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The Easter Eggs Of Half Life 2

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Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Nintendo News Network : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZxOEoO7GKlAqRJJl3bGxag Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Today on Valve News Network, we talk about all the secrets and Easter eggs of Half Life 2. What did we find today? Sources : http://combineoverwiki.net/wiki/Half-Life_2
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Humam Slayer (19 days ago)
Please , what is the music name used at the end ?
SombraViento (1 month ago)
The hell is the Veikko thing in the wall behind the playground??? It's driving me crazy, I can't find an answer to it.
tristen pernell (3 months ago)
I knew about the zombie sound reversed but I never heard all of it it's sad and scary dear God help, help me it's just disturbing, I want to kill breen
Arson Hole (3 months ago)
When you first take the Airboat and make it all the way to the first metal gate, you can drive back and see the woman stationed at the starting area dead with a Fast Headcrab by her. This technically makes this the first encounter of a Fast Headcrab
CutSoap (4 months ago)
Zombie 9221 (6 months ago)
What about "radio1" sonud effect?
MattyRBLX (6 months ago)
In the original zombie sound, i hear "GOD HELP ME! MY LIFE IS - GOD!!!"
Gregory Gold (8 months ago)
How does the doll/reference to The X Files work?
Splotch the Cat-Thing (9 months ago)
D'you know that the zombies "animal" grunts and exclamations are a mix of recorded human voices and snow leopard growls? When I found out I was pretty amazed that the two sounded so similar you really couldn't tell which sounds were from which creature unless you knew ahead of time.
kantrobashardbass (9 months ago)
Mormaly its saying ebat bolno abhheeh
Bradley Murray (9 months ago)
whats the song called at 4:04
Brahim Perez (10 months ago)
probably too late, when in the second pod ride in the citadel, bull squids and other unseen aliens are walking on catwalks
Funnymouth (10 months ago)
Mr P Lotor (10 months ago)
In half-life 2 beta I found a text n of unedited voice lines for metro police, just go to the sound folder and search metropolice_new. Searching beta assets are fun, and when you were to be dropped off in the arctic, the first map name was hyper001.bsp for the hyperborea
Mr P Lotor (10 months ago)
Auto correct was just messing with me
D-ray Ent (11 months ago)
Holy shit, where i can play that HL2 multyplayer in background?
Matt RH (11 months ago)
I forgot the name of the song that plays at 4:05 Can someone tell me the wich song is it please?
DatYoutube Kid (1 year ago)
here is another thing you should of added to the G-man thing Still there are more people who have seen G-MAN back in black mesa (half life 1) in the dlc Pack "opposing Force"the character you play as (corporal Adrian Shepard) Meets G-man alot
MaderChodeMan 69 (1 year ago)
Well Opposing Force as well as Blue Shift aren't called dlc packs instead there called Expansion Pack
Mark Miller (1 year ago)
3:06 How did they have the stun stick?
Jasmone Hendon (1 year ago)
"After defeating the hunter chopper in the dam in route kanal" route kanal route kanal *facepalm*
Nemesis (1 year ago)
I was disappointed in the amount of easter eggs in Half-Life 2. I felt like there could have been more. Could have... Beta... Leak... hmm...
I thought Barney was Barney the dinosaur
GamerMax MC (1 year ago)
duuuuuuuuuuuuuude, you missed a thing, listen close to the ZOMBINE and to a normal guard or how it is called, he says: biotic overrun biotic area needs ssecured area is not secure secure engage cant handle it anymore help me need medic MEDIC help me! HE IS ON MY HEAD too many parasites and many other words
LordOrder (1 year ago)
You know when you kill a poison zombie there's a chance you can hear a voice gasping or laughing
Residual Water (1 year ago)
If you zoom in on the cremator head with the suit zoom feature, Eli will say something cool about it as well
HeadShake (1 year ago)
normal zombie sounds like yeahhhhh boi, i like this, yeahhhhh
Hunter Vann (1 year ago)
Monoxide (1 year ago)
what game is being played in the background? (other than the Half life game) i saw there were multiple players? is it a Half Life mod?
