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Top 5 Third Person Games of All Time by JazReviews

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Text Comments (941)
TrucLai (15 days ago)
best third person game is roblox
Jakub Słonina (2 years ago)
Why there is no Knights of the old republic!?
MSA 212 (2 years ago)
top 5 cinematic games
Z0MB13Redfield (2 years ago)
what no dead space love
Razor Reznov (2 years ago)
Red dead redemption is not for Pc... When will it come for PC??????????????
Leon Langer (2 years ago)
+DZ tech blasters soon
Razor Reznov (2 years ago)
+DZ tech blasters why??
DZ tech blasters (2 years ago)
Aaron minor (2 years ago)
Top 5 reasons ur a dumbfuck?
Aaron minor (2 years ago)
+crazychris06 Lol 4 fun na money money money thats the reason
That_One_Gamer (2 years ago)
Oh shut up. this guy is just trying to have a good time making videos to share with us. Then you come along and RUIN it for everyone. live life at its core. You won't be here forever. So spend your time having fun and live life. Don't live life as a youtube bully.
Aaron minor (2 years ago)
Best is re4 kys
Tony Valdez (2 years ago)
UNCHARTED3+Saint Row 3-4+Mafia 1-2...
Sprash DT (2 years ago)
And also Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank
99alita (3 years ago)
MGS 4ever!
sree kanth Reddy (3 years ago)
Hahaha. Splinter cell ???
James Grimmett (3 years ago)
Why isnt Gears of War on here
Hover Reid (3 years ago)
Soul Reaver? Anyone?
Zahariea Catalin (3 years ago)
+Hover Reid You might like http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=452096698
TheMiG96 (3 years ago)
how can nobody remembers the best rpg of all time plus the best storyline ever in a game , Gothic 1 , 2 ,3 ( Arcania is not a gothic game even if relates to the gothic storyline ) , i mean that game is truly  everything you want from a rpg , btw lame list , gta should be in every top 5 rpg but the rest hmmm , and assasins creed OVEREATED ... get over it
Hover Reid (3 years ago)
+TheMiG96 I was thinking the LoK : Soul Reaver series really deserve to be on this list. And pretty high at that. Around 2nd or 1st.
Shiro (3 years ago)
Dark Souls?
el chanis (3 years ago)
no way AC 2 is on the list and not Arkham City.
Danny CZ (3 years ago)
Mafia 2 !!! :D
Magenta Melody (3 years ago)
you completely forgot about the MASS effect series
Robert Padua (4 years ago)
What about the Resident Evil series?
trackak0s21 (4 years ago)
Where the fuck is Max payne?
Cloud Strife (4 years ago)
You dont like Resident Evil series ?
hadi s (4 years ago)
 not  bad but top one is definitely max payne series, max.p 3 is the best one made so far by taking in consideration all features like game play, graphics...etc 
Aaron minor (2 years ago)
+hadi s pls fuck your self resident evil4 has better ratings then max pain well ever be
Coal Field (4 years ago)
попросту конч
XxtryhardGlitcherxX (4 years ago)
since you like metal gear you should try splinter cell, im a new viewer so if youve played it then my bad
DreamXAssassin (4 years ago)
How bout top 5 FREE Third Person Shooters that You Don't already know about.
Yung Raven (4 years ago)
Mass Effect anyone? 
Jordan Douglas (4 years ago)
Metal Gear Solid does things that can never be put on camera!
Diego Sv (4 years ago)
this is wrong, all times means all history and you just put more actual games, what about mario 64 or zelda ocarina of time those games are awesome, and actually you can go search zelda ocarina of time on metacritic and you will find is one of the best games ever made, i am not saying this beacause fanboy or something like that because i have ps, xbox, nintendo and my pc gamer and i play lots of games and i dont consider zelda oot as the beast game ever i think it is mario galaxy 2 but you should research then try lots of games not just ps games and then do your video
Diego Sv (4 years ago)
he could at least put something from nintendo
Diego Sv (4 years ago)
maybe it is but he didnt put any nintrndo, well i mean nintendo doesnt make mature games but stilll they make lots of third person games and he didnt put any and the title says "third person of all time" and no action tird person
Sammy Jankis (4 years ago)
Keenan Urock (4 years ago)
Top 5 worst protagonists.
Charles PH (4 years ago)
elder scrolls are first person guys.
Brom Sherwood (4 years ago)
i know u might be tired of hearing this but seriously u didnt put many good games on that list like gears of war the batman arkham series elder scrolls all should have been there
Kshitij Jayant (4 years ago)
don't use the legendary Ezio's Family ac 2 soundtrack for these shit games excluding gta 4
sachin latchman (4 years ago)
Devil may cry
Jordan Ward (4 years ago)
Just cause 2??
Marx Farx (4 years ago)
What the hell AC2 music in the background of red dead!
CptPorkChop (4 years ago)
I know this game was made after this video but I recon Batman: Arkham City would go in this list
Brom Sherwood (4 years ago)
if not arkham city he should at least have arkham asylum on that list
XgXaXmXeXrX (4 years ago)
u forgot dead space and some of Tom Clancy's games anyway, great vid
TheReasonForYou (4 years ago)
britain rantony (4 years ago)
top 5 openworld games
Ess Pulse (4 years ago)
Gears of War should have definently been up there but whatever
Brom Sherwood (4 years ago)
u are so right that game is so fun i was just about to comment and say that but then i saw that u had already gotten the job done
Tea Toxic (4 years ago)
couldn't agree more with the list, my friend. MGS series are truly the best.
MrXiminoes (4 years ago)
haha ac2 music playing in background of red dead
TehKittehTV (4 years ago)
Duuude where is Skyrim/Oblivion? Those games were both ahead of their time.
