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Text Comments (548)
WiPR - CSGO (1 year ago)
C'est ... pas ... un ... BÉRET !!! #TRIGGERED
Arnav Rawat (10 days ago)
No one skips baguette talk.
Joxdel _ (1 year ago)
ehem le baguette si wine eatte foodette... so yeah
dadwu dendelou (1 year ago)
dédicace a thomas shelby ;)
Francis Legrand (1 year ago)
Si si..
Maskokoko (1 year ago)
WiPR - CSGO Woaw *-* Bientôt le million d'abonnés avec ce coup de pouce ? :) héhé
Arnav Rawat (10 days ago)
That playstyle kills aim of the player. Personal opinion. To counter aim decline, you push your focus to the limit. But then get killed from the back, because your situation tracking awareness goes down due to one sided focus.
CM ProjectKnight (1 month ago)
1:47 look at the score board.just the bgining has a lot of scores :/
Sourav Singh (1 month ago)
More videos of inside the mind of scream
Analgestic GT (1 month ago)
This guy makes good content
Rafael Lorenzo (2 months ago)
Like number 10k <3
Nana (3 months ago)
i'm still gn, have to train more my god damn aim (training maps not helping) but thanks to you Jeff, I play time like crazy, play with enemy's on the map a lot, i have learned so much game sense from you, that you cannot understand. thank you senpai. if anything Jeff could you do a video, even short about aim? I usually train with deathmatch, "outside steam" deathmatch, training with boots, but still not helpful :( Merci beacoup
Kai1X (3 months ago)
everybody else is playing checkers while scream is playing chess
niknokdok (4 months ago)
Ok Jeff dont get mad. Tu es un super youtuber! I have french in school btw. Comment my mistakes. ^
niknokdok (4 months ago)
i feel like scream but more, YOLO style! xP
- Quacken (4 months ago)
It’s been so many years and I just realised that there is Soviet Union symbol in cache xd
Saphieron (5 months ago)
You talking french is brilliant! :D
Jaqen H'Ghar (5 months ago)
Purremon (6 months ago)
Christian Stash (6 months ago)
0:25 what a font name ?
Denis Pop (7 months ago)
Mr. Miniszter (7 months ago)
I don't speak Eiffel-Tower!
Ajti prince (7 months ago)
Eeeeh stop.
The Black Zone (7 months ago)
Oui oui baguette
grapie 93 (7 months ago)
5:09 looks like snoop Dogg is playing counter strike. smoke everywhere
cSNiieR (7 months ago)
The only thing in scream's head is: 1taps
Pukxii gamer (7 months ago)
goood vid
ez game ez skins (8 months ago)
3:38 Is called 'Scream' xdd
lil Rose (8 months ago)
I wanna ScreaM, and Shroud, and let it all out..
trieu pham hai (8 months ago)
A very helpful video. Happy New Year everyone ^^
Torilla Tavataan (8 months ago)
Greetings from l'Allemagne.
Adam (8 months ago)
Sellout bitch stop talk begatt
King Kronos (8 months ago)
5:33 "Fool me once, Shame on you. Fool me twice... eahh- Please Stop."
LegendaryVegeta (8 months ago)
3:09 well if u had an awp and you were s1mple...
Troy Schmits (9 months ago)
Maybe in the mind of Xyp9x?
Vernie (9 months ago)
ursuletzu ursuletzu (9 months ago)
Who didn't skipped the french part just to listen the accent? xD
WeeHenThe Amazing (9 months ago)
ooohm baguette yesh toalet
Tateyi (9 months ago)
How the hEk does he duck so duck quickly
Tateyi (9 months ago)
LoctonHD (9 months ago)
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice.... pls stahp hahahahaah
Allan Mathew (10 months ago)
" Is called 'Scream' "
Curtis Colsell (10 months ago)
'Baguette Talk' ahahhahahahahahaah
PotatoMC (11 months ago)
"Baguette talk"
Alexendre Wang (11 months ago)
ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii du francais :)
Diego (11 months ago)
the ending sounded like rewinding the video :V
kim jong tong (11 months ago)
Danish Daniel (1 year ago)
For the first time i heard french so fluent
Rawycs (1 year ago)
Karate Cow (1 year ago)
Screams heads like a calculator.. He thinks so quickly, and I'm here YOLLOOOOOOOO!'ing
a potato (1 year ago)
The only thing scream has in his mind is wen teps
Adz Curry (1 year ago)
inside the mind of fer!
Adil_18 (1 year ago)
Do like this video more <3
Riv 4 (1 year ago)
I'm French Canadian and I didn't understand a fucking word you said
132predator132 (1 year ago)
I am Global and I only chose the risky options lol
LegendaryVegeta (1 year ago)
in simple terms scream is the perfect csgo player
trix y (1 year ago)
I really know the mind for scream. get wun teps
Masked Entity (1 year ago)
"Moving a piece on the chessmate" me: what?
