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Today I'm talking about a new very dangerous CS:GO scam. Check out thunderpick: http://www.thunderpick.com/ & use code 'MattCS' ❤ $20 FOR FREE + Social Media : http://www.MattCS.com ❤ Juicy's video on the scam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2Da2_pZAkg&t=7s Outro song: Lil Peep - Lose my mind Background music by: https://www.youtube.com/supremetec https://twitter.com/SupremeTec ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► My site: http://www.mattcs.com ► Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattseesass ► Discord: https://discord.gg/Er6e4ap ► Snapchat: mattseesass
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Text Comments (318)
RenonTV (27 days ago)
cs money isnt working for me anymore.. i already deleted my api key but i cannot find or get to the real site. Can anyone help??
whilhelm (1 month ago)
"new" its just a phishing attempt
PlayPro Jake (1 month ago)
I got scammed like that with my Pen worked money😢😢😢
BlurzOfficial (2 months ago)
This happened to me a few days ago... Got my account back tho
Fabiran joshua (2 months ago)
again show off bunny hop
Pavan Keerthi (3 months ago)
Bro lol my friend got scammed that day from this website
Le-Bearfird (4 months ago)
I get scammed Like that
Adeed Hafeez (4 months ago)
The Bot (5 months ago)
Thanks, helped a lot!
NuyexGames (5 months ago)
Omgg im so fucking scared rigt now im logged in so many sites hoe de hell do i chanche my password now!?!?
Zsombijatek (5 months ago)
I've got Steam Authenticator :D
Jesse Väänänen (6 months ago)
No i Just fucking get scammed i try log tree Times noooo
Xuyve (6 months ago)
That happened to me will it steal my skins
Blareon (6 months ago)
Then i changed my code and it worked
Blareon (6 months ago)
They stole my entire inventory worth 54$
Blareon (6 months ago)
I Got scammed like this before this was uploaded, and i dont know who juicy is :(
Hasl (6 months ago)
Wish I saw this sooner :(
Laurynas Jonikas (7 months ago)
Thanks I logged in yesterday but now I I have watched video and I will change password
EnderSoul Gaming (7 months ago)
I'd fall for this 100% if I didn't see this vid, it was just a matter of time, ty for the vid 🙂👍
Towny (7 months ago)
its hacked my friend's account RIP. ...
electric_hiccup 707 (7 months ago)
If a friend sends you a message about niceskins and how you should go their report them because this happened to them.
Communist Bed Lack Doge (7 months ago)
I am so happy that i found the site and didn't go in myself without the video. Hooooly shit.
Lasse Reino (7 months ago)
Song at 0:33??
MattCS (7 months ago)
youtube: luigi mix
SonixRush (7 months ago)
Am I safe if straight after I changed my steam pass?
Mihir Kambli (7 months ago)
I got no problem if I am Scammed....As I have shit as Hell inventory....only industrial grades
PatTheRat (8 months ago)
happened to me :P It just posted comments to my friends proifle and i got called a scammer
W I L F (8 months ago)
But if you have steam guard they can't go through your steam acc
Ilya Uglov (8 months ago)
they could theoretically get a free ssl cert from example letsencrypt
Big Boss (8 months ago)
So this happened to me. But they didnt take my items or steal cash. Just sent messages to my friends. How did he made it in?? I have the steam guard on my phone. I wonder how did he send all those messages
Daniel King (8 months ago)
I can do something If i get scammed from a site like this one?
Nao (9 months ago)
i had csgo they scammed me like that and they changed name of the account Once they scammed me they took all my skins i was level 12 on steam i had a knife called Bayonet. It had no skin it was vanilla. I Payed 50$ for it i cried alot ;( Now i own this account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/m9bayonetcalledm69/ If you want to donate some skins, https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=238751433&token=jmU6AZNy
Darker1607 (9 months ago)
I falled for this but they only locked my opskins
kasper haugen (9 months ago)
https://dolcedrop.com/ BE CAREFUL WITH THIS SITE!!!
