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ChrisJ About D0cC! SK Won Another TROPHY!! - Twitch Recap #359

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ChrisJ About D0cC! SK Won Another TROPHY!! - Twitch Recap #359 My second channel: https://www.youtube.com/vlado_ff My twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/vlado_ff Credits: https://www.twitch.tv/rtparenacsgo https://www.twitch.tv/tuesport https://www.twitch.tv/s0mcs https://www.twitch.tv/conkyyy https://www.twitch.tv/lo0p__ https://www.twitch.tv/chrisjcsgo https://www.twitch.tv/rtparena1 Wanna be in a video? Submit your clips here: vladopardsubmit@gmail.com (only sick footage pls) Thanks for watching. Drop a like👍 and leave a comment 💬 if you enjoyed ❤️ Check out my other channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmg_H03t2CDtQabOYjGJy5Q https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCErAc1Z8r0zcRHdI3j0GYnw FOLLOW MY OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS: TWITCH: http://goo.gl/qz33Rp TWITTER: https://goo.gl/zBt1CQ FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/HppR47 STEAM GROUP: http://goo.gl/uG7aPr Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (340)
Brightme (4 months ago)
otro premio mierda que gana sk contra equipos irrelevantes felicidades n.n al menos disfrutan un premio.... basura pero un premio finalmente jajaja
I - Eradicate (4 months ago)
Lmfao docc said his parents are religious and not positive to the idea of their son playing a game professionally while others are betting. Having that in mind why would they accept another adult visiting their underaged son. I mean docc knows Chris is OK but how can his parents be sure of it? Its common logic people
Silviu Iulian (4 months ago)
D0cc a little cheating bitch
Aggro_cs (4 months ago)
Just me or does glock sound weird
DommyNommy owo (4 months ago)
maybe he’s actually not allowed to leave... that would be a valid reason as to why he’s so good, you know? he can’t do anything else or go out, so he plays cs. as for him not responding to chrisj going to him, i’m not sure.
Hanson 32Ö (4 months ago)
No Way. No way . No possible . No way , nO wAY , NO WAY , NO WAY , NO WAY ( s0m's voice suddenly changed to spongebob's voice ) 3:17
Mechanical Mechanic (4 months ago)
Que ota
Bradley Gingerich (4 months ago)
What happened to the Device highlights he posted earlier today??
Hamza : CSGO. (4 months ago)
Lel DOC cheater xDDD unsubed until he Agrees f k off
Mugi (4 months ago)
Mugi (4 months ago)
Mugi (4 months ago)
Mugi (4 months ago)
Mugi (4 months ago)
Mugi (4 months ago)
Vlad maybe like this comment so we now that you read the chat.
UniCloud (4 months ago)
Vlad maybe like this comment so we now that you read the chat.
UniCloud (4 months ago)
I can't believe I am watching this clickbaiting piece of shit. Why can't you just stop making videos you damn clickbaiter!
Mugi (4 months ago)
stfu u cannot handle ur saltynest
Mugi (4 months ago)
uni is so fucking salty
UniCloud (4 months ago)
stfu u cannot handle ur saltynest
im cliche (4 months ago)
So if I get that close to my screen, will i be as good as loop?
momo (4 months ago)
Maybe d0cc is 5
Stanley G (4 months ago)
SK won shitturnament xd
LouisR47 (4 months ago)
Blaine (4 months ago)
all of a sudden d0cc is fishy because he turns down a pro's offer when he's 17 :waitwhat:
1cryptik Marcial (4 months ago)
Everyone calling cheats be hella jealous
Ping ツ (4 months ago)
Вова Володин (4 months ago)
s1mple is NVP
Beast z1LLa (4 months ago)
Loop is so good omg God bless him!!!
Fulcrow (4 months ago)
DOoc is definitely cheating or using something. A lot of players grind their asses off to play professionally, declining an offfer from a pro player is already questionable itself.
Abhisek Tamang (4 months ago)
Jam - CSGO and GD ikr and pro players do travel from country to country right?
Jam - CSGO and GD (4 months ago)
Abhisek Tamang they both live in the Netherlands
Abhisek Tamang (4 months ago)
Fulcrow its really hard for a 17 year kid who is still in school to accept offer like that and travel far away from home..he must convince his parents and must take permission as he is still under his parents rule.. of course no one's parents want their child to leave school and go pro in gaming, its really ez to judge ..that may be the reason he is saying that he can only travel or play for a pro team when he reaches 18 years old and gets the right and could convince his parents about the career he wants to approach in gaming.
