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CS:GO Operation Hydra Explained & Unused Content

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at all the information released and hidden in the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Operation, Hydra. This is the first CS:GO major update in over a year, and it is really cool to see some of the content that came out. Source : http://counter-strike.net/operationhydra http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2017/05/18711/ https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-CSGO/commit/2caa0b2c044edce2ffa8dfc38e779b95becc2049 My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (357)
Dumb ledore (6 months ago)
Does ure getting more then 1 skin in a week with a OPPERATION?
Ars3nH4kim Gaming (7 months ago)
are operation hydra is permanent ?
Aaron Kirk (9 months ago)
incredicassio (9 months ago)
NDA (10 months ago)
Please give credits to the music's author...
ThaPug (10 months ago)
Do you know who made them?
End My LifeJPG (10 months ago)
The only reason csgo isn't dead is because it has no competition unlike tf2
Bawa (10 months ago)
Rotimid (10 months ago)
can somone help me?What if you miss a week of gamemode and you miss a star can you get it again
gimemy2bucksback (10 months ago)
0:38 Hey thats me!!!
buyBread (10 months ago)
another lmaobox ban wave happened lol.
SKAADAAA (10 months ago)
I bought csgo on steam today and it doesn't let me play everytime I'm going in a game
Masterest Spy (10 months ago)
Source 2 + E3 ( June 12-15 ) = Half Life 2 Episode 3 + TF2 + CSGO+LFD3( upgraded to Source 2 )= Valve = Best Game industries ever
Dascam Puppetz5lyfe (10 months ago)
So much for constant videos. I guess not much has been happening,
Stephen (10 months ago)
Hey, was wondering if you could report on the arms race event in TF2 and how it has nothing to do with the Pyro Update.
Commenting Guy (10 months ago)
Guys l4d2 just had a random update...
Hockey Puck (10 months ago)
D-Troxx (10 months ago)
the bank map looks alot like the payday 2 bank map
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) (10 months ago)
TF2 get your fucking update already ive been waiting over a fucking year now for a good update
Mr Videogame Person (10 months ago)
Yea, the operation is cool. Too bad I can't get more than 1 round into anything other than Scoutsman or Zap without crashing.
The Timelords (10 months ago)
Are you not gonna talk about the last half-life writer leaving valve?
MrKillerkid5000 (10 months ago)
delet this
ZeggiK (10 months ago)
What about the unused new knife models ?
Extraordinary Boris (10 months ago)
0:23 samurai jack. <3
MESIAS da Rocket (10 months ago)
Very slow time for TF2 stuff, right? Then again, the pyro update (I bet it'll get a less generic name) alongside the mandatory 10th anniversary celebration are the only things pending on Valve's TF2 list.
Melhem Zammar (10 months ago)
fuck csgo...cs 1.6 still rules and much better ...also where the fuck is hl3 ...we missed u Gordon
NoviKey (10 months ago)
jindoYu (10 months ago)
Operation only released so people will not play over watch free anniversary weekend
YouTurd (10 months ago)
Character cosmetics soon, I am calling it.
suicidal.banana (10 months ago)
These gamemodes all sound downright terrible, also wtf is with the soldiers from space, the half invisible player, etc. Im glad i never got into cs:go, that thing is quickly becoming even more ridiculous then cod
Hyperion .Zed (10 months ago)
CraNiAL (10 months ago)
you can only get the cases when you have the pass? fml then
AzzaFortysix (10 months ago)
4:33 What'd you call me?
Shook Shark (10 months ago)
the new skin for the helmet variation aka Howl helmet: makes the player into a furry
IS PRIVATE Puddy (10 months ago)
Paco (10 months ago)
These operations are not fun anymore -_-
RAGE QUIT (10 months ago)
I was in that game that had fresh prince of ball hair that was my smurf account lol 2:44 you can see me talking 100% hyped also great video
I am The cheese god (10 months ago)
Dontpickmelast101 (10 months ago)
Flying scoutsman = scoutzknives from CSS
AHurdOfBronies (10 months ago)
*A S I I M O V H E L M E T S*
SpaceDog Gaming (10 months ago)
*Dingleberry* THE FUCK YOU JUST SAY TO ME +tilts gun to its side+
Bat Crap (10 months ago)
Paid sprays
Leonhardt (10 months ago)
That one guy... (10 months ago)
Wait, does this operation have anything similar to Wildfire's Phoenix Compound? That's the sole reason I'll buy the Hydra Pass.
TheAnnoyedDog (10 months ago)
Garbage Operation and update
hOTCHKISS (10 months ago)
We waited THIS long for an operation to only bring new gamemodes? What. The. *FUCK.* I was waiting for an Operation that would bring me back to this game that consisted of new weapon balancing, Source 2 (as was teased), the MP5 (it was added in the game files a few updates ago), a fix on hitboxes, 128 tick servers, but nah. Just the same old gameplay. This doesn't felt like something we waited almost a *fucking* year for. Fuck the CSGO team, the new maps aren't even of their own, they *let the community make their new content.* UMP nerfed? Cool, but it's still ok to have $500 pistols kill in one shot right? First shot accuracy is still bad, still a game of luck. I played since 2014 and I hit LEM in the first few months after the December 2015 update that added the R8 Revolver and I just did not see the point in continuing to play the game, especially when R6: Siege came up and offered a more fresh take of the CS formula. This game has gone to shit dude, it was good for the first 200 hours but it's been the same gameplay and none of the new updates has changed anything major, and again, we waited almost a fucking year for this update and they only *put new gamemodes.* You know how long that takes for other game companies to implement? Just several weeks. Fuck me, this is pathetic. This is the longest we've ever waited for an operation and that just makes it EVEN MORE underwhelming.guess it's back to rainbow six: siege boyz
Alexander K. (10 months ago)
Wait, so how do you get the skin drops?
