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Found & Lost | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 26

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Thanks to D&D Beyond for sponsoring this episode of Critical Role! Be sure to check out D&D Beyond for all your digital toolset needs: https://www.dndbeyond.com/ The Mighty Nein wake up to missing members, meet a stranger who could possibly help them, and find that some plans... have a high cost (with guest Ashly Burch!). Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PT on Alpha https://projectalpha.com, YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/geekandsundry, or Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/geekandsundry You can pick up Critical Role merch at http://shop.geekandsundry.com For more RPGs we love, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Follow the cast on Twitter! Ashley: https://twitter.com/TheVulcanSalute Laura: https://twitter.com/LauraBaileyVO Liam: https://twitter.com/VoiceOfOBrien Matthew: https://twitter.com/matthewmercer Marisha: https://twitter.com/Marisha_Ray Taliesin: https://twitter.com/executivegoth Travis: https://twitter.com/WillingBlam Sam: https://twitter.com/samriegel Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (4042)
Jack Hyde (1 hour ago)
I can't seem to remember. Who is the awesome artist that drew the map?
TonytheCapeGuy (6 hours ago)
You guys are like the only ones who can get me to rewind a commercial because I skipped how it started. XD
Charlie Templeton (6 hours ago)
Since the people in the cages blocked the cold blast by Lorenzo for others in the cages , then shouldn't they have also blocked it for Beau and Molly?
Alex Goldberger (7 hours ago)
Being aware of spoilers makes watching this episode extra poignant.
Cheapshot 28 (1 day ago)
Man, I really thought they'd use the acid flasks on the locks in the beginning.
danbill02 (3 days ago)
Beau is continually worthless as a PC.
Leon (3 days ago)
Can someone explain me why does that guest character has such op attributes at lvl 5?
Josh Hust (4 days ago)
possibly the most brutal player death ive seen. sometimes the CR rating is just a bit more than the group can handle, this guy was obviously that
Ender Stratos (4 days ago)
I have a few issues with several missteps during the fight, but I'm mostly curious about a couple things. Did Mercer ever account for the glaive being a reach weapon and having disadvantage if within 5ft? Also, does a blood hunter have to stay conscious for a blood maledict to stay in effect? I feel like those two blows should've had rather messy calculations, while he rolled them easily.
Name? Nah! (4 days ago)
3:57:42 "The high of possibility"
Redguy221 (5 days ago)
goodness the radio show is the best!!! XD
Josh Hust (5 days ago)
liam knocks it out of the park with his monologue... AGAIN
MaxWa (5 days ago)
SPOILER. . . . . . How did Molly get to 3 failed death saves? Lorenzo only attacked twice.
MaxWa (5 days ago)
Oh wait. Any attack that hits while unconcious is a crit and 2 failed death saves.
Bogdan Gabriel (5 days ago)
For the future Matt, if you or anyone hopefully reads this months after it went live. Horses are naturally pack animals, if you just tied that sucker down to your saddle it will follow, you don't need to go slower just give it enough rope but not too much, maybe do a animal handle roll with advantage to see if they tie the horse down properly? Anyway if you tie the extra horses to your saddle it should be good, generally.
Harry Chisholm (6 days ago)
if only keg knew where that tapestry has been
President Jyrgunkarrd (7 days ago)
...The part of these that is hardest to watch for me are the tactical parts. I don't get people who don't understand the value of tempo. Marissa just wasting her first turn + an important resource trying to stun a Druid. I don't understand why. Stunning is a cute thing you can do when you're already ahead in a fight; in an encounter that really means business, you just need to out-pace the opposing tempo by pumping-out extra attacks. I get it, 'this isn't a wargame', but the principles still apply and you'll lose party members if you don't pull out the stops for hard fights.
President Jyrgunkarrd (7 days ago)
Also, the whole plan just kind of sucked from the get-go, mostly because of the Knot bit. They sacrifice the actions of an entire character to do nothing other than getting (potentially) other characters into the fight... so, in a best case scenario, eventually they go from a 4v7 to a 5v7 that they could've just had right out of the gate. Eventually one argues that they can escalate to better odds, but one must remember that this whole time the party is soaking more damage than they ought to be due to being more badly outnumbered than they ought to be. Which means characters are going to fall. It is going to be next to impossible to climb into odds parity, much less odds supremacy, in this situation. So... why isn't Knot just attacking? He is arguably the highest damage source they have, and he is spending multiple turns contributing 0 damage into a tough encounter. That's utterly ridiculous. They could worry about cages after the slavers are fucking dead.
