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Bad Android Games - Minecraft-Pokemon Mash-ups

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Thankfully, fans of both Nintendo's Pokemon franchise, and Mojang's Minecraft games can find solace in the fact that somewhere out there, app developers are doing their best to cash in on both monumental properties at once. Peter and Toby have found that this leads to some hilarious results, as questions of varying quality and bizarre gameplay combine. Not one, not two, but three separate apps on Google Play are available for free and have been put to the test; find out if you gotta catch 'em all, or mine elsewhere to avoid these creepers. The games in question are: Block Craft Pokecraft Edition - GradeUp Games Pocket Craft Pokecraft Edition - Top Fun Games Pixelmon Craft Run MCPE Pro - NeoSoft2015 ------------------------- Get in touch with us on: Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/thekillerbits Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/thekillerbits Produced by Icarus Films (UK) http://www.icarus-films.co.uk Music by Forte Sounds http://www.fortesounds.com
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# FuerzaCHAPE
Olivia Loma (3 years ago)
COOL , !
DragonMinerToons (3 years ago)
"This is why you dont have android" People making shit games with nothing but add's is not Android's fault, and not all Games/Apps are like this.
HyMameNereGD (2 years ago)
ios has worse stuff
Montague Kimball-Evans (3 years ago)
This was hilarious, It's like the HIV of mobile games.
Mark Crawford (3 years ago)
You guys are awesome more gang beast pliz

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