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CS GO Best Cheap Skins!

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CS GO Best Cheap Skins! Here are the Best CS GO Cheap Skins! These aren't exactly the cheapest skins in CS:GO, but they are the best looking & cheapest in price skins. Enjoyed the video? LIKE & SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/gg8nNO ➜Help Me Reach 50k Subs! https://goo.gl/gg8nNO ➜Follow My Twitter! https://twitter.com/SkinFreakYT ➜Watch Me Stream Live! http://www.twitch.tv/SkinFreak/profile ➜Wanna Trade? https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=196938288&token=C5osa921 Stay Freaky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Text Comments (751)
Ashish Gaming Point (1 month ago)
Please give information of your crosshair !
Max Leathermin (1 month ago)
Did u get the girls on fiver lol
Cosmico Andromeda (2 months ago)
M4A4 Dragon King is cheap... *Checks Steam Community Market* Ummmm... Yhea... sure...
Alin Alin (3 months ago)
Sg553 pulse - CSGO's greatest skin
You To Be (5 months ago)
1:36 Can't find This skin in Community server. WRONG NAME BRO !
skellreeper (6 months ago)
OUTRO has gud hotties nice outro , CRINGY THOUGH
RasmusTheDuck (7 months ago)
Love the autro :)
Musashi (8 months ago)
how much are all those skins, altogether
Great video it was very informative
Omar Alhamadi (10 months ago)
What's the outdo song?
[MG]Smasher (1 year ago)
Why no eleite build?!
Radioactive Puppy (1 year ago)
whats the song in the video
ZXGaming (1 year ago)
Song in the intro?
Jam - CSGO and GD (1 year ago)
the outro
jaymz (1 year ago)
p250 sand dune jk
Gustavo Pereira (1 year ago)
What aim is he using?
billexd (1 year ago)
arc 453 (1 year ago)
I like the torque and the worm god
Leon (1 year ago)
your outro is very nice
Lüre (1 year ago)
Am i the only one who likes the outro?
Kongjie (1 year ago)
Personally I got the galil as Eco it's a very bright solid green and white skin that looks really nice and it's only about 90c-1.20 dollars at minimal wear.
Kongjie (1 year ago)
Why don't you get some actually sexy girls to gain u subs lol
Memecynical (1 year ago)
Best cheap skins *p90 asiimov in the thumbnail*
sam M.Y (1 year ago)
Usp lead conduit also
sam M.Y (1 year ago)
Deagle naga and directive are also cheap and nice
MyStiCstudios777 (1 year ago)
Love all the skins except the AK skin XD
Lu (1 year ago)
$5 and I can make these bitches say what I want them to say 😂😂
akaashi (1 year ago)
hahaha probably
iGertdol ツ NTFC (1 year ago)
Where is P250 Sand Dune (BS)?
Omar Hilal (1 year ago)
iGertdol ツ NTFC thats not cheap....
Fort Ress (1 year ago)
wgere do you buy them?
Eddy (1 year ago)
Fort Ress errmmm...
Chad (1 year ago)
what happened at 0:20?
Nori (1 year ago)
was a transition
Justin PhoeniX (1 year ago)
Fav ak skin is frontline misty and redline
bboy _ Raw (1 year ago)
Evan Lin (1 year ago)
Nice work! Keep it up!
mitrea stefan (1 year ago)
that ending woke me up tho ;)
Fluff soup (1 year ago)
i really want the m4a4 dragon king it looks very nice :P
KingDude_Gaming (1 year ago)
so how much is this overall loadout
kristo hark (1 year ago)
willow19playsminecraft 20€
Lukas R (1 year ago)
p2000 amber fade
frknwstd [YYY] (1 year ago)
I subscribed your channel because of the girls in the outro xD
Seth Gardiner (1 year ago)
What's with the sluts at the end of the vid?
bongbong bongbong (1 year ago)
Background song?
dominik kozar (1 year ago)
you forgot sg 553 and g3sg1 or?
hey buddy, whats the song? thanks nice video
Hyuga Fariz (1 year ago)
GROWN (1 year ago)
No problem :D
Hyuga Fariz (1 year ago)
+Schokomilch with much thanks!
GROWN (1 year ago)
Hyuga Fariz Lensko - Let's Go
21 Thavage (1 year ago)
this was very helpful bc i have been looking for cheap cool skins
Julian W (1 year ago)
where is the M4A1S : (
RoboGamer (1 year ago)
Nice list :)
DiederikGaming (1 year ago)
XD sexy video from skin freak
Captian Fuzzels (1 year ago)
PP-Bizon | Fuel Rod (not a popular gun but this skin is epic) ~$1.50
Senze1 (1 year ago)
P250 Valence is Nice & Cheap
Oguzhan Dolman (1 year ago)
we would be more happy to see those chick's whole skins at the end, I dont even care if they're cheap or expensive tho...
