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CS:GO - Cloud9 vs. fnatic [Dust2] - ESL ESEA Pro League Finals - Grand Finals Map 4

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The ESL ESEA Pro League features the best teams from Europe and North America competing for their share of a prize pool totaling $1,000,000! See more Counter-Strike matches here https://www.youtube.com/user/esltv/playlists?view=50&sort=dd&shelf_id=62 For more information, visit http://pro.eslgaming.com/csgo/proleague/ Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates! http://www.twitter.com/esl http://www.facebook.com/esl theScore eSports is your destination for full live scoring, stats and news for CS:GO! Real-time scores, standings, stats and leaders for CS:GO at ESL ESEA Pro League and every major CS:GO league & tournament. Combined with our breaking news and detailed push alerts, theScore eSports has your CS:GO needs covered, along with every other major game, including LOL, Dota, SCII and Hearthstone. Get it NOW from the App Store and Google Play at http://thesco.re/esportsprolg4
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Text Comments (1114)
EpicFailFTW (2 days ago)
Aimlock Vs aimlock
One Classy Cookie (19 days ago)
It always annoys me when the spectators have wall hacks, because sometimes two people are on other sides of a smoke, you’re like “why aren’t you shooting him he’s right there”
Vivek Acharya Chetri (29 days ago)
Topher J (1 month ago)
128 tick is a beautiful thing
The Wolves (1 month ago)
Flush a is hacking
Bui Quan (1 month ago)
Turtle (1 month ago)
17:40 whenever the shot happens, its a quick scope, not a no-scope.
Jiří Jacko (1 month ago)
la banane folle (1 month ago)
fnatic is the best team i 've ever seen
sammi (2 months ago)
i didn't know pro csgo players camp so much, btw i miss the old gun sounds
MR devil (2 months ago)
Ca somebody tell why they start with knifes in the start i am serious
Ryan Sodhi (3 months ago)
How much do I miss this fanatic!!
Whip's Place (3 months ago)
Shroud is too good fr
EBG LORD OF ENDER (4 months ago)
Nooo my 2nd fav team loss
Reena Singh (4 months ago)
Why do I feel I can play better than Cloud9...(only this vid included)
Dragonxp1 (4 months ago)
Is it just me or does the caster at the middle left look like John Oliver?
Tunay Kulbaş (4 months ago)
*2018 :(*
Cole Curtis (5 months ago)
the 4K with the scout @shroud
Dark Voyager (5 months ago)
Why did olof and pronax leave
Akash3d (4 months ago)
Kuai - Liang olof's ego is the cause
Sir Pookstir (5 months ago)
廖冠昀 (6 months ago)
Shroud 1vs5 ?
Maxim Shemet (6 months ago)
DoughnutGaming 74 (7 months ago)
1mil for touching certain buttons, shooting and coming in strong. Sounds like my evening in the bedroom. why don't I get paid?
Alex Futryk (7 months ago)
cloud 9 major champions
como se juea en online
Mustafa Düzyol (7 months ago)
13:53 he look at a women :D
Mustafa Düzyol (7 months ago)
13:54 SORRY
Brandon McAfee (7 months ago)
Why does fntc buy helmet when they know that t has ak's??
Fangamer Forever677 (8 months ago)
even the c4 is visible...other wise cts gets sucked when c4 is hidden by ts
shagadelic3000 (4 months ago)
wat? c4 is visible for the audience only, bruh
Fangamer Forever677 (8 months ago)
cs go is a sense less game....whats the use of sg grenade when u can view opponent on the other side.....cs1.6 is still better
Kaz The Gamer (8 months ago)
Fnatic - “Teh King of Comebacks”
SomeKid Games (8 months ago)
If cloud 9 losses. It’s a dumb game. Why would we want to see others win...
Spudley Spud (8 months ago)
Lichtjahr (8 months ago)
35:22 packing a fat lip for the boys
Zeb (8 months ago)
skadoddle more like skanoddle
FreshFruit (8 months ago)
some people says my plays in awp r like guardiaN sometimes some says my plays r like super amazing for an unranked guy
Bill Devo (8 months ago)
Was in full screen, kept clicking to try and switch player view.
Scoredgalaxy 596 (9 months ago)
I am going to make it into cloud9
Stealth Zekee (9 months ago)
Nothing can beat cloud 9 😉😉😉
Jelena Culum (9 months ago)
Jelena Culum (9 months ago)
Aqw Alpha Dragons (9 months ago)
35:47 n0thing is like hey shroud . And shroud is dead serious
Memes never die Dank (9 months ago)
I hate fnatic
Gary Zhang (10 months ago)
Anyone watching in 2017?
