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YES! I had to re-upload due to a bug in the subboxes, the video didn't show for most of the people and i'm not sure what's going on with youtube but it's getting more and more scary. Anyway, hope you liked the video if you haven't seen it yesterday! How comes you sometimes have money in the chat? That's because I play on ChallengeMe.GG! Register through https://www.challengeme.gg/s/jeff and experience the whole website for free! Improve yourself and become a better CS:GO player with this playlist of tutorials: https://goo.gl/wW83kz EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS DOWN BELOW ▼ ✘ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/houngoungagne (NEW!) ✘ Twitter : https://twitter.com/HOUNGOUNGAGNE @HOUNGOUNGAGNE ✘ Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HOUNGOUNGAGNE ✘ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HOUNGOUNGAGNE ♫ Music: I use a lot the music from MAF: http://www.maf464.com/ And his website is gorgeous btw! :) I also use a lot of songs coming from Incompetech: http://goo.gl/PHwKV2 And also some musics are provided by http://www.epidemicsound.com/ thanks to my partnership with ESL ► About me◄ (Updated 2 October 2016) Crosshair? Mouse? Monitor? ➝ Find all my infos down below my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/houngoungagne (¬‿¬) Graphic Designer: @orikmcfly (¬‿¬)
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HOUNGOUNGAGNE (1 year ago)
YES! I had to re-upload due to a bug in the subboxes, the video didn't show for most of the people and i'm not sure what's going on with youtube but it's getting more and more scary. Anyway, hope you liked the video if you haven't seen it yesterday!
Alex Radu (1 year ago)
Raymond labuan99 yea..
Stuart Wallace (1 year ago)
all online is worse now than 10 years ago with coding and click for time on site. all companies have fucked up the net and their sites as a result.
Raymond labuan99 (1 year ago)
not being a greedy fuck in MG level is hard man, sometimes when i exchange frags for intel they just call me noob coz i fucking low in frags.
alexander kerbers (1 year ago)
I think YouTube is cherry-picking the subscription content for you if you are subscribed to too many active channels.
rgroise (1 year ago)
HOUNGOUNGAGNE yep the bug wasn't only for the dubfeed tho, i couldn't find the vid in your channel either
kyle irving (19 days ago)
easy game if you use cheats
killa bo! (1 month ago)
u dont learn stuff evryday if noSTEAM csgo version that doesnt have multiplayer so u only play with bots :)
satan (1 month ago)
oi whats the music when ye said the guy had a good bhopping skill
Gabriel Lanzer (1 month ago)
Holly crap, this video is awesome!
Quinbulance (2 months ago)
my silver brain hurts
z.f. chicken (3 months ago)
As empty as my soul.
Carl Baleva (4 months ago)
d3ne5 1q (6 months ago)
Can I just say this was the most amazing analytics ever, I actually learned so much in these 10 minutes. Jeff watch your back in MM, I'm coming :D
ItsOkToBeALoser (7 months ago)
Pro strats dont usally work in mm
Samy _19Hz (8 months ago)
3:15 look at snax , minimap , lemme watch some jeff vid xD , please like to see jeff and give me heart
ツsighrex (9 months ago)
rocket science...
Major Potato (9 months ago)
Damn I'm a gold Nova noob and never even thought about those tactics. I'm mostly playing with 2 friends who are clearly better than me and now I know why^^ But if you solo queue you're fucked with russians and turks.
Shantanu Baji (9 months ago)
awesome. very detailed and informative
michael (9 months ago)
I like this Series very much!!
Melanchølic Hølidays (9 months ago)
Get A Good PC.
Ahmad Syafeeq (10 months ago)
please do another map too.. i learn so much from your video . thanks
Mikael Guimarães (10 months ago)
Very funny video. I like
Misplays (10 months ago)
Houngoungagne, can you make videos on how to be good at maps.. :D i wanna be a better player
DamageJackal (10 months ago)
Wait, wait, wait... Did you just say "I've played 12,000 hours of Counter-strike"? (0:15) That's 16.4 months of straight CS: GO!!! DuhFaq!?
Hughmann (9 months ago)
Not csgo, he’s including all the other counter strikes too.
sid_ m (1 year ago)
its like trigonometry.....learning so much formulas...
Abstraxxt (1 year ago)
the dots of the players are so "cute" to me like "i go here" "i boost you" like this moment 3:38
The saber guy (1 year ago)
A series? This is the only one lol
Jadex (1 year ago)
Veeeery good video! Thank you so much <3
Muhammad Arshad (1 year ago)
What is your say of the noobs who dont study how to properly play CS ?
