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ArmA 3 - Zombies & Demons: Aegis III - Out of the Blue

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Now that the soldiers of Aegis have successfully fended off an immense swarm of the undead, it's time to begin restoration of the fallen barricade. Unfortunately, our troops are oblivious to the threat lumbering towards them beneath the ocean's surface... Download mod here - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501966277 "This video was created using content of Bohemia Interactive a.s." "Copyright © 2017 Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved." "See www.bistudio.com for more information."
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Text Comments (1877)
Brett Pitman II (9 hours ago)
how strong r those fkn zombies lmao
David _2002_ (13 hours ago)
your storie doesent make any sense
Incarnate (14 hours ago)
I am legend zombies for sure
super crawling (1 day ago)
Zom hãm vl đánh 1 hit bay xe thiết giáp mà cả trăm con đánh không bay mấy cái tủ
LIGHT KAGAMI (2 days ago)
So zombies can run in water
Chris Reed (4 days ago)
Lots of missed shots. Hardly any zombies
Victor Roxburgh (4 days ago)
What are these? Superman’s zombies?
I wish there was a game like this
Mr Filmy (4 days ago)
how do zombies come from water are they fish?
Fajar Zagoto (4 days ago)
Constantin 888 (5 days ago)
GOD _YT (5 days ago)
Why the f didint they all stick together nere the base when.they are Out of numbered (which if it's above how many are defending times 15 or higher) that's just -8 IQ
Pokeri (5 days ago)
Next time. They can climb up buildings
Purab Chandanshiv (6 days ago)
I can't get link on that page
A good airstrike or artudar would cover the zombies, it would be spectacular
Bogdan RIVAL (7 days ago)
Very nice
UB CS (7 days ago)
why they cant flip box lol
I see the demon now cuz of the red zombie with a horn
Where is the demib
I mean demon
What zombies can survive water?
clint porlares (8 days ago)
Cheater alert zombies can one hit
DSLeicester (8 days ago)
so the zombies can punch big ass military trucks over 50 meters into soldiers but they can't move a metal box and book shelf from a stairwell? pretty anti-climatic dude!
BAD _ MAN (8 days ago)
This was really good!
Lt. A.L.uminum (8 days ago)
That was cool.
Mock You (9 days ago)
zombies with superman strength lol
dennis camacho (9 days ago)
How do zombies walk on water ? The fuck. They would at least float but walk. Don't think so
GREEN monsta (9 days ago)
That's damn stupid one hit by a zombie and u are dead
이준영 (9 days ago)
좀비 장갑차 던지는 건 에바다
Mish La pigeon (10 days ago)
the one weakness, a small box at a frustrating angle
Damn strong
puneet sniper (11 days ago)
which game is this??? gta v??
Forger - WRC (11 days ago)
4:25 when you open up a pack of gum in class
Bennett Michael (11 days ago)
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Adville747 (12 days ago)
There zombies can swim ? WtF!
Trimble Melvin (12 days ago)
Hell yeah :o this is so isolating. I was looking for this chemistry from a long time. Finally I am success. Now I can write about Zombies in my blog here https://bit.ly/2y0NKak . Enjoy!!
SharkBoi 68 (13 days ago)
Soon I am gonna roast this vdo -_-
Artur Artur (13 days ago)
Круто.Похоже с незаконными мигрантами тоже это более действенный метод разборки.
ملك القلوب (13 days ago)
Cool mate Yeah mate (13 days ago)
Shit, they did a great job taking down as many zombies as possible
The Guru of Kang (14 days ago)
Where are the flying zombies ?
Hawkins Michael (14 days ago)
Oh man this video is so enjoyable. I think you have better vision on games. As an gamer article writer I have achieved some skill on gaming also. If you love to read can visit to my blog here on bit.ly/2Qo6OGm .Thanks.
Rob'chvz (14 days ago)
Son zombies con super fuerza e.e
BakPiaQ BakPiaQ (15 days ago)
wut u do... if is real...????
