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Thanks for watching! can we get 500 likes?! :D MY SITE! : http://www.MattCS.com Hellcase.com Code 'MattCS' ► My website: www.mattcs.com (all social media links) ► Discord! - https://discord.gg/Er6e4ap
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MattCS (1 year ago)
New here? Make sure to Subscribe and turn on post notifications! (let me know some scam methods to cover in the next video!)
Liam Carlsson (4 months ago)
MattCS They Say that they got 7 days trade ban. That was how i got scammed on my knife.
Daunt Nicholas (6 months ago)
MattCS forgot the best trading site. CSOFFERME
Zuu bros (6 months ago)
Guys can you send me some spectrum 2 case pls https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=385380539&token=DtHLspzh
Bartolo14 (8 months ago)
thx for giving me 0.70 cash on hellcase realy worth it. didnt knew i could use only one code and there is other ones you can get 15$ from. atleast say the fucking amount u will fucking get when used the code
pho (5 days ago)
I scammed a scammer and got a d lore lmao.
en flurry (22 days ago)
I nearly got scammed a man pretended to be from hellcase he Said you get 100 for My shit skina i was like fuckthis shit in out
JusTemperrr (26 days ago)
https://hellcase.com/ftemper promo code temper xD
CosmicPikachu (2 months ago)
Why am I commenting this?
horus mendoza garcia (2 months ago)
Could you make a video of the steam messages that tell you “use my code for $20 reward and you make $50 profit but you have to deposit $10-50 to withdraw
de muffin boi (2 months ago)
i actually use cs.money thx for adding it in your vid.
TreeTrap (2 months ago)
Why am i commenting this... THAT TOOK ME 5 MINUTES
ernisiekgaming (2 months ago)
MR.Chicken (2 months ago)
Streagar (3 months ago)
Why am I commenting this
Confido plays (3 months ago)
the people that hated this vid are prob scammers
Luna (4 months ago)
Comment :why am i comenting this Lol
Skra (4 months ago)
It says you need to refill or add 2$ to balance to withdraw
anton (4 months ago)
5:50 i tried that thing 2 times bit i luckyli diden Fall for it i actually thought it was Real
gamer Jack (4 months ago)
i just fall in trdebot.com lost my ak m4 awp bizon p250 sad
Elijah Beukema (5 months ago)
I watched this because I just got scammed 40$ I would be so happy if you could add me my name on steam is Think. But the profile pic says Mr.Lokey PLEASE add me ty Matt for making me feel better..
Elijah Beukema (5 months ago)
I sound greedy but I lost all my ask skins witch was worth about 100$ but someone hacked me and sent it to there's I had a fire serpent so may you get me one friend?
Elijah Beukema (5 months ago)
But I'd dint get scammed by this website I got scammed by my best friend..
Rez Games (5 months ago)
Wallet codes
Nick Lowry (5 months ago)
Thanks for teaching me how to scam❤️❤️❤️
M&F (5 months ago)
matt i just subscribed, can you make a video about minglecase.com too? its actually a new site
Het is Daniel! (6 months ago)
Why am i commenting this Good question, idk
Fredrik Lund Stokker (6 months ago)
i have a friend that got scammed on opskins. he screencheard to the scammer and whaen he deposited hes acc got hacked so he lost steam guard and evtything
Dz Gaming (6 months ago)
use my code "davidne" in csgo empire to get 0.5$
Mazaza Ffwan (6 months ago)
Its Hyper Beast AWP and Ak Elite Stat and Usp Cyrex....That all is MW
Mazaza Ffwan (6 months ago)
Its a gift from my dad :( Now i dont have a d a d...
Mazaza Ffwan (6 months ago)
I got scammed and i cant cry :(
CJ (6 months ago)
Why am i commeting this
Autistic Boi (6 months ago)
Someone scammed me by telling me he can help me trade my skin to a knife in csgohunt.com then after 10 minutes he unfriend me and blocked me. That's how I get scammed
DanyiaGrande (7 months ago)
Why am I commenting this?
