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CS GO - Top 5 Knives for Under $100! Best Cheap Budget Knives! (CS GO Skins)

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In this CS:GO skins video, I cover all the best cheap knives that you can get for under $100. This cs go video was HIGHLY requested in my comments. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b 1. Flip Knife Crimson Web FT 2. Falchion Knife Case Hardened FT 3. Flip Knife Ultraviolet FT 4. Butterfly Knife Urban Masked FT 5. Flip Knife Blue Steel FT Music: Mac Miller - Nikes on My Feet Instrumental
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Text Comments (1958)
Gamers Circle (1 month ago)
0:05 when your aimlock kicks in
Marco Ladeira (1 month ago)
Tiger tooth fn 0.01 float gut knife
sam144169 (2 months ago)
Hey brother, can you please provide the Crosshair settings which you used in this video?
Random Guy (5 months ago)
Cheap 100 dollar ?? Plz kill me gaben
Tomáš Vysloužil (5 months ago)
If you don't mind *Falchion knife, crimson web* in *field-tested* is really good option (around 85 € on Steam market and usually under 70 $ on opskins)
Twister (5 months ago)
I made one aswell if anyone wants to check it out :)
[Xdd] KahviP (5 months ago)
Ive got that falchion case hardened because this vid
Rizz CS (5 months ago)
Wanna know how to make easy money with skins? Find out what McSkillet is gonna make a video about next, then buy that item.
G Λ M Ξ R (5 months ago)
Flip knife crimson web here i come
Jonah D'Ambrosio (5 months ago)
Dammit, now the prices are about 50$ more on all of them.
David Carter (5 months ago)
Gosh, should I get a huntsman scorched, a flip scorched, a gut scorched, or a Bowie scorched? I don’t know!!
Flurpen (6 months ago)
Or... Gut Knife Doppler FN for 75$
X Gamer (6 months ago)
Not anymorr
Shadow danxr (6 months ago)
Can u do one of these kind of videos again
Nalle Buhi (6 months ago)
0:21 - 0:40 Demo 5/5 xDD
Callsign Vulkan (6 months ago)
Most Falchion Case hardened knives are blue gems, it's ez pz to get a blue
Callsign Vulkan (6 months ago)
top skin for each knife?
Bogdan Cafea (7 months ago)
sponsor me with 50$ on csgomagic so i can buy one :(((
retardno002 (7 months ago)
I actually like the vanilla Falchion because it looks just like a Cold Steel Espada folding knife, which I am a big fan of in real life.
Asher (7 months ago)
Olika120 (7 months ago)
dawdad adw (8 months ago)
do more but with $200-$300
Dazzle_Wazzle (8 months ago)
idk why people spend 1k+ on knifes
LOLIPHY (8 months ago)
I love the falchion knife case hardened!
Corgi Lover (8 months ago)
also there was a gut knife Doppler factory new for under $100
Maxx - Fornite (9 months ago)
What in the fuck have you done with your cs:go
Amal Varghese (9 months ago)
worst ones under $100, change the title to " how to waste $100"
Olika120 (9 months ago)
Good, now i just need money xd
kingery (9 months ago)
Ni ni ni Nike’s ninini Nike’s
Nick Jordan (10 months ago)
I would like to sponsor this video, please email me at nick@logicinbound.com
Stavros _ Che (10 months ago)
What about Freehand Gut knife??!💜🖤💜
Mr_Ludde (9 months ago)
Freehand wasent in the game when this video came out!
Vincent Mi (10 months ago)
Who else game here from 2017 and is seeing which skins changed the most?
I pat (11 months ago)
I thought that a karambit gamma doppler is pretty cheap
Melly (11 months ago)
Why was your viewmodel so funky
Abliskarian (1 year ago)
0:33 what?
jad mokdad (1 year ago)
should I buy butterfly boreal forest field tested or more bayonet boreal forest field tested?
p0ppy (1 year ago)
The gut knife Doppler fn is good for like $80 also the gut vanilla and vanilla sattrak is under $100
Killercade77 (1 year ago)
You can get a gut knife Doppler phase 4 for only $70 off opskins
Number1HockeyPlaya (1 year ago)
Building a $2,000 computer right now so I'm not spending my cash but once it's built imma buy myself a karambit :)
Daddy Noob (1 year ago)
I would put in the gut doppler
Buick GNX (1 year ago)
damn you can get shit for 100 dollars.
