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Counter-Strike Source - Map - zm_lila_panic_173 Gameplay #2

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Server: Zombie Escape-Croatia https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ IP: STEAM GROUP: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/zombiecro Game: Counter-Strike Source Map: zm_lila_panic_173 Server: Zombie Escape Croatia Mod: Zombie Slots: 60 Server Location: Croatia Slots Used while recording: 48 players Map Size: 3 MB Map Creator: Lila High video quality 720p HD
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Text Comments (129)
FOGG GAMING (22 days ago)
can you give link xD
FOGG GAMING (23 days ago)
how to make ze server?
By. Yankoo (23 days ago)
I done this video already
Asher Khan (1 month ago)
You bna vedeo how can we download this game😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Drakona 566 (2 months ago)
Chovek mislex si che si ENGLISH😥😥😥😥😥😥
Kanawut Rukmanee (2 months ago)
Maksim Hubert (2 months ago)
This is not cs go its cs go fake
By. Yankoo (2 months ago)
Hahahhaha wtf
Hitoha Marui (2 months ago)
Estos Zombies si daban miedo
Ondra Výtisk (3 months ago)
PURPLE GUY (4 months ago)
4:10 türkkkk as bayrak as heryerdeyiz :D
Mehmet Korcan Bali (1 month ago)
vampir oyuncu ayn
Pro pro (4 months ago)
By. Yankoo (4 months ago)
+DejanPro Pavkov hvala
Oromfa (5 months ago)
Nice vid 👍 Escape-Cro|Oromfa ORO
Oromfa (4 months ago)
Reyhan Erdogdu türküm ben. Niye yorumun altına Allah yazdın?
Reyhan Erdogdu (4 months ago)
Oromfa Allah
Oromfa (5 months ago)
By. Yankoo. Escape croatia closed?
Oromfa (5 months ago)
By. Yankoo (5 months ago)
+Oromfa tnx
Knife dowloadind
Undertaker72cro noob (6 months ago)
server location croatia
Undertaker72cro noob (6 months ago)
el yolo el pro (6 months ago)
el yolo el pro (5 months ago)
By. Yankoo (6 months ago)
+el yolo pro 👍
Bloger Mansur (7 months ago)
Казактар барго
; D
Jere Iglesias (7 months ago)
Denis Jeziorny (9 months ago)
Auu S, help me turkus
jishan tamim (9 months ago)
Nice video.
Animesh Rudola (9 months ago)
Yankoo can you make me the admin of your server I play every time in your server name is black don't talk to me
Jakov Sušanj (9 months ago)
Mogli ste monetizirati ovo i ljepo bi pokupili 100 evra u dzep
By. Yankoo (8 months ago)
Jakov Sušanj dap
Jakov Sušanj (8 months ago)
By. Yankoo a jebiga kad svi furaju adblocker neces zaradit nis, ja sam sa svojim kanalom pokupio $80
By. Yankoo (8 months ago)
haha pozz suski inace ovo je samo moj kanal :) a i od youtube ti se sad zaraduje samo od reklama ne od pregleda
Jakov Sušanj (9 months ago)
oo file pozdravi mi damkija
By. Yankoo (9 months ago)
+Jakov Sušanj video je monetiziran
AddyGaming HQ (9 months ago)
I'm there, the zombie looking at you at the side when u were playing football xD
FcGod (9 months ago)
Shame they don't have this in cs:go moving props and surviving I miss that ;(
By. Yankoo (9 months ago)
+FcGod join to css v34 srv
GAMING exTreme (9 months ago)
What ip server this zm
GAMING exTreme (9 months ago)
By. Yankoo how to add trails shoot zombie mod counter Strike server? @
By. Yankoo (9 months ago)
+eyro amin
Memz Is My Life (9 months ago)
سيرفر عربي ☺☺
By. Yankoo (10 months ago)
Nexuser (9 months ago)
By. Yankoo haha dobar vid gledo ga 2 sata
SpartanHl Lacedaemon (11 months ago)
Has this server been existing yet?