Ahmed Al Memar (10 months ago)
Rip shroud 😥😥😥
DubTap OFFICIAL (10 months ago)
Fnatic is My favorite team But my favorite players are in Cloud9
viinakaljabisse22 (10 months ago)
That skadoodle shot wasn't even noscope, blind casters :ddddddd
GK Royal Flush (1 year ago)
Had to come back and watch this, I fucking miss Dust 2 being in rotation bro.
muhammad kashan (1 year ago)
ThunderA fl1ck (1 year ago)
it is Shroud9 in an other word
Fnatic ftw
Michael Stewart (1 year ago)
the usernames crack me up when the talker guys say them "skadoodle"- i wonder how funny it is when u get user names like tiddyfak etc
Salty Jack (1 year ago)
R.I.P Cloud9
Salty Jack (1 year ago)
Is the audio lagging for anyone else at parts?
Lil Knulla (1 year ago)
bet you if those casters were ranked they'd be like nova 2😂😂😂
CheesebagMLG (1 year ago)
this is exactly like warriors vs Cavs in csgo hhahah
lyka balduman (1 year ago)
im a fan of cloud 9 and the cloud 9 chocolate bar
War Nuts (1 year ago)
I miss source...
keaton Crouch (1 year ago)
comment 667 no 666
K Stroup (1 year ago)
every one's pictures are normal and then there is FREAKAZOID
Olof Meister (1 year ago)
1:09:12 music from Strike Force Heroes 2 LOL
Emery (1 year ago)
I am new to this game and I have no fucking idea what they are doing...
flaming stone (1 year ago)
Whenever they say skedoodle I laugh. Just a funny name to say so seriously lmao
Danny Furse (1 year ago)
finatic silver?
fight win (1 year ago)
Where's Stewie2k
Там Кримс снафом потом половины закинулся!:D
Berk Can Everded (1 year ago)
where is stewie btw?
Putin (6 months ago)
are you serious
Limp Wibbler (1 year ago)
Ohhh, I like Cloud 9. Well, not really. I like shroud.
Jay (1 year ago)
i hate the name skadoodle
Animesh Messra (1 year ago)
Flusha is a fucking cheater
Hayden_Playz 11 (1 year ago)
Shroud 9 he is the only good player in cloud 9
Hayden_Playz 11 (1 year ago)
what was final score
Matthew Eastwood (1 year ago)
How do you do that flash thing at 9:50 The timer
Matthew Eastwood (1 year ago)
iTz Bato oh ok but then sometimes when you spectate you still get blinded and sometimes not Ok thanks
iTz Bato (1 year ago)
Matthew Eastwood lol u can't only spectators can s e that
HappyWheelsGamer (1 year ago)
35:18 wow what an idiot
HappyWheelsGamer (1 year ago)
35:18 wow what an idiot
Josef Passaglia (1 year ago)
35:24 rip
Putri Ramadhani (1 year ago)
Nice video guys
Vili Perše (1 year ago)
Goddess (1 year ago)
insane matchup
ove hamnström (1 year ago)
hhunger gam (1 year ago)
1:19:01 thank me later
SmittenwithKittens (1 year ago)
The snaggletooth guy on c9 is goofy af
-Tare - (1 year ago)
they lost because flusha=hacks
KrakenStinks (1 year ago)
who won?
э стопе
Dev Babbar (1 year ago)
Fnatic always comes back with the biggest comebacks in the history of cs go. Ex- DH fnatic vs LDLC overpass, Esl one cologne D2 2015 vs envyus finals, here.
Lord of Banana (1 year ago)
I love CS:GO, i like watching an amazing round play out bit for some reason i always hated this kind of format with commentators, shots of the players in between rounds and that whole "high budget production" feel in general. I revisited because i wanted to see a good match and i just cant watch it
MyNameIsWave (1 year ago)
36:25 aww
Gema Pratama A (1 year ago)
comeback and then win in overpass vs LDLC Comeback and then win vs EnVyUs and this
Gema Pratama A (1 year ago)
comeback and then win in overpass vs LDLC Comeback and then win vs EnVyUs and this
Davis Whittier (1 year ago)
choke c9
Gracjanos (1 year ago)
18:02 What was that shroud??
Gogsley (1 year ago)
Wait, how many rounds is overtime?
demir toner (1 year ago)
Fnatic was just too good
Michael Hirschowitz (1 year ago)
And now they suck
koutsoupas (1 year ago)
You should recruit WAROWL!... He is way better in casting than your casters!....
Sohel Fazal (1 year ago)
1:10:00 Olof deleting installed hacks from mouse drivers.
Sohel Fazal (1 year ago)
13:18 FLUSHA'S AIMLOCK. See for yourself.
YesOrDie (1 year ago)
lol the fake laugh at '26'10
Darman0430 (1 year ago)
Y'know. When Cloud9 is up 12 to 5, but there's still an hour or so left in the video, it really kinda spoils it.

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