RuSosan (7 days ago)
Defeat is a lesson. *LEARN IT!*
Kharn The Betrayer (7 days ago)
How many amazingly beautiful maps does Matt just have to dis-assemble after every session.
SC2 (7 days ago)
Sam’s radio play was a hilarious reminder of how incredibly talented these actors all are. They were handed a script out of nowhere, and made it *incredibly* entertaining in only a single attempt. Couldn’t stop myself from cracking up.
Juul van Geleuken (8 days ago)
Liam doing his monologue is just amazing. The way he developes his character while being all alone at the time is just so well done. Who would think of doing that honestly, and doing it so well. Hands down my favourite character thanks to this 🙌🏻 02:55:40 btw
Brandon Unverferth (8 days ago)
The foreshadowing is so sad when Keg says "We're probably going to die" and the Molly says "We know"
JamJamee Polk (8 days ago)
0:00-5:25 Fantastic intro
LazyGamer415 (8 days ago)
I blame the dwarf....
C-X 3 (8 days ago)
4:12:46 Ashly is actually such a good VA, the way that she says “yeah” while being so subtly nervous is KILLING me
alec christiaen (8 days ago)
can we all appreciate exactly how Matt threw out: "i don't need to sleep ever." lots of pain in that statement.
Simrasil (8 days ago)
I love the athmospheric sound ambience stuff.. it really adds to the immersion I can't thank everyone enough for this show :D
Rinorah The Mage (10 days ago)
What about the amulet?
F Huber (10 days ago)
"Lets go fast." You see an abandoned house "Lets raid the house and waste so much time that we HAVE TO use it as shelter for the night."
F Huber (10 days ago)
End result was partly due to flawed party planning. Minorly due to severely flawed information from the visiting player... Significantly due to a powerful of collection of enemies, having very high + on dice for saves. Finally by bad DM They say they want to rearrange brush, for concealment, and then do it in the way that makes sure they won't have enough movement to actually get into battle in a surprise round for an ambush. (and not properly preparing a full ambush round, really just 2 ambush actions of tree being knocked over and the slow spell.) They could have counted out squares and easily seen "We need to move the bushes closer to the kill zone." This costs them a full round of attacks for the non-ranged people. (and didn't even have Nott try a ranged ambush attack) Nott attempting to get in and unlock cages only works if its successful stealth, she gets in, gets some unlocked before there's any combat, then messages Caleb to set off the ambush at that point. (meaning it needed to be done at night when the slaver convoy was not moving. Trying to unlock cages (especially when you don't really have a clue even where the door is) in combat wasted Nott completely for the battle, when she was actually one of the most consistent, decent damage dealers and one of their few range attackers. Party sleeps, then charges down the road ahead of slavers an estimated distance the slavers can travel in a day (leaving the party hours to rest again before battle) then send the owl to spy just close enough to where they can move in about 3 AM They set up a kill zone based on an area of effect spell, and then charge in and arrange themselves so they have 3 heavy hitters all in the area that will easily be hit by a similar size area of effect. And then, Matt should have realized how he screwed the party by having the enemy with a single area effect that could potentially one blast TPK. AREA EFFECT 8d8 could kill half the party even with saves if it maxes. Large area and high area damage from a 9th level (minimum) caster or item effect vs 5 person level 5 party that is also dealing with other level 5+ spellcasters. The first cone of cold essentially beat the party. Might as well have put the party against 2 young dragons with different breath weapons. And Matt had the cleric move out of mele with one person (should have been opportunity attack...) go around another then try to leave mele completely, get opportunity attacked, success MOVEMENT PREVENTED, PUT IT BACK! But Matt didn't put it back, instead put it but in a new advantageous position allowing the cone of cold to hit the 2 who had flanked the cleric (and Nott), without hitting the cleric. Cleric either moves back to the point of origin or both of the people should have gotten their opportunity attacks in sequence of ... She moves 5 ft. opportunity attack 1, then moves more, opportunity attack 2. By the way he did it... that person should have been put back and thus in place to die if the cone of cold is used, preventing it from being used. This also allowed the cleric to cast the dispel which finished off the party. Sorry, but that was just set up to be a TPK The only reason any party members walked was to allow the campaign to continue. Jester/Fjord/(Ashley) captured (prearranged we'll do this to explain the 3 missing for a month... ok) Rescue party should have been DEAD so no rescue ever happens... Game over.
potatogamegameing (10 days ago)
“Its not as emotionally deep as this one”-sam “give jt time” -talison
oloughla (11 days ago)
Why don't they ever focus fire? Also, it drives me insane when Matt BEGS them to run and they ignore him and continue attacking instead.
