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How to get FREE SKINS in CS:GO by just PLAYING?!

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PvPro (RAF CODE: nadeking) - http://bit.ly/2viBIYT SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/NadeKing?sub_confirmation=1 MY TWITTER: https://twitter.com/NadeKingCSGO In this video will show you how to get FREE SKINS in CSGO. This is fast and safe, so no deposit needed for you to get even free cs go knife skin. You can just earn some free stuff by playing matches. And yes, this video is made in 2017. TOP 10 EU SMOKES by PRO CS:GO PLAYERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJNPpz1eX7A PVPRO: https://www.pvpro.com/pvpro/csgo-eu/home Audio credits: Kevin Macleod - Funky Chunk MLG Sad Violin
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Text Comments (719)
Ahaad Sayedahaad (7 days ago)
and is that for all country
Ahaad Sayedahaad (7 days ago)
is that real guys
DarkForest All in One (8 days ago)
Nuki Pratama (14 days ago)
Corey Cabrerapell (26 days ago)
the site doesnt trade with me i can send skins in but now out
Winston Li (29 days ago)
AUS servers too? ;-;
ugandan knuckles (1 month ago)
it says that my trade link is invalid but i copied it from my steam community help me pls...
Aakarshan Chauhan (1 month ago)
What I don't like is the servers are in Europe and America but NOT in Asia.
Jude Hantouch (1 month ago)
Its works in 2018?
ZYPHER (1 month ago)
But i always get 200+ ping in it, how can i play 😪
Sasul Roman Yt (1 month ago)
how can i get skins?
Silence (1 month ago)
promo- Silence001
Nishul Pithadia (1 month ago)
Hi Moon (1 month ago)
pvpro 50% of players - use hack 30% - noobs 20% - pro players
Tal Talli (1 month ago)
played 1 match and banned XD lol what a "good Site" full of noobs. and banning for nothing
Pointless Website (1 month ago)
rip banned
King Shrestha (1 month ago)
Nadeking what's your mouse sensitivity?
i3u Gate (1 month ago)
how to fix high ping ?>?
as filipasss (1 month ago)
VBK Imperial. (1 month ago)
1,5 $ and withdrow without any deposit - you'r welcome guys https://csgofast123.com/#r/1ztxuz
Hunter (1 month ago)
Pvp pro is littered with hackers
UnderDog13 (1 month ago)
This is something that CS:GO SHOULD'VE FUCKING HAD
Vekku (1 month ago)
2:15 subticles
Carlos souls amorin (1 month ago)
Holy crap I won't a sexy knife and 3 skins on my AK and my AWP sniper its hot
just punch [TH] (1 month ago)
Sad m computer is to bad to open cs go with google
Qbloody (2 months ago)
Why is his csgo like this
ScalsMC (2 months ago)
I have testaa This a long time ago and The price you Get from matches is so low
ABRAC (2 months ago)
https://discord.gg/9Msudb join, at 150 mebers we do giveaway!
DJ Styles (2 months ago)
why i get the skin and its not have at my iventory??
Julian Perez (2 months ago)
It says i can't -play bc i dont have eu but i have csgo so what is the problem
Preston Garvey (2 months ago)
I already made an a account dammit now I can't buy skins :(
Ankit Sangeet (2 months ago)
I always get very high ping in Pv Pro! Anyone plz help
Joseph Stalin (2 months ago)
Ankit Sangeet (2 months ago)
8Bit : Tech and Gaming I have tried sostronk, I am GN1 and people their are way beyond my skill level so I am not even able to play
R3FluX (2 months ago)
Ankit Sangeet Ankit bro , I believe you are Indian and me too. PvPro hosts EU servers which are in Europe. So that's why you get high ping . I also get high ping. One thing you can do is Download SoStronk . It's a CS:GO matchmaking platform specifically for Asian countries. But it will take some time for getting skins.
Martin Stárek (2 months ago)
I have really bad experiance on pvpro. Im gold 2 and I was playing against DMG or LE. I got rekt so hard.
Lolerislol123 (2 months ago)
The ref link didn't get me coins 😢 BUT thanks very much for this site! Skill is actually rewarded here...
Serpo Gaming (2 months ago)
what the heck.. today i wanted to play 2v2 with a friend and for some reason it said 'sign in'(said that befors once) and i wasnt paying attention . i kept pressing and pressing but it wouldnt log me in. then i saw a message like ' you have been permanently banned for cheating' like what the heck. i got angry cuz i had a lot of skins and the thing is i was legit. so i recommend some people shouldnt rlly go on this site..
HAIDOKER (2 months ago)
Camcorder (2 months ago)
i got banned for "hacking" lol
Nathaniel Shane Calope (2 months ago)
RIP Asia server
silentt (2 months ago)
Nice site better than mm supergeneral :)
Dread Shot (2 months ago)
I win almost all the time with auto sniper
Tiago Neves (2 months ago)
It is not working with me. Can you help me out?
Chainz (2 months ago)
Its say i have to have steamguard enabled for 15 days to deposit but when i try to withdraw it says not enough coins but i had 28 coins and tryed to buy a 13 coin skin on sale.
