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bhop_sahara_hard | JORDAN^^ - 1:09

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300fps 100tick 150aa 800 grav Done on Akb bhop server
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Adam Dipadova (3 years ago)
There is a skip on this map on the sG server records like in the 20 second range.
methepeoplebmx (3 years ago)
um.. ok??
Snowdirtride (4 years ago)
LoL ofc never is this legit
rednax wise (4 years ago)
some guy named Lockness did 56 seconds on this map, on failtime bhop server
nnnnnnnnnnnn (4 years ago)
+Sander LS doesnt this map force 150 aa on most servers?
rednax wise (4 years ago)
+methepeoplebmx 100aa? says in desc 150aa
methepeoplebmx (4 years ago)
failtime is autobhop... this is 100aa scroll without ezhop
methepeoplebmx (5 years ago)
you got vac'd
300 fps and 100 tick okay... what's about the autobhop hack? :D
51Hacker (5 years ago)
methepeoplebmx (5 years ago)
Dude, your video is easymode autobhop i don't care..
Miu Amaha (5 years ago)
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
loki - the third man
TheFllipy23 (6 years ago)
sjoerdwerkhoven (6 years ago)
oh well thats a shame, i used to bunnyhop alot but this blur makes it hard for me to judge how fast you are going ^^, still seems fast though stopped bunnyhopping when i switched to low sensitivity to improve my aim :)
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
there is no added montion blur, its just that i flick my mouse so fast the frames fuck up
sjoerdwerkhoven (6 years ago)
The motion blur makes this unwatchable
bodmondude (6 years ago)
I called phoon. This kid is fucked.
Giuseppe Brancatisano (6 years ago)
yehh thats what i meant. >.<
d4rkj0k3r (6 years ago)
i can't even get passed the 2nd part of this map T_T
Giuseppe Brancatisano (6 years ago)
o.o wut LOL wow.. is all i can say maybe the motion blur is what i meant. ah well epic vid
Tanaboon (6 years ago)
Bravo man! Good job. I can't believe you don't get dizzy O.o
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
this is normal speed.
Giuseppe Brancatisano (6 years ago)
u should upload this in normal speed... it was really hard to follow XD
Shawnyall (6 years ago)
You may partake in my sister's vagina any day.
Boink Nguyen (6 years ago)
Song name ?
HoolsSteam (6 years ago)

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