For a nice bayonet: Step 1: Go on opskins.com Step 2: Search for bayonet Damascus steel, FT, lowest price as possible. Step 3: Buy it for about 90 Bucks even though its worth like 110 Bucks
AlexUs (1 year ago)
lol the end made me laugh xD, and im McSkillet an...
Zebra Swag (1 year ago)
Would you guys recommend bayonet rust coat bs?
Dog (1 year ago)
gut fade/lore?
boof (1 year ago)
will these kneaf get me grill
egy magyar
FOLEY EDITING (1 year ago)
best knife under 100$ is Flip Knife | Damascus Steel MW :) (98$)
keraaa (1 year ago)
Hello? Gut Knife Doppler FN for 75€?
DanielDOESgaming (1 year ago)
I have a budget of 100$, what knife should I buy?I've been thinking about default gut knife or default M9 bayonet. Shpuld I buy one of these knives or do you know any other fancy knives for this price?
lucho 123r (1 year ago)
why people hate falchion knife?
KyKyth (1 year ago)
Jakub Manczak (1 year ago)
I love the falchions and the flip knives, no idea why people hate them.
Cactus (1 year ago)
top 5 my ass these are ugly as fuck b
Jeremy Schneider (1 year ago)
there still to much money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kobe Z (1 year ago)
Why were the animations of the gun's switch and reload so choppy?
Lil Brala (1 year ago)
Do a best csgo inventory for only 100-110dollar minimal wear minimum
Nokx (1 year ago)
My Knife was in here! (Flip Knife Bluesteel) :D
method (1 year ago)
Stefan (1 year ago)
Title must be: My 5 favorite knives!
Grifer_CZ (1 year ago)
Human Grunt (1 year ago)
probably after this videos those knife prices went above $100
Davies (1 year ago)
I love the gameplay at the start
Ko? J (1 year ago)
no bowies?
Marius Plays (1 year ago)
Flip knifes have the special ability to have a better play side then other knifes cuz i had a bs flip crimson and that was pretty clean on the play side
Juan Boggino (1 year ago)
SirSlapAlot (1 year ago)
searching for a butterfly knife any good skins for it under $80?
David Keefe (1 year ago)
all of them are ft XD
Sharpie Swallower (1 year ago)
For a little over 100$ you can get a mw fade falchion knife
Debuff Nation (1 year ago)
No Gut Doppler?
Plixem (1 year ago)
thanks for this video !:D
Bushy boi (1 year ago)
Thanks Macskillet i got they Gut knife tiger toothy :)
Spider craze (1 year ago)
rip Singapore price
Hans Harald (1 year ago)
How, the flip knife sucks my ass
Hypoc (1 year ago)
"budget" "cheap"
Yoshi (1 year ago)
(Please don't delete, some people might find this list more helpful so please, don't delete this) Sorry If you disagree but I've found some better ones under 100$ None of these are in order from best to least just a randomized list. 1. Shadow Daggers (Slaughter) Factory New. 2.Flip Knife (Damascus Steel) Factory New 3.Gut Knife (Tiger Tooth) Factory New 4.Gut Knife (Slaughter) Factory New 5.Gut Knife (Doppler) Factory New
Soarpasta (1 year ago)
I got the case hardened
+anocks the freehand was not there at the time
batmeme (1 year ago)
ironic that the moment he made this video half the knives included in it went above 100$
peter nielsen (1 year ago)
I Got a butterfly crimson ft With 0.150 float ... i love it if your loking into a knife at 100€ tanke a look at that knife
Tik Tak (1 year ago)
The sad thing is i still cant afford them :/
martin lamberth (1 year ago)
i got a butterfly knife crimson web for 79dollars Fields tested is that a fair price or should i Sell IT back?
