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Counter-Strike Source - Harry Potter - Zombie Escape Mod - LAST STAGE - ze_harry_potter_v2_1

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css zombie escape gameplay on map ze_harry_potter_v2_1 extreme mod last stage 12/12 with boss fight Game: Counter-Strike Source (CSS) Mod: Zombie Escape Server Name: UNLOZE https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ MY STEAM PROFILE: http://steamcommunity.com/id/escapeyankoocro/ Server Details: Full server name: UNLOZE | Zombie Escape | FastDL | Ranking | Slots: 64 IP: Server Location: France Map Details: https://gamebanana.com/projects/34703 Map Size: 423 MB Levels: 12/12 Creator: SKULLZ and DEVIOUS Same map with different names: ze_harry ze_harry_potter ze_harry_potter_v2 ze_harry_potter_v2_1 About Video Quality: 720p HD FPS: 60 Size: 0.9 GBs Slots used while recording: +50 Programs & Softwares for recording and rendering Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 Fraps Computer Specification: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4170 CPU @3.70 GHz 3.70 GHz Installed Memory (RAM): 8.00 GB (7.88 GB usable) System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64 based processor Graphic Card: GTX 1050 TI
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Text Comments (14)
Did u buy css on steam or did u download from internet
By. Yankoo (1 month ago)
This is no steam css but i have and steam css ;)
wayne lee (1 month ago)
Good edition Yankoo :D
Paul Ani (1 month ago)
Nice video like.Man i need a zombie riot server nonpremium for counter strike source
Paul Ani (1 month ago)
So you have one??
By. Yankoo (1 month ago)
Oh maybe
Paul Ani (1 month ago)
By. Yankoo i don t need my server i want to play one
By. Yankoo (1 month ago)
If you want to have a server you should buy it free server doesnt exist
waed habib (1 month ago)
Nice like akways :)
Fausto .A (1 month ago)
👍🏻😀 que bien 👌🏻
ShadowPro [ZA] (1 month ago)
Maher Doman (1 month ago)
After 2000 years later
By. Yankoo (1 month ago)

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