Nits (7 months ago)
why am i commenting this
surendra choudhary (7 months ago)
Thanks for info but I already lose my items but thanks for info
Diana Serban (7 months ago)
Try sonicskins.com
kevin appelkvist (7 months ago)
MGZ (7 months ago)
moonlight (7 months ago)
add me please i will explain you
Kairoz PB (7 months ago)
Why am I cementing this??
Leavinq (7 months ago)
i remember there being one group invite thing where it gave me a free $25, which i then used and opened an M4A4 Royal Paladin(valued at around $50), and it then asked me for a $10 input. I was stupid and gave in one $% skin, then tried to open more cases. It locked me from opening cases and stopped me from depositing more skins. I still hope my stattrack worm god fn is still out there........
lorcan kelly (7 months ago)
Raffle group owner named guka, raffle site luckiest raffles Please report group, 200 pounds lost
Battlefield 1 Clips (7 months ago)
One dude said me, he had money on a site, but he was banned on the site and then he wanted to gave me the money on the site and wanted me to buy skins for him, but first i should gave the site a deposite for 40$.
Edgar Krisna Yoga (7 months ago)
try my case on emerald.gg matt if u want https://emerald.gg/case/ezezprofitp250
Ashwin Ram (7 months ago)
I fell for the free 50$ one 1 month ago. Lost 60 dollars :(
Agon Aliu (7 months ago)
I just got scammed today. I lost m4a4 dragon king with 0.008float and freakin 4 keys
Albin (7 months ago)
I've got scammed once with 150 dollar.
LE Gameplay (7 months ago)
Did you got scammed ever?
Massimo Has (7 months ago)
What about sonic skins real or fake?
vodqc (7 months ago)
Why am i commenting this
OpG Reaper (8 months ago)
I know its not rare but random people add you (the 1 time i accept tho :-;) he changes his name and stuff to my best friends account and he scammed be i dont wanna get into a paragraph so ima just say that dont add random people i lost my knife that way plz take my advice ^-^!!!!!
MegaGaming DK (8 months ago)
i sold my knife on opskins but i didint get my money
Mega Faggot (7 months ago)
You only published it, you dumb fuck
Spook3d (8 months ago)
Why am I commenting this
Aum Kar (8 months ago)
Yesterday got scammed
cX Blaziken (8 months ago)
How do you play with that view model
Dank Meister (8 months ago)
I got scamned for that method Ther was the last
Kabiii (8 months ago)
Why am i commenting this? I tried so hard to stop at this moment omg
GAMINGjellyfish (8 months ago)
Some guy said he had 200k ($200) but he would split it 50/50 because he didn't have mobile verification but I had to deposit $20 and it wouldn't let me withdraw the site is csgolil.com
Peebis (8 months ago)
had to comment, 700 is my lucky number edit dont believe me?! look -> --https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/331606208970489859/360951057251303425/unknown.png-- <-
Mousy. (9 months ago)
Got scammed my knife with the last method but managed to get his ip adress and booted him everyday for 10 hours then he gave my knife back Pretty good
cringe master (9 months ago)
wht im commenting this?
