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Counter Strike Condition Zero Zombie Mod Gameplay 3 - Volume Is High :P

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- Might suck at this, but i havent played counter strike in a few month and condition zero in a few years so i hope you'll understand why im that bad ^_^ (server is at the top right corner but check description down the bottom if you want it written down) Well i only got counter strike condition zero gameplays right now so it will only be playing that, zombie mod server that is in this video with me playing of course and it has counter strike online skins and weapons of course but today is a good day because there will be the reveal of the upcoming next gen console, the next xbox console and we will see gameplays of call of duty ghosts that im pretty excited about and fifa 14 i guess i dont remember and some other games i think and of course there will be live stream with it like the playstation 4, but anyways i hope you like and enjoy this video of course. Server IP:
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lamora supcharls (2 years ago)
Woah! Over 100000 viewers now!!! Thanks to each one of you :D even though i sucked but im still grateful for it :)
Demar Derozan (19 days ago)
kingpredator HD (27 days ago)
Add me on steam, kingpredatorHD
Lenny Ynnel (1 month ago)
So this is your most popular video 😍 It reminds me of Killing Floor 2.
lamora supcharls (1 month ago)
On this channel yea :P
I wish this game mod can download and play it in offline.
kiki haidar (2 months ago)
cscz server mod cso
Shivam Shrivastava (7 months ago)
Wtf was that 😂😂😂😂
zekken 2506 (11 months ago)
ok thx can more codintion zero gamplay?
zekken 2506 (11 months ago)
what is the ipm8
lamora supcharls (11 months ago)
You could just look at the vid at the top right corner 2:10 and moving forward or info, heck even a comment where i wrote it... :P
Thilan Op (1 year ago)
if you want this game plz buy it in steam
lamora supcharls (1 year ago)
Thilan op already have...
JIN _DVL (1 year ago)
洛伊荭 (1 year ago)
dude can you do this server video again? :) i am a new guy in this server :) my name call [zm team] DarkVaderS
lamora supcharls (1 year ago)
Not sure, havent really played condition zero in a while (a few years :P) since i play more on ps4 now, but who knows, i miss it and would love to come back someday its just not gonna be now since i aint a pc gamer that much atm
Dulguun Onontuul (1 year ago)
I play this too im level 9 now
Mary Jane Palomar (1 year ago)
good movies gogogogogogogo
Pc GaMeRs (1 year ago)
where link
Adan V (1 year ago)
a quest what is the differency in the cs 1.6 and the cscz?
lamora supcharls (1 year ago)
Graphics are improved Cscz has a riot shield and the spetsnaz as option 2 choose as well (not sure with the terrorist side :P) The guns are the same though, sounds for the most part if not all is as well :D so its minor "extra" things and its newer cscz compared to cs 1.6 ^_^ - Not 100% sure about this but i remember seeing somewhere on the internet that it was more turtle rock studios who made cs cz or did the most (but again im not sure with this)
Pyscho Gaming (1 year ago)
this game online or offline
lamora supcharls (1 year ago)
Online :)
LuisiitOo Gamer (1 year ago)
Wow Q Server Mas Bueno Pasa La Ip :)
LORDSHADOWED (2 years ago)
148 000 am i on drugs ?
Siwa (1 year ago)
+lamora supcharls no issue, we are working on the server atm, hopefully up and running soon
lamora supcharls (1 year ago)
nope i dont really have much experience with that kinda stuff sorry :/
Siwa (2 years ago)
Do you have any experience with FTP / amx mod, trying to startup a similar server atm, Any help would be awesome :) thx
lamora supcharls (2 years ago)
Well that sucks but i just joined a zombie mod server on cs cz, where i noticed it had cso skins and stuff ^_^ since im pretty sure cso still is for asia only just like cod online ^_^ so i cant really play it myself again :/ and i dont have a pc to play on... yet hopefully i can buy one in the future :P
Siwa (2 years ago)
+lamora supcharls you play on sisa cso right? You have to check it out to notice the changes, its slowly dieing out on people :(
EDWARD ROBOTNIK (2 years ago)
i hate zombies scream
darklegended gaming (2 months ago)
Same they are just retarded as fuck they sound like they are getting raped
darklegended gaming (2 months ago)
EDWARD ROBOTNIK the plague plague
EDWARD ROBOTNIK (2 years ago)
best mod evar made
lamora supcharls (2 years ago)
yea i agree :D
beqa bendeliani (2 years ago)
available only for cs zero .. !!
Rahmat Kusuma Nurhakim (2 years ago)
how to join the server?
Harry (2 years ago)
I mean.... there is the official CS online... why do people still play this fake ass hacked game...
