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Run Any Game in Windowed Mode or Lower Resolution

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For those of you experiencing issues when trying to start the game, you may try forcing the game to run in windowed mode or at a lower resolution. In order to do so, please follow the steps provided below: Right-click on the game icon shortcut in the Windows Start Menu and choose Properties Select the shortcut tab Click on the "Target:" field, and scroll to the end. Add a space after the double-quote and then type your desired parameters. Available command line parameters are: -w [Start in windowed mode] -r:XXXXxYYY [ e.g. –r:1024x768 would set it to 1024x768] Click the OK or Apply button to save your changes. Launch the game by clicking on the shortcut. Music: ================================================ coffee stains (youtube library) Support US: =============================================== Like Share Follow Us: Subscribe: https://goo.gl/GkUBUW This video is also related to queries mentioned below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do you make a fullscreen game windowed? How to force fullscreen games to play in windowed mode How To Play a Computer Game in Windowed Mode How to Force Windowed Mode for any Game / Software The most simple way to RUN games in WINDOWED mode How To Run Almost Any Game In Windowed Mode How to open ANY steam game in windowed mode Force fullscreen games to in window mode Running any game in windowed mode Setting Game Launch Options - Performance Issues how to run a game in windowed mode windows 10 how to run a game in windowed mode windows 8 windowed mode steam how to start a game in windowed mode origin force borderless window how to window a game on pc
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Text Comments (73)
karan jaat (30 days ago)
Not work I play spider man web of shadows
Sannosama (1 month ago)
Doesn't work for Sinless
nunovski2002 (2 months ago)
It doesn't work for Europa Universalis 2 or Sid Meiers' Alpha Centauri.
Chhon Chhin (2 months ago)
doesn't work for just cause 2
Alexandru Mario (3 months ago)
Maxwell19Gaming (3 months ago)
it doesen`t work on windows 8.1!!
freshfish gaming (3 months ago)
Doesent work for fortnite rip over 1070$ spent on fortnite it just make a big sreen cant play nothing
Tada Kralj (3 months ago)
Thanks helped a lot :)
anas amjad (3 months ago)
well he is a lair re5 has windows mode option from the start you dont have to change any thing if you open the game you will see
akhil mathew (4 months ago)
its not working in far cry primal
Jose Rivera (5 months ago)
omfg thanks!! works like a charm
Nightmare (5 months ago)
Dosen't work for Painkiller Black Edition
bhavya raj (6 months ago)
Not working in assassin's Creed black flag
[FPK] Ramon (6 months ago)
Yep.. not working with Far Cry Primal....
Frederick Rosete (6 months ago)
alt and enter works for me
ладжа (7 months ago)
it fkn worked !  you rock man l..l
all technico expert (7 months ago)
Nice video bro
Boss OfGames (7 months ago)
I keep going into full screen how can I fix this
Silver_ Gamingz (8 months ago)
Alt+enter work fine
sImPLe_TECH (9 months ago)
is it going work for max payne 2?????
Andy TheForgotten (9 months ago)
Yxhu Jcjxhxhc (9 months ago)
tnx bro it works for me
Alan August (11 months ago)
when i try to play South Park the fractured but whole on my 1440x900 samsung syncmaster , it says out of range . i hope this trick will help
The Toons Express (11 months ago)
Will It Work For Assassin's Creed 1 Edit: DID NOT WORKED!!!!!!!!! Go Down DONT TRY THIS
indian you tuber (11 months ago)
It doesn't work for Far Cry 4.anyond help please
Gaby Roux (11 months ago)
thanks bro
EdinPlayZ (1 year ago)
my shortcut in target has no double quotes and just keeps resetting
raniaa sopidou (1 year ago)
thanks a lot.. it worked for Heathstone/ Blizzard. i had a problem with a resolution error and the game couldnt run. i did the steps since 1:18 and now runs fine.. :D
Ashutosh Mishra (1 year ago)
thanks..it worked
Saket Patra (1 year ago)
thanks buddy it's helpful
Euro Trucker (1 year ago)
the windowed one works for homeworld thx bro
M M islam (1 year ago)
Dowsn't work for assasin's creed black flag.
