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Twitch Streamers Getting TROLLED By Viewers 2 ( Twitch Trolling Compilation... )

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Twitch Streamers Getting TROLLED By Viewers 2 ( Twitch Trolling Compilation... ) ➤Twitter: https://twitter.com/topkekyoutube ➤Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kekclub Streamers: 0:05 - 0:33 https://www.twitch.tv/aplfisher 0:33 - 0:50 https://www.twitch.tv/evolstream 0:50 - 1:16 https://www.twitch.tv/sourkoolaidshow 1:16 - 1:39 https://www.twitch.tv/eevisu 1:39 - 1:58 https://www.twitch.tv/lacari 1:58 - 2:28 https://www.twitch.tv/greekgodx 2:28 - 2:38 https://www.twitch.tv/nasa 2:38 - 3:36 https://www.twitch.tv/halfassbackwards 3:36 - 4:36 https://www.twitch.tv/trihex 4:36 - 5:08 https://www.twitch.tv/yunopancakemix 5:08 - 5:28 https://www.twitch.tv/forsen 5:28 - 6:22 https://www.twitch.tv/runescape 6:22 - 6:32 https://www.twitch.tv/galicoyt 6:32 - 7:02 https://www.twitch.tv/timthetatman 7:02 - 7:26 https://www.twitch.tv/dankquan 7:26 - 7:52 https://www.twitch.tv/destiny 7:52 - 8:06 https://www.twitch.tv/atlasprojecttv 8:06 - 8:15 https://www.twitch.tv/xsamanthax093 8:15 - 8:26 https://www.twitch.tv/seejacklive 8:26 - 8:42 https://www.twitch.tv/donlonsen 8:42 - 8:52 https://www.twitch.tv/Vindrix_ 8:52 - 9:13 https://www.twitch.tv/mrnosleep 9:13 - 9:38 https://www.twitch.tv/aqngaming Outro Song: https://youtu.be/JH0T0ZFcLeY
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Text Comments (4614)
theskyrimboysxx (1 day ago)
That guy who is playing teereria is so salty hahahab
Pretty Pitty (1 day ago)
Whats with these noobs that dont kno about alt f4 call themselves streamers?
Abhay Barik (1 day ago)
6:23 what is that game name?
ILBanana (2 days ago)
I don’t understand the video at 3:39
Lester McMillan (2 days ago)
3:21 wow, this guy needs to lighten up. It was just a joke
Jacob Sotelo (2 days ago)
3:09 cry about it
Ramen resangen (2 days ago)
Nanika (2 days ago)
shout out to my cock
Jared Cabaniss (3 days ago)
Mind29 Lol (3 days ago)
ice walow come
Trix (3 days ago)
Sam Mazensky (4 days ago)
0:50 American David Mitchell?
AK47z Gaming 2 (4 days ago)
Guys, terraria takes *_AGES_* to load. You cant blame him for the ban
What's name is the game 6:26
Ahmed Mostafa (5 days ago)
only one person was playing Roblox
Wolf (5 days ago)
Notice how all the butthurt streamers that got triggered never made it on Twitch
Martin Purrmann (5 days ago)
2:47 okay that guy is stupid as FUCK
Yestin R. (6 days ago)
Mom, I don't know who that is
Red Wolf (7 days ago)
Peter Castillo (8 days ago)
Ice wallo come
Tommy_ ThePro (8 days ago)
Every thumbnail is a youtuber with the same ALT+F4 thumbnail but a different background..
QuietSaucer5586 XGT (9 days ago)
wanba see mike ok
That hairline at 5:05
russell7790 (9 days ago)
Nick giers pmfaooo
Brendan Boschert (9 days ago)
Lmao banned a guy for falling for an alt f4
XFuzions_ GODZ (10 days ago)
JoThePro10 (10 days ago)
Evolved Killer (10 days ago)
That viewers are fucked up
Gamer's Galaxy (10 days ago)
My twitch name is icewallow_p_nes I regret my life decisions
Leo Matthews (11 days ago)
mai dixie rekt
HadesTheGamer (11 days ago)
Bro your thumbnail looks likes Greek is taking a massive hot Taco Bell explosion
Andrei Maltsev (12 days ago)
literally worst twitch streamer ever fell for alt+f4 banned the guy
Jimmy Liapis (12 days ago)
1:19 0:52 was funny
Channel closed (13 days ago)
Please report the youtuber Mentale Zuflucht. He completely copied your video.!
Danse Macabre Official (13 days ago)
if you fall for the Alt-F4 troll, you deserve it. This is almost 2019. You should know this by now.
"sorry elemental you're banned because I'm retarded" yeah makes sense... -.- fuckin' idiot
EMCEE Kaoz (14 days ago)
9:35 who are they?
Caskas (14 days ago)
That is the funniest shit!
REDMAN OFFICIAL (15 days ago)
alt f4 has helped me for games that are freezing
elephant titus (15 days ago)
7:05 all nair
Emil Stevnebø (15 days ago)
Whats the intro song called?
