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CS:GO - Lord of the Rings - Zombie Escape Mod - ze_lotr_mines_of_moria_p2 - Mizapro

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Zombie Escape mod gameplay on LOTR ( Lord of the rings ) Mines of Moria map on the Mizapro Server. Zombie Escape Playlists: CSGO - http://bit.ly/CSGOZE CSS - http://bit.ly/CSS_ZE LOTR maps: http://bit.ly/CS-LOTR ─── MAPPER ─── Creator of the map: Rafuron ─── SERVER ─── Name: Mizapro IP: ─── AXONEK3 ─── Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056951289 Twitter: https://twitter.com/axonek3cs CS:GO Crosshair: http://bit.ly/A3crosshair PC Specs: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram
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Text Comments (58)
çığlık reyiz (2 months ago)
fulcrum 29 (3 months ago)
Kinda looks like an unsilenced m4a1 in the thumbnail. Or it might just be me
To Ja (4 months ago)
Stepan Metlev (5 months ago)
Ты российский?
Adam Taris (5 months ago)
how to want play this map , please teach me :(
Alex K (5 months ago)
No LOTR skins? No audio cues from the movie? No LOTR music? Wow I guess I had it good when I played, this is a jip
john derek Codico (6 months ago)
Look im folling the bridge haha:-)
john derek Codico (6 months ago)
I ever never game to join yah
mohamed kahloul (7 months ago)
how can i get admin ther
markvincent borromeo (8 months ago)
how can i join this game?
Dyllanjared ignacio (8 months ago)
hjshe dnzn hssjsn jsksvj.j,
Mafia Khan (9 months ago)
Axonex i am playing Mizapro tooo.
bibristik (9 months ago)
jmp jump jump jump jump =D
bibristik (9 months ago)
Херня, у вас здесь кушать миникарта.!!!! Такого в сорсе не было, там приходилось нестись этак, а если карты ни кто не знал, то бывальщина пиздец =В
miguel angel poveda (9 months ago)
wtf this m4?
kanaki (10 months ago)
minut 1:38 aim bot?
Ivan Lau (10 months ago)
Yea boiiiii
Mafia Khan (10 months ago)
Axonex Can you face reveal.
Tim Rong (10 months ago)
1:16 i hate teamates , i jnow that is a joke but it is terrible , i don't like that
gamer king500 (10 months ago)
what pc you use?
ROAD KILLER (10 months ago)
Victor Laharenas (11 days ago)
ROAD KILLER hola mama doña grabiela como esta yo estoy bien y estoy con unas de las chicas superpoderosasz y las otras chicas superpoderosas
Armee Mans (9 months ago)
super biker shut your self advertiser ads up
謝雪薇 (10 months ago)
Jump no jump jump idiot ya u can jump or not haha
crooks303 (10 months ago)
sick movement down the spiral stairs lol (6:40)
Gabe (10 months ago)
That last man stand on the bridge was awesome
Bruwitz (1 month ago)
Gabe Its the one that sacrifices himself for the good of the humans :') he's the true hero!
Lương Văn Đức (10 months ago)
i like this video
Reza 1314 (10 months ago)
please you make intro
risyad nafis (10 months ago)
nice axonek3 subscribeall
Hydra (10 months ago)
Cyka Cyka Cyka Blyat
GG XIX. (10 months ago)
m4 emerald ?? GFL mod?
MrFlavorcrayon (10 months ago)
John Smith I don't understand how I'm making excuses when i just addressed each of your points and gave a reason for why we do those things. Sorry if i proved you wrong and made you upset my friend.
John Smith (10 months ago)
@MrFlavorcrayon, Don't placate yourself and not make excuses. GFL in CSS was like TRASH and GFL in CSGO today really TRASH too settings of GFL its a trash settings its a shame for ZE. Just don't make excuses and look truth in the eyes.
MrFlavorcrayon (10 months ago)
John Smith -no fall damage is a nice touch, but is also limiting to many maps and servers with that setting cannot have some maps on rotation. Seems silly to limit the player base on what maps they can play. - our reserve ammo is not infinite, but you can buy more guns/ammo, just like other servers. - I have no idea where you got this claim, there never has been additional health on GFL, all added health comes from items - We actually have one of the lowest knockback settings compared to other servers. - this cannot be an added feature because we do not have grenades that propel zombies into the air, Molotovs to slow them down, freeze nades to freeze them, etc. And those wont be added because they make CT too op. On the otherhand, our server is heavily ZM-sided. We have a limit on fire grenades, bhop for both teams, extra zombie health, no special grenades for nade spam, no infinite ammo like the video above, no double damage plugin for bosses, a push plugin that actually inhibits our knockback and push items on maps, etc.
John Smith (10 months ago)
@MrFlavorcrayon, GFL has another terrible settings like min: - no fall damage - unlim reserve ammo - 150 hp for some maps - strong knockback - no infection in crowd - bullets pass through teammates - rebuy nades - rebuy guns - rebuy kevlar Diagnosis: GFL is a typical trash server.
GG XIX. (10 months ago)
oou okay
Eric G (10 months ago)
ALL IN ONE (10 months ago)
WTF... he had.unlimited ammo
darshan 7 ye this game with unli ammo
Chuckles (10 months ago)
isn't that server a non steam server?
Chuckles (10 months ago)
Itz_ Gamer no
Edlyn Sabandal (10 months ago)
kek lol just sub to me
Chuckles (10 months ago)
Itz_ Gamer I'm still confused
Edlyn Sabandal (10 months ago)
cuz im first and im pinned
Edlyn Sabandal (10 months ago)
kek fourt to reply on him
-[ACR]- (10 months ago)
Edlyn Sabandal (10 months ago)
Bluby 27 ur third
LongSleeveTVYT I (10 months ago)
Second love you dad!! <3
Edlyn Sabandal (10 months ago)
LongSleeveTVYT I ur second
Edlyn Sabandal (10 months ago)
first im first yay
vGR (16 days ago)
Cj Selhorst (2 months ago)
Wanna fuckin cookie ?
yilong tan (6 months ago)
Edlyn Saba
Edlyn Sabandal (10 months ago)
yay im pinned

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