Enhbat Kensei (3 months ago)
is it true ?
Properpro 91 (3 months ago)
I'm just getting 205 ping on there servers
Deadpool :D (3 months ago)
Can you play with your friends in team?
Ondra Folkman (3 months ago)
PvPro.com is good page. For playing CS:GO
Mauro Deceuninck (3 months ago)
Do you get csgo xp if you play via pvpro
8 Bit Gaming (3 months ago)
Thanks for the website
NadeKing (3 months ago)
Thot Slayer Perez (3 months ago)
it keeps saying login failed helppppp
Andreas Mavridis (3 months ago)
hahha men when i go to register it doesnt let me to dont try shitty site
S!ckBoy (3 months ago)
wtf is that fucking site lol i cant register
Zeph Antonio (3 months ago)
Iam from ASIA server. Can i still play here without lagging?
EpicArmyGo (3 months ago)
dude if i open a case in pvpro and get like a gun how to equip in csgo? + dude you play like the porest player xD
Rainy (3 months ago)
does this work in asia
Fros kit (3 months ago)
send me those nudes son
sudhanshu das (3 months ago)
I can't buy skins from pvpro . what to do I have changed the setting of my inventory it didn't work. Plz help me
Veyron (3 months ago)
Kolofs (3 months ago)
pvpro is the shjitiest website especially if your not good, ques you up with people x10 your skill level, hackers, and fricking wallers
Zain Khan (3 months ago)
Shit it works thx
Arya shakeeb (3 months ago)
omfg login failed every time?!?
No Sleep (3 months ago)
hey guys is pvpro only available on EU and NA servers?
Jackson Barret (3 months ago)
Loool advertising PVPro that's saaad
Jefff (3 months ago)
how do you use the code?
MuSuP FL (3 months ago)
The only problem for me is when i play some mm my ping is so high
Tygov03 (3 months ago)
this is a very nice website, who doesnt like free skins
MrMiketheman07 (3 months ago)
faggot (3 months ago)
Sayog Rana (3 months ago)
Orange Production (3 months ago)
You do not have a CSGO profile in NA....WTF?
Likes Live77 (3 months ago)
Andrei Gamer Boss A.G.B. (3 months ago)
MrLIMENIII (3 months ago)
great site, but in the 00:00 - 05/6:00 cant play normal, no admin's online, i just create private room 600 coints and cheater come pick it -.-
Gaming beast (3 months ago)
Puffercop (3 months ago)
why does this force you to login with steam you make it feel like a option ... sounds like to me you guys hacking steam accounts
Ayush Singh (3 months ago)
Pvpro is awsm but ping :/
LegendaryVegeta (4 months ago)
yeah a decent item mabye in 50 years also BE WARNED its a sketchy site, i brought a 10,000 coin item and i had some peroblem with the trading thing link, so what i brought they returned it and sold it back for 2000 so i lost 8000 coins because this shitty site had some ssues, but when i tried again with another skin it worked...
eSkill Tricks (4 months ago)
when ur in the SEA region...LOL
Vivek Gopalakrishnan (4 months ago)
not for asia?
GZK (4 months ago)
Grimz (4 months ago)
i accidentally picked EU servers anyone know how to get rid of the account then making another
iAlex Pro (4 months ago)
Wow! I will play cuz i like skins xD u are so cool
Tiger Man (4 months ago)
If only there is SEA server
The Click Master (4 months ago)
Everyone loves free skins!
100% FREE CASE (4 months ago)
1.50$ and momentally withdraw skins!!! https://openskins.com/r/TRYBONUS (Just write TRYBONUS) *N.O S.C.A.M.*
Smooth (4 months ago)
So many hackers and smurfs. Server connection is also bad
Mandox YT (4 months ago)
i can´t click on it i must write my email but i have do that already
nikola m (4 months ago)
What is your csgo video settings
tze tseu (4 months ago)
thx nadeking this website really make me get free skin and thx again nadeking
WallaceKgames (4 months ago)
Didn't get tek 9 or coins still thanks for the sight
msmat msmsiker (4 months ago)
what to do if you need home phone and not VoIp help please?!
Baka Senpai (4 months ago)
This site suck because in 5v5 modes and sometimes people dont even accpect and it would be a 5v1 i join a 5v5 tournament and i ended up have to fight agaisnt 5 people 1v5 nice site right?
kobejay (4 months ago)
Does this site work in thailand?
Jonatan Vaisman (4 months ago)
after i opened a case for like 50 coins and got something what i have to do next?
Leo Juhler (4 months ago)
Maxstor (4 months ago)
add me nadeking cuz I used ur code and i think you are as cool as I am + that intro music is dope :D
3TNT3 (4 months ago)
I am so interrested.
Ozne Viik (4 months ago)
where i enter this?
Ozne Viik (4 months ago)
do you need to deposit?
_ ExpressPotato _ (5 months ago)
Wow thanks for free skins
Griffin Johnson (5 months ago)
Do i need steam guard on

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