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Metro: Last Light - Redemption, Good Ending, Alternative Ending Full HD [Save D6] (1080p)

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The alternative and good ending from Metro: Last Light in Full HD. This will unlock the 'Redemtion' achievement. In order to unlock this ending, one must have triggered enough good or positivly moral actions in the game to convince the Dark Ones of your right to live or being saved. Doing so will save D6 from being detonated and will also spare Artyom, Khan and Miller. Artyom will also have a brief final conversation with the little Dark One before the Dark Ones departure to somewhere else. Examples of good moral actions are: - avoiding killing any enemies if possible. In Metro: Last Light this is pretty easy and there are at least 4 to 5 levels where you can COMPLETELY avoid any enemies from being killed. - On the level Bandits, make sure to save every woman and child and/or hostages in time! - Also, a few enemies will surrender when they spot you, so DON'T shoot those. - Saving the bear in the Garden from the watchers is very important, as well as sparing Pavel (This one is probably one of the most important, if not the most important one)! You can also spare Letnitsky, do so! - Listen to many conversations of all sort of people, preferably all of them. Contrary to belief, many people say that looting dead bodies is not allowed. This is WRONG for both Metro 2033 and Last Light. Loot as much as you can! The bad ending is triggered whenever one has not collected enough moral points in the game. When this happens, the little Dark One will simply not appear and you (Artyom) will blow up D6 and as such kill everyone at that location. Anna stays behind and is shown a few years later in Exhibition in Artyom his room with what would be their child. He asks if his papa was brave, by which she replies he was "The bravest of us all". This ending causes the death of Artyom, Khan, Miller and all the Red Line soldiers that were in D6 at the time. If you don't like that, consider going for the Redemption achievement. For a list of all moral points, go here: http://metrovideogame.wikia.com/wiki/Moral_Points#List_of_Moral_Points_in_Metro_Last_Light For those wanting to know if Anna would give birth to their Child in the redemption ending: Most likely yes (why wouldn't she?). It is not confirmed that they will pursue their relationship as before Artyom departed to D6 they seemed very distantly, but given the fact that the redemption ending learns Artyom the right things about the whole Metro and life in general, and that Anna says in the bad ending that he was the bravest of us all in a matter that she really cared about him it seems most likely that they would continue their relationship. Note that the above theory is just MY theory and does not bear any confirmation towards the plot of the game at all. I just think that sounds the most logical end, as I wouldn't see where it has to go wrong unless imaginating a lot of issues. Thanks for watching, this game is really worth all your time and attention. Support 4A Games for their incredible work! -JorisCeoen
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Text Comments (119)
Serious Man (2 days ago)
One of the best games of all time. I don't care what anyone says. For me the Metro games and the books are some of the greatest stories out there. Especially the first book, Metro: 2033. I love it. I love everything about the Metro Universe. The story, the world-building, the characters, the atmosphere. The books and games are such a big part of my childhood. Such great experiences. Thank you Dima (Author) and 4A Games! (Developers). Спасибо Дима и 4A Games.
r_ thomxs (3 months ago)
how wasn’t i able to have this ending? min just destroyed d6
EpicChocolate (3 months ago)
rrh yzz there is a hidden morality system you lose points for killing when unnecessary etc
Damien DallWood (3 months ago)
Good Games 100%
Vladislaus Dracul (4 months ago)
The song, plus the scene... Would surely send someone weeping
smichal74 (4 months ago)
I'm always crying when i hear this song
Cardan (5 months ago)
So annoyed i didn't get this ending, i did everything that i thought would get me it, like sparing Lesnitsky and Pavel, saving those hostages in the tunnels etc.. The moral points system is so shit in this game. Everything else is great though.
Aren Sereathy (7 months ago)
this ending is far more satisfying but C'est de la vie had *much* better music
Templaric Legion (7 months ago)
That's it?! That's the ending I missed?
GamerXtreme (9 months ago)
What an absolutely fantastic game, cant wait for Exodus! :)
유기태 (1 year ago)
Best moment of this game.