Johnlloyd Ricardo (4 months ago)
isn't that the loop guy who has illness? and was donated by players? but still destroy some players?
Kaleb Irwan (4 months ago)
Johnlloyd Ricardo yep
Kodi Op (4 months ago)
clips.twitch.tv/RacyInterestingStrawberryPRChase D0cC 100% legit
Kodi Op Can't tell if you'rr autistic or joking....
Roarday (4 months ago)
So SK win the tournaments I don't I watch. And loop is back!!
Weston Carroll (4 months ago)
next thing you know, SK is gonna be competing in my college tournament because they cant win against a real team. ffs
Dhiman Adhikari (4 months ago)
What's up with the docc situation?
John (4 months ago)
Ruins the video once again by adding in his shitty clip
bigmali1337 (4 months ago)
shit caster
CABBAGE Boi (4 months ago)
Because of his voice he doesn't wanna join a pro team lol
HTE 45 (4 months ago)
You mean Astralis won another trophy
EduArdo (4 months ago)
Who is DocC
Rodrigo Patricio (4 months ago)
6:58 name girl?
nuevoanime (4 months ago)
Asa Akira i think
Vincent Koby (4 months ago)
dude your Uploads became so slow.. so many other ytber post the SAME stuff as you 2 days earlier... and stop putting your own Plays into your vids
Top Skills (4 months ago)
Portugal crowd is nuts
Super Nuke (4 months ago)
Didn't sparkles give loop 6k$ to fix his teeth? Why is he still unable to talk normally?
Super Nuke (4 months ago)
Getting? He's been getting it for a year now... But i'm pretty sure it was for his teeth operation (that specific operation costed exactly 6k$)
M K (4 months ago)
He’s getting a nose
Lakrifi (4 months ago)
He bought skins from the money
jeffjeffkuh (4 months ago)
Super Nuke That was a big ass scam m8
jony gammer (4 months ago)
I hate the part when the most higligts are in portuguese but you put them in english and when there are som russian clips you let them in russian
Thiago (4 months ago)
D0oc denying an opportunity to have a pro player watching him play or play at a pros house? He is cheating lmao
mzik - (3 months ago)
This guy is strange, all i can say. If you are that good why don't you agree to prove yourself?! And what type of parents are this? Are they raising a fucking princess? What do u mean to tell me u're a 16 year old dude, that's not allowed to get outside the house or talk on a fucking microphone?! Are they trying to raise a kid with social anxiety?! GTFOH, i dont buy all this shit. Something is fishy about this dude.
AZ Creator (4 months ago)
Im 17 and I play CSGO but my parents doesnt let me talk on mic.So dont talk shit about DocC
Apoc (4 months ago)
Oscar Armstrong wait so how does the guy call without docc telling him
xore (4 months ago)
Its already proven too
Thiago (4 months ago)
Johan Strömberg He doesn't have an opportunity to play for mouseesports. He has the opportunity to go to a pros house and play on there though
LouiNGUyen (4 months ago)
8:50 looool masterbait is real !
Francisco Miranda (4 months ago)
Rmn is a beast!
KasPro (4 months ago)
6:54 T H I C C
Eldar (4 months ago)
3:08 a move of the year
bigga (4 months ago)
Astralias won trophy too
Pedro Thomaz (4 months ago)
Including your own clip's it'd wierd
Luis Alberto (4 months ago)
TryZoid (4 months ago)
Congrats on winning t3 teams
Kıvanç Önal (4 months ago)
okay, listen up.I understand that people want to kick d0cc. Their reason(!) is that he never communicates. Okay, i also agree that if you are in fpl and playing with pro players, you definetly have to communicate. But in this case, the only reason people want to kick d0cc is that hes good. He is 3rd in the fpl list right now and surely that annoys people so much. I am pretty sure that if he hadnt shown that much in the games and didnt get the spot he has right now, people just would say ''oh whatever he never speaks and he sucks, thats okay'' sorry fpl pros, But this is stupid. He is 17 years old talent and its so obvious that you are in some kind of jealous shit.
SomeNoob Jons (4 months ago)
lol he's not that good. i'd give him a run for his money if i was still actively playing csgo
Conran Traupman (4 months ago)
Jam - CSGO and GD don’t reply on shit you haven’t done research on bud
Conran Traupman (4 months ago)
Jam - CSGO and GD “ This is a quote from docs twitlonger Right now my parents are really against gaming, they don't like it that I play so much and don't allow me to use a mic.”