Dimitar Dimitrov (4 months ago)
for black flag i used to do other thing there was a software that works for it check on google how to run black flag on windowed mode or something like that worked on 8.1
Chelchak Marak (8 months ago)
I came here for the same reason
LY storm DR (8 months ago)
Man really I have to try this but I become hopeless after this comment. 😢
Box Psykko (1 year ago)
I cant lower resolution of mafia 3...pls help me
Amir Mustafa (1 year ago)
I don't Have The Run Graphics Processor in Widows XP ?! What To Do ?
Roberta Rohde (1 year ago)
and the game opens in window but I cant move it to the center of my screen.. help
Ayan Basu (1 year ago)
it actually worked great job, keep it up bro 👌
MR. DUDE (1 year ago)
go fu yourself
FIFA Tutorial Channel (1 year ago)
it says access is denied
Jimidakos Hecarim (1 year ago)
run as an adminstrator
Marian Istrate (1 year ago)
don t worked for mirrors edge ;-;
LYNXPLAYS_03 (1 year ago)
it ishnt working on far cry primal any solutions
Joseph Malone (STUDENT) (3 months ago)
LYNXPLAYS_03 ot farces 3
Jak8 (1 year ago)
Do we hit Alt and + and Enter or just Alt and Enter?
Ştefan Martiş (7 months ago)
in Spec Ops : The Line it doesn't work.
FrapsyGamer PRO (8 months ago)
Thx bro
Cursed Madara (1 year ago)
Cas van der Zanden (1 year ago)
fuck idiot
Tavi ip (1 year ago)
thanks man!
Dato WAN (1 year ago)
mvp salueee
//JustFox// (1 year ago)
Thanks :D
RomanGamerRo (2 years ago)
It works in fullscreen?
Yararlı Bilgiler HD (1 year ago)
Hello! What is your voice engine? Is it your voice?
GeekOnDaily (2 years ago)
no! actually in window mode u can maximize the window to work same as the ur browsers.
Pro Tech (2 years ago)
not work for me
F. (1 year ago)
me too :(
Devil Kevster (2 years ago)
I do not have the Windows compatability mode and I work on windows 7,pls help
気分Vibe (2 years ago)
does it work for windows 10 :/ cause i cant find shortcut
he mean in window 10 dont have shortcut option
Cosmolabe (6 months ago)
it's 1 year ago move on, i guess he knows it now haha
Matthew Murphy (6 months ago)
Fly Beep HARSH.
Fly Beep (6 months ago)
You must be new to using computers then. You're telling me you don't know how to create a shortcut? Seriously you shouldn't be playing games if you can't even understand the basic of cumputer use. Do you need help starting up a computer too?
Kuhekin (2 years ago)
It work! Thanks You
GeekOnDaily (2 years ago)
welcome pls subscribe
John-chaker25 (2 years ago)
thanks man peace to ya !!
DwainiumB (2 years ago)
Hmm, still didn't work, maybe it's just not possible
Pro Gamer (6 months ago)
DwainiumB Want the right video, watch this https://youtu.be/6bh1lsWlAMc
Aziz Mira (2 years ago)
thx you boss
Shinobu Oshino (2 years ago)
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! This saved my life T_T You won a subscriber
SCG | GamePlays (2 years ago)
Hey There Mate! I Know Ur Just starting on YouTube...But Keep Up the Goodwork mate!! i mean keep making video Tutorials Like these...=) so yeah tnx for this video it help me to reduce LAG on Halo 2 Vista =D so yeah Peace out...Oh BTW I Subed
GeekOnDaily (2 years ago)
+SCG | GamePlays thx buddy. happy gaming

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