By. Yankoo (10 months ago)
+SpartanHl Lacedaemon yea its online
Ali Abas (1 year ago)
the server is work or in this friday
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
+Ali Abas friday
BeasterYT (1 year ago)
dobar :D
The Funny face (1 year ago)
By. Yankoo hi can you make zombie escape with skins
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
+GamesTutorials AND MORE ! Hvala
VSG3048 (1 year ago)
woah!!!!!!! woah!!!!!!! nice vid bro! :D
Slushi (1 year ago)
yu deserve more subscribers
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
+Noah Vinluan tnx
Matheus Vorpagel (1 year ago)
ynko made bind, is easy teleport and props
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
+Matheus Vorpagel bind F10 "say !props" bind F9 "say !ztele"
mihai mihai (1 year ago)
10000000000.000 ? :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
+mihai mihai hah
Artem2008 Yagov (1 year ago)
VSG3048 (1 year ago)
yankoo how much fps?
VSG3048 (1 year ago)
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
idk from 70-90 maybe more
XMiki MunjaX (1 year ago)
So leater years what is look cs 1.6 ???
VSG3048 (1 year ago)
can send me the link of ur skin and tell me where to extract it
VSG3048 (1 year ago)
VSG3048 (1 year ago)
i mean the zombie
VSG3048 (1 year ago)
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
+VSG3048 in cstrike
Mato GamingBro (1 year ago)
Kako dobar video....pogodu ko sam ja
By. Yankoo (8 months ago)
neznam xd
By. Css (1 year ago)
Poor Das xD
VSG3048 (1 year ago)
lol das caught you!! xD
By. Das (1 year ago)
By. Css -.-
Samet bilgic (1 year ago)
4:15 turkey
MONIKA Michor (1 year ago)
Olteanu Gicu (1 year ago)
dj wolf (1 year ago)
hi you this game in steam
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
dj wolf css v34
oussama 177 (1 year ago)
hi yankoo How to get out funds
Ip please? I will subscribe you and like you video
By. Yankoo (1 year ago) css v34
Aman Khandale (1 year ago)
hey tell me how do u do that cs icon behind in this video
Constantin Arnautu (1 year ago)
Aman Khandale uuuuu
Aman Khandale (1 year ago)
can u do a tutorial for me plzz
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
with sony vegas
Paul Prado (1 year ago)
nice and fuck damn it it so funny that thier playing foot ball
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
+Paul Prado hah tnx
saif yazidi (1 year ago)
you in top player in zombie you know all map and you know them exactly in ze maps Nice :) <3
Marwah Bokhari (1 year ago)
saif yazidi
GaminGWiThMarvels (1 year ago)
Escape-Cro| kanahiya
Dany Alvarado (1 year ago)
Que avurido
Greek FUN (1 year ago)
me too
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
yea for me also cuz i love only ze maps hah
Oguz Han (1 year ago)
nice video ;) Tribal
Joker Hoper (10 months ago)
By. Yanй ЙЙЙ koo
Korob (1 year ago)
Oguz Han
Pinar Senturk (1 year ago)
Oguz Ha
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
ho yankoo i am Escape-Cro| kakaroto896
Reyhan Erdogdu (4 months ago)
DanielPro Vamos A Tope Allah
michał Jankowski (1 year ago)
is zombie mod na cs souts
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
Yes for css
michał Jankowski (1 year ago)
is zombie mod na cs souts
ENA DJAH (1 year ago)
hey man im rca ali
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
+ENA DJAH hi bro
saman naushad (1 year ago)
yankoo i am banned my name is rambo and escape cro rambo ban me pls unaban me or remove admin on escape cro rambo pls pls i request'
Ndnd Lam (1 year ago)
By. Yankoo anh me vip
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)
Add me to Facebook: Filip Sigurnjak and ask me there
Ionut Ionut (1 year ago)
nice gameplay , Yankoo ! good work !
By. Yankoo (1 year ago)

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