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In this video I show you a csgo trading method on csgo how to trade from nothing to a knife in csgo. This will help you on your csgo trading from nothing to a knife (csgo from nothing to a knife), csgo trading from knife to knife (csgo from knife to knife) and csgo trading from nothing to something (csgo from nothing to something) adventures. Feel free to subscribe for more csgo how to trade up knives and csgo how to trade up from nothing tutorial in the future. Song Used ► Laszlo - Don't Look Down Song Link ► https://goo.gl/9BC0tB YouTube ► https://goo.gl/UYz7xU Twitter ► https://goo.gl/Vbrxxw Twitch ► http://goo.gl/S6EGJ8 Instagram ► https://goo.gl/IHCRH7 Google+ ► https://goo.gl/idVO3v Steam ► https://goo.gl/VP7uqs Welcome to the bottom of the description... Yeah, that's it...
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Text Comments (1271)
Anubhav Bhardwaj (20 days ago)
did he rage at 2:03
Freddy Rodriguez (22 days ago)
I LEGIT liked this video
Sturdeh (27 days ago)
I can't find any trade servers ;(
Virtual Ninja (1 month ago)
the video starts at 5:00
Jhan Gaming & More (2 months ago)
*HoW DarE yOu a p250 SaNd duNE iS WorTh mOrE thAn somE m9 bAyonET mArBLe FAdE!* Am su trigerrd rite nao am gunna deslik de vidio >:|
Viper (2 months ago)
So where do i trade xD
Juuzi Muge (3 months ago)
Not anymore bc last uodate
lekolo ritse (3 months ago)
What a waste of time
iChronicDemonic (3 months ago)
(Sell when your skin is at high point) but literally everyone looks at steamanalyst and if there’s no profit they decline so how can any trades happen?
Novanect (4 months ago)
I have m4a1-s hyperbeast mw any offers?
hleev (4 months ago)
*Sick Comment* *Read More*
Othnic (5 months ago)
What aim map was that
Yashasvi Dwivedi (6 months ago)
Which map ?
CallOfDuty FlashBacks (7 months ago)
what map is it at the start
Johannes Ferdinandsson (7 months ago)
pls don't talk so much just come to the point
Sir Aeon Jay (7 months ago)
Your intro triggers me so hard the song is so badly placed and my ears cant adjust to how its meant to sound
Zane Olson (8 months ago)
bowie knife marble fade fac new. thats what i want. once i get that im done going on the knife drind. might buy a couple rifle skins every now and then but then im done lmao
Shorty7766 (8 months ago)
I’m starting at 20$ will it be easier?
xXGabrysesXx (8 months ago)
He start's at 2:32. no problem
Slightly Baked (8 months ago)
Or you could sell a $10.00 skin, buy 100 $0.10 skins, wait a few, then use the trade up contract
Tizi 047 (8 months ago)
Roblox Livestreams (8 months ago)
420k views fam
Jikeijou Tsunematsu (8 months ago)
Can you help me where to trade ?
Dev (8 months ago)
I have 33 keys how do I make profit?
Banana rage (9 months ago)
is wormgod a good start?
lBolt (9 months ago)
49,940 subs and I subed
Alec Hulse (9 months ago)
what is that map called
voxe (9 months ago)
This is a meme in 2017
Eboy 1013 (9 months ago)
The pther day a dlore sold for $2
Savage Master Mc Flex (9 months ago)
Goes into a game and the first drop is dragon lore G_G
DasPotato (10 months ago)
What map?
Trunks234 (10 months ago)
Mate I watched this about a year ago and started trading and I started with a case and I'm now on a Five-Seven 100% blue gem factory new, thanks bro Edit: I actually sold one £200 skin on ski hub and got profit for £300 so I traded up and up
AMR AIMPER (10 months ago)
your aim so bad xD
AMR AIMPER (10 months ago)
keep prektice broo
sun tzu the holy emperor (10 months ago)
what map is that?
Steven Bills (10 months ago)
If I had a dollar for everytime he said legit
Everett (10 months ago)
What map were you on?