Robbie2507 (1 year ago)
martin lamberth Ill trade u FN Shadow Daggers Slaughter worth $105 for the Butterfly
L1NK (1 year ago)
got a flip knife ultraviolet
Your Average Joe (1 year ago)
L1NK I also bought the spooderman knife
Tizian Scheiring (1 year ago)
i have a great pattern mw falchion knife case hardend for only 59
Gusteivo (1 year ago)
sadly i'm brazilian and the cheapest knife IS 100 even the safari mesh
Gusteivo (1 year ago)
yeah i know but sadly we'll never get a knife for less than 100 R$ (That is the currency in brazil) on the steam market
Darwin (1 year ago)
Gusteivo but it isn't in $
Kopii (1 year ago)
Flip Knife Doppler Full Stop
FRiSK (1 year ago)
Anyone here from 2016, this csgo version is so old, wow
Erik Andersson (6 months ago)
noka (6 months ago)
Steve Gama 2018
Steve Gama (8 months ago)
almost 2018
Oscar Newall (1 year ago)
FRiSK 2017 XD
TheMereDeTK 78 (1 year ago)
I have got gut knife Crimson web field tested 40$
Anocks (1 year ago)
I think the best knife under 100$ is the flip knife freehand ft for 80 -90 $
asdf asdf (1 year ago)
under 20$ maybe
khen (1 year ago)
Black Pearl not possible.
CarThang88 - Gamer (1 year ago)
Do top 10 knives under $200 pls!
cool_ cake_man (1 year ago)
I got a stat fachion knife fade
MaName Jeff (1 year ago)
I recommend huntsman knife vanilla only 66 dollars
momo 3HD_2 (1 year ago)
MaName Jeff huntsman is like a nicer Reston of gut knife and doesn't have any features so I would go with something like a bayonet, butterfly knife or maybe a Bowie knife they are more interesting in my opinion
crycore (1 year ago)
i have bayonet fade
pianista ukraniano (1 year ago)
i give a crap xD open trade pls.
cricore jk jk jk
cricore no body gives a crap
kob4y Gaming (1 year ago)
I'm planning to get a flip knife doppler factory new as a bday present. I shall name it Aurora Borealis. Sad thing: I just got scammed
kob4y Gaming (1 year ago)
+Chip Snepvangers tried so hard to be salty but it didnt work sorry
kob4y Gaming (1 year ago)
+Chip Snepvangers well it was my first time
Chip Snepvangers (1 year ago)
kob4y Gaming hahah you is a stupid eks die
kob4y Gaming (1 year ago)
+Bailey yep
Bailey (1 year ago)
kob4y Gaming RIP scammers suck
Rowen (1 year ago)
what no mora knife?!
Tejas Raghuram (1 year ago)
Why isn't the gut knife marble fade on the list?
Archimedes Gaming (1 year ago)
hopefully getting flip knife crimson web for Christmas. fingers crossed :D
Omar K. (1 year ago)
should i get a flip knife or a butterfly knife?
Två som spelar 02 (1 year ago)
momo 3HD_2 the butterfly feels more fresh because it has 6 animations that you can combine or randomly view + you have something to do in the backround playing hide n seek or in knife battles or just overall running around. The flip is like shwiiip!! Now that's all it has only one different animation than the regular one and is not that fun to use because it will get more fast. It's better to choose knives that has a longer duration of animation time or just overall different animations that makes the knife more satisfying to use. This is just my opinion and if you don't care about animations and don't use the knife that much but still want one. Get any knife that you may fancy. Have a great day :D
momo 3HD_2 (1 year ago)
YellowO butterfly knife for gods sake it's much more fun to use
bonjermon (1 year ago)
YellowO flip
Elliot Davis (1 year ago)
I got my M9 Bayonet Vanilla for a tad under $100.. I highly recommend it. They're also really easy to sell.
AxNinja S (5 months ago)
Michael He knife looks like shit. Tbh the vanilla CT knife is cooler...
Michael He (1 year ago)
But the knife itself looks sick imo and the animation is still cool for me
momo 3HD_2 (1 year ago)
Elliot Davi personally I don't like m9 bayonet in my eyes it's a shittier version of bayonet. It doesn't have any interesting animations

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