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Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning With Water #14 (ft. FBE Staff)

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REACT (24 days ago)
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Travis Titialii (15 days ago)
REACT should do a challenge...”finish that lyric”...cartoon edition. Plz
natedeanmaan61 (21 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RsOkhR6KBc For the next challenge
Denny Semick (22 days ago)
+Roman Reigns just started following 2 weeks ago but been watching for quite a while
friendsfan5 (24 days ago)
friendsfan5 (24 days ago)
Dashie Games. React to him!
Jan Rigby (13 days ago)
None of those videos were funny
Sara Larsson (13 days ago)
Omg I love it😂
Saleh Ahmad (13 days ago)
I am i rhe only one who actually did the the friends clamp 4 times every time on the friends clip? 🤔
gabby bove (13 days ago)
The second time they showed the video of the kid getting hit and used it in songs.. that got to me i cracked up laughing at every song with that in it lol
Bryan Avalos (13 days ago)
I lost as soon as I saw Quincy😂🤣🐶
icturner23 (13 days ago)
Why hasn’t Sid been in a video for a while? PLEASE don’t tell me he’s left...
Errizabeef Anaconda (13 days ago)
I see Chandler, I click
DARKFOX Jefferson (13 days ago)
2:45 it’s basically hank and Connor from Detroit Become Human. The dog (Quincy) is hank and the dude filming is Connor.
Brianna Chiavetta (14 days ago)
I love Quincy!
Matthew Brooks (14 days ago)
The damned pug gets me every time. It's the right amount of adorable and funny
Matthew Brooks (14 days ago)
It is entirely possible I forgot what kind of dog it was and called it a pug because I was thinking of the "Pug Party" video.
Brianna Chiavetta (14 days ago)
A pug? I thought it's a bulldog.
Tyra Kristiansen (14 days ago)
I lost on the dog I didn't spit tho!
The Real Ainsley (14 days ago)
Is it just me or does Austin look like Harris Downey from Shooter?
Adri Ts (15 days ago)
Luke is awsome 😂😂😂 he always wins 😂😂
Aphroditeuf16 (15 days ago)
Luke has no soul. He always wins!
Deen Said (14 days ago)
Legends say Luke sold his soul to devil so he can't laugh
the gothic pirate (15 days ago)
new rules, no more dogs in these kinda challenges :( haha
the gothic pirate (15 days ago)
i love these challenges, i can not do water like you guys coz i have beer, and it is easier for you than it is for me coz i have to watch the vids over and over coz of it showing peoples reactions, well, here goes, lets see if i can do as good or better :D :P haha
Michelob Del Zorro (15 days ago)
06:18 Tintin is on to something.
Triggerfisk (15 days ago)
Very good, I surrender my like.
Radina Bakalov (15 days ago)
When the boy got hit in the head with a door it just ended me...😂😂😂
katenick 24 (14 days ago)
Radina Bakalov SAMEEEE
Ayanda Mabindisa (15 days ago)
Can someone explain the Britney one to me?
lesson remain whatever train conclude national afford visible unable.
RoyalGuardEziode (15 days ago)
JinO Chil (16 days ago)
Josh is so fine
char (16 days ago)
Adults or teens react to the growlers
Kelsey Myers (16 days ago)
I have the hiccups dammit
Loca Luna (16 days ago)
I think I know how to get Luke! I have watched so many React vids where he doesn't laugh or say Awww, etc. I think I may have thought of a way!! Where do I submit my idea?
andy Apellido (15 days ago)
Loca Luna... Good luck 🤞
Loca Luna (15 days ago)
Thank you very much andy Apellido...much appreciated!! Cross your fingers that this works!
andy Apellido (15 days ago)
You can submit your idea or video in laughchallenge@fbeteam.com ; - )
Lazy Animator (16 days ago)
We almost got Luke! Time to submit more head banging videos
MadeByForce 24 (16 days ago)
That dog gonna poop
Doesnt Matter (16 days ago)
That was the closest Luke got to losing a point in any challenge so far.
Lynx Que (16 days ago)
When will Luke break!!!!!!
Madelief Reinieren (16 days ago)
Saw Chandler so I HAD to watch this
Alex Gaytan (16 days ago)
i live for the day luke breaks
TyMajestik (16 days ago)
Brande Porter (16 days ago)
hahahaha me too.
Joel (16 days ago)
Sean Sweeney (17 days ago)
https://youtu.be/eT3BFzSD6YY Maybe the best video on the internet.
Torray4321 (17 days ago)
Legit thought I was gonna see Luke crack, just this once. Soooooooo close... 😂😂😂
Noah Schnatched (17 days ago)
I almost won until the 20th Century Fox started *the water went through my nose and it sprayed on my cat lmFa0*
Christian Nunez (17 days ago)
Ramses van der Putten (17 days ago)
Möth needs lämp
Stephan Pino (17 days ago)
I love you Andrea! You are so adorable, even when you spit out that water
Melissa Hislop (17 days ago)
I used to feel sad for Luke because he is a robot but now he is my hero. He actually got close to breaking this time. Stay strong Luke!
