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CS:GO Best Mission Drops from Operation Hydra

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❤️If you liked the video, be sure to drop a 👍. 🔥 Do you want 1.50$ for free ? Then go open a case on: ↪ https://opencase.club/Rojaki 🔥 https://gleam.io/eoN65/csgoblocks-x-rojaki-m4a1s-hyper-beast-giveaway 🎥 The video is about: The most insane Hydra Mission drops. Some people got an AK-47 Hydroponic, M4 poseidon or an icarus fell. Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzfbRfG7Jig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCyy0jPjK8w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFGau9m5Ccs&t=147s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-H9N33vKJ4 🎬Programs: ↪ Record and Stream: Open Broadcaster Software (Free) ↪ Editing: Adobe Premiere (costs) ↪ Thumbnail: Adobe Photoshop (costs) 🎨Graphic settings: ↪ http://imgur.com/a/VGo9I 📌 Donation via PayPal ↪ https://YouTube.StreamLabs.com/RojakiCSGO ↪ Donations are not required, but highly appreciated. =) 💎DONATOR LIST💎 Corazon↪ $6 Starlightuniverse ↪ $5 SantiMazza↪ $5 Xan↪ $2 DaF↪ $2 Luke ↪ $2 Duck↪ $1 ConTRoniiX↪ $1 ProBear↪ $1 iBuylog1cK ↪ $1 TheDeFauLTzzz↪ $1 ConTRoniiX↪ $1 SexPack↪ $1 KneeGrow↪ $1 Thanks for all the Support =) TAGS: best cs go drops, best cs go drops ever, best cs go drops reactions, best ingame drops csgo, como ganhar drops cs go, conseguir drops cs go, crazy cs go drops, cs go 2015 drops, cs go all bloodhound drops, cs go bass drops, cs go beat drops, cs go best bloodhound drops, cs go best drops, cs go best drops ever, cs go best drops in game, cs go best drops reactions, cs go best knife drops, cs go case drops, cs go casual drops, cs go competitive drops, cs go deathmatch drops, cs go dragon lore drops, cs go drop skins, cs go drops, cs go drops 2016, cs go drops 2017, cs go drops bloodhound, cs go drops dragon lore, cs go drops explained, cs go drops explained 2016, cs go drops fps, cs go drops frames, cs go drops german, cs go drops hack, cs go drops knife, cs go drops list, cs go drops list 2016, cs go drops maps, cs go drops on community servers, cs go drops random, cs go drops reaction, cs go drops server, cs go drops servers, cs go drops system, cs go esl drops, cs go esl one drops, cs go fps drops, cs go fps drops fix german, cs go gute drops bekommen, cs go ingame drops, cs go knife drops, cs go level up drops, cs go luckiest drops, cs go lucky drops, cs go major drops, cs go mission drops, cs go new drops, cs go operation bloodhound drops, cs go package drops, cs go possible drops, cs go rank drops, cs go rank up drops, cs go rare drops, cs go rare skin drops, cs go rarest drops, cs go skin drops, cs go souvenir drops, cs go stream drops, cs go top drops, cs go tournament drops, cs go twitch drops, cs go waffen drops, cs go weapon drops, csgo cologne 2015 drops, csgo cologne drops, csgo drops to 30 fps, csgo end game drops, csgo expensive drops, csgo red drops, epic cs go drops, ganhar drops cs go, how cs go drops work, how do cs go drops work, how to fix fps drops in cs go, luckiest drops cs go, lucky cs go drops, most expensive cs go drops, rarest cs go drops, top 10 cs go drops, top 5 cs go drops, top 5 drops csgo
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Text Comments (55)
kjrav (7 months ago)
I got poseidon too
hoerman _ (11 months ago)
I got an G3SG1 | Chronos Factory New
Harambe (1 year ago)
I got an Icarus fell
Saif Ullah (1 year ago)
Saif Ullah (1 year ago)
Is there are some servers for best drops?