RandomLauwers (9 months ago)
I had enough money on Opskins to buy the knife of my dreams (Butterfly Knife Stained), then i got scammed via this site. All my money was gone and yes i cried , over 100 euro down the drain... Thx for making the video so nobody else feels the pain off getting scammed !
yologamer 924 (7 months ago)
RandomLauwers ;(((((
Kristian B (9 months ago)
Oh yes. I know the feeling.. :( i Got scammed for my bayo urban masked ft ;((
SC3NIC (9 months ago)
At 2.23 in the video Matt is talking about the SSL certificate which sites get by paying a certain amount a year or several months, one of the things about these sites are that they either don't use .com or the use a free domain name such as a .tk one or .hk something like that. Matt, your sponsor www.thunderpick.com doesn't have a secure website meaning that they either don't want to pay for a SSL certificate or they just haven't made any profit yet. Sign into a un-secure website at your own risk to be honest if your account gets jacked then don't be surprised I had a friend who signed into a simple phishing site and got his account jacked and I wasn't surprised. But anyways thanks for reading and have good day!
Cringe level 9000 (9 months ago)
Denis Mereuta (9 months ago)
Yey I appeared in your videos :D I am Gambit hellcase :D
Jose Manio (9 months ago)
Use the code Messy-Ass for free coins xD (turn on subtitle in 0:27)
Nah Quah Dah (9 months ago)
I don't think that parents let kids gamble on your site :/
Warlock (9 months ago)
i got scammed 50eur (everything i had) with this
PhreaKer (9 months ago)
matt got carried by uffja some months ago :)
shawn jacobsen (9 months ago)
thats why EVERYONE needs to set up mobile authenticator, no one can login to your account with out your phone
solum (9 months ago)
casespolygon.pro anyone know if this site is legit i got a tiger tooth,buti says i need to deposit 5e so i can withdraw it ???
Радослав (9 months ago)
Hahhaha I got invite by guy with some chinese letters and he send me a link for that site, i see how new page opened and it's not in google. I got suspicious feel for that and ask the guy: It's not in google, why? After that I don't get the answer. I close the page and blocked the guy :D After 1 hour i get notifiation from Matt for new video for the same site xD
OrElseYouWillDie100 (9 months ago)
This is why Steam accounts on plati.ru are cheap:/
SmackFX l Motion Design (9 months ago)
My virus scanner blocked the site in an instant as i wanted to log in haha
Martin Leon (9 months ago)
I got scammed like this but didnt lose shiet cause im poor af boy
EZ_ NaDa (9 months ago)
Just so you know there is another site like this called CsgoLappy.com . Just telling. My steam got hacked
tropix (9 months ago)
Edison Zhang (9 months ago)
Could they log into your mobile auth? I fell for this and deauthed all devices
Keti Bokhua (9 months ago)
Hi to everyone! сool video! Do you want to get rid of the skins? Use my promo code @Babic for 10$ money on dropgun.me
James James (9 months ago)
Can you make a video about trolling ?noobs everybody will like it!
TheFoxy's Show (9 months ago)
I tried to login with my smurf
John Mathew (9 months ago)
Skinsanalyst.com as well
Hi mattcs I just wanted to contact u so I could tell u everything about this side. Pls reply if u want information to this site
Joseph Stalin (9 months ago)
Won't work on me because I have no skins to gamble ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
kk102 GAMING (9 months ago)
I watched the video and it saved me
Correcting you since you're wrong. It is always Not Secure. Even in the real steam community.
flindten 456 (9 months ago)
Thanks dude i just went to that gambling website when i saw your video!! Thanks for helping me not getting scammed!
Anteee 89 (9 months ago)
Poor fucking pigs that nead to steal bcz they cant afford a fucking ak safari mesh
Squig Meister (9 months ago)
Mine was for a trade, i changed my password and still have all my items, i dont gamble and am worried. If i change my stuff they cant do anything right? I did it really quick, it has been 3 days and still have my items
Squig Meister (9 months ago)
Almost had this happen to me friday, thx for the video
Fake (9 months ago)
Well damb
viking (9 months ago)
https://roll4tune.com/x4kTmcGhSQZvN7uiAqnenVkYmyNPg9dknKgWPjqFjSe that's the scammer login.
Anton (9 months ago)
Thanks for the info man I will share this to all my friends 👍
Rares VideosYT (9 months ago)
I am new and i got scammed by this. But thing is, i had NO SKINS so they didnt get shit cus i am new lmfao
_-NurS -_ (9 months ago)
Stupid what is when his Account Has steam guard u need it Login in to a site
Jurse 750 (9 months ago)
As expected from matt xD this guy is a true scammer detector
neeyal pindoria (9 months ago)
Yh i have a fix for this..... Use steam authentication app!!! It will always send mobile confirmation so they r screwed. Also use the authentication code when it is about to run out then they can't use it as steam will refresh to new one so yh.....
