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A compilation of the best plays of FaZe NiKo in 2018 so far, who is, in my opinion, the second best player of 2018 rn. Hope you will like it! Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/s2dtv/ Footage credit to: https://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackcs https://www.twitch.tv/starladder_cs_en https://www.twitch.tv/eleaguetv https://www.twitch.tv/esl_csgo Music (in order): Chime - Phototropic [NCS Release] https://goo.gl/4Eqjpy Floatinurboat x Chris Linton - Holding On [NCS Release] https://goo.gl/vqGqyF Rival x Cadmium - Seasons (feat. Harley Bird) [NCS Release] https://goo.gl/8zxLj7 Outro Song: [Electro Pop] Versio - Feel It (ft. Nar) https://goo.gl/N6nuCQ ENJOY!
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EDIT: I just realized that I'm getting 10-times more views, likes and pretty much everything from people that aren't even subscribed, so guys, if you like my content, don't forget to subscribe to see more videos! :) Thank you for watching! :)
Undoubtly s1mple
Awesome Imbecile (2 months ago)
and who is the first best player Snipe2DieTV?
Thanks alot!
Jake Gregg (3 months ago)
Been a loyal sub for quite a while now, keep it up man!
Thank you man
Polson (1 month ago)
10:45 That is literally the most perfectly done AK spray.
Knighty CS (1 month ago)
4:01 *potato potato potato potato!*
NOOBIE نووبي (1 month ago)
Niko the best in the world for mee
Tim Lee (1 month ago)
followme on instagram @holasoytimm for FREE skins :)
s1lence (1 month ago)
sin dudas el mejor del 2018 :D
Zulhelmi Norhisham (2 months ago)
Best flanker ever.
Sam Brodie (2 months ago)
1.6 players were faster and had better aim. This seems so slow now
Lassii (2 months ago)
Niko better be hltv's nr 1 this year
Justas P. (2 months ago)
Amazing spray control.
Patrick 24 (2 months ago)
tiki188 22 (2 months ago)
Patrick 24 just like u...
John Rhommer Aunario (2 months ago)
S1mple is better tbh and btw S1mple always has new highlights
Anyone who is following the pro scene knows that
p1 ls (2 months ago)
niko got addy flowin in his veins
Marcus Svensson (2 months ago)
how does he win that round at 2.10??? like come on!
NIGHT2PWN (3 months ago)
AGO Esports. Bitch caught a body about a week ago week ago 4:00
MILAN -O (3 months ago)
8:15 знаменитый момент
PunkSkaful (3 months ago)
Hey can you the best of the final boss of cs go which is simple.Simple is the most talented,most skilled,and the youngest amongst the legends
2:30 "I kill him!" "I kill him!" "I kill him!" "I kill him!"
sina mohammadi (3 months ago)
Absolutely the best player in the world
Naggi (3 months ago)
Niko is a bad boy. He's always bullying Coldzera and fucking him in the ass😯
STILL PLAY (3 months ago)
he is well played against pros
STILL PLAY (3 months ago)
C T (3 months ago)
Just watched like 10 S2D vids in a row you're the best mane
ADViS Tube (3 months ago)
Niko is my fav ❤️❤️❤️
Goldven (3 months ago)
Can u do a best of FAMAS pro play?
Tappajaav (3 months ago)
1. MW2 2. Black Ops 1
Vaughan Prachniak (3 months ago)
Great vid! Niko is by far one of the best players this game has ever seen. No doubt he'll one day be #1 in the world.
C T (3 months ago)
Vaughan Prachniak I agree, but I think he already has a pretty good case for best player in CSGO of all time :D
Shun Shun (3 months ago)
Nerf NiKo
JustDavid (3 months ago)
2:50 what the fuk is fer doing
Shobhit Sharma aka gX (3 months ago)
Niko 💙
go s1mple
Blay (3 months ago)
пошел нахуй
Made a video about him already https://youtu.be/aYiFQ1N0mjw
Alex Morg (3 months ago)
Make about s1mple or other players from Natus Vincere, pls:)
Alex Morg (3 months ago)
Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO Channel thank you. You are the best:)
Here’s electronics https://youtu.be/kRB6eLBQQI0
Alex Morg (3 months ago)
Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO Channel make about electronic or flamie pls:)
I made a video about s1mple 3 months ago... might make another one soon though. https://youtu.be/aYiFQ1N0mjw
Rushil Saini (3 months ago)
Can someone tell me what are theses guys are shouting @ 6:25
sinster (3 months ago)
Rushil Saini fanatic
William Santos (3 months ago)
Boston and Katowice still hurt. Also, I miss Olof 😭😭😭
wasdroger_ (3 months ago)
This man is such a beast, he's just so unbelievably mechanically skilled
d00bi[X] (3 months ago)
SmokingOwl (3 months ago)
10:46 Damn that spray control
Shobhit Sharma aka gX (3 months ago)
SmokingOwl ikr 😍
EmPiDi (3 months ago)
M A N T I X (3 months ago)
9:15 he would not win without the crowd start making the noise.
Nikola Sheva (3 months ago)
He cant hear crowd btw, none of them can they are in that sound proof thing.
M A N T I X (3 months ago)
It's question on we cant answer. I just said my opinion
bloomad (3 months ago)
M A N T I X the crowd usually makes noise when you are looking where the enemy is
bloomad (3 months ago)
I think he would have done the same thing
You never know what would've happened though
szafer (3 months ago)
Vladimir Medvediev (3 months ago)
NIKO the best player in the world!!!)
omg that bitch (3 months ago)
Sam Malla cold is better teamplayer but in skills he is not even close to niko and s1mple
Sam Malla (3 months ago)
Fuck Niko and Simple...Cold is the best
omg that bitch (3 months ago)
bro it was major
in my mind, navi is better than faze right now
SuperExcelGaming (3 months ago)
Faze were already thought groups in ESL group stages it meant nothing and no one cares about starladder I'm sure it's not even lan
Jovino Cordilia (3 months ago)
Way to early for good quality rip
Linus Lindberg (3 months ago)

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