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Clash Of Clans Best Townhall 9 Attack Strategies | Top 5 Clash Of Clans Clan Wars Armies

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Clash Of Clans Best Townhall 9 Attack Strategies | Top 5 Clash Of Clans Clan Wars Armies For Townhall Level 9 / Showcasing Attack And Defense Strategies On Townhall 9 / But Can Also Be Used For Townhall 8 And Townhall 10 Attacks Top 5: Hogriders Lava-loonion (Lava Hound + Balloonion) Dragons (Variation: Dragoon) GoWiWi (Golems Wizards Witches) GoWiPe (Golems Wizards PEKKAs) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get FREE GEMS! (Works Internationally!) Featurepoints Website: http://featu.re/GAN Featurepoints Referral Code: GAN FreeMyApps referral Link (open link on your mobile device/tablet: via Safari on iPhone or on Android Device - opening on computer won't work): http://bit.ly/clashongan AppNana Website: http://home.mapiz.com/ AppNana Referral Code - C2315350 AppBounty Website: http://appbounty.net/desktop/pages/home AppBounty Referral Code - kzhsptg ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--- ClashOnGan T-Shirts! http://clashongan.spreadshirt.com/ (First 25 people to purchase a shirt will get a signed, personalized note from me, a base review on my livestream, and a shoutout in my next Youtube video!) *Must send order confirmations to: clashongan@gmail.com T-shirt Designed by: 1) @Clashtips101: twitch.tv/Whitela 2) Brandon Dunn: http://imdrunkontea.deviantart.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Clash of Clans! Clash of Clans is an epic combat strategy game. Build your village, train your troops and battle with millions of other players online! Forge a powerful Clan with other players and crush enemy clans in clan wars. Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combat. Raise an army of Barbarians, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a Clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step - your quest isn't over until your clan reigns supreme over all others! = FEATURES = - FREE TO PLAY - Build your village into a unbeatable fortress - Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies - Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan - Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars - 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades - Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements - Defend your village with Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls - Fight against the Goblin King in an epic campaign through the realm Category: Games Updated: Nov 05, 2014 Version: 6.322.3 Size: 52.9 MB Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Seller: Supercell Oy © 2012 Supercell Rated 9+ for the following: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE ON TWITCH (Subscribers on Twitch gain exclusive access to priority base reviews on the stream, live clan visits, as well as custom chat emotes): Link to subscribe on Twitch for $4.99 / month: https://secure.twitch.tv/products/clashongan/ticket/new?ref=below_video_subscribe_button Follow me on twitch.tv for awesome Livestream Content! http://www.twitch.tv/clashongan/profile ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Social Media: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ClashOnGan Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ClashOnGan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Intro clip created by MrMeytech: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMeyTech1 Wizard created by Brandon Dunn: http://imdrunkontea.deviantart.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Background Intro Music: Artist: Spektrem (https://soundcloud.com/spektrem) Track: Shine Source: http://dropify.com/l/jlC (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4tK7LYFxI0) License: Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Background Outtro Music: Artist: Kevin MacLeod Track: Ouroboros Source:(incompetech.com) License: Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (378)
Maki ́s gaming (8 days ago)
Devendra Sharma (1 month ago)
Lol all bases full rush level 1 air defence 😂😂😂😂😂
anmol chahal (1 month ago)
th 9 gowiwi-14 wiz and 3 golems and 3 witches and 12 archers with 4 giants with one jump spell and 2 healing and one rage and one freez spell
Ansh Soni (3 months ago)
Video is outdated now
Sanjay Gaikar (3 months ago)
Th 9 and gowipe
_Sabathia _ (3 months ago)
Most of the time they used maxed heroes that they've gemed also
Energricity (4 months ago)
I am attacling with 220 barbarians and heroes, and jump spells😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣
Taniya Saini (5 months ago)
Aamir Ajmeri (5 months ago)
Muje war ke lai
Blazing Souls (7 months ago)
I recommend gowipe and lavaloonion as in th9 you're gonna get a lot of De so it's not a problem
Janhavi Janu (7 months ago)
Good video. 3rd one was best
Kael Tappan (10 months ago)
Town Hall 9 19 archers 3 healers 3 p.e.k.k.a's 8 valkeries 3 rage 1 heal 1 poison long story short The Queen Walk