Ethan Golden (11 days ago)
During the intro skit, is marisha not a perfect (voice) reincarnation of Frisky Dingo's, Antagone?? Bonus point for basically reenacting the birth of Cody 2.
Karl Lee (12 days ago)
So, I love this programme but have never really played D&D before, meaning I don't understand many things. I have a question. I'll try to code it as much as possible but, needless to say, spoilers will probably follow.... SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS When that "thing" happened in this episode when M was knocked unconscious why didn't a 'd saving throw' get to be rolled each time more damage was inflicted? (Like has happened the other times this occurs, e.g, when Beau was getting all that troll acid splattered over her)
Sora Kasturi (12 days ago)
I feel like there's a lot of people missing what actually happened here. It wasn't a matter of bad rolls for the party, it was a matter of 5 lvl 5 player characters with maybe one healing potion's worth of healing to go between them going against a party of 7 equal lvl or higher class NPCs, half of which were capable of healing spells, and at least one of which was twice the party's lvl and capable of casting a spell that could one-hit k.o. one or two of the players and nearly down or severely injure the other 3 on its own. This was a 'someone is going to be killed here' encounter; it just wasn't the guest. And it being that kind of encounter is fine. It makes a more compelling narrative, the party needed more direction and an actual enemy at this point I feel, and every party needs a kick in the face from time to time. I enjoyed the whole episode and it was very well done. And to anyone who got hung up on the rogue NPC's sneak attack, that would've altered Molly's fate by one round *at best*.
John Thomas (12 days ago)
I don't mind the death but that seems designed to tpk this smaller group.
Undead Plays Games (13 days ago)
Everyone hating on Ashley, hey guys people make mistakes. Either they don’t know the risks or take it knowing the risks. Even if she could have done something to save molly in the end it happened their is no changing that. Just take what you get. On the bright side, we’re getting a new character. Edit: It’s funny that I talk about now cause like this was three months ago.
Eric LeCarde (14 days ago)
SPOILERS The party was doomed the second they decided to take on the Iron Shepherds. Doesn't matter that Nott and Keg weren't involved in the fight. If Lorenzo is what I think he is, they don't really stand a chance in a straight up fight. You need tragedy to strike every so often, keeps things compelling and interesting. Can't wait to see Taliesin make his return, love that guy.
C493d (14 days ago)
What does Marisha say at 3:20:18?
Danilo Luís Faria (14 days ago)
The fact that lorenzo used a lvl 5 spell tells me this is a fight they wouldn't be able to win...
Danilo Luís Faria (14 days ago)
why didn't they get a surprise round against the slavers?
GraftedNormalcy (14 days ago)
the gentleman has the blood vials, they can ask him to find them!
Ganesha Mahesvari (14 days ago)
well, molly die he was the least likable character for me in this party! Time to change a bit and bring something better!
Danilo Luís Faria (15 days ago)
I have the feeling Marisha keeps cheating her dmg rolls. how can she do 15 dmg on a single blow without a crit?
Richard S. (14 days ago)
1:10 An absolutely accurate radio play 8:35 Episode Starts 13:15 Fjord was a cowboy, right? 24:35 Ashley Burch 26:40 Stealth feedback 27:40 Making conversation 30:00 Alcohol pleb 31:30 Lives up to the t-shirt 41:05 Fem Shep 49:20 Flushing Loaf 1:07:40 Battle begins 1:30:25 Keg’s stand 1:32:40 HDYWTDT 1:35:30 What’s the opposite of mercy killing? 1:44:40 Obligatory acid joke 1:47:00 Haste afterglow 1:54:00 Break Starts 2:05:35 Art Montage 2:09:50 Break Ends 2:17:30 Double 20’s 2:28:05 Poop jokes 2:36:45 Firbolg racism 2:41:00 Jester’s sketchbook 2:50:00 Nott uses “Extract Backstory” 2:53:15 Secret for secret 2:59:45 Dark night of Caleb’s soul 3:03:20 Beauflex 3:14:10 Nott underestimates her own dance skills 3:32:30 Sam’s dream almost comes true 3:38:50 Matt knows all 3:39:40 Studio tour forthcoming 4:00:15 Planning is over, let’s do this 4:37:40 All it takes is one bad roll (someone had to die so a new healer could come while Laura is gone.. #scripted) 4:39:05 A fitting departure 4:51:50 The new big bad is born 4:56:00 Game Ends
Becca Yarbrough (15 days ago)
Super late and still playing catch up but I really want Caleb to kiss Molly on the forehead.