Jam - CSGO and GD (4 months ago)
Conran Traupman they are not against video games, they are against making money from it. To be honest as a Muslim I can understand why, because Islam is against gambling and guess what happens in the CS scene? Gambling. If valve removed gambling sites all together that would be great.
Conran Traupman (4 months ago)
Kaleb Irwan he rejected chrisj’s offer because his parents are Muslim and he is under age so until next year when he turns 18 he is under his parents rule. And his parents are completely against him playing video games even with him telling how much money he could make a week. Don’t say shit if you don’t know what your talking about
Zudo Nadarevic (4 months ago)
These Brazilian commentators are crazy
Guilherme Taxa (4 months ago)
Zudo Portuguese casters*
Jack Davies (4 months ago)
Great video man, loving the twitch recaps.
Madex (4 months ago)
cant wait for dreamhack
Yan Arktik (4 months ago)
Русские кто отлично шарит по английски, что Крис Джей произнес про докка? Заранее благодарю
Luciid (4 months ago)
d0cc has very religious parents (muslim) they don't believe that playing video games professionally is a good source of income, until he is 18 he is still under his parent's rules etc. hope this explains it :)
Raymond Li (2 months ago)
Fuck this was one month ago
Raymond Li (2 months ago)
I dont think he's cheating, but the fact that he has played so much (one of his videos is fucking 100 hours in 2 weeks, so like 7 or more hours of CS EVERY FUCKING DAY) and his parents only deny him from taking an opportunity when theres a SOLID chance to actually make income from all of his gaming, that seems kinda fishy.
Luciid (4 months ago)
His parents don't like him spending all his time and skipping school to play CS, they made a comprise saying he can play but he can't talk, until he is 18, there is nothing he can do, once he gets his own house he can do whatever tf he wants to do.
MrXxdarklordxX (4 months ago)
RTX-1337 so they wont let him talk and meet chrisj because they dont believe in esports but they let him spend thousands of dollars on a setup to play the game and let him play for hours on hours a day maybe even compromising some of his grades? And then he cant talk because his parents dont let him? Dont be naive hes fishy and everybody knows it
Luciid (4 months ago)
Well, he is only 17 so he is still under his parents care until he is an adult. Until he is 18 his parents can say whether he can go to play CS professionally and make a living from it
MrnousakCZE (4 months ago)
docc on his twitter said his mother is very much against gaming, so shes causing him problems with everything
Bryce Bryce (4 months ago)
brehbreh they let him play, but they don’t believe that he should play games for a living
Bryce Bryce (4 months ago)
brehbreh ur actually... nvm lmao
brehbreh (4 months ago)
MrnousakCZE but he is allowed to sit behind his computer for four,five hours a day playing fpl. The parents wouldnt walk into his room to check that he isn't playing games????
Good Man (4 months ago)
yay loop clip
mundzuhaelter (4 months ago)
LMAO yeah let's invite a fucking old ass stranger into my house to watch my underaged ass play some counter-strike, right? Totally weird that he wouldn't answer to that request. Get a grip.
NiKo (4 months ago)
tell me your config plz (do a video abount that)
chance (4 months ago)
if docc does the right thing he will be one of the best players
Dat Rambo (4 months ago)
What's up with people asking to remove your clips lol they're still sick regardless
Gamerprogti Gamerluciam (4 months ago)
Doodskootpro (4 months ago)
2:17 loop ❤❤
Stevew0w (4 months ago)
OppurtunityOfALifetimeDodger D0cC^
Replay (4 months ago)
to whoever is saying "SK won a tier10 tournament LUL": 1st. bruh you're not even funny. everyone keeps saying that so you're a brainless sheep just by saying it too. unoriginal 2nd. for a first ever international LAN tournament here in Portugal, it was amazingly good. even better than ECS finals. the crowd was amazing (ECS crowd was just dying of boredom), the production quality was really good and the stage was beautiful. 3rd. bringing in international teams (HR and SK) to Portugal was a landmark because we have a pretty huge and growing community. yes, obviously SK had more cheers because they're brazillian so they're like the closest international team we have for us. but a lot of people were cheering for HR too.
Emil Tikk (4 months ago)
SK won a tier10 tournament LUL
Alko (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nha4AKV-hyo XDDDDDD im done
///-_- (4 months ago)
Replay Seems like you either cant understand any point, even if its easy to do so or youre doing it on purpose so you can feel like youre not wrong
Danorpx (4 months ago)
Replay SK winning these shit events while Astralis slap up every T1 team out there.