KazzG (1 year ago)
I got dropped an M4A4 Poseidon Factory New :P
Bicmeister. (1 year ago)
Ich habe eine Aug Accept oder so bekommen mit dem Manga Charakter drauf ^^
DogeMaster135 (1 year ago)
A icarus fell just dropped for me dude
Tristan Meeps (1 year ago)
Yo I just got a factory new hot rod from a drop
Richard 40000 (1 year ago)
I got an icarus fell ft like those in the video
Jacob Hansen (1 year ago)
I got AWP Pink DDPAT ft
Josh Wunder (1 year ago)
I got a mag-7 storm you jelly?
ariiMe (1 year ago)
lol my video is in there wtf
issam berraf (1 month ago)
ariiMe xD i'mma subscribe if u want
ariiMe (1 year ago)
and i cant even get 100 subs ffs
Nick Nikolov (1 year ago)
ayo i got a fckin dragon lore drop out of these missions, check out my steam user: falk0nas
RicePinger (1 year ago)
My brother got a dlore check my video! Its fucking crazy
NightBot (1 year ago)
Where is my house?
Jack Tiebie (1 year ago)
Wolfii (1 year ago)
my Friend Drop : AWP Medusa xd
Mladen Blagojević (1 year ago)
fkin no money for pass
antonios channel (1 year ago)
You get only grey skins by a chance 90% and maybe a light blue
Llamaaa (1 year ago)
I got a road rash
Captain_Zilver (1 year ago)
Pp bizon bamboo
EnterFORCE Gaming (1 year ago)
And i`m here with 5 negev drops .
vinhed (1 year ago)
My friend just got a Dragon Lore from the operation drop...
vinhed (1 year ago)
Same here...
combatmikearms (1 year ago)
vinhed a friend of my friend got a fn dragon lore too, i so want to kill him right now, lucky bitch
NitroJens (1 year ago)
Nices Video! Ich verlose ein Karambit doppler Phase 1. Würde mich freuen wenn ich mal vorbei schaut
Drone Films (1 year ago)
I got a bs hydroponic with 0.7905 float :(
TenOutOfTen (1 year ago)
my Best drop was today an mw awp Pink ddpat 15$
Marmadude (1 year ago)
Best drop... glock-18 candy apple
Jonnie (1 year ago)
what is outro song?
4Orzeszek (1 year ago)
ROJAKI (1 year ago)
Dayuuum, nice man !
Hannes Laing (1 year ago)
I got a p250 Sandune BS
TEAM SEK (1 year ago)
I got a Five Seven Neon Kimono MW 0.09 and a AWP Pink DDPAT FT 0.15 and then a cpuple of shittier skins and finally a tec9 terrace MW
Marmadude (1 year ago)
StealthySnaps ツ - CS:GO wow ur cool
Vidmantas?! (1 year ago)
Spectrum case then he was 3eu
Silenzed (1 year ago)
Vidmantas?! P
// KingFuryGT // (1 year ago)
yow rojaki
FireFromHell (1 year ago)
eh i forgot to do what u said... didnt lower my sound, now im deaf
FireFromHell (1 year ago)
eh ill just have subtitles when i watch ur vids xDlelelel
ROJAKI (1 year ago)
Oh RIP my friend
Mr. DERP (1 year ago)
With my luck best I could get is case
LasseMann3n (1 year ago)
Mr. DERP me too xD i GOT one
Stevuloon (1 year ago)
Rojaki call me on discord
Ayy! SkyFrom (1 year ago)
nice vid
Ayy! SkyFrom (1 year ago)
bro. u deserve more subs :D
ROJAKI (1 year ago)
Thanks =^)
GMB_HypO (1 year ago)
0.40 MP9 sunset
ROJAKI (1 year ago)
Hey, thats pretty good q:^)
Failure Victim (1 year ago)
I got mac-10 fade minimal wear yesterday :3
D - jalal (1 year ago)
Hazzle (1 year ago)
I want for myself a operation hydra pass. To sad i can't buy one ;-;

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