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How To Download Paid Games/Apps On Android For Free

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this is a video to show u how to download free games and apps since applanet is down for the moment. No computer needed all done on phone. its the new black market :D
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Marina Taylor (3 months ago)
evrey one download aptoied apk
Aika Nakayama (2 years ago)
does your phone is iphone
Yhoviemae Tagulao (2 years ago)
do not try this because they can harm your device .... promise
Mary G (2 years ago)
Its us like you hate your life talking like an angry loner.Nice baby sounds in the background...
Atanas Kanev (3 years ago)
Watch my video guys
adel karim (5 years ago)
fth arabu (5 years ago)
but you need a count
pritam sunar (5 years ago)
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AyooRaekwon (5 years ago)
your gay ass haircut fuck boy
Kzul 13 (5 years ago)
Thanks man btw nice hair
Panchal B (5 years ago)
jerk u moving yr screen cant see
Omar Alsyoof (5 years ago)
Lol happynappers
Yoshiki Kishinuma (5 years ago)
Does this have all apps that that Google play store has
MERRY JOY (5 years ago)
MERRY JOY (5 years ago)
yash.6_9 (5 years ago)
Hey I just wanna tell u tht blackmart doesn't work
TTYL XOX (5 years ago)
Lol happy nappers
Sean Kyle Sevilla (5 years ago)
Lol cracked your voice at the start
Kev (5 years ago)
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Rijbi Babul (5 years ago)
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Andrew Brentson (5 years ago)
for the 20 sec wait all i hear is bullshit kid shows
Oliver Outen (5 years ago)
how come???
Matthew Finnie (5 years ago)
Don't use 4Shared it made my tablet bricked and had to get a new one
Chandler Mason (5 years ago)
nobody will believe someone with that grammar
Island Studios (5 years ago)
no download games in 4shared. my tablet hava a virus. its blocking. download not games in this shi sitr
Joshua Cose (5 years ago)
I think It Works For Android.Not Fu***** phone that you have
pansypwner (5 years ago)
Thank you. was hoping to see a comment like this.
Jeypo 7 (5 years ago)
u want free games in android ? see my chanel i have a great video for it
Gabriel Torano (5 years ago)
wich one works?
abdullah habda (5 years ago)
the worst webseit is 4shared at has alot of virose
cLemster (5 years ago)
Dont waste your time snappz dosent work anymore
Sohag Tarafder (5 years ago)
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NEW CHANNEL - (5 years ago)
warated (5 years ago)
RadiationGaming (5 years ago)
server not exist
Chase Wolfgang (5 years ago)
Yeah it doesnt work for me
Tan Lay Chin (5 years ago)
But TwinkleGTooth for some people 4shared does not work even if like I click a million times on the download link it wont download
TwinkleGTooth (5 years ago)
Maybe, instead of doing all of that, go onto 4shared, search the game, and whoola!
Vinz Wong (5 years ago)
why when i open it pop out '' A connection error has occurred ??
Rheder (5 years ago)
What application will at replace? Please answer me!!!
edith rodriguez (5 years ago)
u won a ipad
Azerr (5 years ago)
The Gerardas (5 years ago)
loser you very bad program
Abbas Khan (5 years ago)
This is a really good video. It deserves more views. It was really helpful.
Luis Sanchez (5 years ago)
you are gay
Nuwan Nayanapriya (5 years ago)
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Thanos Hlio (6 years ago)
Some dude. (6 years ago)
this video is so shitty 2:02 *long pause* 2:35 LOL!
lucky chauhan (6 years ago)
omg its boy at 2:36
antonio Montoya (6 years ago)
Ray jones stfu
Mohammad Ghzayel (6 years ago)
The fbi took it ughhh
ryan Li (6 years ago)
4shared is down
swagdaddy (6 years ago)
@Gust714gg no, its not.. it gave my computer a virous
gust714gg (6 years ago)
Is 4shared safe?
Ray Jones (6 years ago)
ugly mexican
pro4ever29 (6 years ago)
FBI seized it awwwww
PaNoS M (6 years ago)
FBI has closed them down
OS X Mountain Lion (6 years ago)
fbi closed them down!
karun koshy (6 years ago)
does it work 4 s3....
zeay cool (6 years ago)
you people also try applanet market its also have lots of apps and games ...................just seach applanet on google and download it ...thanx for this app buddy
ikhwan137 (6 years ago)
sad day :(
mazen zoweil (6 years ago)
Thx maaan i got modern combat 3 from this app
tony montana (6 years ago)
the background happy happy nappers WTF!!! haha
Dhia Nasraoui (6 years ago)
thank you man
Woah Jayy (6 years ago)
We r happy happy napperz and we love to play with you lolz
t3amb4sh (6 years ago)
if you download from pc, you won't need an account!It works like a charm, thanx!
Karla Cruz (6 years ago)
I hear a tv too!!
Knightguardking2 (6 years ago)
it don't work
Tina,CombYour F'nWeave (6 years ago)
Happy Nappers
David Leahy (6 years ago)
I tought u were a girl!!
jason rath (6 years ago)
you won a ipad!!!!!
SimpNDabs (6 years ago)
ur doing it wrong,you have to go to the apps website and from there it will give you a link which you press and it automatically starts the download
János Veszeli (6 years ago)
maybe you should sign up...
Isaac Nazaroff (6 years ago)
When i tried doing this it said i have to sign up what should i do?
wizardguy5674 (6 years ago)
Woah 117 likes :D john wake up
Jen (6 years ago)
at first I thought it was a girl.. hehehe sorry ...
Lethal_1 (6 years ago)
Not working homo! Thought it was too good to be true!
NasiPuyung (6 years ago)
Nice Hair
FlyinMario (6 years ago)
Actually works!
sccurry123 (6 years ago)
I have a Droid incredible, does this still work if your phone is not rooted?
Angel Zamorano (6 years ago)
Happy nappers in the backround lmfao
Idraki Faeez (6 years ago)
Im doubt Snapzmarket got bored games.
Carol Swift (6 years ago)
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Kira Dalton (6 years ago)
Vato El Taco (6 years ago)
Coooool thanks bro
TheDeadlyCupcake (6 years ago)
Why so glum sugar plum?
raihaan ahmed (6 years ago)
how do you know this stuff it is amazing
Jforever72 (6 years ago)
they are happy, happy nappers and they love to play with you ♥ JK
Foshizzy4 (6 years ago)
Thanks, but the one I downloaded looks different? Why?
MMA PLANET (6 years ago)
@donatasloda wow thank you my friend that was nice do you have any more such sites?.
Prodigy_AH (6 years ago)
I know already
Josem (6 years ago)
what is the newest one?
Jonon Ulzii-Orshikh (6 years ago)
@anthonyevolution next time type the intruction in the description. i cant see it!
sign868 (6 years ago)
its an unuseful stuff, the 90% of apps are not working or fakes, or viruses, or u just cant download them. much easier, if u try to find your apps on google.
Kim Marie Vo (6 years ago)
happy nappers!
bzmotoninja83 (6 years ago)
a skinny Andy Miloknockis?
Mia C (6 years ago)
4share is blocked! HELP PLZ!
Carol Swift (6 years ago)
Download Free Paid Apps & Games for Free welcomezik . com welcomezik . com welcomezik . com welcomezik . com welcomezik . com welcomezik . com
Prince Ali (7 years ago)
its too slow on the loading time tho
Trae Winston (7 years ago)

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