Can you stop being salty about paid sprays? Thank you.
Whitey (15 days ago)
Your last sentence was so disgustingly cute, I'm melting away
Łoziak (15 days ago)
I still love tf2 team more but this guy is amazing
ุุ ุ (15 days ago)
Csgo still has crash exploits to this day. SMAC > VAC-Net Tf2 has custom huds, and it's perfectly fine. The sniper scope removal can be disabled by a plugin.
Por1ya (15 days ago)
451asians (15 days ago)
18 people thought the revolver was a good idea?
Lubie Placki (15 days ago)
451asians Newsflash, game developers suck ass at the games they're making.
Rick101101 (15 days ago)
*flasbacks of paid sprays*
Galkan92 (15 days ago)
For fuck's sake, stop rotating and zooming out the quotes already, I don't feel like pausing and rewinding the video every few seconds just to read what's on screen. Look at how 3kliksphilip handles that matter.
FringedWig46 (15 days ago)
i need to get a MacDonald after watching this
InfernoTrees (15 days ago)
Damn 7 day trade lock here to stay... good job :/
Knuxfan24 (15 days ago)
I just want them to lower the market listing hold. 15 DAYS is way too much.
Jonathan (15 days ago)
I mean gabe is most Handsome, but what ever i guess.
TheMeMeS (15 days ago)
i want mp5
TheMeMeS (15 days ago)
fuck gambling
The Undertaker (15 days ago)
There wasn't a single question on upcoming playermodels!? *Get your priorities straight, people!*
Paradox (15 days ago)
damn it, I wanted to ask him about seasons in csgo. like the ones in Overwatch with competitive points and stuff. I would love to be able to BUY A GOLDEN AK-47! Mhahaha
MDP_Toaster (15 days ago)
Paradox Disgusting
DrIvanRadosivic (15 days ago)
ew, golden weapons.
ReinForceOne (15 days ago)
wait - they are worried about breaking demos? WTF? They broke TF2 demofiles with each and every update back in the day... -> You just made a demo and a day later a tf2 update hit? unless yu had a copy outside of the steamdirectory you were out of luck
Desantti (14 days ago)
Jimbo Jones it's mostly annoying when you wanted to do a frag clip
Jimbo Jones (15 days ago)
demos have a function in csgo as they're used as proof in cheating accusations so it makes sense why they're on their tiptoes with it also leaving demos you consider important in your game directory is dumb, copy them to your desktop regardless. files can go corrupt at any time so always back your stuff up
Architector #4 (15 days ago)
Question: Why not make some kind of algorithm that would read a demo, detect that it's old, then convert it to a new format that will support instant rewind, and save the new format version with the same name but (new) added to it or something? Then make it read that (new) demo, and either use new code to read the new format and have a great demo, or detect that it screwed up converting the demo and open the old version using the old code? This way none of the old demos will be broken or lost.
nem tudom (15 days ago)
Nothing personal Mr Magal, its just that John told us more.
Anthony (15 days ago)
Wouldn't it be great if tf2 devs did the same thing.
cl_washed 1 (15 days ago)
Mtpelaaja FIN (15 days ago)
vnn is going crazy with vids!
Gnome Party (15 days ago)
John's presentation and his work on VACnet are gold. I am so pleased to know that Valve loves CSGO and is continuing to improve it. Talking to us is very much appreciated.
HackPlack (15 days ago)
He made half of america obese
John Ronald Mcgodamn Donald!
What does AMA mean?
xXwindogeXx (15 days ago)
China In valve's case it's "ask me anything but i won't answer"
Monica Bucci (15 days ago)
Ask me anything.
LegendaryVegeta (15 days ago)
get over the 7 day ban already
You rude (16 days ago)
My question: _Csgo team, can you lower the price of Negev to 800$?_ Csgo team: *New csgo update coming next week*
Keytry (13 days ago)
Wajx Turks are clever than you stupit asshole you fucking serb
Peter M (14 days ago)
Negev should be the starter gun instead of pistols. :D
the comrade gamer (15 days ago)
oh hell no
Iskandar hakim (15 days ago)
Buff negev price 2 $20000000
Wajx (15 days ago)
Kamil Wardęga Fuck off stupid Turk
Dial Ve Tor (16 days ago)
No source 2?
