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Lucky but random item placements | Dark souls twitch playthrough pt 1

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Streamed 5/26/2018 This is a restart of the item randomizer run of Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition. All items are randomized, including key items to progress story line, consumables, and DLC items. All bosses must be vanquished (some of which I've never fought before) and as soon as an item (shiny or chest) is seen, it must be looted and equipped. Previous armors and weapons shall be dropped to never be re-equipped and rings will be switched out for oldest rings. All souls will be consumed as quickly as possible. Purchasing upgrades for weapons and armor is allowed and so is purchasing ammo for bows. Buying souls/armaments is NOT allowed and will invalidate the run. Any questions? Please ask! Enjoy the video? Iunno like it I guess. Don't have to watching it was nice enough. Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/desyncthe Hotpocketremix made this mod sadly but I lost his donation link I'll try to find it for later.
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