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Cyberpunk 2077 – official E3 2018 trailer

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Watch the E3 trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 — the role-playing game of the dark future from CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Cyberpunk 2077 is a narrative-driven, open world RPG set in the most vibrant and dangerous metropolis of the future — Night City. You play as V, a hired gun on the rise, who just got their first serious contract. In a world of cyberenhanced street warriors, tech-savvy netrunners and corporate life-hackers, today is your first step to becoming an urban legend. Cyberpunk 2077 is set in the same universe as Mike Pondsmith's classic pen & paper RPG system, Cyberpunk 2020. Find out more at: https://www.cyberpunk.net https://www.facebook.com/CyberpunkGame https://www.twitter.com/CyberpunkGame https://www.discord.gg/cyberpunkgame “Spoiler” DJ Hyper Authors: Guy Hatfield, James Cocozza 2014, Ayra Recordings
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Text Comments (39429)
jay dee (27 minutes ago)
I prefer cyberslav 2077
irmscher9 (38 minutes ago)
My potato is ready!
Gabriele Gatti (1 hour ago)
Now try to insert Van Halen: "Jump" at 0:20
Roksana W (2 hours ago)
Can't wait! Seriously.. Let me sleep until the release. 💓✨ Nie moge sie doczekac kolejnego cuda! 🇵🇱
Anders Sorenson (3 hours ago)
Boooooo!!! Fix your stupid trailers, I'm talking to you 21st century marketing a holes
Armageddon X (3 hours ago)
Looks cool and all ,too bad i wont be able to see the coolness of my character coz of the goddam 1ST PERSON!
S?mo (5 hours ago)
Ready player one
Adrian Jones (10 hours ago)
Release date is 2077
CRAZY K (9 hours ago)
Adrian Jones 😁😁😁😁
Drivertilldeath (12 hours ago)
CDPR release the 50 minute Demo publicly this week at Gamescon please !!!!!
Umejr Zek (8 hours ago)
Drivertilldeath It will not be Gameplay
Poket head (16 hours ago)
Gta 77 on ultra setting))
Travis Adams (16 hours ago)
Am I weird for being super amused by that awesome tail light design?
Mr_Sonka 77 (19 hours ago)
Ready player one 😀
Drivertilldeath (12 hours ago)
Mr_Sonka 77. This Player One is ready !!!!!
MrItsjustmeok (20 hours ago)
Holy fuck this looks amazing
leamondre rhodes (20 hours ago)
Edgy clothes, cool cars, dope music,and lots of violence, I've come to the right place.... take my money.
carlos thebaby (21 hours ago)
This needs to have daft punk music in it
Orlik Orlik (21 hours ago)
Polish game <3
KRATOS (22 hours ago)
Altered Carbon
Jonathan Cleaves (22 hours ago)
TechDivision (23 hours ago)
As a fan of Witcher 3, I can tell CDPR will make one of their best games
YourLocalCommunist (23 hours ago)
The game Industry"Single Player Game Modes are Dead" CPDR "Exuse Me Wut"
Pakistan Talk (1 day ago)
Goshhhhh i love cd red project😍😍😍
HAZZARD (1 day ago)
I'm erect
Wegreger (1 day ago)
Menim Ugurum (1 day ago)
Gameplay https://youtu.be/HBNuMMQ4AB0
Sebastian (1 day ago)
Só queria ver a gameplay!! :(
Suraj Subramani (1 day ago)
When is the fucking gameplay coming
CRAZY K (1 day ago)
Suraj Subramani Gamescom Aug 21-Aug 25 2018 Maybe ?
Alan Nieszporek (1 day ago)
Where can I buy pre-order?
Bo Fang (1 day ago)
[07-14] Job K. (1 day ago)
madcow BRO (1 day ago)
Come on! Show us the 40+ minute demo already. ;~;
Florian Lucas (1 day ago)
red dead dedemption 2 and cyberpunk are the future !
wnorek (1 day ago)
CDPR: In Cyberpunk 2077 will be no microtransactions. EA: I don't feel so good.
Jan Nowak (2 days ago)
Deshi Tahalka (2 days ago)
release date please?????
Панос Gamer (2 days ago)
1:16 is the guy screaming blyat?
ryaan Asady (2 days ago)
Calling it now were gonna see gaunter o dim in this universe. Mabye as a computer virus or mabye in person. Would be awesome if he mentions geralt
ryaan Asady (2 days ago)
I cant wait to see ciri and a computer virus calling itself G O DIM if you know what i mean ;)
Bartek Sygitowicz (2 days ago)
to jest polska angole
TheArcticSStorm (2 days ago)
2077 is the date of release
MotorBikerMusic (2 days ago)
The Witcher 2077:!!
lolyis (2 days ago)
Ghost in the shell prequel yeaaahh yahh
Hans Sevol (2 days ago)
I thought it would be pretty cool until I found out it’s first person 😐
Drivertilldeath (12 hours ago)
Hans Sevol. “I find your lack of faith disturbing!”
cytrulax (1 day ago)
Hans Sevol first person doesn't mean that game will be automaticly bad you know
UNMEI KOB (2 days ago)
memes generator (2 days ago)
Omfg I can't wait for this...
Weronika Es (2 days ago)
Feeling jealous of all these 13-17 years old thinking 'This is gonna be my new world!'. Daaamn!, I want this to be my youth again ;(
GUESTKID9976 VIDEOS (2 days ago)
I hope they have this for consoles too
Ian._002 (2 days ago)
Such a good soundtrack
Juraj Zembjak (2 days ago)
an AAAA game
663marv (2 days ago)
1:01 did her ass jiggle?
SrogaPoziomka (3 days ago)
Solid 7/10.