MikE (9 months ago)
I got scammed from a person that contacted me to "help" me and sharing the jackpot....so he told me to go to a site and pick a person to win BUT HE IS THE ONE putting up fake coin flips and I got scammed... but my luck turned and I won like 190$
riccomander 123 (9 months ago)
Mr.CandySkull ! (9 months ago)
i acidentaly scammed someone i put a M9 Bayonet Lore he puts Karambit Fade, so i accept he accepts i go to my inv and i have M9 Bayonet lore and Karambit fade, i gave him the Lore tho because i dont want a bad name
GiladLongHair (9 months ago)
lol i got a 72$ skin 10 people named hellcases admin and shit send me a friend thing lol
Fuck hoved (9 months ago)
Lol my freinds freind in that vidoe "i kommer bare"
FrshNoz (9 months ago)
Hellcase is shit hahaha, u can only unbox shit they have in their inventory, so if they dont have dragon lore in bot, u cant get it.. such a shit site haha
Preda Ionut (9 months ago)
atrocase.com is a fake site...pls make a video about them
A Dogtor (9 months ago)
"Hellcase is a legit site" Joke of the day goes to MattCS! 1!1!1!one1!1111!!!! oneone!! 1
Gaurav Mundhra (9 months ago)
Nice bhop
FroZenEnd (9 months ago)
why am i commenting this
Fruktas Gold (9 months ago)
I v been scamed by trading site they bating by reducing price on skins alot and when you deposit and tou try to windrow you dont get trade offer :*(((
M9RCE (9 months ago)
The last one happend to me and I lost a m9 bayonet vanilla 😩
Znekieee (9 months ago)
i was start subscribeing when you hade like 9-10 k subs and im really happy that you have grown so mutch on YT m8 :)
GD MLG FOX (9 months ago)
Makes a fake account of someone that has alot of knives and skins Makes inventory private Adds you and offers you a way more expensive skin than all your skins Sends you a link to the other guy who has alot of knives inv and tells you he makes it private to avoid scammers Tells you to go on opskins to check if your items are sellable on there Sends a fake bot offer Unfriend and block you
name name Name (9 months ago)
whats a in voices
Grunk XD (9 months ago)
My friend got scammed from a mod from csgo necro he was the same country like him and he said if u want to get profit from ur knife bet it and i will make u win or s.thing like that he trade it to site and he took it for him self
the super ash-greninja (9 months ago)
You know About middel man
Kody Walden (10 months ago)
Why am I commenting this?
davi killer pt (10 months ago)
I m have scammed to day for one fake admin of hellcase ;-;
ME HERE games (10 months ago)
Everybody look out for drakemoon/hellcase admins one added me and wanted my skins he send me a trade and gave a screen shot of a admin control panel. Just go to the site FAQ and just read no admin will ever add you.
Fjorq (10 months ago)
Anthony Do (10 months ago)
Why am I commenting this?
Teyter (10 months ago)
Ween i depois my skins in OPSKIN i lost 5 dollars
Kfiz (10 months ago)
There is a scripts that "Predict" on sites with roulette, like csgo polygon script you can found a video on youtube about it, I fell for it
Maye (10 months ago)
We cant withdraw the skin with the referal code!
OP Elliot (10 months ago)
nice vid matt keep it up
Ben (10 months ago)
I get the PayPal shit all the time and the most expensive skin I have is an ak-47 elite build lmao
StrombyX (10 months ago)
The last method that you sad was way better done for me.So someone contacted me saing that he's an admin an shit,he show to me that he can predict who is winning but all does players were real.There were about 10 players/bots on the website and they had level items and everything The single thing that was kinda wiers is that 90% of them deposited knifes
Tiger Man (10 months ago)
Why am i comenting this
LOL gamer (10 months ago)
Im glad i dont have skins because than i become a bait for scammers easly xd
RemuBestWaifu (10 months ago)
why am i commenting this?
dziugela OPWS (10 months ago)
guys just dont believe anyone in internet ;).
c a l e b (10 months ago)
I fell for one i went to a case opeing site i deposited a 8$ skin i won ~gloves~ and then i depostied 5$ more and rip
Kees T. (10 months ago)
Got scammed by one of these Still depressed of it
ThugLifeDJ (10 months ago)
speed 0.25 go to 4:58 and see COMMENT: WHY AM I COMMENTING THIS
נפצים מחול (10 months ago)
4:59 cant see what it says...
Harshz0nz Csgo (10 months ago)
the hundred dislikes are the scammers being pissed off
Trotel (11 months ago)
Why am I commenting this
Slighty Psychopathic (11 months ago)
Trotel cuz you are a retard
TEAM DEVS (11 months ago)
Polygon coin grab
Alex Bastholm (11 months ago)
Levelball :D (11 months ago)
Im just getting daily invites into different groups, saying 'GET EZ 50$ FOR FREE' or '15-50$ OPEN CASE' or shit like this. Quite annoying so I set my Inventory to private. BTW: Why am I commenting this?
Lillgryn a snail (7 months ago)
Sam here
Caleb Kim (11 months ago)
Dota 2 items
Finn tv (11 months ago)
From the video Comment: Why am I commenting this

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