Crazy Horsea29 (17 days ago)
I dont understand the moth video.
JsandCs Channel (17 days ago)
I can't stop watching this for my life 😭 especially 5:52
Blazer433 (18 days ago)
Taylor (18 days ago)
I see Britney, I click
Sadie Walters (18 days ago)
so I just so happened to be drinking water at 4:59 and I literally choked on it omg 😂
Roffa 5311 (18 days ago)
5:52 ILMFAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Teniola Ogunbitan (18 days ago)
I love fbe videos
TRIPPY (18 days ago)
Layane Colombo (18 days ago)
Of course Luke Winn
Kevin Mičunek (18 days ago)
Is it just me, or Luke looks like Tintin 🤔
Zombe killer (18 days ago)
0:26 its a trap
amazing human (18 days ago)
Elders try not to laugh
Martin Coronel (19 days ago)
I don't find those videos funny at all, however their reactions are priceless
Kendall Hirsch (18 days ago)
Same. XD
Ei (19 days ago)
Goddamnit Josh is hot asf!
Shivam Narula (19 days ago)
If u were expecting any Chandler jokes in it..then u just got click-baited
9:48 she just cute to me but get spoiled.
bob king (19 days ago)
0:37 is this a whoosh
crazycatgirl18 (19 days ago)
This is so much better with the new rules.
Gabrielle I (20 days ago)
Josh 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ciara Lewis (20 days ago)
Love the new changes!
Madisen COOK (20 days ago)
What are those boy vine
Rob 802 toy collecter (20 days ago)
OMG the drunk poodle got me.
Miguel Liszka (20 days ago)
Ty921 (20 days ago)
Feel like these are more what can break Luke. They came close on this.
Kk Clayton (20 days ago)
Luke is adorable
Mat_Tumaty (20 days ago)
Vídeo infantil Aline Barros
The first video got me 😂 the ones with Quincy always get me
Clay Peebles (21 days ago)
Kristy and Brynn laugh at EVERYTHING, and it's adorable! 😂 ❤️
Tyler Tackett (21 days ago)
See you think this is hard for you guys but we have to watch the same video over and over and over as well as watching your reactions without laughing. P.S. (I know you don't have to do the challenge but....I still do)
Michael Castro (21 days ago)
Once again proving that Luke has no soul
Salovlogs (21 days ago)
The king of this challenge
TheBlueTeller (21 days ago)
3:32 When u hit someone in close range with a pump and it only deals 9 damage
JsandCs Channel (21 days ago)
Sami Palkki (21 days ago)
So all in all - one point got me .. JUST one .. when Josh lost it
JenSensei (21 days ago)
The terrier dog tickling always gets me
Toby (21 days ago)
It's Brittany
Gothik Gypsy (21 days ago)
Tim Curry Laugh compilation!
Ármin Kovács (21 days ago)
Luke is beast + Jordan was drooling 😂
Mia Espinoza (21 days ago)
I love Austin 5ever
王翰儒 (22 days ago)
One day. One day the king will fall. One day one brave meme will break Luke's iron defence.
this is the best one in a long time
Betty arts (22 days ago)
08:06 😂😂😂😂 same girl 😂😂😂
Aerochalklate (22 days ago)
just swallow the water then puff ur cheeks IT’S A WIN
Nico Hart (22 days ago)
man everytime i wonder how epicly game grumps would fail at this
le5tat58 (22 days ago)
I rarely as much as smile at the stuff on the internet anymore, but that 20th century remix got me laughing out loud for solid 3 minutes there. Good job.
Jeffy Jeffy (22 days ago)
React to jeffy
Aleksandar Lukic (22 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that Luke looks like Brienne from GOT?
ellaoberweiser (22 days ago)
They should show them kid hit with flyswatter remix
Mario Echeverria (22 days ago)
They should watch video called “We did it Kathleen” 100% funniest
Troye Padalecki (22 days ago)
W-what was funny about the Brittany bit???
3:52 did he burp?😂😂
Caden Hernandez (22 days ago)
Yes lol 😂 😆 😝
Naked Catman (22 days ago)
React to Quill18
Dinuka Herath (22 days ago)
Luke is an alien who is slowly adapting to human behavior
Kylee Smithson (22 days ago)
Omg I live in Lititz
AC3 MCP3 (23 days ago)
9:14 is it just me cause Luke kinda looks like Mark Zuckerberg.
Barak Nachmias (23 days ago)
The videos here are insanely funny. #LukeHasNoSoul
David Stanley (23 days ago)
Who are the 314 poopheads (at the time of this comment) who didn't like this??? No funny bones in those bodies.
kileyaugust (23 days ago)
Loved this version
Kpop plus Yaoi (23 days ago)
That poor kid
khalil leo (23 days ago)
I'm a simple man , i see Chandler i press Like

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