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CS:GO WTF Moments #49

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Text Comments (148)
Thee Poweranjes (1 day ago)
Music at 0:56 please ?
joe berry (1 day ago)
2:51 XD
how can i change terrorist man in the dashboard no CT plz hzlp ??
sm1le lnd (6 days ago)
how to get new hud?
CS:GO WTF (5 days ago)
csgo properties -> set launch options -> -panorama
Act1tud (7 days ago)
Yo lo hago mejor :b ;v😂💛
Aldwin Dioso (7 days ago)
8:45 jason statam playing cs go now
SKill0 (8 days ago)
6;23 track song
Nasty Cz (8 days ago)
Nice rest SK streamer
BRASK ******* (8 days ago)
Что за песня на 7:20
abdelmalek idrissi (9 days ago)
song name at 0:03 ?
home home (10 days ago)
6:56 pls music
BRASK ******* (8 days ago)
home home what musik?
Adamiastek (11 days ago)
CJla6blu (14 days ago)
1:05 whats the music?
Best Killer (15 days ago)
6:27 song pls?
Márk Jakab (16 days ago)
9:42 valve pls
Lakshay Mahajan (17 days ago)
that outro track .. name plz .. :)
Serubei Yanchan (17 days ago)
is that real? the new hud
Patrik Num (18 days ago)
Took an smoke in the knee on my way through the Eld three summers ago.
MertCan Geçe (18 days ago)
Saxo da olsa asın bayrakları dhkdgkd
squeeze (18 days ago)
Best <333
Joker (19 days ago)
6:22 songs
somebody know name of last track(outro)?
Hugo Hustman (19 days ago)
ecw (19 days ago)
какой же хуевый установка по сопоставлению с дотой.
KENTZ (19 days ago)
tilted succ
Roman : CS:GO (20 days ago)
6:27 ahahahahhaha lol
Lau Niclasen (21 days ago)
3:40 chill its not even good
Kuba JABŁOŃSKI (21 days ago)
1:30 crosshair ?
ZombieGoesBoom (21 days ago)
aahh i can hear the VACusations!
Ekrem (21 days ago)
9:52 Music Zella Day - East of Eden (Matstubs Remix)
Fox Nox (21 days ago)
3:32 whats the music??
VAR 4.4 disgusting
Gintaras Bandza (22 days ago)
clips with no UI Sucks big
Maneyo (22 days ago)
9:42 hitbox lvl Valve
That Guy (22 days ago)
8:56 touching my cheeks and feelsgood
Tropmetc (22 days ago)
Nice Video
pagess- (22 days ago)
Outro music - https://youtu.be/bex9bA7oQwA
Cristian Ionut (22 days ago)
music at 6:24 pls
Cristian Ionut (19 days ago)
thx man
Inrome 88 (19 days ago)
Tyga - Taste
Az-Back (22 days ago)
Music 0:03 ?
Ali Haydar Aksoy (22 days ago)
türk as bayrakları 2:10
B0rn T0 P0rN (22 days ago)
5:49 Link for huds? I mean kills notification, mvp and etc.. ? :D
B0rn T0 P0rN (10 days ago)
Thanks! :)
Uns Testes Ai (10 days ago)
B0rn T0 P0rN type -panorama in launch options
2:10 LoL
Anonymous (8 days ago)
Та Данг Куанг NUT MY MOUTJ
spawnport08 port (14 days ago)
good thing they added new hud because it would increase the sensitivity crash and the laptop fps crash EDIT: what a shitty update great idea valve
Öm3r S4rL1 (22 days ago)
9.34 = fucking gaben
AhHim Matthew (22 days ago)
Outro song: Zella Day - East of Eden (Matstubs Remix)
Drake 19rus (22 days ago)
musik 1:08 0:03 ?
Julien Le Moigne (22 days ago)
what's the name of the music around 0:35?
Julien Le Moigne (22 days ago)
Thanks you ! :D
Lou Mas (22 days ago)
Urban Lullaby
6:48 sound pls
Maxim Klimov (22 days ago)
0:39 what that music?
MardukeTheRaven (23 days ago)
So weird to see S1mple not being toxic
TheHammerer (23 days ago)
Hey , song at 0:31 Please ?
