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Minecraft Song ♪ "My World" a Minecraft Song Parody (Minecraft Animation)

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What's up guys, something a little different for you all tonight. This is a project we have been working on for some time now that i know you guys will love. This is a minecraft song animation/parody we created of our song "My World" Lets try smash 5,000 likes! Subscribe & join the road to 2Mil ━► https://goo.gl/9g7jnm We hope you've enjoyed this minecraft song parody, don't forget to subscribe! Animator: https://www.youtube.com/user/xAIMxAnimations Singer: http://www.soundcloud.com/MsLuuna ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BCC SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE! There are some awesome bcc shirt designs that you guys just have to see! http://ambitiouscustomprinting.com/collections/bestcodcomedy ------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to submit: 1) Upload a video to youtube (unlisted or public) 2) Simply go on our channel and send it to us via 'Send message' 3) In the youtube message let us know that we're are allowed to upload it & put the link to the video in that message. 4) That's it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW BestCodcomedy twitter. Please follow it guys, would be awesome to interact with you guys on it! http://www.twitter.com/BestCodComedy_ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you havn't subscribed already, what are you doing! find the funniest videos from us everyday here: http://www.youtube.com/BestCodComedy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (2374)
thrones (3 days ago)
HERE IN 2018 L M A O
IWasFX (4 days ago)
Jayram Tamang (4 days ago)
I love you song
steven or steve? no offense
geese girl massive dicks?
Shan Carl (28 days ago)
this song is bettee than blank space
i26Pot (1 month ago)
2015 to 2018 i love it!
Ollie Woodoil (1 month ago)
dicks 0:13 / 2:57
I think I was about eight when I first watched this and I didn't know what dicks where, so I showed my dad this scene and asked what it meant. He told me never to watch this video again. 😂
Jazzy Drawings (1 month ago)
Dis aint yours. Its from netflix
Castle Cats Lover (2 months ago)
Cuz I forgot
Castle Cats Lover (2 months ago)
What is this real song called?
Sweeping (2 months ago)
this then to bcc lmao
Quality Vids (3 months ago)
Ah, back at the begenning
Arfi Nazar (3 months ago)
Mantap lagu nya aja lucu
creed 995 (3 months ago)
Was not expecting massive dicks XD
Ollie Woodoil (1 month ago)
me to
Việt Đan (3 months ago)
Steve is cool
CharlieAssassins 5018 (3 months ago)
Is time parody of Taylor Swift Blank Space?
saifulbrine , (4 months ago)
Masiv dick
jan kościuszko (4 months ago)
she was horny (0:12)
I love her voice
Ugandan Knuckles ! (4 months ago)
0000000 000001 (4 months ago)
0:13 kkkkkkkkkk
Maria Martinez (4 months ago)
So 😎 cool👄💢💀💩👄🌟💥👎💀👎⏬💩💀💩💀💀💩✨💥✨💥
Kaylah Simons (4 months ago)
unknown (5 months ago)
This is made by BCC OMFG
unknown (5 months ago)
Danendra Hafiz (5 months ago)
WTF dicks
GALAXY ECLIPSE Eclipse (5 months ago)
Building masive dicks?
