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The Evolution Of SHROUD - CS:GO

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Text Comments (2094)
Jp Skie (3 hours ago)
You are not a true fan of shroud when u haven't seen his older vids on twitch
Martin Klein (1 day ago)
Is there a e sports for pubg if there is join it shroud!!!
F.B.I (1 day ago)
He got younger over time
Ya Boi Alex (1 day ago)
4:44 the AWM shot went with the beat of thriller
xFiore (1 day ago)
Alex by???
Asrael_70 (1 day ago)
Que vergota es Shourd!
AIKARU (1 day ago)
8:31 Is that dendi?
Mr Teabagz (2 days ago)
Deep ass voice
Omar Nabulsi (2 days ago)
i missed shroud who plays csgo
PUBG PLAYER (2 days ago)
7 f*cking years!!! If he was hacking, he would have git caught more than a million times.
Breezetix (2 days ago)
7:37 that was so obv lmfao
zbaker330 (2 days ago)
all these years and he still has the same girly laugh and dorky haircut.
Heinrich P. (2 days ago)
0:44 crosshair?
l-Rxspxcted- l (2 days ago)
8:30 why is he crying tho it’s not a sport cuz it’s just a lot of faggots just sitting there
Marvin Steyaert (3 days ago)
Sbrubblynuggets (3 days ago)
Shroud is sooooo good it's almost like he has aimbot or wallhacks
EcoSteveGT (3 days ago)
7:00 its like shroud using aimbot XD
Daniel (4 days ago)
10:13pls link video ?
chunky donkey (5 days ago)
The old csgo made me nutted
Emman The Great (5 days ago)
Shroud was born to play And I was born to practice
HnNPlayS (5 days ago)
Did he say quit streaming in the end ? He's streaming right now and its over a year after this video came out... Shroud u dummy
0ler (5 days ago)
4:36 can be a good at shooting and headshots but can't make a simple jump lol please take this as a joke
And now, he playing only in PUBG...
now hes ruling pubg
Julius (6 days ago)
Shroud looks like he eats dogshit
MstrWolf (6 days ago)
2018 fortnite
I hope this bitcheill die from cancer
Buğra sarp Dulundu (7 days ago)
i was done with cloud 9 when shroud quit
Cloudy PUBG Mobile (7 days ago)
2018 the return to csgo
PEPSEY (7 days ago)
what was the minecheal jackson song
Makarov ® (7 days ago)
5:38 What song is this?
GAMER PLAZ (9 days ago)
Shroud the best
Mhayio Kikon (9 days ago)
We need a father like shroud
WarriorG (10 days ago)
06:02 that was me
Bryan Corona (10 days ago)
Tbh he looks younger
Cerberus TV (11 days ago)
I started gaming with seven years too...
squiddy 1356 (11 days ago)
Sanduveyv Sanduveyv (11 days ago)
Very good video
Danny760side (12 days ago)
Peep my montage! More on the way! #juststarted
ツ Mis Ge Li ツ (13 days ago)
what viewmodel 3:45
DreagleYT (13 days ago)
His laugh never change
2013 shroud looks like an uncle that would rape you
Josiah Romero (13 days ago)
Shroud used to look thug asf
Arg 000 (14 days ago)
How good is this guy on cs 1.6
Tohn Jrevors (14 days ago)
In the past, he used to have facial expressions...
Nath (14 days ago)
That beast.
Yunus Emre Akman (14 days ago)
What is he using mouse ?
villacykat (14 days ago)
he lied about quiting pro gaming
MARK RAPHAEL BASAS (14 days ago)
shroud fan best pubg player!