Chicken Biscuts (10 months ago)
Once someone was giving away a hyper easy and I got it... I started trading and trading and finally I managed to get a butterfly knife :D
Smitty44 (10 months ago)
I lucky I get Bravo case in drop on casual.
Denis Rothman (10 months ago)
Anyone else think he sounds like bajan Canadian
Zovlo (10 months ago)
This is impossible these days, it comes to the point that the *majority* are bots or scammers, and most people will not accept a trade that loses them any amount of money, anyone trying to attempt this, good luck.
The X wizard (10 months ago)
Use this code on gamdom for free 500 coins Code: k1oniko
Nick 174 (10 months ago)
Nice 2:30 minute intro
jxtan (10 months ago)
legion army?
jakob qasadilla (10 months ago)
my first ever case opening I got an aug syd mead which had just dropped into the steam market and it was worth 6 bucks the same skin is now worth $1.23
Alvingamer 73 (10 months ago)
I am a very stupid man 100 pound birthday money = battle scarred knife and red skins for ak m4a1 and other good guns I use
yash ori (10 months ago)
anyone know the map ?
Lucky Wins (10 months ago)
New sub bro. 😉
Raimonds Samsanovičs (10 months ago)
If you want easyer way you can go to tradeskins. And trade skins but sometimes they dont have that skin you want, and then you can get expensiver skin what gives you profit
Itz_lowkey_deadass_b (11 months ago)
Can u stop fucking talking and just tell us how to do it
Apex Snake (11 months ago)
silver gameplay made me commit suicide. oh wait i am alive the poison didn't wokkk ttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Survur ! (11 months ago)
"go to comp and get a drop" *gets dlore* "yeah im not gonna trade"
Lil 4our20enty (11 months ago)
Dude thank you i just traded for a knife it took me 2 weeks you helped me so mutch (the knife is m9 doppler fn)
Nothing (11 months ago)
Could I use those sites that give you bonus and keep on going up and up?
Greyghost TV (11 months ago)
>long-winded >doesn't make it to 10 mins :(
ItalianGamer (11 months ago)
Help me go from nothing to a knife by giving me a knife https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=225758914&token=2mi1RXVR (NOTE) i dont expect anything and this comment was made as a joke xD
Carter gregory (11 months ago)
Carter gregory (11 months ago)
Hit me up with a knife please
Comet Amagi (11 months ago)
I sell something for 1 usd but I sell it for 90 cents instead? What's the profit in that?
CrossingPanda (11 months ago)
Does anybody know what map is in the video? Thanks!
AsteroidEwe (11 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=394392490&token=Xpgkp9Og hit me up with good trade offers
ColourfulPixels (1 year ago)
Lol you fucking 1v1 a silver just to make it look like you don't suck at cs but you actually do. I bet your a fucking silver 1 with a 700$ inventory!
ShadyJay (1 year ago)
i have the money but i can't justify spending 100$ on a virtual item in a game that costed me less than 10$ and that doesn't improve on anything and is only for it's look . but then again i really want to buy one idk why
Nikorain (1 year ago)
Can someone pls give me any skin or ehh knife? Cuz i dont earn money im just a teen The only money i get from is my school money from my parents https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=328972741&token=rXOZ3f8Y My trade link Pls just any like sand dune or ddpat skins
Funduz gaming (8 months ago)
The RubberDuck okay
Mathias Johannesen (1 year ago)
Video starts at 2:27
Graham Stelzer (1 year ago)
Can you do a "how to trade up to a knife" vid?