spikefinger (6 months ago)
Dix.not cool bro
Janett Rabanillo (6 months ago)
Matyas66055 (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/D-26qxTZNt0?t=13 xdd
Camille Lao (6 months ago)
What massive di*k
ADam 31 (6 months ago)
0:13 wth
AdamFd Channel (6 months ago)
What is the real song
ELINA Huuhka (6 months ago)
I used to ubscrbe to this channel but now I unsubscribed because I replayed the video when I was older and the d**k was wierd report
As a kid I thought she said massive digs XD
Jack 11 (8 months ago)
At 2:04 sun spelled son (son means a child that is a boy) (sun means light from the solar system)
scripted30 GT (8 months ago)
Wow massive dicks
cdog gaming (8 months ago)
You spelled sun wrong in when you said I have to save my world the son is down it would be sun because this son means child and this sun means the sun in the sky
haIsaGab Gamer (8 months ago)
minute 0:13 penis? jajaja
robert bailey (8 months ago)
you runied mincraft for me dude
Erma Neli (8 months ago)
this fuck
Lauren Bass (8 months ago)
Pause at 2:4 they spelt sun wrong it's son instead of sun
Anthony Trammel (9 months ago)
U suck
_Zeliks_ 131 (9 months ago)
Lol 0:14
Johannes Nathan (9 months ago)
bang minta nomor teleponnya dong bang
Johannes Nathan (9 months ago)
bang minta nomor teleponnya dong bang
Johannes Nathan (9 months ago)
bang minta nomor teleponnya dong bang
thumbsup girl (10 months ago)
0:13 am laugh and why?😂
A POW (10 months ago)
please answer @bbc_Trolling
A POW (10 months ago)
what is the name of the original song
Teddyho Fortnite Videa (10 months ago)
صوفي sofeツ (8 months ago)
Flame XD TV. speac blank
Sha Nurhazwani (10 months ago)
wow nice song
Springer 79 (10 months ago)
Iam out
Springer 79 (10 months ago)
cheat-tah offline (10 months ago)
what is song name
Kay Ferow (13 days ago)
Taylor Swift blank space
صوفي sofeツ (8 months ago)
dinol mc speac blank
Laton Chambers (10 months ago)
Bro this is an. Awful song I mean talking foul language and you're not using Redstone
Kury Curry (10 months ago)
Bruh...steve's voice is a gurl?
miscellaneous wolf (11 months ago)
I used to love this song in 2 grade now I'm in 5 grade and I know what d*** means and now it's all ruined... 😭
BlueCrowsJr (11 months ago)
“Massive dicks” 🙃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Abyss Zoroark (11 months ago)
massave di ks me when they sakd thatWHERE IS YOUR PARENTS
I am a kid and there a f*cking dick
Kawaii Aqua (11 months ago)
What is the office, song
صوفي sofeツ (8 months ago)
HeyItzRayquaza 333 speac blank
Jigdeldulam Galbadrakh (11 months ago)
Katheryn Harmer (11 months ago)
best player :) worst player :(
Katheryn Harmer (1 year ago)
Rise of dragon (1 year ago)
i think you are girl :-p
SchrpirsOFC (1 year ago)
Wee Dle (1 year ago)
Hahhahah massive dicks get reported
Zeki Gaming (1 year ago)
nice house
andrius rapalas (1 year ago)
and even why did you put that d*ck there are you a idiot
andrius rapalas (1 year ago)
wtf why did you bild fu**ing di** what the heck
Angelo Arguelles (1 year ago)
0:13 😆😆😆😆😆
Edward Mongan (1 year ago)
please click tha number Pause at 0:00
DDfans Rock (1 year ago)
The song is so cool and the ender dragon is super nice animation
Clemen Castilblanco (1 year ago)
u gays r wrong
MarioStar200 (1 year ago)
2:03 The son is down!?
Ace 20 (1 year ago)
Loolllll funny
Ace 20 (1 year ago)
Lol dicks
wait what? 0.13
Brian De Bruyne (1 year ago)
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you
Golden Butterfly (1 year ago)
0:13 the hell??
FrenchMappingMC (1 year ago)
blakerss 1103 (1 year ago)
its so funny!!!!
Captain Foxy Mangle (1 year ago)
Your songs are trash and you spelt sun wrong.
Grace and friends (1 year ago)
That was amazing
what the fuck
Andre Wimbush (1 year ago)
I played Minecraft on my ps4
Zx Gamerz (1 year ago)
WTF a dick
Ghosty (1 year ago)
Corrie Bandera (1 year ago)
Houses'dungeons Massive Dicks! Me: Wat
SFM Blue Fox LT (1 year ago)
dued this animation is colol but why did u ad dick ?
Allison Sorenson (1 year ago)
Sally Trecho (1 year ago)
i really love the song with dick
Mikael production (1 year ago)
good animation

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