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Text Comments (81)
Evan Harveston (1 year ago)
what game is this
Kamil Khan (3 years ago)
first of all this aint a third person shooter and there are no 10 upcoming games shown in this video so please be careful before typing the name
BossCarGaming (3 years ago)
watch dos SUCKS BALLS!!!
MajorLaugher (3 years ago)
wat game is he playing
Darkshadow123 4 (2 years ago)
+Bama Hater np
MajorLaugher (2 years ago)
Darkshadow123 4 (2 years ago)
Cod ghost
David Osama (3 years ago)
I don't think so....
rich ricosam (3 years ago)
black ops3 i s a game all people waiting for.
Makapaka (3 years ago)
It's also a cod game, hence you must mean kids.
Kenny Mcgann (3 years ago)
This video has so many issues... Two of the spots weren't even confirmed games, and most of the spots were wrong, except for #1
Kenny Mcgann (3 years ago)
You weren't interested in Black ops II multiplayer?
Wil Tucker (3 years ago)
What was the game you were playing
husam allouni (3 years ago)
What's the weapon that he is using and what's his loadout ??
Ninja-Skillz (3 years ago)
It's the DLC maverick on cod ghosts
TheMinecraftKnight (3 years ago)
xbox one sucks
Chris White (3 years ago)
says he does not want to blab on, then blabs on for over a minute
DCUOffending Habits (3 years ago)
do a video on all 3rd person shooter so far for PS4 please :)
Anthony Sciacca (3 years ago)
Black ops 3
f (3 years ago)
I like all the games too
C Jack (3 years ago)
dude talks on and on ............ jesus
Victor Grandy (3 years ago)
" I feel like cods the same thing every year" really!?!?!!!??
Brian Isley (3 years ago)
What's the name of the beat playing in the intro?
Marko Menard (3 years ago)
what game is he playing pls
Saifman360 (3 years ago)
Your welcome
Marko Menard (3 years ago)
+Saif Al-Rekabi thanks
Saifman360 (3 years ago)
Call of duty:Ghosts
James Thomson (3 years ago)
watchdogs. destiny,the division. ARE FICKING SHIT
James Thomson (3 years ago)
Brienne Of Turd (3 years ago)
+James Thomson bad day?
James Thomson (3 years ago)
James Thomson (3 years ago)
+Yod Plays Look Son dont come on a channel about games you are not legally old enough to play and comment ok. Now hurry along and do your homework for the kiddie school you attend. Silly child.
James Thomson (3 years ago)
+Yod Plays Yod you look about 8 years old you are not allowed to play games for men until you become a man you child 
Moses Hernandez (3 years ago)
Can't show a freaking video of each game?
Ahyan Iqbal (3 years ago)
What about dying light? It's first person zombie parkour in an open world. the day and night cycle is what makes this game more unique since you don't see this stuff in other zombie games . I think tech land will release a real next gen game after the trash talk they got from dead island
Luka Kovacevic (4 years ago)
Bo2 is better
Luka Kovacevic (4 years ago)
Cod ghosts is worst
Nakia Casey (4 years ago)
Bruh, I am a die hard Tom Clancy guy, and I was disappointed when I did not hear anything about the Rainbow Six Patriots but when I started hearing about the Division, through this and other pages, it really sparked my interest again.  Alot of friends are trying ot get me to go on the Destiny bandwagon, but that is too futuristic for me.  I like good ole american blood sweat and tears and that's what Tom Clancy has always brought to the table, RIP T.C.
chris ollie (4 years ago)
Me too, I love I like Tom Clancy games like Blacklists, so I can't wait for Rainbow 6 and Division
Waleed Elshamy (4 years ago)
Kevin Bazua (4 years ago)
Fallout 4 sorry
Kevin Bazua (4 years ago)
Fallout 4 5 I would put it at one
Kevin Bazua (4 years ago)
Fallout 4 5 I would put it at one
You remind me of MutiKills HD..