Chayse Bell (15 days ago)
I’m curious what would happen if they asked the gentleman for help getting the three back
Zionpohl (15 days ago)
I'm guessing the whole "flanking bonus" that Molly keeps using is a remnant of their port from Pathfinder? Is it just me or does it seem a little too strong for 5e to allow just everyone to use what is essentially the Pack Tactics feature?
Zionpohl (4 days ago)
I was unaware of that optional rule, thanks for pointing that out. I geuss as long as you make sure, the players are more often than not fighting against equal numbers it's fine.
Pollen Applebee (14 days ago)
It's an optional D&D rule on page 251 of the DMG. Keep in mind that monsters can use this against the players as well, so it doesn't give the bonus to the players alone.
IAË (16 days ago)
I gotta admit, Molly's last words are metal as hell.
Walt Aistir (17 days ago)
How come Marisha always ends up with the high Wisdon character? Is a joke from Matt to her? I mean, I love her but...
Name? Nah! (5 days ago)
She just happened to play classes that benefit from higher wisdom scores.
Arkaus (17 days ago)
There's a nott in the wood!
Dean Thompson (18 days ago)
Mollymauk!!!!!! Wait didnt Molly buy a necklace from Pumat Sol which done something if he died?......but shit!, The iron shepherds were alot stronger than anyone could have ever imagined.
I am magicalsleeper (18 days ago)
Mechanic question: would the dispel magic spell done away with whatever was making the cages/cart contents invisible?
TheRefiper (18 days ago)
did anyone notice matt has a piece of glitter on his lower lip the entire time
Jon Melkier (19 days ago)
Lorenzo was next to Baue so surely should have been in combat and she should have got an attack of opportunity along with sentinel 4:14:40
iNahtanoJ (19 days ago)
Well if anyone was going to die I'm glad it was Molly
Noah Starkoff (20 days ago)
Spoilers? I'm getting Negan flashbacks.
Sleepytime Taquito (20 days ago)
Oh the silence of shock after haunts my dreams
Quinn's Quest (20 days ago)
The whole time they were planning this ambush I kept thinking... why wouldn't you just take them in their sleep?? Nott could poison the horses water/food with mage hand. Caleb could charm whomever was on lookout. And then they could use the oil/tinderbox/throw torches to set fire to the camp. Beau could litter the site with ball bearings. It would be just straight pandemonium and would put the odds far more in their favor...
EquusHeart (20 days ago)
Wow what a dramatic episode. We'll miss you Molly :'(
FireSanctuary (20 days ago)
Marisha's Laura sounds like Vex/Lust Their ambush planning is beautifully aggravating
FlyByStew (21 days ago)
So they all had this great plan to target the casters, all together, as a group...and only half their damage dealers actually follow it? The best laid plans...
dragontruth (22 days ago)
"Success or failure; life or death. All comes down to the roll of the die..."
disenchanted.forest (23 days ago)
Matthew Mercer! As if you didn't give them all a bonus round at the start of an ambush?
Kvallning (23 days ago)
"We are children lost in a Ross Dress For Less, we're never getting out of here"
Spoiled Rat (24 days ago)
All this TEA talk reminds me of SOMEONE ELSE who likes TEA.... ... i'm still sad okay.
Too Late Nate (24 days ago)
I'm so confused, wouldn't Lorenzo light on fire when doused in the oil from Nott when hit from caleb's fireball? Or did I miss something? I really enjoy the series and everything, but hopefully it's kind of a wake up call for the group. Since now they've seen someone keel over and die, maybe they'll realize there's consequences for poor planning/execution. Showing that Matt's not pulling punches, though you can tell that because Ashly really screwed the group over in the combat phase, Matt allowed the team to retreat. Otherwise Caleb was potential paste smeared onto the ground. Also, Molly seemed to not really do any damage throughout the campaign, like he *started* strong, but constantly fell behind even Beau in damage output. Though I haven't looked at the class that closely.
They are actually a normal sized party for a change... oh wait we got guests. Matt is playing on hard mode as always.
Aster (27 days ago)
"oh hey! including Frumpkin they know have all nine-" "..." "..." "never mind"
TheStartrek99 (27 days ago)
Should have given horse a potion.
Samantha Smith (27 days ago)
"They killed Molly!" Dangit Sam!
Robert Nilsson (28 days ago)
Love you guys!!! you got me hooked on DnD again! I found my long lost passion from my youth *hehe* keep up these shows long after this campaign and I wish the very best for Fjord & Jesters mix baby of blue and green and ... well an amazing asset to the might nine and a half!