Bob Frank (1 year ago)
What about the classic HEV station?
Electro Negative 5 (1 year ago)
Though i do believe yoh missed a lot.
Electro Negative 5 (1 year ago)
Cant believe i never thought it was a cremators head... i thought it was an egg or something.
jarratt51 (1 year ago)
yabba my icing
JayLikez2PLay (1 year ago)
how are you in multiplayer
MaderChodeMan 69 (1 year ago)
It's a Half-Life 2 mod
AGTV (1 year ago)
when the burning zombies scream, to me it sounds like they scream AAAAHHHHH!!!! MY ICE CREAM!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!
kristen tobiason (1 year ago)
Isn't it obvious, the zombies are saying "YABBA MY ICE CREAM!!!!" NOOOOOO!!!!
Cinders & Ashes (1 year ago)
In the citadel there is a strange sound when in the pod the first time
FyreOnix (1 year ago)
holy shit tyler is being quiet
RAY hill (1 year ago)
i've allways thought zombies say: my eyes!!!
Mr. Kiwi (1 year ago)
I had a glitch with the gman where he didn't despawn after getting close enough Odessa Cubbage's base
Revolvero (1 year ago)
i rlly don't want grigory to die he gave me a shotgun i cri
Daniel Meinhardt (1 year ago)
love your outro
Srcsqwrn (1 year ago)
I've always wondered if anyone has commented on the zombie's sentience. Like, are they actually still alive, in a way? Can they not hear that they're speaking backwards? [Like, are they in game cannon actually speaking backwards?] Makes you wonder how Headcrabs affect a person's mind. The VA playing the zombies, very iconic, very well done. Super convincing.
Liam Vogl (1 year ago)
im the 666st comment 😈
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
I've always hated that there was no way to save Father Grigori. He's the only diehard religious man ive like and he dies to save me from my passion of endlessly killing zombies.
Glen Winstein (1 year ago)
"Great Scott" is older.  See Wikipedia > Great Scott.
Pixel Blitz (1 year ago)
While the zombie is burning doesn't it sound like it's saying "Yeah Boi"???
bert (1 year ago)
Illumination 101 (1 year ago)
there is a easter egg called consoling couple in half life 2 ep.2 when you driving and you reach a sertant point sorry I don't remember where it was
Martiin Matejicek (1 year ago)
+VVN you forget about radio1. If you explain this creepy sound what still makes me think about it all night since i found it, then i will add it as my ringtone.
Vladimir Lenin (1 year ago)
What about "The Creepy radio" and the Ambient sounds from the citadel?
Skiivin (1 year ago)
You missed the Mario reference (at the end of anticitizen one). After Alyx gets kidnapped and you're in the sewers, there's a row of pipes shaped like the ones from Mario and a headcrab. If you jump on this headcrab, it dies. Pretty funny stuff.
awesome117unsc (1 year ago)
To be honest, almost of these easter eggs I'd accidentally discovered them except the Mark Twain one. I'd thought; it was just a junk texture.
Ziggurat Vertigo (1 year ago)
Gregory isnt in the fire. he is housed safely in the crypt.
Antoine L (1 year ago)
on autoroute 17 where you need to move your car with the big tower there is a place where you can go by piling up lots of crates and it leads you to weapons and ammo?
Calldeni (1 year ago)
2:40 I have playground memories! There was this one time when Timmy and I were playing and a white van came up...I was pulled in...the man said...play...hungry hippos...with my pee pee, Cally................................................................................................................*hangs himself*
Snaek (1 year ago)
What's the joke?
Jaxtheone (1 year ago)
what is this game? HL2 multiplayer?
