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Have you ever...? Present Perfect and irregular verbs Practice

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Watch the practice of irregular verbs in Simple Past : https://youtu.be/v02tC6-IcSU
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Anna Laura TV (9 months ago)
this video helped me to learn english. nice!
Anna Laura TV (9 months ago)
what is that song in this video? i need to know the name of this song
Anna Laura TV (9 months ago)
Olga Vareli tnx
Olga Vareli (9 months ago)
mr saxobeat
Maguy Rodrigues (11 months ago)
Thanks. You've done such a good job. It is really interesting.
Olga Vareli (11 months ago)
Ι have made some similar exercises in other tenses too, as well as in inversion and I plan to make some more in passive voice.So keep in touch.Thank you.
hacer yılmaz (1 year ago)
it is perfect thank you
Alejandro Restrepo (1 year ago)
como Se Llama La 2Cancion
Olga Vareli (1 year ago)
mr saxobeat

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