Don Workinson (1 year ago)
gj frenchy
Kenny Bein (1 year ago)
the body at 5:12 lmao
supA (1 year ago)
Holy shit you are helpfull
supA (1 year ago)
Thank you so much jeff love ur vids!
COMPLAININGwithMOLT (1 year ago)
Guys if you tell me what's the sick bhop song i'll eat your shit
WarriorOfSneak (1 year ago)
Just for people who are also searching for it: La Caution "Thé à la menthe"
Soffini Francesco (1 year ago)
Are you retard?it is
COMPLAININGwithMOLT (1 year ago)
Enrico Papi No it's not, moron. I already found it
Soffini Francesco (1 year ago)
COMPLAININGwithMOLT laser dance
COMPLAININGwithMOLT (1 year ago)
When Neo was bhoping
Ida Granhøj (1 year ago)
Love this video!
Sacred Oleg (1 year ago)
Add normal ad please
The Evil Child (1 year ago)
I am a greedy fuck
Sven Vidar Veltman (1 year ago)
Thx for this video! This helps me a lot on inferno! Great commentary! Looking forward to next eppisode
valy0f (1 year ago)
if you want to learn, watch swag-iwnl or other top players
Garga (1 year ago)
Multiple 13 (1 year ago)
" I'm alergic to flowers T_T" i liked that
yebbi (1 year ago)
I love ur videos
Sebastian Yin (1 year ago)
That was incredibly useful! Do a bunch more of these! Great work! btw, hope you get your TESLA soon.
Minh Doan (1 year ago)
I've been waiting for a YouTuber to do this. Dazed did some but he just plays ranks. Thanks to help the community improve(can u make the next map:train,mirage,overpass or cache) Snowdrawp
Minh Doan (1 year ago)
Pin me<3
tKnz (1 year ago)
TWELVE THOUSAND HOURS?! you should probably be a master by now - become pro?!
John Primo (1 year ago)
12k hours ? *_* tf
Owen (1 year ago)
Did he just say 12,000 hours on CSGO??
Tedric Sanders (8 months ago)
He has about 5000 hours on CS:Source If I recall correctly
Ishwant singh (1 year ago)
Gomlmon99 not on csgo, total counter strike franchise
Robin (1 year ago)
is it only for me thet some videos on yt doesnt show the video and only plays adio its verry annoying and the problem sems to be my browser Im useing Opera and the videos load properly on Chrome
Cody Werner (1 year ago)
Great video!
kojocisco (1 year ago)
Yeah yeah yeah. Smart playing, safe playing, mambo jumbo. My aim is crap so I do play this way but nobody makes any usage when you play with other random gold nova 2 players.
Sebastian Björkman (1 year ago)
Aim isnt everything. I have worse aim than my silver elite friends and im sitting in around MG right now. Aslong as you play smart, are polite and try to suprise your opponent you should be fine. Dont take unessasary risks either.
Zikra Mustinovan (1 year ago)
kojocisco Sometimes it even happens on MG and above level as well LMAO
AC3 - (1 year ago)
everybody in GN needs to see 4:30 ffs
Illusion Rxdical (1 year ago)
do you play ESEA or faceit?
Khoa Lâm (1 year ago)
Did he just say he played 12,000 hours on CSGO at the begining of the video? I really doubt it lol
Xypheli (1 year ago)
nice, thank you <3
KaryGer :3 (1 year ago)
what is your resolution ? PLZ
Rodrigo Torres (1 year ago)
what is the name of the first music?
WarriorOfSneak (1 year ago)
La Caution "Thé à la menthe"
Raymond labuan99 (1 year ago)
not being a greedy fuck in MG level is hard man, sometimes when i exchange frags for intel they just call me noob coz i am fucking low in frags
Jesus (10 months ago)
Raymond labuan99 The only time you should be exchanging frags for info is if you're in a premade
i Dale (1 year ago)
Tip- dont purposefully give your life for info unless there is someone to trade kill in that case the info isn't really important anyways because they will be dead. just play to win the round and if you see someone call it but dont give your life over it
schlons (1 year ago)
adragon0216 (1 year ago)
If you full force second round you can't buy full nades on fourth round. Bit of a trade off whether you want a better chance of winning the 2nd round or 4th round.