Half-Dead (1 year ago)
Jaxtheone (1 year ago)
some of the clips show a multiplayer with other people.
budmangamer (1 year ago)
is he playing some type of server I ask because why is there a bunch of people
Half-Dead (1 year ago)
+budmangamer np
budmangamer (1 year ago)
+Half-Alive thank you dude I wasn't sure what you meant at first but I put :Synergy half-life 2: I found out its a mod thanks man
budmangamer (1 year ago)
+Roishock i mean the people that have names above there heads
Half-Dead (1 year ago)
Leo Hale (1 year ago)
Another easter egg in Kleiner's lab that I discovered is a black and white picture of the whole science team from Half-Life one. It includes everyone including Gordon Eli and Kleiner and the other scientists that you meet in the first game. And some other scientists that weren't even seen in the game.
Sir Cloaker (1 year ago)
Really fucking creepy easter egg I found, when you do the barrel part to lift the ramp, you can hear laughter and spooky music playing, I got really fucking spooked at that part.
Amin Shokri (1 year ago)
+Sir Cloaker same though 😂😂
Sir Cloaker (1 year ago)
+Amin Shokri Yeah, I beat the game, but that part made me stop playing for a few days.
Amin Shokri (1 year ago)
+Sir Cloaker so, were you completed the game? I'm also scared AF and my friends keep supporting me to play... and it was the greatest game i had... altough i downloaded it free at internet
Sir Cloaker (1 year ago)
+Amin Shokri Yeah, it takes place there, made me stop playing the game because I got really fucking spooked
Amin Shokri (1 year ago)
+Sir Cloaker does the place is the ramp with the BLUE barrels? (what i mean is the blue barrels used to lift up the ramp by placing below the ramp underneath water, right?) I'll go checkout soon... Heyya, at ravenholm part I heard a girl scream AF at the grigory part, where the player encounters grigory first time. At there, you stand at the gas tank (at BBQ zombies) at the corner and wait.
samramdebest (2 years ago)
any news from the portal movies? soon was a while ago...
Rage_ Quit (2 years ago)
ive have a secret but you know the yard the you play dog with above the blast door there are there big black sewer looking things. (i dunno what to call them) if you throw a small object into the left and it hits the ceiling it will show a hole and crows will fly out. if you do the same on the right it will roll out like someone had pushed it out. dunno what this means other than there might be a hobo hiding from alex but still cool.
Xaplomian (2 years ago)
When you first meet the man hacks and leave the area if you go back the person who you were with will be dead with a man hack above his head.
SuperJayXD (2 years ago)
2:19 I remember that easter egg.
SuperJayXD (2 years ago)
1:08 I remember seeing that tunnel and I wanted to get in it.
The Pootis Saver (2 years ago)
You missed the creepy radio message
Jon dow (2 years ago)
Hay Valve make Half-Life 3 already, "you suns of birches" everybody wants that game it would sell faster than free blow-jobs you would make a fucking fortune, why the hell not? #halflivesmatter
Vukasin Krnic (2 years ago)
The playground memories are similar to metro 2033 and metro last light
alpheedy (2 years ago)
hey, the playground sounds are from gmod construct??
Emaaazing (1 year ago)
Alphateambens Channel so no...
Emaaazing (1 year ago)
Alphateambens Channel gmod came after half life 2 because its a mod for it...
alpheedy (2 years ago)
+Nukem yeah, i think.
Nukem (2 years ago)
really? are you trolling?
Jacob Rendall (2 years ago)
If I had a penny for every youtuber mentioning the reverse zombie cry, oh boy.
Darlaimerner (2 years ago)
I just found the Playground easter egg... Dear god it's creepy. I think it took place before the combine came and screwed everything up.
Combine Guard (1 year ago)
The thing is,Playgrounds on FFS that has the storyline of war has ambiance of kids having fun,like in COD 4's mission aftermath if you go to the playground you will hear kids playing then later on screaming for help
Darlaimerner (2 years ago)
+Mine Unlimited Right, that's what I meant.
Stanky Tree (2 years ago)
no, the combine existed but they weren't at earth.
Darlaimerner (2 years ago)
+span bab Perhaps. But the combine didn't exist when Gordon was a child.
Yas De Safh (2 years ago)
I believe that it actually was Gordon's memories.
