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CZ Nerf, M4A1-S Buff, MP7 Buff

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Weapon Balance Update! Oh yeah, Mirage fixes too. Counter-Strike-Global Offensive continues to improve... just slowly. I'm looking forward to the Panorama UI massive patch coming... soon?
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Esdynu (5 days ago)
the mp7 is really good against opponents if they are having an eco round
Esdynu (5 days ago)
fish eyes
AkiiZ 4545 (15 days ago)
AkiiZ 4545 (15 days ago)
Substandard Gamer Kiba (15 days ago)
Valve and Bethesda are the only good big companies left.
InterPlayz (29 days ago)
Yet they still can't Nerf 57 and tec9
longtime chart94 (29 days ago)
I run the M4A1-S because it's more accurate
syltpasta (1 month ago)
In my opinion, remove one of the m4s and just put a frikkin silencer on there already..
Leo Carmo (1 month ago)
I love the Bramble Blast background melody!
PVAUPE (1 month ago)
WarOwl you are the most humanoid owl I have ever seen
Rafael Oliveira (1 month ago)
why starcrft 2 song ?
MrFrowijn (1 month ago)
MP7 cost reduction hype. Love that gun and now it's cheaper.
Alexi Berthe (1 month ago)
That's a LOT of Daaamage !!!
t l (1 month ago)
It's all thanks to the pro gaming tournaments. all that money from ticket sales is helping to support this great change in a game, that for the most part people were shying away from for more bright cartoon like games.
xXsavageminecraftkidXx (1 month ago)
greetings hi, the war owl greets you!
Nothing (1 month ago)
SC2 background music!!
SUMS (1 month ago)
Yeah but what about the fact that there is no longer a contract you can sign when you trade up? HMMMmmmm
Dominio578 (1 month ago)
The mp7 is a fucking laser beam now
Broke Ass (1 month ago)
well ump recoil is the only one i can control besides ak, m4a4 and a1 😂
Jiri Kalho (1 month ago)
loving that starcraft music :D
I just notice that the mp7's spray pattern looks like a 7.
Lucas Heringer (1 month ago)
The recoil of the MP7 is a seven, very clever!
WaveMeow (1 month ago)
the starcraft music is A+
Steven zaitsev (1 month ago)
Why is there weird modern art in the background
Yoda Man (1 month ago)
now remove the weapon spread and increase movement speed and re-enable bunny hopping and were at least as good as cod. yes i said that to make you mad XD no ive never played cod so i have no idea if any of that even made sense.
drogen games (1 month ago)
Is this update coming in December
Khaos453 (1 month ago)
WarOwl. What is your viewmodel? I think it's really good. :D
Martin Enrico (1 month ago)
SteamDB actually leaked the summer sale dates this year
SlayTheRake (1 month ago)
Sinister Gerbils (1 month ago)
"These new smokes might be whore-able."
Rico05 Game (1 month ago)
0:46 ASMR :D
soju69jinro (1 month ago)
no point in updates.. game is dead. even shroud said so. therefore it must be true T.T
BlackMamba (1 month ago)
Nice SC2 music.
Shiraume (1 month ago)
I will stop whining when CSGO becomes a good game.
christian908 (1 month ago)
"Panorama in prep for steam summer sale" DEAR GOD HE WAS RIGHT HE IS GETTING INSIDE INFORMATION
Alexander Robnett (1 month ago)
Stickerbush Symphony as the background music I like it
GitGud (1 month ago)
128 tick servers?
Stormoo (1 month ago)
You cheeky bugger... The pamanroma update really came after one week. Dont know if you are lucky or you knew about it... :-D
Zephryian (1 month ago)
starcraft 2 music? lol
isnt this music from donkey kong?
ewfwef (1 month ago)
Valve will always be the biggest frauds in the world, Creating counter strike,, then selling hacks on their secret side, It's all about the revenue for them.
RoiD Collective (1 month ago)
woo bad the game is slooooowly dying
Breaking ScreamZ (1 month ago)
Hey Justin Timberlake :D
Random shit (1 month ago)
6:33 nice, he did it
Rahul Majumdar (1 month ago)
Well well look how Valve released the Panorama update right after xD
sikstar100 (1 month ago)
6:33 .... WTF?!??!?? Are you from the future?
Random Person2.0 (1 month ago)
Fix the p250, plz
muffin discussion (1 month ago)
Maybe some more audio balance for the vids. i found some parts much louder than others. love the vids, keep doing what you are doing.
Stevetheepictrooper (1 month ago)
"I look forward to the Panorama UI update next week" WarOwl, *_what did you know_*
DeathTheStriker (1 month ago)
Kamitrex (1 month ago)
I love how you were actually right about Panorama...
Benjamin Bartholdy (1 month ago)
I change between m4a4 and m4a1 when changing maps
LeafileafTFM (1 month ago)
WarOwl secretly has insider information on Panorama UI :thinking:
EmperorSteele (1 month ago)
"I look forward to the panorama UI next week" he says in jest.... Less than a week later: Panorama UI in beta, hahaha! XD
MylesTheGreat (1 month ago)
RandomCrew PotatoSoup (1 month ago)
6:35 warowl works for valve 100%
Zakhar Husak (1 month ago)
LOL nice you literally predicted the Panorama UI. Please also predict something else, so it comes true.
