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How lack of sleep affects your CS:GO or LoL training 🎮 MGTV 5

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Moo5tar (2 years ago)
asmr videos are really helpful for sleep.
Derrick Tom (3 years ago)
Really enjoy your vids man. I'm learning alot, like this sleep video and the tilting one
MindGames Weldon (3 years ago)
+Derrick Tom Thanks!
Lorenzo Costa Jung (3 years ago)
Sorry if I didn't pay enough attention. How many hours of sleep do you recommend for someone looking to train in e-sports?
MindGames Weldon (3 years ago)
+Lorenzo Costa Jung It depends on how much sleep you need.
Ryan Menezes (3 years ago)
Do you have an opinion on Seattle's decision to run a pass in the superbowl game instead of a run? Is there something sports psychology can give insight into that decision
Stelios P (3 years ago)
I would be really interested to see what the outcome of you working with forg1ven would be. Keep up the great work.
Good job for uploading so many videos!! Great Quality too!

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