Le Doggo (2 years ago)
you missed the creepy radio that's a tv close to the end you here Gordon can you here me
ONman (2 years ago)
You didn't notice "the big book of big text" in the Eli's lab? Wow.
zamardii12 (2 years ago)
The playground memories audio always haunted me and made me think what could have happened in the past.
nightmare Mickey (2 years ago)
valve you have to releas half live 3 or we not like half live anemore
KITTYCATKON (2 years ago)
you forgot the creepy radio
KITTYCATKON (2 years ago)
+Antlion Master the sound that plays when you pass the tv with gman on it
Antlion Master (2 years ago)
Max P (2 years ago)
How do you almost have 200k and are not verified
tubemaster 21 (2 years ago)
You can see the g man staring at Gordon just after you take down the chopper at that big warehouse
Antlion Master (2 years ago)
DVincentW (2 years ago)
Before you press through cpmbone, fightant lions on the beach, and use the magnet for the car... you follow the train tracks before that part. there is a train if you follow it to the end and look past you can see the G Man walking away. Hope I explained that well. Great video
Gavin Kavall (2 years ago)
after the hunter chopper fight you can see g man turning a corner near the gate switch
Grass Person. (2 years ago)
Near the beginning of the game, you enter what seems to be an apartment building. One of these apartments contains a citizen couple. One of them is crying while the other is trying to comfort her. During the uprising, you can find the same couple on a very similar couch they were on before. Only difference is that they are both wearing rebel outfits. Just found this one so I thought I'd share it :)
Adrian Malinowski (2 years ago)
Jesus, you missed more than half of them
Jake Dickens (2 years ago)
Wow, I have played the game at least 5 times and I never noticed G-man though the binoculars... Any got some theories as to what he was discussing?
Butter Butt (2 years ago)
Jake Dickens Perhaps the g-man told him that freeman would come, and that he should give freeman the rocket launcher.
Sir Futuristic (2 years ago)
The plan for the take down the combine gunship
thatonenative (2 years ago)
Zombie sounds like he says. Oh boy put it out please ahh!
SnakeEa7er (2 years ago)
TiniWolf (2 years ago)
BetterSpark17 (2 years ago)
Alyx find a Cremator head, he is of the ruins of the 7 hour war
Brian Rolf (2 years ago)
you missed all the gman sightings
Sans the Skeleton (2 years ago)
I found G Man lots of times... In the prison cameras. In other security cameras. When you go with the Airboat and and above you there is a building and he walks in it.
Jason Collins (2 years ago)
Oh sorry, that was already mentioned, MY BAD
Jason Collins (2 years ago)
In the playground, if you pick up the doll on the ground, it shall make a strange sound...
Jack (2 years ago)
You can actually find g man following you around in the game! In diffrwnt spots
Joeylawn36111 (2 years ago)
There are empty bottles labeled "606" that are scattered around HL2. Possible reference to the old anti-syphillis drug Salversan?
I am The cheese god (2 years ago)
the things you can sea in the camera in black mesa east are actual rooms that you can no-clip into and see all that stuff. and a vordigont is wearing a chefs hat and a second is holding a wisk backwowds
Erik (2 years ago)
Head crab attacking a living man
[BlackLightPrototype] (2 years ago)
The reversed zombie voice almost sounds like Bill cipher
Harrison Holliday (2 years ago)
i saw the last won and shod my bruther it whas be cause i alredy finisht it so i whas mesing arawnd and saw that
Cyortonic (2 years ago)
Ew, that grammar.
MrKuuktuu (2 years ago)
and when barney put you in that room to climb up and all that,well theres a picture of alyx theres photos of her and it says alyx wanted
Karolinska (2 years ago)
You missed a few.
Screwdge (2 years ago)
What is it that he's playing? Obviously HL2, but it seems modded/changed.
Chris (2 years ago)
+Jadin Shelley no problem
Screwdge (2 years ago)
+Chris Frank (chrisfratz) Ight. thanks!
Chris (2 years ago)
It's most likely synergy, a mod on steam, basically it's the Sven coop for HL2.
Alex Clarke (2 years ago)
the vortogon I didnt think was an easter egg, i found it already

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