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Text Comments (367)
3:14 not first knif =pp
Aki (9 months ago)
3:08 I WOULD SCREAM 10x more than this one if I even got falchion safari mesh battlescarred. Nice video thoo.
Unique Limbu (9 months ago)
Hey! Nice
Ilgvars Apaļais (9 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=199747206&token=IVkSgyrM very nice
Neal Botha (9 months ago)
If u turkey me u'll pick me
Neal Botha (9 months ago)
If u turkey me u'll pick me
Alex RTMS (9 months ago)
None Of Your Business (9 months ago)
Hey Bro U R Best Plzzzzz give something Link:https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=438705581&token=EPunrUVw
Rayan Zouaghi Zmerli (9 months ago)
Duarte Antunes (9 months ago)
nice bro
KhonaN 10 (9 months ago)
Good job!
nMe (9 months ago)
Nice vid
Emre Kemal Aksel (9 months ago)
Cool vid
David guettaa (9 months ago)
win pls
CSbloed (9 months ago)
abderrahman teldjoum (9 months ago)
love ya
Paiva CS:GO (9 months ago)
I want my First Knife too!!! Gimme One!
Oscar Frais (9 months ago)
Wishlist 2018 i got knife 😅
pleXX1_ XIII (9 months ago)
Omg cool
THE WOLF (9 months ago)
Sam Heffernan (9 months ago)
Nice vid!!!
The_Billar Games (9 months ago)
who give me knife, trade is https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=354464314&token=IIjTQAVe
ButtercupIowaPlays (9 months ago)
I love your videos enveeh! Winning this would be insane!
The_sad_Duck (9 months ago)
Nice vid btv i sub and likes and grund on notifications
make America great (9 months ago)
hi,nice video
Ts Azzura (9 months ago)
Hey give me dat knife
Wro0 (9 months ago)
Hatex (9 months ago)
muhd hafiz (9 months ago)
i never get good item..all junk
arqueys (9 months ago)
How do they win knives... I openned so many cases and i just won fckning purple stuff!!! Help meeeee
ndz0 (9 months ago)
Maybe give me their luck
Yuhanun Citgez (9 months ago)
Jerick Tan (9 months ago)
Nice dude keep up the gud work
GamingGurke (9 months ago)
yikes this channel is full of scammers =(
arif dayat (9 months ago)
Nice vid!
JellyCall911 eZ (9 months ago)
Germain / Fixinity (9 months ago)
This knife is lit as your vids
HYdROGEN (9 months ago)
Nice vid❤️
meme beam (9 months ago)
My first knife was a shadow daggers stained FT. Then i lost it with gambeling.
Karolis (9 months ago)
Lènta ツ (9 months ago)
Nice video man!
Kestrel (9 months ago)
Nc vid
Zsoce\ Zsoci (9 months ago)
Ali Brute (9 months ago)
lol I always get Blue items
HaLoGeN (9 months ago)
I want to win the knife
katalin hill (9 months ago)
Gabriel ツ (9 months ago)
spearow (9 months ago)
Und ich hab noch nie n Knife gezogen ^^
PHRGaming Fortnite (9 months ago)
Wish i was lucky for my first time ever
greg F. (9 months ago)
Loool nice vid m8
best killing vines (9 months ago)
hello i want to win an ak47 skin i have non https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=382766699&token=ReXuM0FI
Chad (9 months ago)
Happy christmas week
ItzSnowwyYT (9 months ago)
And also your vids are the best... i am not going to even get any knive in my live anyway so GG
ItzSnowwyYT (9 months ago)
I am waiting to see who is going to win...
Lov.e your videos
GrizzlyBear OG (9 months ago)
Exkers dee
Arthur Anthony (9 months ago)
The last video was sick dude 😂😂! Now is my turn 😢
Syafiq Iqmal (9 months ago)
U should've probably checked this video, he deserved to be in your video bro 😭 https://youtu.be/wfsY2WChzew
KILLFREAKZ Gaming (9 months ago)
Nice video u da best
WolfgamerHD (9 months ago)
Hey nice
WolfgamerHD (9 months ago)
syaz2` amran (9 months ago)
nice vid
syaz1 amran (9 months ago)
nice vid...can't w8 for more!!!!
Syazwan Amran (9 months ago)
nice vid keep it up~~~~~~
Benjamin #God'S Angel (9 months ago)
i open 1 case and i got ak_47 bloodsport in first day of christmas
δrκκ. (9 months ago)
good video ;)
Patrick (9 months ago)
wow nice bro
patrick palco (9 months ago)
Hey nice vid keep up the good work i like this
MusicMaster 288 (9 months ago)
I love these compilations :D
glitch! (9 months ago)
Sup nice vids
Akos Horvath (9 months ago)
Hi nice
Maurice (9 months ago)
i never have unboxed a knife );
CS Trade (9 months ago)
Ne-ed a knif-e The-n co-me to m-e) If h-elped, put liк-е TIM-E IS LIMIT-ED
Fun Maker (9 months ago)
For such a bonus is not a sin to push LIKE!
Ever Guy (9 months ago)
Thank you for my first knіfе
Darkzzz Brzakov (9 months ago)
Nice vid
tom hauar (9 months ago)
the_lost _shadow (9 months ago)
Nice video man
PenguinDog Na (9 months ago)
Fr0st (9 months ago)
best vids mate please pick me :D
Renier Swart (9 months ago)
Spiegelman (9 months ago)
i never unbox a knife :( even i already has knife lul
vincent 716 (9 months ago)
My godddddddddd
Ondřej Slaba (9 months ago)
Nice video. You are very good
Soft (9 months ago)
Is the giveaway real tho?
Vepa Plays (9 months ago)
Hey! Nice vid ;)
S2p3nd0us (9 months ago)
make me winnnnnnnnnnnnn
maLY (9 months ago)
Damien Tack Shin (9 months ago)
the last one was wow ! rip ears
Masonbacon00 (9 months ago)
BanterOverload (9 months ago)
George Chronakis (9 months ago)
Make a video with funny moments
jÃO (9 months ago)
Sexy Kappa
Ryokuu (9 months ago)
how many chance we got XDDDD
Medivh Channel (9 months ago)
i want like the last video... :(
VACSqaud e4sy (9 months ago)
VACSqaud e4sy (9 months ago)
Carbon (9 months ago)
Tz Dashka (9 months ago)
I want this knfe tho
eu dou o cu na lapa (9 months ago)
Hey! Nice!
Hetzr-CS (9 months ago)
now ur video is better than before......KEEP IT UP :)))))))))
M3ntosana (9 months ago)

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