TryHard YouTuber (15 days ago)
Lol he streaming ROBLOX phantom forces lol rank 38 make it to rank 178 with 26k kills and 12k deaths then you can steam
Gorgeous Freeman (15 days ago)
Ice Wallow Come 😂🤣👍
Smith Smitherman (16 days ago)
I did this to a few people, my name is force kin on twitch
Luis D. (16 days ago)
These people are such dumb shits for falling for that alt f4 crap.
minhhai kim (17 days ago)
Wow you put ad do you own these videos?
Tango Gaming (18 days ago)
Type q in console
Stanc3e N4ti0n (19 days ago)
3:39 i dont get it
aelix56 (19 days ago)
00N1G44 TriHard
Vox Vivani (20 days ago)
Who the fuck is the huge load of cman guy
007spudman (20 days ago)
Banning someone over a harmless joke I feel sorry for whoever subscribed to that cunt.
Mr. L (20 days ago)
1:01 also that guy needs to leave his moms house and get his own
Mr. L (20 days ago)
The guys (and some girls) who ban for jokes are just assholes
queen bee (20 days ago)
2:29 what's the joke in this one?
Can't Think Of A Name (19 days ago)
Nick Gers. Say it fast.
Old One (20 days ago)
1:40 is so bogus lmao
Taco (20 days ago)
Bruh people donate to you and u ban him GOOD JOB
KroneYT (20 days ago)
2:29 I don't get it, is this an adoption joke?
Can't Think Of A Name (19 days ago)
Nick Gers was the name she said.
Gamingeko (21 days ago)
This dude is a sellout
Northern the Fox (21 days ago)
The three days grace one wasn't expected made me fucking die of laughing lmao
realeques (22 days ago)
whats mindblowing to me is that there are so called "gamers" who do not know what alt + f4 does.....
Bob The cat (22 days ago)
My dixi rekt
Lorenzo Asturias (23 days ago)
2:00 he sounds like James Corden
asambi69 (24 days ago)
I don't get the Nasa clip??
EddieE Clark (24 days ago)
wtf is twitch
iGarbage (24 days ago)
Do Windows + X U U
Some One (24 days ago)
If you fall for any damn Alt F4 troll, you should ban yourself fucker. What is that pastey white dude's stream so I can go troll him?
Voriq - (24 days ago)
Kids4 Cool (24 days ago)
It’s funny how all of the thumbnails have it say “Alt+f4”
bryan joiner (24 days ago)
Music Station (24 days ago)
wtf i have a 4min ad and i cannot skip wtff
Richard Dempsey (25 days ago)
*presses alt f4* "yeah I knew it didn't do that " Why did you press it then
DerCooleJunge 2.0 (25 days ago)
T D (25 days ago)
How you gonna ban someone for telling you to press alt f4, come on.
• Echo • (25 days ago)
• Echo • (25 days ago)
• Echo • (25 days ago)
Shadow Plauge (26 days ago)
4:44 lmaooooooooooooooooooooo
Julien hunter (26 days ago)
What is the game at 1:42
Can't Think Of A Name (19 days ago)
I think it's The Binding of Issac.
Enginery (26 days ago)
people still falling for the alt+f4 in 2018 ? really.
jizzma420 (26 days ago)
why is greek so fucking fat
PickelPickle98 (27 days ago)
4:38 anyone else year YuNg BrAtZ in the background?
Chevifier (27 days ago)
Really banning a Viewer because he made you press ALT+F4 How can you be a PC gamer and be angry for that. Everyone has a first time🤔
Mudk1p28518 (27 days ago)
How do people not know alt f4
Nicholas Tyler (27 days ago)
Bunchh of soy boys in their moms basements
Sandy , (27 days ago)
Tim Kongstad (27 days ago)
I love the last one lmao and no im not racist
Christian Räßler (27 days ago)
Really? He fell for Alt+F4? That's THE oldest troll in PC gaming history, literally. I learned that when i was 12. Today i'm 29. And then he banned the viewer. Kinda your own fault for falling for it.
Max lopolo (27 days ago)
who is the subhuman that doesnt know what alt+f4 does ? this is embarassing that motherfucker called for a ban
Rolled 8th (27 days ago)
My moms here
yacine (27 days ago)
Sausageroll and Dimsim (28 days ago)
DRUGZ AND SPIRITUALITY PODCAST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFatyqrqmwE
mio mia (28 days ago)
How... how do these people even manage to figure out how to stream to begin with?
gayboy7991 101 VEVO (28 days ago)
Ziggy Rotten (28 days ago)
Don't ban trolls. They're the fun part of the internet.
Kotarian (29 days ago)
dont sub to that terraria guy, if he bans you over a joke that HE fell for, he's probably a shitty person who just hides it well.
MeatVision (29 days ago)
Not enough ALT+F4
La_0 (29 days ago)
lol shout to my cock 6:45
La_0 (29 days ago)
lol shout to my cock 6:45
Z3r0 (29 days ago)
Top gear top kek

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