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[CS:GO KZ] kz_goodluck_p in 01:41.22 by CyclO

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http://www.kzstats.com/maps/kz_goodluck_p/ Video Produced by: ebyssal Music used: Wayr - The Edge of Time ------------------------------- Follow us on social media and never miss an upload! KZ-Climb: http://www.kz-climb.com/ Discord: http://discord.gg/csgokz Twitter: https://twitter.com/kzclimb_go Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kzclimb Counter-Strike: Global Offensive KZ - Watch in 1080p 60fps! Visit us at KZ-Climb.com, your #1 place for the latest KZ news and videos! -------------------------------
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Text Comments (22)
Nuke (1 month ago)
how come no one has done the MSF skip and raped the wr yet?
Nuke (1 month ago)
ah rip, woulda been sick to see it in a run
Cyclo KZ (1 month ago)
I've tried it, but its not possible anymore, consisted in a jumpbug after the tp, max speed you can get now after tp is 380 so rip ^^
An cao bao (1 month ago)
THIS always makes me cringe, jesus.
lukzje (1 month ago)
ez for motorCyclO
SODAWATER. 水 (1 month ago)
cool run lil potato, now go for a nofail one
Cyclo KZ (1 month ago)
map is so frustrating that idk if I will actively try anymore, 1.35 is possible no fails
stip h (1 month ago)
Boi Mann (1 month ago)
damn what a sick skip
Woke (1 month ago)
cyclo crazy boy
radio .aktiv (1 month ago)
good run!
ThreeFourTwo (1 month ago)
This is so calming to watch.
ebyssal (1 month ago)
ThreeFourTwo that was the goal ❤️
iTs (1 month ago)
Sick !
Darkhus (1 month ago)
Someone stop this man
Samuel McGill (1 month ago)
Very goo d !
Potato God Nico (1 month ago)
best estonian kzer of all time
Cyclo KZ (1 month ago)
GameChaos (1 month ago)
mystery (1 month ago)
skripe (1 month ago)
Cyclo is just way too good
Josh H (1 month ago)
nice owo

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