Monica Bucci (15 days ago)
Yes source 2!
whynot_ulises (16 days ago)
Still waiting for source 2 I uninstalled the game about 2 years ago and said to my self wow I'm shit at this game and I won't reinstall it until source 2 is out for csgo.
Eugene InLaw (16 days ago)
How DARE you question the handsomeness of our Lord Gaben?
Tamal Plays (16 days ago)
New operation is coming
Idaret (16 days ago)
valve communicating PogChamp
Strontiummuffin (16 days ago)
There are pretty braindead about trading sadly
Dimoxi Barbutan (16 days ago)
35 members??? Well, same happened to TF2, a dwindling dev team.
TF2 scout memes (16 days ago)
Gravity X (14 days ago)
Rishav Rungta (16 days ago)
Wow. Very informative. Thanks.
gogos1073 (16 days ago)
who wants them to replace the famas with a red dot or acog ar
cl_washed 1 (8 days ago)
Cyka Nuggets my sides
Knee_ Grow (8 days ago)
Youtube Subs yea now u laugh
cl_washed 1 (8 days ago)
Cyka Nuggets hahahahaha
Knee_ Grow (8 days ago)
Youtube Subs ok man i hope one of your family member commits suicide and then you see how funny it is
cl_washed 1 (8 days ago)
Cyka Nuggets suicide is hilarious
Adenis (16 days ago)
That was the best thing ever
MrBhoppy (16 days ago)
lol the tabbing out is because your monitor wants to scale a 4:3 res to 16:9 If you go to your driver and change scaling mode from display to gpu it takes 2 seconds to tab out
Gravity X (14 days ago)
Best solution is using external software to use 4:3 windowless and stretch it out to the size you want. I use Borderless WIndowed Gaming for that.
MysterAnonymous 777 (16 days ago)
Someone say when is next operation at what month predicted
MrVipitis (16 days ago)
Reminds me of Ryan. New to the csgo team, worked with community for a few days and then vanished.
GamingReviews (16 days ago)
"How many times does a person leave your match?" me: *"EVERY FUCKING MATCH"*
cheeseburger (16 days ago)
G. H (16 days ago)
Paid sprays, hackers in casual, comp, and even the pro scene. terrible optimization and balance, bugs, etc. Yea they totally put their soul into it. Into making money that is...not helping the game
Josebas Forero (15 days ago)
whats the problem with paid sprays? it is obvious that if you dont like it dont put money in it...terrible optimization? i run perfectly in a low-range pc...
ladyandkidragmen (16 days ago)
But why remove Aztec
G. H (16 days ago)
What a hypocrite. Confirmed cheaters still in the pro scene and then he posts that meme and talks about not unbanning cheaters. Volvo allows hacker$ becau$e they make shekels off them
xXwindogeXx (15 days ago)
G. H oy vey! Not muh valve shekels
G. H (16 days ago)
When will hl3 come out? Cheers john
Monica Bucci (15 days ago)
This year.
Gianluca Baccino (16 days ago)
Game is garbage, they didnt added so many new maps (They removed some of them lol), didnt added new guns (Just some ugly ass pistols), didnt improve the bot AI and took them 4 years to fix the hitboxes, do you expect anything from them?
ZGamingGallery (15 days ago)
they are hyped at new stickers and crates instead of actual content shows you the level of their maturity.
ZGamingGallery (15 days ago)
csgo would be a much better game if we didn't have a trash community.
ZGamingGallery (15 days ago)
People are shit at the game, they don't want to learn new maps, they're already bad at dust2 and decide to keep learning it all their life.
Logan Reed (15 days ago)
Gianluca Baccino, because CS is not this type of games where you can strap new content every month, like in GTA Online or some kind? It's a competitive game, it only needs quality of life changes, otherwise a lot of new content would ruin it competitiveness.
Gianluca Baccino (15 days ago)
Wouldiwas Shookspeared still trash, what im saying is how they never added new content to the game.
MR.FuN (16 days ago)
Tyler's CSGO HUD is bugged
R.J. Poroner (16 days ago)
I haven't had a person leave my match in cs go in forever. I suppose that's because of a high rank but still. I doubt people with high trust factor are experiencing such issues.
LunarNexus (16 days ago)
Didn't Tyler miss a free early test of VR?

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