Felix Nielsen (9 months ago)
Why is this even happening ;(
Sebastian Schäfer (9 months ago)
Its called phising and its Dangerous, because they can get your Private Information. Also your Credit Card , if you saved them on your PC. If someone stole your Credit Card Information, you can report it to NSA, CIA or any kind of Online Criminal Organisation (Germany : Bundes Nachrichten Dienst)
Sqwizy Dizzy (9 months ago)
yeah i got scamed by this sight the took all off my skins all i got left is a usp guardian
Lauri Rantala (9 months ago)
Fjuck me now i know how i got scammed 2 months ago. Now i have skins only worth like 3€
mark. (9 months ago)
And that’s why you can just surf gmod or bhop or gun game and etc
Vinho Verde (9 months ago)
I think i felt for that just before seeing the video :( but thanks anyways!
Diana Serban (9 months ago)
csgo500 is the best site. Use the code 7312
Its good to login with vac banned account 😂
BlaZe BZ (9 months ago)
I used this type of a site man m scared will it take all my money from my gamdom account i have 15k on it 😢😢
Gabriel Voicu (9 months ago)
They dont log into other sites they change your email and then they remove your steam guard and your account is gone i know that because my account is gone now fml
WrecklessFame (9 months ago)
I sadly fell for it
ERN3S7 (9 months ago)
Thx dude
Abdo Max (9 months ago)
*Thank you* matt , i really like your vids .♥
UnreadySil (9 months ago)
Hai Matt what is your crosshair? And thanks for the info
AndreasEkkoMain500k MP (9 months ago)
Fuck I got scammed before you made this video
inGameX (9 months ago)
I actually just shared this on a cs-based whatsapp group with around 30 people in it to warn them
scripterEXT (9 months ago)
Juicy ??
Fizzow sk'y (9 months ago)
People thinking it's 3-4 months old well it's not it's more thank couple nice years here, I've been doing it on cs 1.6 back in the days I did make a lot of steam accounts of that 😄😏 people thinking it's silly well it's not website like mine ( 4-5 years ago ) had in rules if you accepted you are down to send all the account information to xxxx website well 💁👩🏻‍🔬
Big Boss (8 months ago)
You think you're cool?
Brandonnn (9 months ago)
cs is dead
Waiz PlayZ (9 months ago)
Wait oh no i see alot site that like that i also put all my account oh no
Sad, But that’s fine (9 months ago)
Wow.. I could put this to good use and make those scammers pay. I'm going to make a site with viruses, give them my steam account then they will go onto my site that I was recently on and they have there viruses new and improved on there computer.
Epic League (9 months ago)
Hey Matt, I don’t wanna be boring, but dude... I can’t hold on. I got my knife scammed some months ago and know I just lost my favorite glock with the highest float in the world betting! I “betted” it cause I was 1 week Ban from competitive mode TWICE IN A ROW. I will be so fucking happy if u help me anyway. Matt I started watching your channel cause I really like skins, and I’m a Brazilian guy. I really hope you could help me anyway, if you wanna talk to me, here’s my discord... GASPA#7014 Thanks for the attention!
Zorah Designs (9 months ago)
all begging does is get you hated and do you really think that matt would waste his money on you? like seriously I bet you've commented this on a large amount of youtubers comments.
Epic League (9 months ago)
Zorah Designs yes, it my fault, but If you don’t have anything good to write, get out
Zorah Designs (9 months ago)
Lol fuck off begger your fault for gambling and getting scammed.
Hetzr-CS (9 months ago)
matt can u tell everyone to not use gleam for giveaways?
Nathan Wang (9 months ago)
thanks matt can you pin this lol
JAFZYHD (9 months ago)
Scams are soo wack
Habiba (9 months ago)
Crosshair please?
TheDutchnoLifers (9 months ago)
i have an question about if you have an mobile authenticator. can they still loggin to your account even if you have an mobile authenticator with an steam guard code?
Grizz (9 months ago)
Before I even saw this video I was already suspicious on any website I visit making sure that there's a lock on the search bar.
LoL Vicernian Bot (9 months ago)
22 dislikes must be a guy from roll4tune
Jackson (9 months ago)
Someone asked me to put my skins on opskins then go to this random gambling site(www.csjackpots.com) and use his referral code.... he’s probably trying to steal my login and sell the skins for lower on op
sAintJoy (9 months ago)
Whats going up ma name is matt i watch others youtubers video, and then literally do the same thing all over again! Jk i love you bro❤

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