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Thanks For Watching .... __________________________________________________ INSTAGRAM :- https://www.instagram.com/ganesh_______xx/ Don't forget to like this video and subscribe for more videos like this... __________________________________________________ Clash Of Clans :- Category: Games Updated: 10 June 2014 Version: 6.108.5 Size: 53.3 MB Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Developer: Supercell Oy 2012 Supercell Rated 9+ for the following: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone .
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Text Comments (327)
ChandradeepSinh Parmar (37 minutes ago)
Sunny Joshi (3 hours ago)
Hey guys it works!the like button and subscribe button works!!!!
Tøbî (6 hours ago)
Without cc troops u cant 3 star them 😑
Mio Wen (17 hours ago)
I use Giants, wizards and healspells
its yousif (1 day ago)
Thank you so much bro ❤
The_TerminatorJW (5 days ago)
First one is very costly
Amir Jung rayamajhi (5 days ago)
U can use max hog for defence it is the best and beast man
Redstone Engineer (7 days ago)
You didn't check cc troops
Amirtham Dinesh (7 days ago)
CCM HDD count badness I will industry and she said it goddess encoded with f fifth disk Sid hehehehe you handshaking and vdhhhwhauw
SainTGaming YT (8 days ago)
love the 2nd attack strategy
Roberto Cardozo (8 days ago)
Quick analysis The cost of the first army its too expensive 305 000 of elixir, and he wins only 81 841 of elixir. The second attack was the best, low cost army and the reward was pretty good. The third attack expensive army 700 of black elixir and 70 of reward.
Any Time Any Thing (8 days ago)
Agar samne vale Ka air base 5level Ka Hoga or minion ko chode ge to hear jayenge
DreemMaster Bg (8 days ago)
Качество кашон
MR. CHIDORI (10 days ago)
really nigga thats is easy attack
FUNNY VIDEOS (10 days ago)
I think. 9 dragon. Rest. Archer. And. 3. Lighting spell. And. In cc. 4 max giant. Is best. Because I. Use. This. Strategy and I m. In. Crystals 1 league
Rina Rajbhandari (11 days ago)
wow timro video dami xa
Baka Prase (11 days ago)
4:53 you basiclly attacked the worst base ever.. thats not a good example
Amalendu Roy (12 days ago)
Top player no 4
Amalendu Roy (12 days ago)
My th is 12 max
Suresh .c (13 days ago)
How we spend 700 dark elixir
Adam Alex (20 days ago)
giant + archer + wizards + healing + rage spell = 50%-100%
Fleming Brahmbhatt (20 days ago)
0:40 u suck bruh u can able to destroy both of those air defences
Clash With Empire (20 days ago)
2nd is best
fake despacito (20 days ago)
Fucking retard you won with your CC troop dumbass
Austin Roberts (20 days ago)
Doesn’t work very well for me because I’m a th7 in crystal
ghar singh (20 days ago)
Wonderful game
Chumesh Thakur (20 days ago)
Osmm video 📷 📷
Pokemon Gladiator (23 days ago)
Sir your army numbers are not visible please write that in the despcription
basic info (25 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Rmm7zWIxw9o see this
justin bieber (25 days ago)
3 strategy was bad because minions are trained in dark elixir and we will mostly loot dark elixir from others so it is a bad strategy
blazing inc (26 days ago)
Tripuresh Mishra (26 days ago)
TH 6
Erturan Gaming (27 days ago)
Wow It Is Wery Good Video! I Like It
Rakesh Kumar (27 days ago)
Hii guys join in this clan #QCUV9Q9J for making best
Zexs Playz (28 days ago)
My Attack Strategy TH 7 With : 35 Barbar 40 Archer 25 Giant 3 Healing Spell
Chun chun chettri (29 days ago)
that is a rush th 8
dhananjay kumar (30 days ago)
It is not useful for my any account, Because my one account is on th 8 and 2nd is on th 9,both are maxed.
aksh kashyap (30 days ago)
Are u a fool. We always have to attack in the opposite side of air sweeper
Avdhut Ombase (1 month ago)
Bro do attack without cc troops........Dare.......😎
Ashish Ashish (1 month ago)
all vedios are fake
Randy Ones (1 month ago)
So we need to use a donated troops to get 3 stars.. is there any better strategy without using donated troops?
Krrish Maheshwari (1 month ago)
Minion attack base is very very weak bro but g ood video first 2 attacks are soo to much yood
Thuan Nguyen Duc (1 month ago)
Cây quạt để đó mà thả kiểu đó cũng quay clip não mày có vấn đề à ???
