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thief gameplay (კომენტარი)

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for: all.tamashi,ge ggc georgian gamers my pc: pentium dual core E5700 3.0GHZ 4 gb ram msi geforce gt 610 2gb on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/239160/ on all.tamashi.ge: http://all.tamashi.ge/moqmedebiti/58219-thief-master-thief-edition-2014-rus-repack-by-fenixx.html
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Text Comments (6)
iMIkeFB (2 years ago)
sagol dante dzma
Sarkie Of Astora (2 years ago)
სპასიბა მაიკ დზმა
Nice PicSlideShow (4 years ago)
sagol dante
Monster Gamer (4 years ago)
Settings :) ?
Sarkie Of Astora (4 years ago)
Goofy _ (4 years ago)
davxure es ukve, didiat ar damevasa magram ori dge viwerdi amas da mag pontshi vitamashe bolome :D :D

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