Vladimir Rurikovich (1 year ago)
you can't
Im started ''From nothing to a knife''. Wish me luck!
diimx (1 year ago)
Edvin A (1 year ago)
Okay guys I wanna show you how I got my first knife. To get a knife (or any skin you want, bascially) just go to ZENGAMING (https://www.zengaming.com?r=2201102037) On Zengaming you can 1v1 or 2v2 random people on Cs:Go and if you win you will get some "points" these points can you use in their market and get free skins! They almost got every skin you can imagine, no dragon lore tho :( but almost everything else! I withdrawed my first knife there, a tiger tooth (field tested). If you click on the link above so will you get some free coins, and due to that it's my own link I will also get some coins. But if you really don't wanna help me out, you can just go to the site via the normal link (zengaming.com) Really sorry for my bad english, but I think you understand what I mean. If you want you can also follow me on zengaming or add me as a friend if you wanna 1v1 me ;)
makeme2money (1 year ago)
I have a way for new beginner to make money from forex market even you havent any skills,sounds good right!so how that works for you?Yeah !we need to do one thing just find out top traders in the world.and copy their any single trade and been profitable! easy right?where to find top traders? just click this out https://goo.gl/tNFhvu
Davza (1 year ago)
what were you playing in the video i know Its CSGO
Rected Sub (1 year ago)
Hey guys! I just found a great way to get free skins. It will take some time but its really east. 1st download an app called AppNanna . After you have downloaded in the Get nannas put this code R22279170 it will give you 2.5k Nannas that are worth alot. Next download 1 game and you will get yourself your 1st 5$ steam giftcard. You can download games later. Thanks!
Elia Abkasis (1 year ago)
the best way to get free knife https://csgoclick.com/click.php?c=naraom
Wesley Lin (1 year ago)
The way he plays those 1v1's, plays like a silver then tbags. So trash lol.
XanoxMadness (1 year ago)
ok but i need some spanish subtitles
Stan Verhoef (1 year ago)
can you give me 1 ak aug or awp skin for free i want 1
Bizarre (1 year ago)
Guys have a look at my recent upload I got a rare item!!
yeet (1 year ago)
I have a $1 inv with 1 stattrak I'm gonna start
JKSQUAD21 (1 year ago)
can i get some skins? https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=294401389&token=TFLJIfBH
Josh Samuel (1 year ago)
Jesus loves you
Browser CS:GO (1 year ago)
Permission to post Admin Hi guys if you want to redeem free skins just go to my channel and watch my videos!! No deposit Required! Enjoy your free skins lads.
Qwerty Poot (1 year ago)
This guy needs more subs! SUBSCRIBE POWERS ACTIVATE!
Liam Medina (1 year ago)
Is it possible to trade from a gray skin to a knife?
FirespearGaming (1 year ago)
Everything is possible. Just some things take months... and months.. and months.
Tweaks side account (1 year ago)
can I plz get a steam key from somebody! I can't afford them and I can't even add friends till I at least add 5 dollars! I have a crappy laptop but I still wanna try some games if one of y'all will help me out, PLZZ and thank you
Dragos G Mihai (1 year ago)
what map is this
Toxic (1 year ago)
What Map is this
Jacob Frye (1 year ago)
Need help to get my ★ Huntsman Knife | Case Hardened Well-Worn just go to this link no steam login just need 70 points http://free-csgo-skin.com/?id=f0a1c2
zarul Evergarden (1 year ago)
hey.love ure vids..can u help me with trade..plss
Showmae (1 year ago)
you miss every awp hs
Natalino Jad (1 year ago)
What's the name of this map (in workshop) tho?
Quantum (1 year ago)
Csgo lounge is faking dead m8... only scammers, and spammers
NAZAKI (1 year ago)
it took me a month
TheMrSanity (1 year ago)
rambles on about useless shit for 4 minutes --.--
2:30 until actual video
clay123987 (1 year ago)
This guy is pretty dog shit at the game tho
PotatoMC (1 year ago)
do you think I can go from a $10 skin to a knife in a month-ish?
FirespearGaming (1 year ago)
You get a knife yet?
Ali-A FanBoy (1 year ago)
2:46 plz god let him stop playing :)
whatsarolly (1 year ago)
anyone want to trade for my sun in leo that has 4 stickers?
megu debu (1 year ago)
the problem of who don't have a skin is ...... he don't have a job...
TomaPlayz (1 year ago)
I legit traded pit viper awp for a fucking marble fade karambit thx your videos are the besr

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