Dmitri Mikhail (1 year ago)
This song gives me chills I love it and the game metro is the best
we never forget (1 year ago)
one of the best games ever the story is so well writen i feel so sad every time i see the cute little alien waving his hand i cant wait to see him in metro 3
wizardkevin101 (1 year ago)
I played through both Metro 2033 redux and Metro 2033 Last Light redux and got the "blow shit up" ending in both - in the original that's the canon ending, and then in Last Light this redemption ending is the canon one. I used the Metro 2033 Last Light wikia site for each mission (had it on a second monitor) in order to keep an eye on all of the ways to gain moral points. Basically, if you don't have to kill someone, choose to let them live. There are only 3 missions in the entire game where you HAVE to kill people. Chase - the Hansa train where you go to save the Little Dark One. If you don't kill the Reds in the train cars next to you or along the main Hansa train you WILL die. Red Square - where you meet Pavel and about 20 Reds in a square surrounding you trying to kill you - the only way through is to kill them all (I suppose you could try to knock out the ones on the ground, but you can't get to the ones in the windows). D6 - the final mission where you're defending D6. I read that there's a number of missions as well where you don't have to go the pacifist route to make it through, but several of the earlier missions (plus the storage center in Venice) where getting 0 kills will net you an extra moral point. Also, be sure to spare both Pavel and Lesnitsky (English names) - killing them apparently net you a loss of so many moral points that if you gain every other moral point you still get the c'est la vie ending. And you can also save the bear in the Garden mission. Exploration nets you a bunch of moral points, too - finding secret passages or exploring alternative dead-end routes will usually net you supplies and a moral point. So, essentially: - explore - try not to kill anyone unless you have to (Chase, Red Square, D6) - remember you can knock people out using your "Use" button (e is default on keyboard) - listen to a bunch of conversations - they're really interesting (unless you fail at the Bandits mission like I did and you have to listen to 5 minutes worth of conversation at the beginning for a moral point) It does take some effort and is a total pain in the ass because stealth in this game isn't top-notch, but it is possible. Keep in mind that it's not a matter of not losing a bunch of points, it's a matter of gaining a lot of good ones.
CT501st (9 months ago)
So lets say I did everything besides listen to every conversation, and I killed a couple of surrendering Nazi's, I also had a decent amount of fire fights, but I saved the child and her mother, I brutally murdered the people who were raping the girl in the train car, but I also knocked out per se 30 people, and I killed maybe (going out on a limb) 250-750 people. I was surprised not to get the good ending. Those asshole Communists and Nazi's fucking deserved it. It makes me regret not killing Lesnitsky and Pavel, they both deserved it.
Kaum Moba Naik Haji (1 year ago)
Cynical Aspie (1 year ago)
May sound surprising to some, but this was the ending I got on my *first* playthrough. And damn, was I *not* disappointed *at all*.
The Pizza is Agressive (3 months ago)
Heedfulconch3 (1 year ago)
I feel like the other ending was better Artyom made the final sacrifice to save the people of the Metro from the red army, the Dark Ones left to repopulate Anna gave birth Artyom was recognized as a hero I found that ending to have a lot of weight behind it, I liked it
Heedfulconch3 (1 year ago)
That's fair enough, but I feel that the standard ending has far more respectable moments Sure the dark ones return in the good ending and destroy the red army, Artyom survives and everyone's braiding everyone's hair in happiness. But the standard ending showed Artyom making the final sacrifice to save his people as the Dark Ones left to avoid fighting a war that ultimately was not theirs. Artyom was, in the end, regarded as a hero who saved the Metro from the red army There's far more weight in that than the Dark Ones deciding to intervene and mindfucking the Reds
GamingReviews (1 year ago)
+Heedfulconch3 I don't remember too well, but the alternative ending also kills the entire red army, only difference is most good persons survive including yourself. I think the alternative ending is only better in every way 😊
Sir Douchepants (1 year ago)
In the metro canon, it is basically this ending, but in a very different way.
