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Zombie server cs 1.6 #1 [Mega fast ammo+jetpack+golden ak-47]

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Text Comments (37)
omertuncal34 Tuncal (18 days ago)
omertuncal34 Tuncal (18 days ago)
şarkılı güzel olmuş hep bundan cek
Youcef Agha (1 month ago)
wow nice server
NOOB YT (1 month ago)
ok i Fix It YEEEEEEE
NOOB YT (1 month ago)
why when i join to server is buging and kick me out
Arda8 Shehadeh (1 month ago) new public server 5.0.8 BOSS*MENU}MANAGER*MENU}SUPER*VIP*MENU}VIP*MENU}NEW KNIFE MENU X2 DAMAGE}..........{{"VERY VERY FAST AMMO PACKS"}} OPENED 2018
Luka Gamer (1 month ago)
Nathaniel Ngaragassa (1 month ago)
Nice good job
Nathaniel Ngaragassa (1 month ago)
What this song ?
YouTube Music (1 month ago)
╔►Game: Counter Strike 1.6 ╠►Name: [CSGaming] Zombie plague ╠►IP: ╚►Owner: Dead Pool -.- & M[A]Tr!!x & RuSsi ╠►1xBOOST = 15 Days VIP+Hammer+5k AP+Zombie class.. ╠►2xBOOST = 30 Days VIP+Hammer+Zombie Class+10k AP!
clach trol (1 month ago)
Aim plaz in counter strike1.6
clach trol (1 month ago)
Aim plaz
clach trol (1 month ago)
And knife?
Marko Mladenovski (2 months ago)
Da you really get meda fast ap or are you admin?
Beka Span (3 months ago)
a thanks
Todoroki Shouto (3 months ago)
Amazing broh ;)
Hammy Tube (3 months ago)
My friend your vidéo its owesom but next vidéos add game sond ok
counter strike (4 months ago)
my server
Memka Tv (4 months ago)
Дай Свой Вк
Nathaniel Ngaragassa (1 month ago)
Hello you world Rusia
good nice
FUCK LAG (5 months ago)
i love you
Gf Tit (5 months ago)
Давай ещё что нибудь
ExTelite Bro (5 months ago)
Noob learn to play without infection bombs and other extra items
Daniel Enco (5 months ago)
por q se me sale el juego
Black Avataria (5 months ago)
SpootLight (5 months ago)
tehmina bashir (6 months ago)
hi I wanna Buy This Server vip?
Braian Zinna (6 months ago)
florin ioan (6 months ago)
Adrian Stan (6 months ago)
E tare jocul
waseem zaidi (7 months ago)
Very cool counter strike zombie game
waseem zaidi (7 months ago)
Download link not my game is counter strike is zombie $$$$
AlexINFINIT INFINIT (7 months ago)
Cool and cood
Cvoid13 Toxi (7 months ago)
give me Co_Owner pls
SimoX (8 months ago)
Norbert Nikiel (2 days ago)
gg nice
AlexINFINIT INFINIT (7 months ago)
SimoX GameR giod

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