Daylun (4 years ago)
misleading title! I dont wanna watch faggy cod ghosts i wanna watch upcoming ps4 and xbox one games?
luke clarke (4 years ago)
E sports has killed COD now it's full of little faggots trying to set up shit channels and twitch claiming to be pro. It was much better when it wasn't taken seriously like WOrld at war Cod 4 and MW2 and was FUN. People forget that games are meant to be fun and not full little cunt kids
Tysen Jasan (4 years ago)
Black ops 3 zombiesssss
Jake Ferencnhak (4 years ago)
The division looks amazing. I can't wait till it comes out
Jake Ferencnhak (4 years ago)
Call of duty has to be great this year. Otherwise they're done, PERIOD
Dylan C (4 years ago)
I'm personally looking forward for battlefront 3 since I just love playing battlefront and battlefront 2
Jesus H Christ (4 years ago)
Fallout 4 5th pos? hope u kidding
Jokerchacon (4 years ago)
Star Wars? Come on man
Tristan Lozito (4 years ago)
What is the song you play at your title screen?
Marcus Pruitt (4 years ago)
Check the desc.
UpRoar (4 years ago)
And why are so many people so wrapped up in destiny? It's just online campaign with random people. It's the opposite of titan fall. Gonna suck. The division is the only true good looking next gen shooter.
Austin Noel (4 years ago)
Watch dogs ??? Are you serious..
UpRoar (4 years ago)
Star Wars games have always sucked and always will js
Cameron Hernandez (4 years ago)
And ghosts has a new game engine
Cameron Hernandez (4 years ago)
Cod is not the same every year ok just look at cod 4 it had multiplayer, world at war had zombies , mw2 spec ops, bo1 different people in campaign exept for reznov he was in world at war, mw3 survival, bo2 create your class in campaign and its in the future, and ghosts added aliens
samuel harrison (4 years ago)
In world at war as far as I know it is resnovs father
LegacyKillaHD (4 years ago)
based on gameplay physics
Cameron Hernandez (4 years ago)
I think bo2 had the multiplayer i have ever played and ghosts just made me wnat to play bo2 some more
Gianni Polanco (4 years ago)
got dat destiny bata code 
Zeus (4 years ago)
How did you not like BO2 man? That was one of the finest games they made :D eSports represent!!!
Noah LeMere (4 years ago)
Star Wars battlefront I remembered playing it on the ps2
Jackson Loeffler (4 years ago)
  same! played it all the time
The big booty caravan (4 years ago)
What a scumbag reach was amazing af
Drunk On Perks (3 years ago)
+The big booty caravan <-----clearly an xbox fanboy haha
The big booty caravan (4 years ago)
sorry bro i just gett offensive about that game like ur vids doe 
LegacyKillaHD (4 years ago)
My opinion bro didn't have the feel of the original halo series which I fell in love with...and please no rude comments hurt my feelers :'(
JaxobStudios (4 years ago)
omg thank you for putting Star Wars:Battlefront on number one!!!!!!! i'm sooooooo excited for that game!!!
Dobby (4 years ago)
Wolfenstein looks pretty good imo.
LegacyKillaHD (4 years ago)
an interesting title loved the original but we'll have to see
kidohx (4 years ago)
Really looking forward to battlefront! I can't even imagine how it would be on next gen
Caleb Myrick (4 years ago)
In my opinion black ops 2 was one of the best cods.
Reece Walton (4 years ago)
destiny, farcry 4, mw4(hoping the sas soldier ghost didn't die lol), bf5, battlefront
Lemming (4 years ago)
In your opinion, what game deserves game of the year?
LegacyKillaHD (4 years ago)
in 2014? probably will be Titanfall or Destiny I think
Sailor Mercury (4 years ago)
Only shooters i'm looking forward to for ps4 are Fallout 4, Far Cry 4, and Black Ops 3 in 2015.
LegacyKillaHD (4 years ago)
So guys what is your top 10 upcoming shooters of 2014/2015? Make sure to tell me in the comments!

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