Replay (4 months ago)
did I ever insult you? I don't think so. and I'm pretty sure I got more friends than you but sure, go ahead. about my virginity, I don't have it. I lost it to my girlfriend. while you lost yours to a grown man but hey, I don't judge
Anmol Sahota (4 months ago)
there goes chance of lifetime RIP docc
Skemise (3 months ago)
Abhisek Tamang he doesnt need to convince them, in 3 months he will be 18
That's right, gambling is forbidden in Islam.
Abhisek Tamang (4 months ago)
He has school , family, he must convince his parents etc which will take time...no one' s parents will say : ok go make a life outof videogame with those old dudes while you are still in school.. its really ez to judge , I think he may have some family issues or his parents might be strict of him travelling far or so..
La Flame (4 months ago)
D0Cc can't sign contracts so don't witch hunt him like that i still go to fkin schools and kid is younger than me.
Gonzalo cañas (4 months ago)
sk won another trophy?vs who?...this is like a futbol friendly match,you won a cup that didnt count for nothing...
Gonzalo cañas un trofeo es un trofeo, tu no ganarias ni una maldita ronda ahí jaja
r1ght (4 months ago)
KasPro (4 months ago)
lmao that reaction is great
Frostey (4 months ago)
Dude i watch this video for 6 min and then i see you just stop it
Teo Nti (4 months ago)
Frostey he is bad lmao 4lvl faceit
Sebas HC (4 months ago)
Loop is too close from his screen lmao
Conran Traupman (4 months ago)
He’s legally blind and partially deaf as well I think, I could be wrong on that. That’s why he plays so close to his monitor
Sebas HC (4 months ago)
Its just a comment :(
DOWNDAR (4 months ago)
who cares dude, he is doing what he wants with his life, hope he is happy and healthy.
T J (4 months ago)
dude ikr, he could go blind!
jack P (4 months ago)
Fucking idiot
///-_- (4 months ago)
Lol are we really gonna act like those are not free trophy from tier 3 events?
T Nhgg (4 months ago)
Falconel yes he has no right to judge them does he even know all these pro players struggles
Rafa Teixeira (4 months ago)
doesnt matter if it was a tier 3 event, it was still amazing and the crowd was fucking awesome, better than ecs at least.
Falconel (4 months ago)
So just because he cant play better means that he cant judge them?
T Nhgg (4 months ago)
///-_- btw they went there so that event organiser gives them place for boot camp
T Nhgg (4 months ago)
///-_- u win those then see
skilful (4 months ago)
the clips from the rtp arena should've been from the Portuguese stream, the english stream didnt have the crowd noise.
Stijn De Jonghe (4 months ago)
What do you mean ANOTHER, they hardly won something.
Stijn De Jonghe (4 months ago)
no shit boi
Lakrifi (4 months ago)
Another is another trophy
Kwn lul (4 months ago)
Youre right kid, youre right...
T-ViruS (4 months ago)
6:39 Spam ninja (?
Dafydd Gwynn (4 months ago)
The kid is under age, his parents would be fully sceptical about an over 18 coming over or him leaving the house. They probably didnt grow up the internet thus are suspicious about it - catfishing etc
Dafydd Gwynn (4 months ago)
You're all arguing similar points to each other, basically he's 17, his parents are very religious and think gambling is wrong. So him playing games that people can bet on is hard for them to get their heads around also again stranger danger.
Whatever (4 months ago)
Ali Dayyeni i agree with you that people which are saying that he cheats just because he didnt accept the invitation make no sense,but it literally costs 20$ a month to be able to cheat on faceit.
denzel (4 months ago)
Ali Dayyeni every cheat ever made is custom made
Ali Dayyeni (4 months ago)
Sinoops I did not say that it can't be bypassed, I just said that those types of hacks are really expensive because they are custom made most of the time (as I wrote above) I agree on your second point though.
Sinoops (4 months ago)
Both those points are wrong. It isn't all that difficult for an experienced coder to bypass faceit or esea anticheat. Especially if only a few people are using it. 2. Small fov aimbots and aimlocks are very difficult to see. Even a mouse cam doesn't show it for sure
Frederick Hecker (4 months ago)
DocC hacks thats why he cant
adotk (4 months ago)
girl at 6.55 ?
adotk (4 months ago)
thanks brother xd
Guilherme Taxa (4 months ago)
@dianataveira on insta😂
Bryan Lotus (4 months ago)
wtf sk playing at tier 3 tournament of course they will win
Ashutosh Rai (4 months ago)
lets go SK
Žiga Ademovič (4 months ago)
What do you mean won another tournament. They won this tier 100 tournament and then the cis one cuz navi couldnt show up. This was against hr and the other was against qbf so not impressive at all
Sp1x (4 months ago)
To be fair he said another trophy, which is true. He never said it was impressive.