TehKittehTV (4 years ago)
Exactly I have noticed Ive been laying my PC more by no means is it only because some of the exclusives, Garry's Mod in particular.
Brom Sherwood (4 years ago)
+TehKittehTV your right as long as they played the game it doesnt matter pc or console
TehKittehTV (4 years ago)
+luigimario1144  The console vs PC doesnt change anything its like saying 'I watched a movie in the east theater' 'oh i watched it at the west theater!' either way both people watched the movie in a theater.
NaughtyNickers (4 years ago)
+TehKittehTV Well I don't. I only play PC, so no, a game like this was not ahead of it's time to me. 
TehKittehTV (4 years ago)
I play on Xbox and PC
breal8484 (4 years ago)
wow..gears of war should have been in the top 5 not just mentioned at the end
denis Erjan (5 years ago)
What about. Dead space
Esokyotoo (5 years ago)
That game is a legend
Talivus (5 years ago)
what about Mass Effect series, specifically Mass Effect 2. 
phil drake (5 years ago)
top 5 games this gen would be more apropriate name for this video. top5 of all time is a bit of a stretch if your going to do a top 5 third person games of all time you should at least include games like mass effect 2ratchet and clank UYA and the legend of zelda ocarina of time or at least an honoroble mention or something and the only game that can be considered the number 1 best third person game all time is the legend of zelda ocarina of time because of how revelutionary  it was its just a fact   and no im not nintendo fanboy i perfer playstation and pc more than any thing
Toli B (5 years ago)
Sorry for the dumb question but what the song at 1:13 ?
Johan Bäck (5 years ago)
No Mass Effect 2 ? O.o
Zack Pervolarakis (5 years ago)
I didnt got the point... w8 a sec.. u had replyed to sb? oh... fck... didnt saw it ;P now
Hannible100 (5 years ago)
I know that! You big Turd! But you was talking about Football? And they aint shooters. Splinter cell was ok, but MGS4 was the best EVER! Happy gaming! Sorry about the reference to turd lol!
Hannible100 (5 years ago)
No way dude! MGS4 was the best game EVER! I aint played the last of us yet thats supposed to be pretty awesome
Zack Pervolarakis (5 years ago)
lol.... when we say 3rd person shooting we mean that u can see the character... LOL THIS GUY!
Zack Pervolarakis (5 years ago)
Ezio said xD thats epic xDDDDDDD
Hannible100 (5 years ago)
Yea but they aint shooters dude?
Reece Morrison (5 years ago)
why just shooters?..do you not know any other game genre?
Jihad Potatoism (5 years ago)
Comment was deleted..... I suspect he got OWNED.
Flauxhol (5 years ago)
Saints Row :D
Ali Karaarslan (5 years ago)
go fuck your self
Munawar Munawar (5 years ago)
Hitman Absolution Jamesbond Bloodstone Batman arkham asylum Sleeping Dogs
Walter Tower (5 years ago)
Splinter cell series is without any doubt the best Third Person Game ever made, but nice try. And what about the football (soccer for the idiots) and oyher sports. That is third person as well.
Stick Khan (5 years ago)
i think ac2 gta series red dead redemption and unacharted were all better than metal gear solid
Matthew Altea (5 years ago)
the mass effect series?
Dial A Door (5 years ago)
Tommaso Famularo (5 years ago)
any hitman game should be top 5
Mr 3raqi (5 years ago)
SuperPaulieCZ (5 years ago)
This video was uploaded 2011...Last of Us was released 2013 -_-
MindxFreakx (5 years ago)
Does anyone else think they should add the Metal gear franchise to steam and have a sale on it?
ShahRukh Zaman (5 years ago)
Ezio I Thought you Were Dead..
WHO DAT (5 years ago)
Just Cause 2?
blaine c (5 years ago)
Gears of War ?
supertigik (5 years ago)
that what i meant -.-
Kristjan Orumägi (5 years ago)
look the vid posting time
supertigik (5 years ago)
the vid is old :( the currently games much better
Bartosz Kolodziejczak (5 years ago)
new tomb raider is good
Uncharted - 1st place
Aram L (5 years ago)
Where's God of War ?
Carpenter197088 (5 years ago)
Gta will always be the best game ever
Michael Jackson (5 years ago)
Yep you are right on that one, but wtf is wrong with YOUR name?
kattjävel (5 years ago)
I like your name baby ;)
Connor Huey (5 years ago)
anyone else notice the assassin.s creed theme music playing with red dead redemption (fail)
Olle Ring (5 years ago)
I would say AC3,Mafia II,GTA1-4,Microvolt, RDR,
SandbergPhilip 078 (5 years ago)
P. Simkovic (5 years ago)
screw mafia 2. Mafia 1 for the win!
Chaz Lewis (5 years ago)
Mass Effect?
Jason Brody (5 years ago)
Metal gear revengece
Jay Bond (5 years ago)
i whanna complain as uncharted is like my favriot game series of this generation .... but even i know that uncharted is nothing compared to metal gear solid XD ohhhh well uncharted 4 will be best game next gen hopefully :)
boom bots (5 years ago)
Fuck ya metal gear solid
joey smith (5 years ago)
top 5
joey smith (5 years ago)
third person shooters from 2010 to 2012
FistyMcBeef (5 years ago)
RawrOmfgDayum (5 years ago)
Where is God of war? -_-
Jordan Washko (5 years ago)
No god of war?:-(
Jason Jr (5 years ago)
didnt 1st the last of us ?
Ittai Dor (5 years ago)
Where is the Arkham sereis?
Very Nice :)
Imagine7 (5 years ago)
i agree with the list...but were is the God of War series
skatey47 (5 years ago)
why do you have assassins creed music in the rdr bit?
OfficialJZ (5 years ago)
no Saboteur? no Mafia2? man wtf???

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