jeffrey alan (11 months ago)
Th9 2 lava hound 28 loons 15 minions and a lava hound in the cc with poison and 4 rage 1 haste... Get pwned
Murrat Sir SilmazZ (1 year ago)
25wiz. 15 gaints. 1 pekka. 1 healer. 2 healing spell and 2 rag spell. Is more best than your first attack
Ramita Goyal (1 year ago)
worst army combo......my army is much better than yours worst army
Brian Dulaney (1 year ago)
Th9 this is a good attack combo to raid I like to call "GIVAPEW" with 4 quakes "counting cc spell" & 3 heals.. or 2 heal 1 rage... To war use GOVAPEW.. For those that doesn't get the abbreviations.. here... lol.. "giants valks pekkas wizards.." war sub giants for golems
Nandkishor Pawar (10 months ago)
Brian Dulaney good
Juneid Mulani (1 year ago)
Th9 player use this army you will never defeate 2 golems 3 pekka 16 wiz 4 wall breacker all max lev with 3 healing and 3 earth spell to burst tight walls near town hall cc troops are 7 wiz and 1 earth that will make you go to eazy way to titan league
union gamer 007 (1 year ago)
I th 9 my best army gowiva 1 GOLEM 12 valkyries 12 wizzies 5 minions 1 hog and in clan castle a GOLEM it is awesome strategy
union gamer 007 (1 year ago)
I th 9 my best army gowiva 1 GOLEM 12 valkyries 12 wizzies 5 minions 1 hog and in clan castle a GOLEM it is awesome strategy
*-_Moon_ _Gaming_-* (1 year ago)
I just got a lvl 9 town hall...=_=
Xmodderzz 922 (1 year ago)
town howl 9
Christopher Berrow (1 year ago)
how did u record ur screen / phone or iPad with an app and what is it called
YELLOW me (1 year ago)
Th 9 Army 7 drags n 11 hogs 2 healing n 1 rage spellI use the hog to destroy the air defense the I release the the drags
Mustafa Khalil (1 year ago)
Man your attacks are not bringing that damage plus you are attacking weak townhall 9 bases you can't get 3 stars with these attacks
Tshering Dendup (1 year ago)
My townhall is 9I like using gowipe and lava loons
I Rock at Gaming (1 year ago)
I am watching this in 2017. Horrible that those army failed to 3* rushed th9s. Gowipe is good. But currently gowiwi and gowiva is the best for war in th9. And lavaloon doesn't have surity to 3★ always.
ADITYA JAMWAL (1 year ago)
i'm town hall 9 best strategy is gowaho and gowava with valks..
ESC (1 year ago)
what does the wa stand for?
MonkeyHW (1 year ago)
TH9 For the base: Govawi For the loot: Giant and Archers Air Raid: Loonion
Harsh Srivastava (1 year ago)
really bad strats
I_ Am_ Batman (1 year ago)
i am town hall 2 what should i use :(
Aman Jha (1 year ago)
Bhai Mt kiya kr tu video upload..
Rubys zzel (1 year ago)
thank you for your strategy . now i get looting have been little easily . thank you ^_^
SUBCRIBE Me (1 year ago)
Th9 and gowipe
Brent Borja (1 year ago)
has anyone noticed it?
Brent Borja (1 year ago)
hi, I wonder what is that voice and what does it say right when the countdown starts when someone is attacking my townhall?!!
gore 181 (1 year ago)
th8 gowipe
Michal Rankin (1 year ago)
th 8 : GoHo or GoVaBo
Mohamed Imran (2 years ago)
My fav has to be Lava loonion
Evan Bailey (2 years ago)
Join my clan bow'n head
Evan Bailey (2 years ago)
Govslkhogs town hall 9
Trenton Gober (2 years ago)
th 9 GoWiPe
lisa defalco (2 years ago)
My village is lvl 9 and I LOVE the #1 attack
NA Clash (2 years ago)
check out my defence against mass lvl5 hogs, and mass lvl4 valq. on my channel. th9 base strategy
Tito Recks (2 years ago)
Th9 Go Wipe
WaprGod YT (2 years ago)
I have 4 accounts
WaprGod YT (2 years ago)
Th8 Giho
WaprGod YT (2 years ago)
Th10 Valk attack
WaprGod YT (2 years ago)
Th11 Lavaloonion
WaprGod YT (2 years ago)
Th5-6 Barch
Jumah YT (2 years ago)
David Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Actually for your number one I have modified it so that it can be way way more efficient and powerful.Simply replace the pekkas with valkries.That is more effective and lasting.
Aaron Gorge (2 years ago)
Th8 my army 3 pekkas 2 golems 11 wizards 👍
Eddie Lynch (2 years ago)
I've been using GoWiPe for th9 it's been very successful for me, but when in war against a high lv th9 it only gives 2 stars.. I need a new alternative!! any suggestions
Ebrahim Kazmi (2 years ago)
Giants healers wizards and wall breakers
dion earle (2 years ago)
stay clashy no trashy keep on clashing on
Brandon farris (2 years ago)
I like using for basically any town hall lv is pekkas, Wizards, and healers. Normally I get about 2 stars per attack
thechemicals (2 years ago)
lmao troll video fuck u
Nathan Reynolds (2 years ago)
TH9 Barchwiz
Edouqrd (2 years ago)
im th 10 and I use GoWiPe all the time
Stanley342 Y (2 years ago)
Army comp: 12 giants, 14 wizards, 9 wall breakers, 31 archers, and 30 barbarians.
Stanley342 Y (2 years ago)
TH 7 favorite army is giants + wizards
Zak Cullen (2 years ago)
that spektrum intro doe
McMarviTV (2 years ago)
Alittle of everything
john ridley (2 years ago)
I am th9 and I use GoWIWIPE it rlly works but costs way too much
The Bat Cat Rat (2 years ago)
Actually, in war you can just adjust your attack for a special target. Good protected/level air defence? - Pekka strategy and go on like that.