Myles (10 months ago)
3kliksphilip spotted at 2:06.
philippe Lebel (10 months ago)
speedy waterdale (10 months ago)
Adi- oh Dingleberry.
Pesterated (10 months ago)
How long does an Operation last like will this be going on for a few weeks or what????
Vex101Gaming (10 months ago)
🅱️ I N G L E B E R R Y
Wymo (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who noticed the new map Bank is a Payday 2 map
Lanky Franky (10 months ago)
What happened to the MP5?
juice (10 months ago)
you're beginning to go insane dingleberry
David Ball (10 months ago)
By selling a case I've already made half of the pass back in steam wallet. Can't wait for the profit ;)
Andrew Gunady (10 months ago)
Head shot map = dream map for aimbot 👏
unx74 (10 months ago)
DeZocka (10 months ago)
Wildfire campaing was way better....
Sage Majora (10 months ago)
not even an adios tyler? why you gotta play me like this
Newe 「ネウエ」 (10 months ago)
Another one of those comments asking for the song
OrdyJoeTF2 (10 months ago)
Where the hell is my adios?!?!
Mr.crowley (10 months ago)
Oh sweet scoutzknivez
Khalil Vennie (10 months ago)
So was Source 2 added or no?
R&N RailProductions (10 months ago)
I wish the MP5SD and a new sniper would be added to the game...
Grae (10 months ago)
Okay you got me with the dingleberry.
a xylophone (10 months ago)
Hunters-Gatherers reminds me of Player Destruction in TF2
Curt Xiao Ng (10 months ago)
dingleberry. 🍒
Uber Dragon (10 months ago)
Adi--- Dingleberry?
Grenadith (10 months ago)
Matej Kuhn (10 months ago)
song name?
Sir. Barnaby (10 months ago)
Your videos are raising in quality after each one! The increased jokes, good background music, and using a different ending phrase for once. Tinkleberry. Do more of it.
excel_sog (10 months ago)
What about the mp5
Aayush peace (10 months ago)
i dont understand.The faq says you can play 5 missions per day but i played 14.And if i complete all missions can i still get xp for drop
Aperture Bonnie (10 months ago)
Tf2 will sometime have a competitive this cool
Buns (10 months ago)
"I can't afford gloves. I now hate them." -VNN
Tj33rdz (10 months ago)
Why not make this permanent instead? And free..! They already make plenty of money, why not just a little bit less and let more people enjoy the content
toby sawyer (10 months ago)
Valve actually released it early for once!
juntistik (10 months ago)
Hell yeah loving the flow of content tyler
Scott Campbell (10 months ago)
'unused content' haha everything at valve is unused content. haha
The Amazing Mr.Airplane (10 months ago)
Now we wait for the pyro update. It's the only thing left Valve. I believe in you... Paid Sprays.
Moppy (10 months ago)
TF:GO Confirmed!
Royce Tidewater (10 months ago)
Wait, rising sun!!??!?? The one with the 1750 fac new AUG!?!?
hefftatious (10 months ago)
dat hyperbeast five-seven tho.....
Gambler Gambler (10 months ago)
I gave the 1000th like . What do i get ? im a lucki winner . ( Joke ')
RocPack (10 months ago)
WOW new gamemods
Erwan Regy (10 months ago)
1,000th like xd
Padrone (10 months ago)
TF2 tries to become more competitive CSGO becomes more casual
Salted (10 months ago)
What was the point of nerfing the UMP? Is Valve going to nerf every weapon when players master its meta? What's the fucking point of learning a certain weapon, if Valve is going to take a shit on it?
Salted (10 months ago)
I really don't see how the UMP was broken. The only thing that it needed was higher price, so people would've had to sacrifice utilities or helmet if they bought it. The other SMGs are absolute garbage as well, so I'll rather just use pistols now.
Butta (10 months ago)
Would you rather have everyone running around with broken guns or have valve optimise them in hopes of perfecting them? It also doesn't take a long time to adjust to weapon updates because they aren't totally game-changing.
KRIS WISEMAN (10 months ago)
Dingleberry haha
Lorenzo Pagani (10 months ago)
Rocky (10 months ago)
how long is the Operation ?
Potato Lmao (10 months ago)
Gaming Guy Tyler (10 months ago)
*silently waits in the corner for the pyro update since I don't give two shits about cs*
l NotTooShabby l (10 months ago)
VVN Is savage.
Japooter (10 months ago)
I feel everyone that was getting hyped about the next update was underwhelmed. As an outsider to the CS:GO community and a person who isn't really caring of CS:GO updates, this is genuinely intriguing and I am considering trying CS:GO again.
Joshua Fuentes (10 months ago)
So.. no MP5? :c
Jaxa 110 (10 months ago)
This stuff seems fun
HACKER PRO (10 months ago)
*On my channel KNIFE FREE!*
wat lol (10 months ago)
Святослав Жуков kiss your sister

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