Antonis Kammenos (1 year ago)
yeah because of novel of metro 2035 ? if i remeber right
Carlos Lopez (2 years ago)
how to get ending? all i got was an explosion
Ramon Martín Soto (6 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=364665025 here you go my dude
Fred Herbert (1 year ago)
do good things. Knock out guards, spare Pavel, don't get into firefights etc
Atlas (2 years ago)
just give me this god damn ending once
Scott Burton (1 year ago)
You have to do a lot of pointless tasks that you wouldn't think would give you moral points in the first place, Listening to people, I think they'res a kid in that flooded town that you can get his teddy bear back from the arcade game. And trying to kill as little people as possible.
Benjamin Tekin (1 year ago)
I never get it too, I literally have done every single moral point activity and knocked out instead of killing each human but it still never gives me this god Damn ending which pisses me off considering it's the canon ending
Omega HDGaming (1 year ago)
Look up the moral points list i believe you must do all of them or atleast most of them to get this ending.
Gingers Soul (2 years ago)
you have to knock out peaople instead of killing them , do good things you know if you get the choice to save someone you have to do it
Kunjeeboi (2 years ago)
lol i never got it either.
csgptg (2 years ago)
I love this game and this ending. i hope they make a sequel. The metro series has grown on me as one of the best game series i ever played.
codepo77 (2 months ago)
csgptg it's the only game I know of that is based on a book and it is like playing through those books, with rich narrative and great atmosphere. Excited for metro Exodus
modder1975 (3 months ago)
They did. Metro Exodus is coming on February :)
ghostrecon1171 (3 months ago)
Turns out this is the canon ending for you play as aytrom in metro exodus.
Silvian Pana (10 months ago)
This one actually IS the sequel to Metro 2033, and they announced a Metro Exodus (the third entry to the series) .
Dmitri Mikhail (1 year ago)
csgptg there is a sequel it's called METRO EXODUS type it up you will love it
Bron Bronson (3 years ago)
and to think I nuked the fuck out of them
Theblastback (3 years ago)
Strange how there's no reference to his daughter in this ending...
Omega HDGaming (1 year ago)
Son* but yeah it is still very likely that Anna gave birth to Artyom Jr.
Erich Gossmann (3 years ago)
No matter how much good I do I can never get the good ending
Cade Fairchild (3 years ago)
Love this game they need to make another one
Purple Turtle (2 years ago)
+Evan Brown No, Metro: Last Light is it's own story, independent of 2034. 2035 does follow on however. It's a little annoying as to how there's not much consistency in what goes where.
Evan Brown (2 years ago)
Metro Last Light is based on 2034. 2035 is based on the book canon's events after its equivalent of Last Light happened.
Purple Turtle (2 years ago)
+Qim Mustaqim, Metro 2035 has already been written and released but won't be adapted into a video game considering it's Metro: Last Light... They might however create a game based on Metro 2034 considering that takes place after 2033, but at the same time as Last Light (Can always change a few details).
WerpRider (2 years ago)
+Cade Fairchild You know this game is based off a book, and there will a be a sequel of the book called Metro 2035 maybe they will make another one based of the book.
XReyProductions (3 years ago)
This should be the only ending. SMH
don yang (3 years ago)
"Spartans never die, they're just missing in action"..........
Scott Burton (1 year ago)
"Spartans never die, they just respawn."
XReyProductions (3 years ago)
+don yang Don't bring up Halo references. lol
Wolvie-619 (3 years ago)
Nice, I watched this right after getting the C'est La Vie ending. Now I don't have to play this through again just to get the "good" ending. 
Jad Prouvèze (8 months ago)
Wolvie 619 same (only 3 years later)
theking9957 (3 years ago)
I am sad I didn't know there were two endings from the start, because this ending is so much better then the one normally. It sucks that if there is ever another game they will probably take the crap ending instead of the one I would like to be the canon ending. 
Beb _ (11 months ago)
it is. Look for Metro Exodus.