PenileAugmentation (1 month ago)
What do you mean by "changing the meta"?
jpkaffe (1 month ago)
holy moly! mp7 cost reduction and an extra clip on the m4-s? that's the 2 only freaking weapons I use! hahahahaha I WIN!!!
Dick Anus (1 month ago)
When new operation?
Denin Visnjic (1 month ago)
Lukas Götz (1 month ago)
I'd love to see the skybox being opened on Dust 2 because rushing B is always a big suicide mission
Rob K (1 month ago)
It’s an easy decision to stop and WarOwl
TheJackyJooJ (1 month ago)
Hey, i'm not sure if you would know anything about valve "saying" that they are working to fix the display of operation coins being buggy after brought after operation?
mike deloughry (1 month ago)
Keep speakin truth to power bro ✊🏽
Hunter Senft-Grupp (1 month ago)
0:46 best part of the video
svensli Svensli (1 month ago)
Where is the new episode of solo que to global?
Chillest Bill (1 month ago)
Yet the M249 is STILL... $5200 ???? COME ON!!!!.....
VinceCheong (1 month ago)
Guys! Like this if you heard and enjoyed the old Starcraft 1 background music! :)
MFT GAMING (1 month ago)
Weapon spread xD
Jakub Sedlacek (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who after reading CZ nerf M4A1-S buff thought this is from quite some time ago ?
Didley Dudley (1 month ago)
I never really noticed the "new" Owl at the bottom left of the thumbnail. I love you dude!
Emanuel Månsson (1 month ago)
Maaaan Finally Valve are doing good Ily Warowl
CrazyGamer 0129 (1 month ago)
1:42 Jump Scare lol
Red Hood (1 month ago)
Shat my pants... @ 1:42
Reece Rowland (1 month ago)
I don't like the idea of throwing smokes 200m across a map just seems silly
Derek Roth (1 month ago)
do I hear the terran starcraft 2 music?
Umesh Dhaked (1 month ago)
you look owl.
BodyMonk87 (1 month ago)
stickerbrush symphony !!!
nokinn (1 month ago)
If Valve continues to nerf CZ, it might turn into a real Nerf gun.
Kova 420 (1 month ago)
It still sucks that we need to wait 5 mins for a match. Valve should do some big update for players to come back because CS is dead for now but we can bring it back to life if they would listen to community and pro players. Because of PUBG and Fortnite it's dead they need to upgrade servers,hitboxes and do some big map changes DD2 is still shit. Mirage is kind of good map right now
T R (1 month ago)
CSGO has been out forever how the hell are they still trying to balance weapons and fixing maps, You would think they would of had this all straight a few years back haha
Joseph Kim (1 month ago)
Steam summer sale? When is it, and are games on sale during that event?
Manikin (1 month ago)
6:37 warowl Illuminati confirmed I think
Jimmy Bunch (1 month ago)
I like yoru videos. I hate the fucking cs go community. they are the biggest assholes compaired to every game ive ever played. the last game did me in. I don't have a mic for my computer so I type everything. I was solo with a fucking 4 stack. the other team had a leaver round 2. I kept making lots of callouts via text. some asshole on my team said if I make another message hell boot me. the rest of the team told me to stfu after I told him that Im going to type, make callouts. they bhooted me. now I have a fucking 30 min ban for shit not even overwatch would flag me on. if anything they were bullying me. fuck this game and the community. they are toxic, the worst gamers on the planet. even fucking call of duty 12 year old children are less toxic.
Jimmy Bunch (1 month ago)
I did as the other team a few times if thell surrender. meaning they were 5 and 0 the frist time , 8 in 0 the second. the sjw said I needed to be booted. wtf
Hermann Fegelein (1 month ago)
You can basically still One-shot people with the CZ. If you don't pay attention to your ammo count then it feels like One shotting.
SGTDOGGO (1 month ago)
what is this starcraft music lol
Punisher (1 month ago)
CSGO is dead.
utkarsh singh (1 month ago)
Javen (1 month ago)
I quit cs go but still watch Mah Owl
Fingerpin (1 month ago)
1:41 jeez dude you scared the shit out of me....
emir (1 month ago)
Good job brent your channel starting to rise again!!
Nickjc1999 (1 month ago)
One day, when im kennyS, ill be known as the bizon magician, as opposed to the awp magician
GamePlayRaja (1 month ago)
I like this CSGO news anchor.
tobi (1 month ago)
people still play csgo?
Duy Trần (1 month ago)
@TheWarOwl may I have a question about the VACnet. Many csgo player got VACced by VACnet. Some says they just play, no hack, no mod skins, even a famous caster in 500bros studio got VACed to. I'm too scared to play, cuz there's lots of precious skins in my inv (almost 1000$)
diddyac (2 months ago)
love the donkey kong country music
Killzxc (2 months ago)
theres a clip spot where the ladder was and also you can still technically get on the roof by using a little ledge that is still there anyone who uses this comment do the ledge thing on the roof cuz its the same spot just without that massive roof and its a good off angle for now
Gheist (2 months ago)
That video was rea lly funny. Liked the jokes. Keep it up! Maybe I should pick up playing CSGO again...
Mr. Syn (2 months ago)
Why do you look like Shia LaBouf fused with Post Malone
Nagisa (2 months ago)
Z the z z

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