Algi Rivaldy (2 years ago)
what map name???
lamora supcharls (2 years ago)
+Algi Rivaldy i dont know sorry :/ thats why i didnt include it on the video description :(
Koko Belok (2 years ago)
cs no steam
Koko Belok (2 years ago)
i use mod offline for cs normal and pb
Koko Belok (2 years ago)
haaaax the zombies
Andy F. (2 years ago)
Okay, people really need to stop making the zombies in games and game modes so hard to kill.
lamora supcharls (2 years ago)
+Andy F. well that would be nice ^_^ because i always struggle with killing zombies in games except call of duty zombie mode ;) but in counter strike its hard compared to when you're a zombie and just have to knife someone 1 time and they become infected
MythsQueue (2 years ago)
Quit switching your weapons back and forth it doesn't make you look cool
lamora supcharls (2 years ago)
+Adam Barnett well i dont even do it to be "cool" i do it because there's nothing else to do :P
LORDSHADOWED (2 years ago)
111 000 views WTF O_o good long work ;) congratulations xD
lamora supcharls (2 years ago)
+TheShadowedMan Cz haha thanks :P im glad that it received that much, hopefully it can beat my all time most viewed video from my old channel some day ^_^
LORDSHADOWED (2 years ago)
117 000***
gabriel edy (2 years ago)
I was play this server on CS 1.6
lamora supcharls (2 years ago)
+edilean edy nice didnt know it was on 1.6 as well
AIREVE DEZALES (2 years ago)
wooow nice whats version
AIREVE DEZALES (2 years ago)
ahhhhh its ok.... brad
lamora supcharls (2 years ago)
+AIREVE DEZALES aa, to be honest dont really know :P i cant really remember it :(
AIREVE DEZALES (2 years ago)
what is version v.6 or v.4 or extrem 
lamora supcharls (2 years ago)
+AIREVE DEZALES Thanks :) but what do you mean with version?
Leni leni (3 years ago)
The good server ever ! :-)
lamora supcharls (3 years ago)
+Leni Leni Yea this was my favorite server alongside with another called something with clan b ^_^
Fawwaz (3 years ago)
Alejo (3 years ago)
Counter strike online -_-
darklegended gaming (2 months ago)
Pranav Gaustavo the zombies are from cs online
Pamela Pam (2 years ago)
sisa zombie server
Pranav Gaustavo (2 years ago)
+ElPokeLoko357 Look at the start of the video, Counter strike condition zero...
Alejo (2 years ago)
Pranav Gaustavo (2 years ago)
+ElPokeLoko357 condition zero with server mods :/
Pham Hiep (3 years ago)
This guy played stupid
Aleks Lobanov (3 years ago)
but as u enter the server?
Zime Axelsson (3 years ago)
I already have this server
khan shoeb (2 years ago)
+Sławek Kozłowki
Sławek Dawidiuk (2 years ago)
+khan shoeb
khan shoeb (3 years ago)
give the ip :/
Tillaipalraj Nadar (3 years ago)
from were do u get that
А куда этот сервер делся((((((
Aleks Lobanov (3 years ago)
а будто завести ip сервера?
james Delira (3 years ago)
Hey I see you're a Battlefield player and a fan of Ragdoll. Watch this video that helped get ready for the release of Battlefield. Sorry if I disturbed you. http://youtu.be/4_YhTNlxbAQ
G.F.R. (4 years ago)
the server is not working xD
nico garcia (4 years ago)
eso es un server xDD de das cuenta por los chats :B
Kvius (2 years ago)
no me digas :v
Rebel (4 years ago)
left4dead sounds :D
ali yuksel (4 years ago)
tu senin kilibina daha atlamayi bilmiyon 
Rahul Zm (4 years ago)
You SHould install cs 1.6 and go to this IP : That will show you how is your zm skills to play>> I was Played in this server and other server that is hardest cs zm server ever...... And i am pro in it by 6 months at this time im not playing zm bcoz due to wastage of memory space....Nick Co0l
Игра Counter-Strike IP-адресок: IP-адресок: Наш веб-сайт: http://cso-mod.com Сервера: http://cso-mod.com/servers Наша страничка ВК: http://vk.com/world_cso Группа: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/world_cso
Michael J Quinlin (4 years ago)
MrKalintv (4 years ago) vip 24/7 zombie mod
marie bigard (4 years ago)
Mes parents et de votre compte sur les autres membres du message d'origine répondre aux USA
Moises Obregon (4 years ago)
puta madre que noob
luan fernando (4 years ago)
nooob kkkkkk
Kyros Koh KS (4 years ago)
You all can play CounterStrike Online (English) it at www.cso.sg
xt0bix (4 years ago)
hey dude, whats the total file size (exe) of this game (not including mods) ? please respond :D
lamora supcharls (11 months ago)
Comander Sergent (4 years ago)
what is server ip?
Nafiz Ihsan (4 years ago)
Hmm........I think Condition Zero is better than Counter Strike 1.6
Brendon Chua (4 years ago)
It's free
Amir Shafiq (4 years ago)
great gameplay

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