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7 Times Valve Ruined CS:GO

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We all love Valve.. Heck, we love ‘em so much we made a channel devoted to them. But oh man, have they frustrated their CSGO players with some controversial updates.Welcome to Valve Guides. Now, I know the topic of some of these updates are controversial. So again, I will do my best to remain neutral when discussing the topic. However these 7 updates really shook up and frustrated the CSGO community. So without further delay, let's get into it Our hub channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRr_0ZyHkDPpWky3uXlVZIA Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/UltraGuides Join our community on the VGC Discord: https://discord.gg/S3pk3sn In this video we learn about: CS:GO Overpowered weapons CS:GO Movement Changes, Worst CS:GO Updates, CS:GO Needs change,
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Text Comments (4128)
Real Fonzo (2 days ago)
Aaahh, the ol' classic pocket awp aka the R8
GoPro478 (2 days ago)
1:39 whats that crosshair command
yeet boi daddy (4 days ago)
1:29 that crosshair lol
Pahuus (5 days ago)
7 days tradeban..
GIZMOC16 beef (10 days ago)
But it got nerfed why would u quit tf
OJ H (23 days ago)
Orphan ChopShop (27 days ago)
At least with the R8 you can't spam fire it like the usp-s so it is a little balenced
Fil Mol (28 days ago)
It is right that usp-s is better than glock because m4's cannot one shot to helmet
R4iZz (29 days ago)
by the Rankingsystem update i won 7 Games in a Row lost 1 and got deranked -.-
•Dude Rekkit106 (29 days ago)
Valve is starting to make the same mistakes as cod because in cod ppl just want a remastered bo2 but cod is like nooo u get futuristic game fool and valve is adding shits that ppl have not chosen
Gabriel Paixão (1 month ago)
trade uptade ://////////
MrJakeJimmy (1 month ago)
r8 was so overpowered I member.
BunanEH (1 month ago)
And... Now...
Craig Mager (1 month ago)
I did a game with over 80 points and my other 4 teammates had 20 or less and I didn't rank up because the rest of my team dragged me down, and I often find myself having this problem but occasionally I get a good team
Boboz9 (1 month ago)
Peter Hinojosa (1 month ago)
Cz,aug,r8,Negev,um... idk
AnimateOut (1 month ago)
Wheres the trade ban at???
ice- poseidon (1 month ago)
Surprise the awp isn’t on here...Smh
ElGato7000 (1 month ago)
How to play a game "properly": JUST HAVE FUN, IT'S A GAME also, have you never seen Jackie Brown? It's a Steyr AUG, not A-U-G -_-
ARTHUR LOPES GAMES (1 month ago)
i think the cts should have the pistol advantage,judging by the m4 vs ak and how much more useful smgs are in T side with high running speed and accuracy. (my opinion)
Zombiecraft (1 month ago)
you can defintely get a 1 tap hs with a glock. i've done it more than once.
Michael Doyle (1 month ago)
Thats what half the list is
Michael Doyle (1 month ago)
A game based on skill and not real life cuz why not 😄
Jake Mew (1 month ago)
The awp update is really good.
Pasta (2 months ago)
Ranking update put me from gnm to sem :((
Zlane (2 months ago)
Try "times when valve didnt ruin the game" now thats a hard one
Raze (2 months ago)
Just wait until bomb skins come out
Shadow Style (2 months ago)
I have to say that valve i think dont knowbwhat to do thats why they got the revolver in we all want MP5 and i know a lot of peapole including me want to remove the trade hold when you trade items from friend to friend we even got a over 250 000 singed in petition that was sent to valve about it but nothing
Alpa (2 months ago)
The AWP nerf was great in my opinion and I do AWP quite a bit myself
Æłį (2 months ago)
Can only knows how to make a weapon too over powered or too weak
Charles Freeman (2 months ago)
I hate valve, mistreats the whole community while making mad profit off the community.
Mani (2 months ago)
I know people are going to tell me that I'm being salty or just not trying hard enough, but I arguably get a little better at the game every time I play even if I don't try to improve in a dedicated way. Before the ranking update, my first rank was SE, and it made me feel encouraged/good about myself. I've never been there since.
Morris Bonne Marcus (3 months ago)
Are there only 7 you could find?
franc costa gamer (3 months ago)
IDontKnow ϟ (3 months ago)
Lh guys,and that was before they banned opskinns and stuff...the fuckt cs:go in the asshole m8s
13th (3 months ago)
And the Trade-Hold
James Moon (3 months ago)
I miss vertigo and aztec
Gamer Friends (3 months ago)
The worst update was the rankup system because then other players are stuck at a rank that they are better than and will be stuck more often plus it's harder to rank up because you need to win alot more than loosing that's what i think of it
D-RiuZ (3 months ago)
CS 1.6 ftw
Nichtkelly KELLY (3 months ago)
Its a common trend devs these days just nerf the good stuff or add crap to their games so I wonder why...🤔
Blitztube (3 months ago)
Is aug nerfed?