The Bat Cat Rat (2 years ago)
You can do the same in normal attack, but you have to found a base without stuff which kills your troops. Kinda like the same thing.
Eric Etherington (2 years ago)
And he didn't three star one time
andrew staton (2 years ago)
thank you soo much for making this video this helped me alot for attacking
Stanley342 Y (2 years ago)
+andrew staton it probably didnt
Matthew Trowell (2 years ago)
for me this works best: archers (15) remove buildings next to walk were u r ataking. then deploy golem and 5 drags and pekka. rage spell, healing, deploy hogs (8) near rage spell watch and put healing spell where ever and then use bk and aq
Gulle (2 years ago)
Im th9 and my favorite Attack strategy is giants healer and wizards
SuperGamingYT (2 years ago)
im th 8.5 i use gowipe
Music man (2 years ago)
Boho btw (th9)
Music man (2 years ago)
Boho btw (th9)
Agnibho Das (2 years ago)
Sorry, these were weak strategies executed against rushed bases. These wont work against max th9's😒
Stanley342 Y (2 years ago)
+Agnibho Das I know, gowipe is bad in war, use golaloon
rudi abraham (2 years ago)
im town hall 6 and I use 3 healers and the rest barbarians
Martin Mendoza (2 years ago)
Martin Mendoza (2 years ago)
i also use GOWIPE
waiyip po (2 years ago)
man..... those base you attacked were suck.... way too easy for 3stars. I'm sorry but this is not helping
Game Raider (2 years ago)
1 golem 15 wizards 1 healer 3 pekkas and 1 WITCH and rest archers to take out cc
swag money (3 years ago)
9 and mass dragons
Blood of An Eagle (3 years ago)
This was absolute shit, all three, i used them and it failed me ffs, does anyone know any GOOD strategy expect shitty ones like these
Mohinder Singh (3 years ago)
Yuhuuu......!! I've been using this simple trick for the last few days and it still gives me free 14k of gems everyday https://www.facebook.com/177990312546255/photos/a.178042275874392.1073741828.177990312546255/178044279207525/?type=3 Fu # Cking Awesome Clash Of Clans Best Townhall 9 Attack Strategies | Top 5 Clash Of Clans Clan Wars Armies
Generic (3 years ago)
Mine is Gi WiPe Giants Wizards P.EKA.S
Yiṣḥāq David (3 years ago)
11 + CC so 12 dragons straight up 4 rage, 1 poison
Mohinder Singh (3 years ago)
nice video, but did you know the fact that you can get free gems without jailbreak or rooting your device? i've been using this simple trick for the last few days and it still gives me free 999999 gems everyday https://www.facebook.com/177990312546255/photos/a.178042275874392.1073741828.177990312546255/178044302540856/?type=3 Clash Of Clans Best Townhall 9 Attack Strategies | Top 5 Clash Of Clans Clan Wars Armies
Sean Bolton (3 years ago)
I'm level 9 TH and I usually use 14 hogs and 7 dragons. I lure the clan castle out and then use my heros to tank and send in hog riders with heal spells behind them close to the air defense. Then I deploy my dragons fanned out to do max damage. Usually I 3 star level 8 TH
Nick Schepes (3 years ago)
I prefer lavaloonion with queen healer
Anoop anu (3 years ago)
Hello Guys . I just tried this generator to get 93,333 gems in COC and it works! >> https://plus.google.com/104062209975732132241/posts/YQ8zWEJiVCR
Julian Mersch (3 years ago)
im at town hall 9 and i´m using 2golems (lvl 2) 24 mages, 2 pekka, 6 walbreaker, 2 archers, one pekka lvl 5 (cc), two heal one rage one jump and posion spell. its pretty much op :D
Dylan Ricker (3 years ago)
should be renamed... "How to barely two star terribly rushed bases"
Kush Idnani (3 years ago)
GoWiPe is epic!!! i have a th8 combination 20 giants, 12 wizards, 2 healers and rest archers 2heal spells and 1 rage works well
Ben Jonas (3 years ago)
th9 mass dragons
lukecostica (3 years ago)
th9 gowipe
jhake pobre (3 years ago)
th8/th9 HOGOWI ., Hogs/Golem/Wizz ., CC = HOGS
Paul Horton (3 years ago)
th9 im too goog
OWEN Relander (3 years ago)
Town Hall 7 And Favorite Attack Strategy is Dragons Or Barbarians And Archers
Omar Huzayen (3 years ago)
best army for th9 2 golem 2 pekka 24 wizzard 7 wall breaker golem in clan castle 2 heal spell 1 rage spell 1 jump spell
Mason Boyles (3 years ago)
I'm a close too max Th 9 and my favorite War Attack Is The Pentaloonian!
remopavithran 123 (3 years ago)
th9 gowipe
Debu Dhar (3 years ago)
th9 golaloon golems+wizards+lava hounds+balloons
Sam Kay (3 years ago)
Th9 baloonion
Brandon Andrews (3 years ago)
And #1
Brandon Andrews (3 years ago)
W3LSH PL4Y3R (3 years ago)
TH7 Giants,Wizards and a Rage and Heal spells

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