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How to install maps to Counter Strike Source

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This is a guide how you can get your .bsp files (maps) in to counter strike source. / LooxLMC My website http://looxlmc.co.cc/ My flicker http://www.flickr.com/photos/52697147@N08/sets/ My Last map http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/139847
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Text Comments (12)
Royce the Arctic Fox (4 years ago)
if i cant find css in my account name's folder but i still have the game, then what do i do?
Vox box (4 years ago)
subscribe me and add me on face book Aamir sookraj please
Thykevsner (4 years ago)
I wonder whats wrong with my computer, i entered my accont name and i cant find Css i can only find one game and that is tf2
GametXM 8 (5 years ago)
i'm already have steam account but it still won't come up.would you help me?
Karl Feldt (5 years ago)
The username folder, is the a folder named after your steam username.
GametXM 8 (5 years ago)
[please reply] is that username folder appears it self or it made by yourself?
marvel umboh (5 years ago)
im don't have a '' Dator '' button in windows '' start '' so is there any way to install the map in other ways please answer my question
Sebastian (6 years ago)
Thank you!
Prof.Mokster57 (6 years ago)
i install a map load it but failed can anyone help me?
Pilot 1365 (6 years ago)
@LooxZtation well i fixed my old problem but now i have an engine error how do you fix the engine error.
Pilot 1365 (6 years ago)
Dude I need help! After I installed my map and strated playing my map it has this wierd error. The error starts when i choose the map as as where i'm battle. It has Big Red Words that say ERROR please help. And please reply fast.
Vash the Shell Bullet (7 years ago)
good vid and you have a very good taste in music

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