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CS 1 6 Server Zombie Plague 5 0 Fast AP, Free VIP, Fast Dl,Free VIP,Free Admin

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Subscribe please https://youtu.be/BmgSK4-I2J0 Best Zombie Plague Server CS 1.6 IP: New Update In Buxna Come And See *New Guns* ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █Heloo! █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ╠►Name: Buxna® - [ZM]HEADSHOT® [Free|͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿|+Bank+pmodmenu+FDL] ╠►IP: ╠►MoD: Zombie Mod ╠►: 2xboost Full VIP 1month ╠►: 4boost ADMIN 2months ╠►Free |VIP| |00-11| ╠► Gooo Alll New Mod New Skins ╠►Owner: (Moaaz Buxna) & (‏عبد ابو ابو سنينه) ╠►Free |VIP| |00-11| ====================================================== ╠►JOIN NOW BEST SERVER : ╠►Buxna [ZM] HEAD SHOT ╠►ip :- ╠►Say /get for 500 ammo PACKS every 12 Hours ╠► More new Extra Items, ZM Classes and Addons! ╠► Only on our server! ╠►Pmodmenu,Jetpack + Bazoka! ╠► Free VIP!+ BANK ╠► Name: HEAD SHOT ZombIe® ╠► Game: Counter Strike 1.6 ╠► No lag, no cheaters! ● ̿ '̿ ̿\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ ● ............▌.......... IP : Нови ИП : Nuevo Ip : ====================================================== OwNeR : Moaaz & Abed ====================================================== http://www.gametracker.rs/server_info/ ====================================================== page server : https://www.facebook.com/groups/245295245853599/ ====================================================== #‎boost‬ 1xboost = VIP Full 2xboost = admin Full 4xboost = admin + vip + svip zombie plague 5.0 ,free vip,fast ammo,fastdl
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Text Comments (88)
breackcraft toore (2 months ago)
JOKER BIG BOOS (2 months ago)
ههه عماد '[V][N]{O_o Nice Vidio Wow
Ciprian Ionel Rusu (2 months ago)
2018 ? Ip??
Ultime Animatronic (2 months ago)
to enter this server please press the key ² to open console menu tip connect press enter then you will enter the server
Nice bro :-D
Rahimo GaMiNg (3 months ago)
bro i love this server i need admin and 100k ammo ok !!
ChillGuys_6 (3 months ago)
i loved the video can i get free VIP please :D my birthday is coming
Hakou Dz (4 months ago)
Subaiyal Rehan (5 months ago)
pinhead star (6 months ago)
Make me admin?
usama alam (6 months ago)
want admin ?/ please nick lABix :D plzzzz'
Gamer hacker hacker x5 (6 months ago)
Kho dok nji lnl3b
Gamer hacker hacker x5 (6 months ago)
Wow kho
Marin Candrea (8 months ago)
Me please name to music. ??
Eve (9 months ago) - best server cs 1.6 NORD.PLAY-ARENA.RO Giveaways Steam Key CS 1.6 / Key CSGO Pe server aveti Concurs cu premii , intra si tu pe server si scrie /concurs Cautam admini cu experienta si steam ON Vrei admin gratis ? intra pe server si scrie /concurs Chemati oameni pe server , reclama pe facebook ,multumim tuturor persoanelor care ajuta la populare !!!
Sasuke Uchiha (9 months ago)
awesome vid bro with zombie server:D
Bali 202HuN (10 months ago)
You craft server?
Kaffi Hakou (1 year ago)
Online ? Imad
Kaffi Hakou (1 year ago)
كريبر مان (1 year ago)
رابط تحميل المود اذا ممكن
NullMeister (1 year ago)
fuck your server laggy
Dhia Guennichi (1 year ago)
fuck ou
TheMeafii (1 year ago)
Aleksej Boseski (1 year ago)
what name of this server is?