CLASHING GAMER (15 days ago)
Shroud is Great
Saif Alameri (15 days ago)
45 lol 😂
Rotzi L (15 days ago)
Biggest American aimbot noob
BongToke419 (15 days ago)
Haha you can hear j9 in the back haha
Josh Jones (15 days ago)
This guy is a joke aimbot plus looking at players through the wall
frager lagger (15 days ago)
I saw his aimlock 7:49 put the speed low
Antimations (15 days ago)
did he age backwards like df
Angelo Ducusin (16 days ago)
Shroud-Master of CS:GO Dr.disrespect-Master of PUBG NoahFromYoutube-Master of ROS Whats next? Master of H1Z1?
AEnderPearl YT (17 days ago)
LoqinLoad (17 days ago)
What a god
Nadsenec (17 days ago)
2:12min miss crosshair a all kill hs ? :D wtf ?
Nadsenec (17 days ago)
haha play noobs a shroud is good lucker
Rap Vapire PAV (17 days ago)
Shroud I want you to come back to the tournament Love to see you as the king of the game
p1mp lul (17 days ago)
His laugh was always the same
AlexDaGreat2 Great (17 days ago)
Cookiebird606 SS (17 days ago)
It's a clone
Jacob Harmer (17 days ago)
Shroud is legit but he isn't. He doesn't use aimbots, he is THE aimbot.
MikeSucksAtGames (18 days ago)
Why does 2013 shroud look like he would say "zoinks scoob"
LaGzZzbud (18 days ago)
Was he playing with young just9n in the beginning of the video around the 2013 era??
Evan D (18 days ago)
Dis men
Rujian Sun (18 days ago)
When shroud is in 2013 he didn’t have white skin
Rujian Sun (18 days ago)
Magali Martinez (18 days ago)
I've got a girl crush.... mmm
lando hoth (18 days ago)
Evolution? You mean the aging and inevitable death of shroud?
Pubg Sofie (18 days ago)
Daddy shroud.
Bun Channel (19 days ago)
2013 Whao u have Karabit
Oriz Khalasha (19 days ago)
2013 Shroud look like the type of dude that you would caught on Dateline: Tonight
nani ? (19 days ago)
where is shroud already playing pubg
kancerous keemstar (20 days ago)
shroud looks so stoned
Aldo Alija (20 days ago)
The word in the streets is that Shroud has a big fat cock
Technical KingTM (20 days ago)
4:30 song name plz
Meteorite Morningstar (20 days ago)
0:02 and yet people say older online games mostly had adults instead of kids lmao
Back when the P250 was broken
JackHalpz (20 days ago)
imagine shroud playing. mcree in overwatch xD
I going to give shroud’s father 1,000 dollars... thank you shroud’s father for making Shroud a legend
Pardo 1317 (20 days ago)
best gamer & aim on earth, by far.
Skadewdle (20 days ago)
Except Shroud was better on LAN in 2015 not 2016.
Petertunes (21 days ago)
of course he says streaming at the end he's being paid to play professionally he's not an idiot
Sheldon Rozario (21 days ago)
put 7:37 on 0.25 speed looks like aimlock lmao
Hang Epic (21 days ago)
I love shrouds voice😀
Marcus (21 days ago)
Obviously shroud was a professional at fps games. He picked up many tactics and seems like he got them all down. Some of the amazing shots he pulls off are gonna look weird to us or "hacking" for some ppl. Shroud has a natural ability at this cuz he's been doing this for a long time.
Daryle Buhay (21 days ago)
So the dads are really what got into gaming way before.. I dont know if you guys get it or it makes sense.
Allidapse (22 days ago)
Shroud is a calm guy
The Minky (22 days ago)
From being in his Mom’s basement to his Mom being in his basement
*2rern* YO (22 days ago)
What does Reddit mean
Batflip 09 (22 days ago)
2:25 Just one reason why I like this dude.......and he doesn’t really care if he lose .....
Shroud didn't choose aimbot, aimbot chose him.
BS- ÄnØnYmŌuS (23 days ago)
Best part 4:43
Quantum Gaming (23 days ago)
5:39 it’s so synced 👌
Quantum Gaming (23 days ago)
Take a shot every time when shroud tilts his head

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