Omega HDGaming (1 year ago)
Okay so i know this is an old comment but this ending is more than likely the canon one.
Jonathan Borg (4 years ago)
Just finished the game, and seems I missed 1 single Moral Point for this ending somewhere in the beginning of the game. FML. ;_; NOT replaying it. Good for a once-through, or maybe another playthrough in a few years, but not right now.
MrUniq (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Borg Yea I know the last game was like this, but they should have been more lenient in the required moral points. I saved everyone I saw and spared both villians and played mostly non lethal and I didn't get this.
Paradox (4 years ago)
That ending it gets me every time I see it
John Peacekeeper (4 years ago)
That shot of the Litte Dark One trouncing the main bad guy XD
iTz Lazerz (4 years ago)
I don't think the other ending is bad. This one is just better. I would have tried to get this ending, if you didn't need to do a bunch of menial activities like listening to a guard for a minute, rather than critical choices like saving or killing Vladsnidski (forgive me if I just botched that spelling). Still though, I enjoyed the game.
Artorius (1 year ago)
Ha, no wonder I got the ''lolboom'' ending, I killed Lesnitsky, Pavel and let the mother bear die.
Sextus70 (2 years ago)
+ruggednevasmoothNYC1987 I also believe it works in that way... I think I replayed some levels during my first playthrough to obtain some moral points I missed and I still got the "bad" ending. IMO, the safest option to go after the canon ending is to begin a new game and follow moral points guides to don't miss most of them in all levels.
Tony Montana (2 years ago)
I did all i can for the redemption ending but i didn't get one. i now remember i didn't got that teddy bear for the kid and just ran away without saving the bear. Anybody know could i just play those chapters and finish those tasks and play the last chapter for a redemption ending? or i have to play the full game?
Sextus70 (2 years ago)
+Builttolast1987NYC I read some people who said the same thing as you before doing my second playthrough (I had the bad in my first one) but I had my doubts so I tried to do an almost complete "pacifist" gameplay (which believe me, it is not easy) XD I only killed people in the levels where it was unavoidable (the train chase and the Pavel ambush if I'm not mistaken) and took care to explore secret spots at all levels, listen to all conversations and help people/creatures. Fortunately my efforts gave results and I obtained the good canon ending too.
Sextus70 (2 years ago)
+GamingReviews There are levels which I believe you must play stealthy if you want to get the good ending: the Nazi and Communist bases escapes to be precise. If you complete those levels without being detected, not killing anyone and listening to all the guards conversations you win a lot of decisive good moral points.
Matt 24 (4 years ago)
Good choice of not ending the video just as that beautiful ending song starts up, cant stand all the other videos that just cut out practically the best part of the good ending. Im favoriting this.
Ethan Watson (1 year ago)
Matt 24 I know right
Krasitel_Games (4 years ago)
And name not Artyom , his name is Artem
Krasitel_Games (4 years ago)
Не миллер а мельник."It's not miller, his name Melnik!
Dwayne Forge (3 years ago)
миллер по английски и кушать мельник
FinalHeresy (4 years ago)
Damn the english voice acting is bad. Russian or bust i say
Aren Sereathy (7 months ago)
the voice actors are the same for both they picked a bilingual cast (and if i got that wrong the English voice actors are native Russian speakers I don't recall which )
Riggy1991 (4 years ago)
no Artyom dies in the bad ending, the first to be killed by the bomb detonation
M M (4 years ago)
arytom still alive in the bad ending anna hoding his dog tag and stuff in her room
Heliverus Calion (1 year ago)
M. Tric. That Means He's Dead. Dog Tags Are For Identifying Bodies And Prisoners.
Merf Avenger (4 years ago)
I tried to avoid killing people, but this was according to my own moral compass which apparently wasn't pure enough :L Soldiers were knocked out, bandits and executioners were slaughtered. I managed to save the big momma, saved pavel and saved Lesnitzky
Aren Sereathy (7 months ago)
ditto tho aside from levels that have a no kill achievement you can do that most moral points are gotten by listening to conversations exploring alternate roots and in the forest fucking run
ScruffyWizard (4 years ago)
Here I am sparing as many people as possible, never shooting anyone without a gun or who doesn't know I'm there, or who surrender, and it turns out I have to play instruments hidden around the Metro to gain forgiveness?