KAUSHIK GHOSH (15 days ago)
You are letting the zombies move forward and pushing the military behind?? What kind of are you then
3Nzy YouTube (15 days ago)
Без шансов ))
moises vargas (16 days ago)
Me gusta el juego los zombie son acuáticos también así nadie sobrevive
luffi morley (16 days ago)
This boy have been clone lol
ROBERTO (17 days ago)
ROBERTO (17 days ago)
Mr Wolf ツ (17 days ago)
So if I get bitch slapped bye a zombie I die?😅😂
JFinker73 (17 days ago)
Fragged by friendly @5:51
Le grand Exterminateur (17 days ago)
Sa commençais bien mais quand les zombies on détruit un hummer ! Et l’autre un coup de poignet la voiture vole... totalement nul c’est pas Hulk
jared jeffries (18 days ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1162098941 check out my mod justbuild it allows you to place objects in game
Said Ahmed Hassan (18 days ago)
Shit They are super zombies 😂
Said Ahmed Hassan (18 days ago)
They are million of them use the atomic bomb !
Очень здорово сделали
x Riptide x (19 days ago)
4:47 well I guess we now know which zombie turned into the Tank from Left 4 Dead.
ichwan 1922 (19 days ago)
Угар Tv (19 days ago)
mouse razer (19 days ago)
КЛОН 328 (20 days ago)
Pizdec, guys .
Elena Arhipova (20 days ago)
Пожалуйста сделай продолжение зомби апокалипсис однако войсками с касками плз ок
Daniel Nilsen (20 days ago)
Amazing video!
Antonio Perez (20 days ago)
Not a good zombie game
Igo Movic (20 days ago)
It is games
IrσηッŞmįle RGM (20 days ago)
Волк (21 days ago)
Как машину кинуть этак забросто а будто шкафчик отодвинуть этак сил дудки)
У нас киноленты ужаснее снимают чем этот ролик )
nikit kashyap (21 days ago)
Zombie hulk 4:48
Meryem Hasanova (21 days ago)
Как можно скачат?
Miguel macedo (22 days ago)
como consigo este juego
Regiane Maria (22 days ago)
Moises Araneda (22 days ago)
Jajajaja que verga? :v
T D (22 days ago)
현실에 가까운 구현을 한 아르마 게임에서 대단히 비현실적인 장면들을 많이 보아 마치...2000년 초반의 퀄리티를 생각하게 만드는 영상이네... 좀비가 차량을 날리고 바주카의 비현실적인 범위...사람이 계단을 5~7개를 한번에 올리가는 모습... 좀비에게 스치자마자 인현처럼 쓰러지는 모습...아르마가 이런 물리엔진 게임이라면 구입하지 않는 것이 좋을듯...
Itzzben (22 days ago)
Zombie:Rush 🅱️
Itzzben (22 days ago)
Donald Trump: Build Big wall
Ккк Р (23 days ago)
Редкостное гавно
Hunter 12\06\2000 (23 days ago)
Superbe , magnifique , digne d'un vrai passage de film (et encore les acteurs ne joueraient pas aussi bien)
Ilya Smirnov (23 days ago)
Это обитель зла! This is Resident Evil!
Thiago Steiner (25 days ago)
Zumbi não se afoga e ainda corre.
leonchen1 (25 days ago)
Afrika stürmt Europa.Wie realistisch!
Володя (26 days ago)
Где вертолеты
мак 56 (27 days ago)
Потпишищ на меня мой канал мак 56
Ali X (27 days ago)
ArmA "welcome back to Micro games" 3
lamburghini 5 green (27 days ago)
Christopher Galmon (28 days ago)
This should be a game
To M (28 days ago)
This is Europe ..
thunderbolt bolt (29 days ago)
thunderbolt bolt (29 days ago)
World of zombie never out and team
thunderbolt bolt (29 days ago)
Holy shit
Bohemian Vegan (29 days ago)
This is basically the state of immigration in Europe.
Vincent van gogh (29 days ago)
Zombies that swim are a pain in the ass
Серёга (1 month ago)
OHHHHH SHIT !!!! 5:01
Jacob Otstot (1 month ago)
Was like 3d version of that flash game autumn war.
arinda lin (1 month ago)
Itu TNI PRO PRO😎😎😎😉👍👍
John von Shepard (1 month ago)
4:48 HOW???
freddykiller2m (1 month ago)
I would have been like fuck you niggas I'm out
freddykiller2m (1 month ago)
5:03 now that's just bad luck
Moriska Alvin (1 month ago)
it is the same scene in Dawn of the dead lol

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