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CS:GO - WHEN PROS ENTER 200 IQ MODE! (Smartest plays & clutches made by pros)

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When pros enter... 200 iq mode! Insane plays, clutches & more! Trade your skins fast & safe on http://tradeskinsfast.com Don't worry these are not all 200iq moments because I'm planing to release part.2 in future ! Stay tuned THANKS FOR 5K SUBS!!! LOVE YOU ALL
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Text Comments (447)
Cheeky (2 months ago)
Why is the dude in the thumb nail have his brain backwards?
Breakfast N' Dinner (3 months ago)
WHAT?! Tarik in a 200 IQ play build?!
Grip Junior (4 months ago)
Title has 200 iq Thumbnail has 160 iq person
Yes (8 months ago)
Nice photo
xylohop (10 months ago)
Izak000 :D
Gamer 360k (10 months ago)
there should be Rick and Morty on the thumbnail
Finamo (11 months ago)
Kid: I the best player if anyone kills me there haxing Me: um are you mentally ill then also who is Cloud9
Majsbröd (11 months ago)
0:35 what is 200 IQ with looking down into the ground?
s1ko (9 months ago)
Adurian making the enemy to not see him
The Badger (11 months ago)
5:33 How was that smart? He just wasted a fire.
The Badger (11 months ago)
steam steam (11 months ago)
Przyjazny Borsuk (11 months ago)
0:34 can someone explain?
Przyjazny Borsuk (11 months ago)
Jak już rozumiem to naprawdę podziwiam, 200 IQ.
Donald Tysk (11 months ago)
Waleczny Borsuk jak się patrzy w ziemię jest się niższym i koleś na samochodzie go nie widział.
Chris (11 months ago)
9:34 hard aimlock, u can clearly see it. so poor. And they going on events and play for alot of money, while the are hardcore cheating...
Joshed George (11 months ago)
To play this shit you don't need anywhere close to 200 IQ. Not even close to 20... Or 2
Pocho (1 year ago)
When you flip the brain the wrong way on the thumbnail....
NuclearFX (1 year ago)
5:22 explain?
Satchury (1 year ago)
the ct in the last clip is a bot. how the fuck did he not hear the scope?? and even after the t kills his m8 he doesnt realize it
Alan Mac (1 year ago)
I loved Dosia's nade into the corner at the end of round on inferno.
Fish Ball (1 year ago)
Guys please explain 1:11 to me . What did the step on chicken actually helped?
Thogia51201 (1 year ago)
he dropped near dropper so they thought he dropped down even if he was somewhere else
Black Goku (1 year ago)
Fish Ball it made noise, atleast i think
Cyan (1 year ago)
Level out your audio
He ducked his head and got past. It was obvious enough.
Parsil (1 year ago)
ACTUALLY! Albert Einstein had 160 iq.
Fluskar (1 year ago)
everyone saying na cs dont know that america the best country ever.fuck the middle pedo worshipers
Leg (1 year ago)
If only flusha didn't have walls.
WoodYT (1 year ago)
when thumbnails enter 0 IQ mode ... the brain is on the wrong side wth
9:33 Aimbot-mode activated
Jiří Podaný (1 year ago)
Okay, so someone made compilation of when players enter Gla1ve mode. #Astralisfan
marco m (1 year ago)
Jaume Genaro (1 year ago)
Why Einstein in the thumbnail he had like 160
Zeusy Moosey (1 year ago)
This game looks shit.
Bruce Wayne (1 year ago)
Some of these are more fitting of "when enemies have zero iq"
Gamblerscop (1 year ago)
same clips everyone else already used months ago
Duk_ OW (1 year ago)
Flusha walls
Matheus nunes borba (1 year ago)
3:54, after that they lost bomb site B but they won the round cuz bomb went A and CT had no time to retake, it was an incredible round
1kPiNg (1 year ago)
The brain in the thumbnail is the wrong way
EstGamerHD (1 year ago)
Outro music ??? Please
Iquelangelo Ez (1 year ago)
What is the song for the outro?
Demer (1 year ago)
this kind of pathetic games are not about inteligence, even a monkey can play FPS, if he have reflexes, and play 16 hours a day 7 days of the week
ROAM3R (1 year ago)
In the thumbnail: the brain is backwards on the black guy. That's a 200 IQ play
Brilable (1 year ago)
What was the point of the moly at 5:40
ice_wallow_ come (1 year ago)
5:29 i never understand it
Tactical Elite (1 year ago)
Milizzia TM git gud
Red Darkrai (1 year ago)
Pasza ak said TIME TO TROLL and that he did
sk0sH (1 year ago)
"That's a rubbish smoke" *smoke turns out to be freaking incredible* "That's a great smoke!"
Pandas111898 (1 year ago)
If you make another in the future, maybe type up a quick description of what the player is doing? I'm not super into cs so I didn't really understand a handful of these and I'm sure I'm not alone
MFTB Peezy (1 year ago)
What's the point of 5:33?
Hadwee the gr8 (1 year ago)
Einstein had 160 IQ.
Old Vaquero (1 year ago)
part with PaszaBiceps is the best with russian StarLadder commentators :D check it
Netix (1 year ago)
4:19 how to do that?wtf._.
GaKer (1 year ago)
Someone just told me that, Crossfire is better than CSGO.. so I beat the fuck out of him
Sebastian Pydynowski (1 year ago)
LOL 200 iq? Normal Play . You silver?
Maask (6 months ago)
he is he keeps loosing games and has no rank after 10000 games because he is too bad
Vincent Swiatkowski (1 year ago)
well whoever made the thumbnail clearly doesn't have a 200 IQ cause the brain is backwards
ItsHorror23 (1 year ago)
s1mple wow
hideNXDD (1 year ago)
Has anyone here heard of Arma ever. CS is nice and fun with friends . But the most accurate game that actually needs some real life knowledge is Arma 3.