StevenTrollz (1 year ago)
wow wtf
BZo0Ka (4 years ago)
why the fuck is this spam?
Lukáš Molčan (5 years ago)
Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light are the best epic games, i´ve ever played.
borderline (5 years ago)
I really disliked how in 2033 and Last Light the ending you get is based upon a number of unconnected hidden things, like playing a guitar or listening to a conversation :/ They're both great games, but some of the design decisions really astound me..
berkay (5 years ago)
its better than other
Pedro (5 years ago)
I finished the game in Ranger Hardcore... and didn't get this ending. :<
Zantus R (5 years ago)
Eh, people would be bummed out with Artyom dead.
Svid (5 years ago)
After i got the good ending in metro 2033 it was quite easy for me to seek for the moral points :)
Zantus R (5 years ago)
Sure, that one was a bit more cinematic (and still emotional) but I'd consider the Redemption ending as the canon one - it's how it goes.
M M (5 years ago)
I prefer this is one u r right
M M (5 years ago)
yeah do u prefer the good ending to be in metro 3 with arytom alive
Skawning (5 years ago)
I played through Metro: Last Light as the embodiment of Redemption. With a heart filled with honest grief and guilt because of my actions in Metro: 2033. I was new to the outside world, naive and sometimes cruel even. Never helping a beggar, killing everyone and everything in my way. So I listened to Khan's wisdom, became the better person. I saved the little one, and he saved his people. I made sure the weapons & viruses of D6 would never kill again. That is my Legacy That is my Redemption
K-plus tunjevina (5 years ago)
Eventhough this ending is the more positive one, I think the self sacrifice ending fits the game and the character better. In blowing himself up he is atoning for his near destruction of the dark ones.
Gridlock1475 (5 years ago)
Wait wait wait HU was the dark ones coming back the good ending because i was getting the one where i blow up D6?
nolejd50 (5 years ago)
Hey man, can you please upload your save games to mediafire or just send them to me via e-mail: nolejd50@gmail.com I will subscribe if you do please :)
GamingReviews (5 years ago)
Just play it again :) it's worth the entire play. And while you're on it, try either hardcore or Ranger mode hardcore ^^
Agustin Benenati (5 years ago)
I got the other ending, I never knew you moral detitions affected the ending... That sucks. I didn't got salvation... That makes me sad
Tiberiumfreek (5 years ago)
Now that, is an ending!
hagsterhagster (5 years ago)
Alos Halos (5 years ago)
dude shut up
Dmitri Morozov (5 years ago)
Granted the game's does feel short, but you've really got to look at it as though it were a book... Because that's actually what it is, the author, Dmitri Glukhovsky, who wrote this games's script will be publishing the novel "Metro 2035" this December, it's based on this game (Which wouldn't be that hard to do, as I said, he did the script) and will be vastly expanded upon what we saw in the game, could be interesting... But yeah, my main question is.. Why have you gone into an ALL CAPS RAGE!!!
hagsterhagster (5 years ago)
BaalHan (5 years ago)
One of best games ever...
Dmitri Morozov (5 years ago)
Best Game for "Dem Feels" Ever. It's not often that a game is able to get me utterly immersed in it's story, but Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light were able to do that with the greatest of ease. Simply because I know that my species may one day find itself in this very situation... and if that happens, I hope that the human race will be able to earn redemption and forgiveness for the countless crimes and injustices it has committed upon itself over it's long, long history.
John Valle (5 years ago)
Ronnie Dominguez (5 years ago)
This is the ending wonderful
Ronnie Dominguez (5 years ago)
What one comment
MP O (5 years ago)
Good Ending

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