Petras Vizbaras (1 year ago)
15$ for a skin is cheap?:D
blitz_xx (1 year ago)
Actually 26 dollars
REUBEN BAKER (1 year ago)
cookiesw (1 year ago)
i have a glock 18 weasel i like it but should i sell it for a few of these skins
Piotr7798 (1 year ago)
cookiesw Yeah keep it. I unboxed a StatTrack M4A1-S mecha industries. I wanted to sell it but im not going to
Hender (1 year ago)
cookiesw no keep it
Dane Baja (1 year ago)
Agree to everything exept Worm God i think Pit Viper is better
DestoryerDain (1 year ago)
Back when SkinFreak was good
Itz Sumerdude (1 year ago)
What map Is that
Itz Sumerdude (1 year ago)
DarkzyArtz™ lol wrong vid :)
YuGiTron (1 year ago)
Itz Sumerdude have you played csgo?
Skylex (1 year ago)
thanks for your help
Erik . (1 year ago)
nice video bought almost every skin
Erik . (1 year ago)
love u bro
Lupix (1 year ago)
I like the P90 Teardown
Timkie (1 year ago)
vMan (1 year ago)
the p90 chopper and p90 grim are the best and cheapest skins
ZednoV (1 year ago)
When he says USP-S Torque it sounded like he said USP-S Twerk XD
BrainDead (1 year ago)
P-90 Chopper is a very beautiful and cheap skin
Masklion LIONS UNITE! (1 year ago)
heres a tip change asimov for p90 to grim
Hender (1 year ago)
Masklion LIONS UNITE! No
Chris Harris (1 year ago)
I like p90 tear down
MrHerpahermaderp (1 year ago)
No SG 553 skin? =(
Lunam (1 year ago)
If you guys want a better ak skin I would get a p90 Ellie build well worn and then get ak red, black, or blue laminate
deadbro gaming (1 year ago)
Simon Weijden (1 year ago)
Next up
Josef Al-Sammer (1 year ago)
why does he have pornstars do his outro?
Abliskarian (1 year ago)
I thought he said usps twerk..
Thotimus Prime (1 year ago)
those girls at the end are fugly
Derp (1 year ago)
FIVE seven Violent Daimyo Where is it? Only 30 cents :P
NaNoChain (1 year ago)
yo girls at the end... hella smart to do that!
bhasashi (1 year ago)
Ak47 Elite Build? its good and cheap
Borek Borkovec (1 year ago)
what about pp bizon
TheUnknownPing (1 year ago)
He forgot R8 revolver
NitroN_ (1 year ago)
You say "is about x ceeeents" in the same fucking tone over and over omfg
NitroN_ (1 year ago)
Just following the trends. He used to play gta v when it was the most popular game
Noah Hansen (1 year ago)
What is that lag
RibbzZ (1 year ago)
who are these beatches on the end
RibbzZ (1 year ago)
RibbzZ (1 year ago)
uhhh nice
Soren Wade (1 year ago)
FDGames and his mom(s)
Soren Wade (1 year ago)
FDGames hookers
RibbzZ (1 year ago)
who are these beatches on the end
LibertusHD (1 year ago)
i think the scout Abyss is definitely the best ssg 08 skin
Hender (1 year ago)
LibertusHD Necropos
Irhlix (1 year ago)
LibertusHD controversial topic. Skins are a personal preference. I, for one like the abyss skin yet almost everyone i know disagrees with me. It honestly depends on the person.
Pandadox (1 year ago)
i love how the prices just increase chronologically
Irhlix (1 year ago)
Pandadox same
Papi Valoy (1 year ago)
Comment Cheap Skins Down Below :)
Dan (1 year ago)
ak47 elite build
Fero (1 year ago)
10 Chromys (1 year ago)
Cheap skin: Dragon Lore
Chabi (1 year ago)
Ak-47 elite build is better for me and still pretty cheap
Sasuke Nation (1 year ago)
Ak is ugly
Heddo22 (1 year ago)
I think the ak is very ugly and its not good
Pyro (1 year ago)
Minecraft Factory i feel that he could have put the elite build, which I hate, but it still would have been better.
Pfannkuchen (1 year ago)
My Scout Skin costs over 20$ so..
Piotr7798 (1 year ago)
Pfannkuchen My m4a1-s is €55...
Mr.Arabman (1 year ago)
Where'd you get that Swimming Pools (Drank) remix from?
Matt Delaney (1 year ago)
ayy what's the outro song
simplyinfinity (1 year ago)
tec-9 toxic was never 17 cents
Leiner S (1 year ago)
simplyinfinity 420 70
Pronkman666 (1 year ago)
At the moment the awp sun in Leo fn is cheaper than the worm god
TRIP (1 year ago)
where was the c4 skin?? :DD
Jacob Hellner (1 year ago)
wtf why haven't you changed your crosshair
hightsee (1 year ago)
that outro lol

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