SkyZzor [AiM] (1 year ago)
Sanja Stosic (1 year ago)
Andrei Fira (1 year ago)
can i play this sv? btw im from Romania
Sanja Stosic (1 year ago)
HEADSHOT OMG IT'S YOU! I SAW YOU IN GAME NOW IN YOUTUBE! can i please! please! get vip on this server? MY NAME is CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW in game! pleasae! love you!
Andrei Fira (1 year ago)
and btw why does the title say *free admin* ?
HEADSHOT IMAD (1 year ago)
link : www.facebook.com/imad.eddineboukhmis
HEADSHOT IMAD (1 year ago)
link : www.facebook.com/imad.eddineboukhmis
HEADSHOT IMAD (1 year ago)
link : www.facebook.com/imad.eddineboukhmis
Zaraki Kin (1 year ago)
Thanks i will come in Now
BabyEye (1 year ago)
Is this server working any more ??
PDP King (4 months ago)
Button (1 year ago)
thx for giveing i subcribe
Ion Puca (1 year ago)
good job
abdou fou (1 year ago)
imad nta akkouche
Hammad Hanif (1 year ago)
Smo0ke WeeD PrO (1 year ago)
Ok :)))
Neamtu Eduard (1 year ago)
song name???
HEADSHOT IMAD (1 year ago)
server IP:
tareq jabali (1 year ago)
كيف بدي اصير vip?
Joshua Pro (1 year ago)
song name?
KillerPhantomYT (1 year ago)
Awesome Gameplay I Love This Server
اكلك اريد اصير بووس شون
Qpojsa TV (1 year ago)
Name Of Muzzik Please
Palestine Love (1 year ago)
شو اسم الاغنية
اني اريدهه
abdelwahab Msili (1 year ago)
song please
abdelwahab Msili (1 year ago)
abdelwahab Msili (1 year ago)
song please
bilal Djeli (1 year ago)
HEADSHOT IMAD (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/BmgSK4-I2J0 sub end like please
Sami Simple (1 year ago)
save ammo. Name or steamid?
KillerPhantomYT (1 year ago)
Sami 2005 u wana steam id changer hack right xD hahahaha
vync farid (1 year ago)
direni admin kho
MeDo Gaming (1 year ago)
Nice By your Bro ALGERIA
Perechea de gameri (1 year ago)
pls sound
Barbara Kozlowska (1 year ago)
zajebi... muza
Barbara Kozlowska (1 year ago)
czadowe !!!!!!!!!!!!
COCOSUL GRENADA (1 year ago)
nice!! good pls give me admin
s slimane7518 (1 year ago)
NiggeR BaseBulider (1 year ago)
HEADSHOT IMAD (1 year ago)
guys like the video and subscibe pls
HEADSHOT IMAD (1 year ago)
thx all
Inocencio Cabrera (1 year ago)
Titanyx CC (1 year ago)
Hi dude i like this video alot u have nice server great work ill join now,my nickname (gamertag) is PinGu ann i wanna get admin btw keep up with the freat work!
Abdo Roman (1 year ago)
great work 😉
HEADSHOT IMAD (1 year ago)
Abdo Roman thx
nice bro
HEADSHOT IMAD (1 year ago)
Seby *1.6* - Official thx :*
MeDo Gaming (1 year ago)
tastahel Like m3and k7ok ALGERIA :V
MeDo Gaming (1 year ago)
bind Vip menu + Super vip menu Vip: bind v "say /vm" S-VIP: bind s "say /svm"
MeDo Gaming (1 year ago)
np Frr
HEADSHOT IMAD (1 year ago)
Amine Laachi hhhh thx
Nice Imad :)
HEADSHOT IMAD (1 year ago)
thx bro
TM Khaled (1 year ago)
وانا اعطيك مود zombie 6.2 الاصلي
TM Khaled (1 year ago)
اخي ممكن تعطيني المود العب مع البوت ارجووك
TM Khaled (1 year ago)
+HEADSHOT IMAD ارجوك اعطيني الرابط
TM Khaled (1 year ago)
HEADSHOT IMAD (1 year ago)
u will find it

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