ausgeknockt X (4 months ago)
Does anyone know this crosshair from s0m ? pllslsssssss
ツToNy (4 months ago)
Another tier 3 trophy LUL
Brolic (4 months ago)
I literally called this last tournament they won practice.... How do you take that as me saying it is in any way relevant? What they won a tournament with hellraisers in it and I am suppose to say that's good? Nope lmfao its not anywhere near relevant but hey moneys money. You just can't read i guess so I don't know why i'm typing since you won't understand this
///-_- (4 months ago)
chaud everyone knows it and thats not the problem, the problem is some of their fanboy that think winning those is relevant and act like it is some tier 1 tournament
Brolic (4 months ago)
Jeez, I am not even a fanboy of SK lol. I am a c9 fanboy sir thank you very much don't know why you are so upset over someone giving any kind of respect to them for a win but hey that's just coming from someone who isn't a cynical person.
///-_- (4 months ago)
Only things they will win this year, let them and their fangay be happy with it
João moraes (4 months ago)
who won the money for win?
Sloued clarke (4 months ago)
Too many ads for highlights video dude it felt like I was watching one every minute
MaTaFREaKa (4 months ago)
vladopard res???
FnC - CSGO (4 months ago)
Miguel Ângelo (4 months ago)
Common just put the clips of moche XL from the portuguese stream so the viewrs can actually hear the portuguese crowd. Good video
Olter (4 months ago)
Of course sk will win these lidl tournaments, no good teams go to these
///-_- (4 months ago)
Andre M Lidl is everywhere
Sp1x (4 months ago)
S1lence Up??????
S1LENCE (4 months ago)
Olter lidl kkkkk , true bro , faze astralis mous navi ...
LONGEV1per (4 months ago)
SK won a tier10 tournament wow congrats
Gotta say boys that dont get your SK signed dicks get too hard. Cologne will show where they at
1cryptik Marcial Well qbf is tier 2-3 cant say they are really top team probably participated in this ”easy” tournament to gain confidence for cologne
deepz (4 months ago)
The reason why SK is participating in these teir 2 tournaments is because SK org is not providing them bootcamp so they came into agreement with these tournament organisers that they will participate in their tournaments in exchange for bootcamp locations.
1cryptik Marcial (4 months ago)
Everyone so butthurt lmao. Bottomline is They were the clear favorites and easily won the tourney since teams like astralis liquid faze c9 werent there. Yes hellraisers and qbf are top teams SK is clearly the better team when against either team.
TryZoid (4 months ago)
ajay verma thooorin is one of the greatest cs analysts,and he was never a pro but gives constructive criticism and actually made astralis a somewhat good team after his critucism
Zandreho (4 months ago)
Doc is so good, it's like hes cheating kappa ;;;
Konstantin W (4 months ago)
Doc is Not allowed to leave the house until He is 18 ok sure
S1LENCE (4 months ago)
Konstantin W brollan ? the G0DSent
Konstantin W (4 months ago)
Green Frog so he is not allowed to meet any friends until He is 18?
Orange Lad (4 months ago)
Konstantin W his parent are very strict dude
Turtlebradley (4 months ago)
Where is the streams
Olter (4 months ago)
Loops voice capture sucks ass
papaya (4 months ago)
That roman fucker blatantly cheating lol
Filip Djordjevic (4 months ago)
17 years old voice like 7?
FuuRy (4 months ago)
stop including always a clip from yourself, it never fits in the video
Oscar Armstrong (4 months ago)
+Snipez he isnt intentially speaking in broken english you idiot
Sinonia (4 months ago)
By the time you finished typing your comment, 500 Vlado highlights could’ve passed.
Khedr (4 months ago)
FuuRy like this you say thanks for the vids he want to be good too
Santos (4 months ago)
Akari (4 months ago)
wait i didn't understand why chris wanted to meet him so much
Isaih Aguirre (4 months ago)
also tht yea
Akari (4 months ago)
Snipez yeah could someone tell me which is the real reason because i wanna know
Snipez (4 months ago)
no he wanted to see if he was legit lmao
Sven Castricum (4 months ago)
They both live in the Netherlands aswell so i quess it would be nice if they meet eachother right?
Akari (4 months ago)
rly? omg
Sten-Andre Altvälja (4 months ago)
Loop mate <3

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