Captain Crapnuts (1 year ago)
adragon0216 depends if you get a kill or not, but tec 9s when you know the CT likely won't have rifles is a really good gamble IMO. also, like I sometimes do especially if I plan on soloing a site or something, skip head armor and it should leave you enough for a smoke Molly and flash
Yandrevz Silaban (1 year ago)
more demo please :)
Razimar (1 year ago)
This vid helped a fuck ton actually.Thx baguette u are awesome<3
Icelick (1 year ago)
all smokes are useless now ;)
JannisDavidZwahlen (1 year ago)
Is there any good map knowledge videos someone can suggest? I'm GN3 but i can only play on Dust2 .. On other maps i just can't play good..
KJohn (1 year ago)
6.20 Pub pour Malek ??? XDDD
Böbb (1 year ago)
man I used to play cs every day in the pre 1.5 and 1.5-1.6 years. I still love the game from a distance but dont really play it anymore
Cizza (1 year ago)
Great vid , love to see more
NeutronStar (1 year ago)
good shieet
Dominic Ng (1 year ago)
What are u , warowl now!?!!!?!?
Cal (1 year ago)
Nice one Jeff
Fido300 (1 year ago)
Whats the song called when Neo bhopped in the beginning?
Mega Volt (1 year ago)
La Caution - Thé à la menthe
M2H Gaming (1 year ago)
good shit! :D
NexusSpacey (1 year ago)
I found you on akinator
aiminyou (1 year ago)
good video ma frend
FeNNeK (1 year ago)
the quality of your content is insane because you focus on the "non-raw-skill" part of the game which is so lovely...
Robin (1 year ago)
des sous titres :// jpige pas tout
pasha biceps
Srdjan Jovetić (1 year ago)
Michael Harrington (1 year ago)
Nice video and nice new series! More plz and also baguette references.
Thven (1 year ago)
5:12-5:15 ouch sorry taz
ManiacLet'sPlays (1 year ago)
you speak pretty fast
Some clips (1 year ago)
Love this serie
Chris X (1 year ago)
Absolutly love the idea of this new series please coutinue
Irmantas Rumsa (1 year ago)
good job on the text jokes xD !
Kaito Renato (1 year ago)
just keep making videos like this
Rodrigo A Hernández (1 year ago)
deja vu
ivan coppola (1 year ago)
awesome vid dude!
RoL (1 year ago)
Nice video! :D
DudeOfNowhere (1 year ago)
this is a great video... and a great idea for a series as well... eagerly awaiting more!
Nick Games (1 year ago)
Cs:go is a really complicated game, that constantly changes, and it's actually awesome to see how a "game" can be full of tacticts and brainfucking strategies. This is the reason I love this game, but Valve just fucked up a bit the matchmaking with the negev update, I can't even try to record a video, since in every match you have most of players using negevs :l Btw, great video, maybe I can learn something more about this game, even if my friend calls me "fool" just because I have 4k hours...
Guevara (1 year ago)
4 ads for a 10 minute video, really wants a Tesla
Deansforyou (9 months ago)
Guevara (1 year ago)
Vano (1 year ago)
and if it is, you're not a friend to youtubers
get_it_boy (1 year ago)
addblock is your friend
IDF (1 year ago)
LORDANTHONY (1 year ago)
LORDANTHONY (1 year ago)
Wai cin (1 year ago)
Please make more this video
Thank you for this Video! I always have trouble on Inferno!
Arne Retour (2 months ago)
Mynameis needles (1 year ago)
I cant even imagine the time and effort put into this. Great vid, great content. Keep it going hougouoadnapnasdko! Much love
It's 477 (1 year ago)
bind mouse4 +jumpthrow; alias +jumpthrow "+jump; -attack"; alias -jumpthrow -jump if anyone wants the jump throw bind :)
Miguel Cortez (1 year ago)
you're so honest.... greedy f*ck... kidding. love your videos :D
LSR- (1 year ago)
plagiat wipr Kappa
Jordan CASSAGNE (1 year ago)
j'avoue d'ailleurs team wipr vs team Hgné pronostic ? x)
baMzation (1 year ago)
Like before watch :)
Kaushik Kumar Bora (1 year ago)
Continue the series!!! really useful
Louis Antonio (1 year ago)
twelve thousand hours??????
zendakk (1 year ago)
Louis Antonio Not 100% sure but I believe it's 5k Source + 7k GO
Mohammad Al Dhaheri (1 year ago)
is this one of the ideas you made in the shower?
adridcs (1 year ago)
Hi! I have a question, we can RANK UP playing "Dust_2" or no?
MeckeOfficial (1 year ago)
Oh, Jeff. You replied to my Comment and deleted the Video. I'm very Sad now. But still love you ♥ Just like a Brother #NoHomo Greetings from Germany :)
Alon Fridman (1 year ago)

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