L3OPARD (4 months ago)
they've ruined the game again with that trade update
sHpOoFeR (4 months ago)
you love valve '' slow clap ''
Bittex IL (4 months ago)
0:00 - 0:01 NICE JOKE XD
Chicken (4 months ago)
theres 8 now, they introduced the 7 day trade ban which is fucking retarded
Edward Oh (4 months ago)
1:28 wtf is that crosshair xD
Yan Frenkel (4 months ago)
The 7day trading cooldown
Lucas Vincensi (4 months ago)
1:20 how do you can get that crosshair
RipjawPlaysGames (4 months ago)
Number 0: 7 day trade hold
Nielsen Sunga (4 months ago)
*Gaben done messed up csgo*
nathaniel fotinas (4 months ago)
Trường Giang Nông (4 months ago)
how to do that crosshair ??? 1:20 H O W ?
Cody H (4 months ago)
I only clicked on the video to see the Robin Williams minus a chromosome look alike
Russian Hitman (4 months ago)
Well they fucked it up again. Im talking about 7day trade cooldown
Stance Club Music (4 months ago)
Needs an update! lol
Victor Wallec (4 months ago)
cs go itself is a mistake
thedutch diamondgameplay (4 months ago)
fun fact the r8 had the same stats as the awp only cheaper
EpitomeEdits (4 months ago)
valve also ruined csgo with the arms deal update , and yes im talking bout skins :)
Hunter (4 months ago)
1:48 you made a mistake you said the CZ was obsolete to the Cz or tec 9, you meant to say five seven or tec 9
Mark Palomares (5 months ago)
hey make it 8
Nightsnatcher (5 months ago)
Well even if it only had an impact on modded servers, valve once released a patch which has broken trigger_teleport entities (they triggered with huge delay) . Until valve fixed it esp. most surf_* maps where unplayable for some weeks but many other high traffic mods were hit too.
ItsAlex (5 months ago)
Why are you guys so shit at csgo facts......
fridayyb0y (5 months ago)
do a part 2
Nah Quah Dah (5 months ago)
And theres the eight time when valve decides to fucking kill trading and gambling...
Hubert Kwidziński (5 months ago)
Colton Myskohlid (5 months ago)
Jump scout. Being able to talk to the enemy team. M4A1S nerf. Those were huge. Does the person that made this video even play cargo?
Colton Myskohlid (5 months ago)
ForOne814 ya it’s still possible but it’s impossible to strafe jump shot.
ForOne814 (5 months ago)
Jump scouting was way too easy. It's still possible y'know. Around 80% of the pros used M4A1S before its nerf. There was nothing wrong with the gun, M4A4 was just worse in any possible way.
Colton Myskohlid (5 months ago)
lmfao only scrubs thought the jump scout was op. ask literally any pro and they don't agree with the nerf. there was nothing wrong with the m4s so i literally have no clue why they nerfed it. pros used both the m4a4 and the s so i don't get the nerf but whatever.
ForOne814 (5 months ago)
Jump scout was OP as fuck, M4A1S was just better than M4A4.
Ballerunivers (5 months ago)
and the 7 days trade banned? they fuckin broke csgo
Ace (5 months ago)
Jose Guillermo Guimaraes (5 months ago)
Ahaha look what just valve made to the trade market whit the new update
frisky! (5 months ago)
8* new trade rules :D
Jon Nathaniel Cansanay (5 months ago)
Oh no where is the negev
ZephSucksAtLife (5 months ago)
8 TIMES!!! 29/03/2018
Eggees (5 months ago)
Make that 8, 3/29 rip trading
Marshall Sweet (5 months ago)
You need to make an updated video that says 8 times valve ruined csgo #2018 #riptrading
Lingling (5 months ago)
Faranox (5 months ago)
CJ Russell (5 months ago)
ofek gozlan (5 months ago)
The new trading update march 2018 (7 days trade ban on every item that has been traded) should be there
gimme the salturion (30 days ago)
it was made 2 years ago x)
GAVLE YOUTUBER (5 months ago)
8* times you mean
Sander Sajale (5 months ago)
And now the trading.
SloBearZ (5 months ago)
Yesterday was the 8th time
LegendaryVegeta (5 months ago)
vbut now 8 times XD
WhiteCodeLua (5 months ago)
Valve ruined csgo again
Respawn (5 months ago)
Make that 8 when trading ban came out
TheLeftyGamer (5 months ago)
Add the 7 trading ban now
Kiki (5 months ago)
AdventureT (5 months ago)
*8 times with the new trading update
112 Bobita (5 months ago)
Same in 2k18
APOtheke ! (5 months ago)
*added 7 day trade hold*
No, this is Patrick (5 months ago)
csgo gambling is dead now :c
tremain the train (5 months ago)
Valve Guides? CS G Guides.
Andry Trigunadi (5 months ago)
and now they ruined or maybe kill the trading for csgo item
Chris Olsker (5 months ago)
7 day trade ban. March 29, 2018
amine chinwi (5 months ago)
it's been ruined Again xdd
Kuroteshima (5 months ago)
"valve" guides. So you wanna say how your channel ruined csgo it would be more than 7
MrRoyale Tour (5 months ago)
Make it 8 : 7day Trade Cooldown in March Update
SRTT (5 months ago)
1:49 compared to itself its obsolete
Joshua Chen (6 months ago)
proof valve doesn't know how to balance
Mike (6 months ago)
The description is the intro word for word.
Boom B0x (6 months ago)
Cursed you stupid old pipe

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