Christopher Luchies (28 days ago)
He’s got a shiney spit on his lip and i can’t get over it
alec christiaen (29 days ago)
"liam will be the doctor" "a real job, dad" wow, just...wow
alec christiaen (27 days ago)
jhowe67 (29 days ago)
What everyone forgot, Jester, Fyord, and Yasha probably just watched Molly get slain.
Jacob Sanders (29 days ago)
god, while re watching this episode my heart broke every time molly talked about tea
keg: does anyone have booze? nott: *starts giggling*
Alpha Legion Astartes (29 days ago)
04:43:16 Marisha still drinking on live set. Maybe if she stopped, her role playing wouldn't suck so much.
Asa Haworth (21 days ago)
V Star 1300 Adventures (29 days ago)
Vials of oil on a tight place in the road, Fireball, or FIrebolt to light the oil. Use the acid on the locks to damage them to the point they can be broken easily. Range attacks after Slow is cast, with bruisers into melee combat, and cross the fingers.
PhobosDynami (29 days ago)
Hey it's Ms. Burch and I'm playing Horizon Zero Dawn. What a wonderful coincidence.
V Star 1300 Adventures (29 days ago)
"I believe we are going to drop a Loaf." LOL, almost spit out my coffee hearing that.
Treahead (30 days ago)
I love the first part of this, just the confusion was so good!
meganverne (1 month ago)
granny lives in a cranny
Kirsten Crawford (1 month ago)
Man........that was like...real grief, almost? very somber.
phreaquetalk (1 month ago)
wow, keg was totally useless. wow.
Dungeon Master Zach (1 month ago)
I knew molly was gonna die because of youtube videos without spoiler warnings. But I still cried when he did. I couldn't prepare enough for that...
Dungeon Master Zach (1 month ago)
Rest in Piece, Mollymauk Tealeaf. He is our god, long may he reign.
John Park (1 month ago)
I have a stink eye for the tiny glitter spec Matt has on (his right) of his chin. IT BOTHERS ME.
Johnny Bangderard (1 month ago)
That increased quality ...
Cyanic (1 month ago)
MOLLY AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH (I already saw the spoiler some time ago, but damn it still hurts even if I'm expecting it)
Rasmus Øien (1 month ago)
1:09:07 love how liam does the inglorious basterd thing with his hand right like a german.
daniel paxton (1 month ago)
Matt- “I have 5 maps prepared for different scenarios”.....holy shit, that’s the kind of level I want to be on as a DM
I would love if Matt brought in a guest player but had them play an enemy npc, it'd be interesting to see table interactions with an enemy player, lol.
Casey Bieda, you are incredible, lol. That pic of Matt at around 2:08:45 is too good! I love all the masks around the pack like the Mask Salesman, lol.
MrElectricDreamMan (1 month ago)
Ashley Burch is an absolute treasure.
Jacob Mull (1 month ago)
So is this technically Tiny Tina's campaign of carnage since Ashley Burch is here and all
Kat McCloud (1 month ago)
Now, I don't support the people who sent her hate, but man, I have to say. When you're called in to be the substitute tank for a game because your friends had a baby irl/a work trip, that is NOT the time to go all method actor, not do the irl favor you are there to do, and deeply affect a campaign that isn't yours.
Kat McCloud (14 days ago)
+Pollen Applebee That she isn't a part of!
Pollen Applebee (14 days ago)
it's a role playing game, derpington
Kat McCloud (1 month ago)
Well, I hope they learned their lesson. Going at night would have been a better idea, and tanks need to tank. Also, I can't believe that being burned alive had so little effect on a human man. What the hell kind of stats are in this game? X'D
Kyle D (1 month ago)
I think Lorenzo might be the best villain Matt has created since Raishan. He is legitimately terrifying. The fact that we've had a legitimate PC death is what I like about this campaign. Vox Machina always seemed to have things under control: there's a reason Marisha thought they were gods. As much as i love the C1 characters, the Mighty Nein is so much more human than VM.
Mehmet Alan (1 month ago)
Yay! Consequences!
Captain kiwi (1 month ago)
I didn’t realize I had picked up Matt’s clapping until he mentioned it and I realized I’d been doing it since halfway through last campaign.
Hollow Galbraith (1 month ago)
Owls are also proficient in perception and stealth +3 XD Edit: Slow isn't like cone of silence, once they fail the save they carry the effect with them so she could only dispel one at a time >.<

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