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how to create desktop shortcut for steam games

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right click on the game which u would like to create a desktop shortcut
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Shadow Revenant (7 months ago)
Njuregen (8 months ago)
Simple solution I hadn't thought of TY.
Blenx (8 months ago)
1000/1000 you just saved my day thx
Graham Wicker (9 months ago)
I would of never knew how to do this without you! 100/100
MzoxM (1 year ago)
Ximena Rivas (1 year ago)
it doesn't let me make a shortcut because it claims I already have one. My computer is new so there maybe at most five files on here and I cannot find any of the game short cuts anywhere.
Kevin Lee (1 year ago)
DryCrade (1 year ago)
Kilbud Tactics (1 year ago)
but how do you instantly make a shortcuts for all of your steam games?
DryCrade (1 year ago)
Kilbud Tactics when you are about to download the games, tick the box where it says 'create desktop shortcut'
NickTRG (1 year ago)
Its not instant but a hell of alot faster
NickTRG (1 year ago)
You can click all of them by holding ctrl and then click every one while holding ctrl, then when they are all highlighted just right click one of them and do what this guy showed you
DOMIN8TOR (1 year ago)
Drew Day (1 year ago)
Viktor Ehnvall (1 year ago)
Oh thanks Capt. thats freakin geniuos
Pix Plays (2 years ago)
fuck I'm so blind, kept searching for it in properties.
Kevin (11 months ago)
me too lol
Josh Dean (2 years ago)
+PixAlan Plays rly... -_-
mario56m (3 years ago)
You are garbage seriously its not that hard.....
Omar Ramos (4 years ago)
I'm not that smart,thanks

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