Young Devil COC (1 month ago)
minions were the best
Asma Assadulla (1 month ago)
Plzzz come in our clan bro
Ibrahim khan (1 month ago)
What a strategy isliye tu silver me he 👍👍 keep it up
Rumesh Tembhare (1 month ago)
Stop I uses the second troups train my hastak yr22y8uco
Brick Bank (1 month ago)
Who else try’s to move around like they’re playing.
clowe73 (1 month ago)
These attack don’t have any enemy cc troops. If they did, you would have failed, and they don’t make good farming raids, to costly.
Niklas solla (1 month ago)
clowe73 if you wanna farm use goblins
Cann0nball06 (1 month ago)
You can't use clan troops in this type of vidio
Tøbî (1 month ago)
Without cc troops u can't 3star these bases + CC troops are strong 😑
Allu O PlayZ (1 month ago)
First song
gameplay Dani (1 month ago)
I cant believe I found this just now for Clash of Clans: https://extragems.com/ It really works! (2DIfgt)
Yashit Mehta (1 month ago)
Chain Singh (1 month ago)
rishabh mapwal (1 month ago)
Nice I'm th7
rounok adhikary (1 month ago)
99% 1 star🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eren Calamiong (1 month ago)
i was pressing the return home button and I realized that I was watching coc 😂
Treshi Gt (1 month ago)
wat screen recored did u use?
METİN GaMEs (1 month ago)
*TH8* *1+*
Pratik Rathod (1 month ago)
I have to join your clan
hack games world (1 month ago)
2 earthquake speel can break the rockets
all category channel (1 month ago)
Nice trick
Rishikesh Ji (1 month ago)
Really its amazing.. Thanks for sharing...
I use a giant and wizard before I watched this vid lol
T WORLD (1 month ago)
are you from odisha which distric
CLASH WITH War Hero (1 month ago)
I won match against my friend by 2 strategy 😂😂😂😊😂😊
A Stapovich (1 month ago)
Dont see any enemy cc troops. Meh
David Gonzales (1 month ago)
I doubt those are the top attack strategies i could do the same with my barbs wizzards and giants.
Ashwani soni (1 month ago)
Sunil Pareek (2 months ago)
Spyetsicle (2 months ago)
Holy shit dude, add in the arrows in an editing software cause this is annoying as shit to watch
Assad Ulla (2 months ago)
Thanks 6 strategy bro
Nahin Hridoy (2 months ago)
You are not used to dragon attack I think bcoz you have to attack behind the sweeper
Tejas Indani (2 months ago)
Awesome Video Ganesh Your Father
aparajita mishra (2 months ago)
Aare ganesa tu odisha ru ke?? Jadi odisha ru tahale mote subscribe Kare bu hela. Mo channel na hela -PIYUSH MISHRA THE HARD CORE GAMER..
jerry avalos (2 months ago)
Hes not town hall7. Im th7 and i can't upgarde my army camps until th9. Hes carry capacity is 200 mine is 150.
Amit Kumar (2 months ago)
Zuhaib Ansari Mohd (2 months ago)
i m in champion with 9 drag 10 minions 3 lightning
TPS GAMING (13 days ago)
i am pushing in th7 and my league is master 3 Edit: master 1
TPS GAMING (1 month ago)
give me ur tag
Daniel Catolico (2 months ago)
Your so tumb they know how to use armies like that
Shinwari afg (2 months ago)
Music name?
Game World Of Piero ! (2 months ago)
The First One Was Very Usefull + it was against th8 ! the second one was also usefull but doesnt work with all kind of bases only 50/50 And The third one was Totally Horrible couse you was against a noob and almost didnt get a 3 star couse of the position of the rage spell . (The base was rushed ! ) But Great Video tho ...
NooB PlayeR (2 months ago)
But I still use barbarian archer
ravi Kumar (2 months ago)
Nice video bro
FinntheHuman 139 (2 months ago)
My strategy is 10 dragons 1 rage and 2 ligthning
Carmen Meza (2 months ago)
That first attack was horrible
sarita bhatt (2 months ago)
So many pauses (stop)
Ridwan Firdoos (2 months ago)
very best
Ana shosha (2 months ago)
Any body town hall7 like 😍😍
iHaIIoween Gaming (2 months ago)
In the first. He could just Lightning those 2 Sticked Air Defense (Whaaaaat)
single garu ji (2 months ago)
dogy sala mc bc
Wang Kai (2 months ago)
Joey Christian (2 months ago)
A Allen john (2 months ago)
But iam in golden leage 1, does this idea work in th7 max bases like me ?
Rogue (2 months ago)
chhabragaurav Chhabra (2 months ago)
2nd one OMG it increased my legue from silver 3 to gold 2
Jasdeep Madhak (2 months ago)
Great bai
Ravindra Thul (2 months ago)
1 so expensive plz change it
Please send the. Video coc how to convert elixer to dark elixer
Nels Nels (2 months ago)
You're over doing it with drawing stuff, it's to excessive

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