Tbag253films (1 year ago)
vitalijus Kucinskas (1 year ago)
I didnt get that one with twitszzz
manuel fernandez (1 year ago)
Can someone tell me which is the outtros song?
SOUL REAPER (1 year ago)
u cheated from that thumbnail....bad man
Lost Remedy (1 year ago)
Did anyone else notice the brain is backwards in the thumbnail?
Repton (11 months ago)
only people with 200 IQ will notice that... I didn't unfortunately :(
Spelling Mitsake (1 year ago)
It's so fucking cringey when you put Einstein in the thumbnail on a CSGO pro moments video
Orka z Majorki (1 year ago)
7:53 Izak 😄😄😄
LCS - C-ops Vídeos (1 year ago)
Apracity (1 year ago)
Can someone explain 2:00
Pebi (1 year ago)
Apracity wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww-,,wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwl g
Apracity (1 year ago)
Satria Karara thx for explaining dude
Satria Karara (1 year ago)
Apracity he fake by going to the left with noises and back to the right with shift (no sound) so the enemy thought that autimatic was on the left
Jason (1 year ago)
5:22 i didn't get that one
lenny wyman (1 year ago)
he threw a Molotov which made the smoke go off immediately so instead of bouncing back and covering the whole window it only covered a small area
The Pixel Pr3dator (1 year ago)
1:20 Gordon Ramsay???????
ToastedToast21 (1 year ago)
As much as people are complaining that not all of the clips were "200 IQ", I think the clip with him faking Drop on cobblestone was amazing.
Albin Nilsson (1 year ago)
The uploader of this video have 60IQ by saying that they have 200IQ when the highest amount that you can reach, with the equipment they have so far, is 160IQ. Go to school or read in a fucking magazine or something.
Andrew Tornatore (1 year ago)
Einstein only has an IQ of 162
Angel Jordan (1 year ago)
I didnt get the one at 5:27? What was he poinr of that
Silversloth (1 year ago)
I've enter 200 iQ mode and when I did I took a shower with no water
edriss (1 year ago)
What's the name of the boy in the left of the thumbnail?
Dank Montages (1 year ago)
If any one of theese people had any IQ , they wold stop playing this shit , and do something productive with their life...
Nicolas Moreno (1 year ago)
being a pro cs player is pretty productive, they earn alot
Khayam (1 year ago)
Dank Montages Ok
thicc (1 year ago)
6:06 Prob 4:3
PaatryK (1 year ago)
Outro song ?
Kristian Atkins (1 year ago)
Can someone explain 0:40 ?
Hunter Huber (1 year ago)
KristianCA I guess he was crouching and looking down so he couldn't see him
BTMCActivated (1 year ago)
The brain is backwards lol
Daniel Karaś (1 year ago)
And your IQ is 20 as on thumbnail the brain is backwards.
HopingEagle8244 (1 year ago)
the brain in the thumbnail is reversed
[FN] AyzëN (1 year ago)
5:28 what?
Tobben Jees (1 year ago)
the brain in the thumbnail id facing the wrong way
xsolent (1 year ago)
With that 200 IQ you'd think they would figure out a plan to rid themselves of Diabetes.
Aiden (1 year ago)
Makes a 200 iq plays video Can't put the brain in the thumbnail the right way
Patroclo (1 year ago)
7:53 satan pls get away from him :'c
Isak (1 year ago)
Ive played with One of these ppl the "wonderchild" guy
Dániel István (1 year ago)
Why do "pro" players play with that resulotion? If they are pros why do tyhey need that .. SMH
Ji Mavra (5 months ago)
Dániel István Necro but because some of them are used to playing like that from the older cs games. And because it gives a slight advantage of making the models look wider this easier to hit. Also slight fps boosts.
Dániel István (1 year ago)
Yes i know that, but they are "pros" so why do they need taht?! -.-
Seb astian (1 year ago)
Some actually say lower resolutions on CS:GO give you a slight advantage
Ванката (1 year ago)
subscibe=subscribe back :) cmon guys
Et Latr Offical (1 year ago)
yeah these are smart plays bu this is more game IQ and game tactics and such, not really actual IQ. Still really cool nonetheless
R34l B0i (1 year ago)
EvolvedViking (1 year ago)
How is the 1:50 AWP drop to ak switch a 200 IQ play? You will see it in literally all games above MGE
PC Gaming (1 year ago)
Ole He shot with the awp first to trick the opponent into thinking he has time to peek and get the kill but twist switched to the ak and killed him
Proclaim (1 year ago)
What happened at 5:21 ???
60612Mac (1 year ago)
Proclaim the incendiary grenade made the smoke go off instantly instead of bouncing and blocking his view out of window
Aran Smeallie (1 year ago)
Shinigami Gaming Inc. (1 year ago)
Bullshit 200IQ is nearly ntn existing
lanzak (1 year ago)
wtf is with all these fucking clickbait titles
laxen122 (1 year ago)
5:28 thats like 500 lQ
FLUXX840 (1 year ago)
meanwhile G18 gets aces every day .... lmao
amateur (1 year ago)
fake planting is not having 200 IQ
aymatify (1 year ago)
7:02 14 SECONDS!!
PETAR STANIŠIĆ (1 year ago)
Damn, cs go is such a low graphics bullshit game. Why do people even play this game?
Mike Kleinsman (1 year ago)
my IQ was 147 in a test is that good? (i aint english and it was 3 years ago)
Sundin (1 year ago)
Utro song?
Einstein didn't have a 200 iq
CilvēksBezKameras (1 year ago)
Most of this is basic or just being too lucky, only thing maybe that the enemy is not silver ranks.

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