Captain Nick Reyes (3 days ago)
I hope they make it more dark and gritty, the trailer lets it look like some comedy near future GTA clone.
k23il (3 days ago)
0:40 Witcher Medallion ?
Rupert Condat (3 days ago)
if Ciri makes an appearance in this game that would be so meta...
NASH4203 (3 days ago)
Games that are instant buys for me Death Stranding Doom Eternal Rage 2 Cyberpunk 2077 2019 is going to be insane.
NASH4203 Weird list... Death Stranding, Doom Eternal, Rage 2 are all going to be 2019 games. Cyberpunk 2077 is most likely a 2020 game.
NASH4203 (1 day ago)
Jed Len the list isn’t in any particular order.
Jed Len (1 day ago)
why is cyberpunk the last one on you're list? Rage 2 looks fun but that's like an indie game compared to cy 2077
NASH4203 (2 days ago)
Mat K. Never heard of it.
Mat K. (2 days ago)
You forgot to add Metro Exodus to your list.
Chris Gill (3 days ago)
I feel like I’m being dipped into a warm bath whilst having a finger shoved up my bum hole when I watch this
Jonathan Rivera (3 days ago)
This game looks great but can someone explain to me the big deal? Or drop a link to a video? I want to feel hyped too lol
Silenced Games (3 days ago)
its from the creators of The Witcher 3 (which was a big deal) and they revealed this game 5 years ago with a teaser trailer saying "it will be ready when its ready"
Da Huumain (3 days ago)
HyperspaceKamakazi (3 days ago)
This is like my 900th time watching this
THC (3 days ago)
uqly binch (3 days ago)
more games involving androids y e S
Clover (3 days ago)
Shut up and take my money
Ron Jans (3 days ago)
Such a waste this is singleplayer, singleplayer always feels so fake and forced to me...
Ron Jans (3 days ago)
Silenced Games yeah thats true but still
Silenced Games (3 days ago)
Ron Jans but more often than not if you are interacting with humans in an open world you will just be shot in the face. If you want a story you have to have NPC’s
Ron Jans (3 days ago)
Silenced Games i mean forced to play, like wow that character starts fighting to me but it is all scripted you interact with a computer in stead of real humans i mean yeah....
Silenced Games (3 days ago)
singleplayer feels forced? you do realise as a developer you have to spend extra time to force multiplayer into a game? games (even ones designed for multiplayer) arent just instantly multiplayer.
Mord Fustang (3 days ago)
I’m wet
노맨즈스카이 (3 days ago)
This is not cyberpunk -_-
Antares (22 hours ago)
mike pondsmith would like to disagree.. just because daylight is shown, isnt raining all the time and isnt infested with synthwave garbage doesnt mean it isnt cyberpunk
Eu quero jogar pirra
Galactic Reggie (3 days ago)
In the future, men will prefer robo-pussy to real pussy. LMAO
Drivertilldeath (12 hours ago)
Galactic Reggie. Yup.
ciro nappi (3 days ago)
Ready player one
Drivertilldeath (3 days ago)
I am a Cyberpunk !!!
Drivertilldeath (3 days ago)
So this will be the first ever GotD? Game of the Decade.
Drivertilldeath (3 days ago)
Hey CDPR, can you guys upload the 50 minute Demo on this channel? I want to cure my depression please.
Ahmee AmmE (3 days ago)
i hope this comes out before i get any more responsibilities in my life
12 из 10
Krishna V.raja (3 days ago)
Why do we customise the main charectar if its a first person game
Rohan Patel (4 days ago)
Releasing soon in 2077
bebba (4 days ago)
guess who’s ready? ME BITCH
Tea Tea (4 days ago)
I better see a ciri cameo or easter egg
Renato Medeiros (4 days ago)
2018: 44 y old and I have not seen flying cars yet. at least not the same as movies. 2077: 103 y old or very dead but the game already gave me a glimpse of what's to come. Thank God that I probably will not be alive any more in this hell.
LordHeebrial (4 days ago)
Every game is filler until this drops. No questions asked.
Clash Dan [SP] (4 days ago)
Историческая хуйня слава богу что не ведьмак
Fucking like! Very big Like! Jakir is fucking idioit, and don't game rewier and big asshole and aye!
robert valli (4 days ago)
Please keep the transhumanism theme.
Neutron Play (4 days ago)
Интересно что творится в России в это пора 🤔
Jan Nowak (4 days ago)
Divyansh Rana (4 days ago)
DAmn this was announced in 2013
Flaming Sajib (4 days ago)
finally cyberpunk 2077
onlyhate777 (4 days ago)
благодарю, подрочил
Jonathan Sowards (4 days ago)
This game looks dope!
Alessandro Chiri (4 days ago)
What i have Just watched!?!?! Marvelous
Cherry Stone (5 days ago)
CDPR, my money is available for you to take
jeddid Gicken (5 days ago)
Give me 10 hours this trailer
PERMACH (5 days ago)
cmarek1989 (5 days ago)
I hoped for something like deus ex, but ill take it :P
Mr Schmorgus (5 days ago)
I so wished for this to be online with other players... Or atleast coop. Without that, it'll die faster wich is sad :/
Arno Dorian (5 days ago)
Ubisoft : we can Open world CD Red: hold my Cyberbeer
Mucha (5 days ago)
Arno Dorian xd
Derto (5 days ago)
As long as it doesn't end up as a Ubisoft clone, I'm interested
red lion alpha (5 days ago)
Give me that jacket
\/ (5 days ago)
sounds like a place im gonna live in
Morginelly Anderson (5 days ago)
I come sell my house
MRAZ (5 days ago)
*Это она в 2077 выйдет?*

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