TheHammerer (21 days ago)
Thank you so much !
Lou Mas (22 days ago)
Urban Lullaby
Legend Assasin (23 days ago)
Whoa. Thumbnail from de_subzero? Nice map
Rainbow Fishy (23 days ago)
5:53 you suck at awp 6:20 sry I was wrong
GD Crysisbai (23 days ago)
5:20 that guy is IQ 200hhahahha
roninenix (23 days ago)
song starting at 9:53 ?
Abhisek Tamang (23 days ago)
sick 😀
Pro[rok] (23 days ago)
last music pls 9:56
Nikita Norkin (23 days ago)
8:15 я аж ужаснулся. Чо за порося посиживает?
An1maR (23 days ago)
9:40 WTF?
Subl!me (23 days ago)
no me queda claro de donde sos? arg, br, usa, rusia?
DeX (23 days ago)
6:54 it's me Xd
BRD GAMER (23 days ago)
Até o BIDA apareceu ksjjznsse
allbrosdjay (23 days ago)
3:45 she needs to calm down
maiK (23 days ago)
song 1:06 ?
DickOswald (23 days ago)
9:49 volvo plz!!!
Лаймик (23 days ago)
*go like*
NOT ME (23 days ago)
music 0:02 please?
Egzy (23 days ago)
3:44 song?
2:50 bien merecido el gordo flamer este :v
chilli solo (23 days ago)
2:50 i <3 karma xD
Somesh (23 days ago)
Bro nice videos 😎😎
Liiis (23 days ago)
Eres un craak!!! super bien editadooo! Que orgullo salir en tu video 🤗🤗🤗
Vlad Play (23 days ago)
Что за музыка в конце? 9:53 what kind of music at the end?
JaWan is GooD (23 days ago)
hey p'tit commentaire pour te féliciter, ton contenu est simple et pas tres original dans le fond mais tu rends ca efficace avec un vrai travail de montage derrière en plus il me semble que tu es français, donc bien joué continue comme ca ! je m'abonne parce que les zaps continuent de progresser, ca se voit que t'aime bien ce que tu fais donc je ne peux qu'encourager ! la bise
Cosi (23 days ago)
There are 2 maps on Csgo : cache and mirage
Thomas Romary (23 days ago)
8:02 naruto ;)
João Morais (23 days ago)
neji flashback all over again :(
João Morais (23 days ago)
TREVOR еее (23 days ago)
good job!!!
Lenuvide (23 days ago)
Restt VAC :D
Just wolf (23 days ago)
whats is name song intro 0:05
ȻħΘȘ ɴεĢλ (23 days ago)
Melhor canaaaal
Mario Sánchez (23 days ago)
Jajajaja nice ;))
Zellle86 (23 days ago)
3:35 😂😂😂😂 65 fps
Aviral Kaul (23 days ago)
Song at 6:24 anyone!????
Nipx (23 days ago)
2:04 wht lol
Igor Vovchanchyn (23 days ago)
Что за музыка играет с 1.06 по 1.14?
Cold Jeera (23 days ago)
xperior cs (23 days ago)
Hey do any small youtubers want to help each other grow.
Shailendra Kumar (23 days ago)
I wish I can see WTF 490 one day.
kennyS (23 days ago)
Shailendra Kumar i
x Mega (23 days ago)
Kkkkk até bidão tá aqui xD
Good gesture (look at her face) https://youtu.be/8r4sViVPnnk?t=219
knnxbro (23 days ago)
0.09 ржака!!! хахаха лмао
Marco Goh (23 days ago)
RED CARD! Terrorist hit CT's ankle.
AC. Gunner (23 days ago)
0:09 Hahahaha
Recon ny (23 days ago)
0.09.lol good job man
abdelmalek idrissi (7 days ago)
song name at it ?
Christopher Joshua (23 days ago)
I want to see their reaction
Elhami Musliu (23 days ago)
I love how the C4 almost fell of the hands of that Terrorist.
히포 (23 days ago)
I like your videos
elanvatorR (23 days ago)
Hetrano sensei (23 days ago)
Poor guy... where did the smoke hit?

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