Joshun Naik (1 year ago)
what scream rly thinks - 'see head ... shoot head'
edriss (1 year ago)
putain tes français
Gabriel Toh (1 year ago)
3:46 its over, I have the high ground
Yassin113 (1 year ago)
I'm a simple CS:GO player.... i see ScreaM .... i 1 tap
MoooseMilk (1 year ago)
During the French part I heard CS:GO, Case in video that's it.
SkullFullGamingHD (1 year ago)
You Speak Really Good Baguette :D
Oh lol (1 year ago)
actual thing going on inside the mind of scream:WUN TEPS WUN WUN WUN WUN WUN TEPS WUN TEPS
Scored (1 year ago)
ScreaM mind is: One Taps.. One Taps... 1 Taps.
Gamblerscop (1 year ago)
besides playing the game, any way on getting better game sense?
Balance 69 (1 year ago)
can u do the same with Happy :)
nope avi (1 year ago)
come on Jeff french people don't only talk baguette ,they also talk crêpe <333(because "crêpe" sounds like "crap" :*)
Octoreedd ! (1 year ago)
j'étais sur que t'étais français ! en plus ta un anglais parfait
ShadowRain Clan. (1 year ago)
Pilta Low (1 year ago)
sexy <3
StereotypicalAsian (1 year ago)
3:40 Lol "is scream"
SammyDPaul (1 year ago)
Wow.. very good analysis mate!
isaiah veirs (1 year ago)
tu es bete mon ami kek kek le baguette
isaiah veirs (1 year ago)
fool me twice... eh. stop.
somebody (1 year ago)
So much explanation. What if he is actually not thinking but just playing :PP
Val D Mar (1 year ago)
French like Danish, have this retarded aspect to it, a lack of clarity that makes you sound a little dull, per se.
will walsh (1 year ago)
The time with Shoxie last year improved his playstyle and consistency
Saurabh Labre (1 year ago)
best video for csgo players
this is bullshit no one can be in mind of scream
Denniz L (1 year ago)
Like your thaughts of this but just looking on CT and not t where u can see all the mistakes makes me think what you and your friend thaught why not see the t side where we can see mistakes because CT is kinda the same thing all the time no hate just tips :D
Denniz L (1 year ago)
Btw the only thing u say in the video kinda is that he plays safe witch is nothing with being a complete player thats just basics hehe
Ash Scott (1 year ago)
Let's face it: Most people really know Scream for saying "Serioooously? Noooo" a lot.
jzderf (1 year ago)
The way you presented the analysis using graphics, sounds, etc makes it SO much easier to understand than just commentary. GREAT work!
Adrien lovéra (1 year ago)
Scream: The monk of cs:go
Wang situ (1 year ago)
Jakob Froberg (1 year ago)
I love that you mention chess because i play alot of chess and CS GO i am even in a chessclub!
Some Guyafteryoda (1 year ago)
ayyy its vailiant
Pavluha901 (1 year ago)
Lol, Screamy is new Snax.
Generalpoonslayer69 (1 year ago)
Veeper is ze bezt
Juhn (1 year ago)
Jeff would you be interested in doing inside of the mind of cloud9 swag/brax ? Huge fan, keep it up #top #jeffthebest
AwesomeGamingZone (1 year ago)
you can see at some situations that he´s using an aimlock.. too many "pro´s" are cheating, so imo they´re just good at sneaky well timed aimlocking
iraq hero (1 year ago)
Nokz (1 year ago)
You french is better than mine bro haha
Noam Elmeshali (1 year ago)
anybody knows whats the thumbnail font??
TheZewMaut (1 year ago)
Shit, couldn't understand the croissant part...
S1DN3YTV (1 year ago)
Cool video!
EreX Artheas (1 year ago)
scream the smoke man
Paratos (1 year ago)
3:06 "I have the higher Ground!" "You can't win!"
RedSide 1337 (1 year ago)
Чётко епта
askHP (1 year ago)
inside the mind of russian?
Jack Armitage (1 year ago)
Who else watched the baguette talk?
Ashster ! (1 year ago)
What's in my mind, when would I get free space to masturbate!!
sparkad (1 year ago)
why does french people talk so fast
Matthew Burhans (1 year ago)
Thanks Geoff I found this video very informing and helpful, even though i'm MGE I feel this information can be greatly used to improve my game OR just get a gaming microwave, I hear it helps tremendously allowing me to climb the ranks to Global in no time! xP
Franklin Ceron (1 year ago)
I don't think scream thinks about this. He probably just thinks "I want onetap, I get one tap"

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