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TF2 Scream Fortress 2015 Explained

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at everything that was included in the new Scream Fortress 2015 update in Team Fortress 2, and explain every little detail. Sources : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_wMfvtNsL0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g7OTShDeNA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nintendo News Network : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZxOEoO7GKlAqRJJl3bGxag Follow Me On Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor
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Text Comments (608)
Adam Jeremie (1 year ago)
man i got scared when sudenly i saw a ghost in MoonShine
They removed the gifts, why? Nobody wanted gargoyles anyway, you could have had the merasmissions and gifts going on at the same time but noooo they remove gifts completely so we can collect a bunch of shitty gargoyles, gg valve
Irfan Radoncic (2 years ago)
wait do we get gargoyles right now to do missions
CLANKERT 112 (2 years ago)
how to get gargloyle
Bullshell (2 years ago)
9/10 No Enought Spooky Skeletons.
ok Biet (2 years ago)
Mann Power is good i play it alot
RPBXD (2 years ago)
"im so fly i have aranchnophobia" lol XD
davidsp (2 years ago)
Hey VNN, thanks for this update. I found it to be very useful, and informative, specially since I am a relatively new player. On that note, I was wondering if you could have a series or maybe even a single video that is informative for newer players? This is just a suggestion, but it would be nice to have some introductory info available, such as where to find the "capture the flag hellfire" or stuff like that. Just a suggestion. Anyways. Thanks for the video!
Kernel (2 years ago)
"Including rave in the grave... OH MY GOD" I found that so funny for some reason
Tais Thaulov (2 years ago)
How i got the gorgyle (or what ever) join at halloween day
Skele (2 years ago)
I opened a Halloween case this morning. Got an unusual prehistoric pullover.
Psycho Kern (2 years ago)
This update was good...because most of it was FREE...expect taunts/gargoile key/cosmetics from gargoile crate
Rex (2 years ago)
murasmission are glitched for me :/
Raddish (2 years ago)
The flare gun nerf doesn't really make sense considering the reserve shooter was always the most op.
President Porpoise (2 years ago)
I've had the update for 2 weeks and 1/2 but just now it tells me item servers are down. WHY MUST YOU FORSAKEN ME GABEN
This update was fucking garbage.
kleiosAegis (2 years ago)
Flare Gun Only MINiCRITZ???!? Better use the scorch shot instead
N Horvath (2 years ago)
Wait, Flare Gun might have been NERFED? If it was nerfed, I'm sad, but at least it will switch some of the spotlight over to the Scorch Shot.
Marcos Sanchez (2 years ago)
Finally the Flare Gun got the nerf it deserved! xp
THE BEST Lombax (2 years ago)
ah bdw VALVE ADDED RYLLLY COOL STUFF IN THIS UPDATE omg this maps something awesome + engie heave best items in game now :)
THE BEST Lombax (2 years ago)
they screw updates and tf2 its almost dead first of all this items qualitis its something bad they wont add more stuff becouse they heave this grades like elite or something like this second bring back normal crates and final thing they screw up halloween they didint make this haunted gift just this weard stone thing how new players gonna get gifts? and they should add this one gift and evryone fight to get it that will be amazing evryone play tf2 to get this gifts and items from gifts was rylly heap sry for my english but i do my best to explain
Blue Flame (2 years ago)
damn the new update is very laggy
The Slam Dream (2 years ago)
weapons secretly being nerfed Same as vaccinator bubble sepposed not to disappear after gun mettle but now it does and now flare gun VOLVO YOU PIECE OF SHIT
Ranun (2 years ago)
I hate one thing about this update Maps are beautyfull and I get 40 fps.. (using maxfpsconfig you know dx8)
PsychoAndroid (2 years ago)
One I love this update SO MUCH. Because from my first trade up I got a haunted Crome Dome :) I<3 TF2
Vincent R (2 years ago)
for some reason this scream fortress update brought a Sh** ton of scouts to British servers.
Subject 49 (2 years ago)
The ghost cart is the bigest troll since mini sentry's
Raidzark (2 years ago)
I did the transmuting and I ended up Heavy's tutu xD
sa6osasa (2 years ago)
Merasmus! Cant we have new weapons please?
Mork (2 years ago)
Another thing you missed is that every Mac user cannot play Sd_Doomsday_event. Their game crashes every time
Jeffrey Smith (2 years ago)
From what I know, flare gun has been fixed
500rainbows (2 years ago)
What is the map to do the mission on Carnival of Carnage? Cuz I can't find it :(
500rainbows (2 years ago)
Slartibarty (2 years ago)
How are you suppose to get hats without paying money to Valve? Hat drops are extremely rare meaning the only easy way to get hats is to unlock crates.
Skull (2 years ago)
Update sucks ass, no gifts and missions are aids.
Baguette (2 years ago)
everybody commenting about the flare gun but nobody cares about jarate x)
zé do lixo (2 years ago)
why nerfing flare gun sama? it's not like you will hit a enemy everytime you shoot with it...
Tonuka (2 years ago)
Can't they fix the Grappling Hook Bug already? Ever since Mann Powers release switching off of the hook felt awkward
Sergeant Wolfi (2 years ago)
the broomstick taunt is kinda boring :/ why not twist and spout taunt :(
Doctor Hunt (2 years ago)
I don't understand why people like Death by Disco/Rave in the Grave, it looks completely out of place and doesn't work with any hats in the game
Vanja (2 years ago)
Cant wait that Overwatch goes big and this game gets forgoten and gets closed. THIS is a fps game NOT A HAT SIMULATOR. In evry single update there are hats, some even cost more than irl hats. In 1 out of 20 updates the are meabe some new weapons, still valve removed free gifts which gave you a halloween cosmetic FOR FREE evry 3 hours. Now you need to do a mission to get one? The community is making evrything for tf2, Valve can't even fix their own bugs which Delfy finds almost evry day. FUCK, and why did this game went free? It culd stay for $ and there culd be less kids on the servers.
Bigfoot Is Real (2 years ago)
Honestly, all I wanted with scream fortress was the spells. And they dont have em. Now im mad at valve.
Mr. Tempex (2 years ago)
whats the song in first seconds
jak richardson (2 years ago)
my luck usually BAD Halloween transmute haunted sir shootsalot
boo_ (2 years ago)
Wait, weapon drops are now UNTRADABLE?
danny Dixon (2 years ago)
Best update in a year...
Wheatley (2 years ago)
They nerfed the flare gun... How am i supposed to play pyro now?
541 megaboy (2 years ago)
Dude the thumb looks creepy
Chris The Rottweiler (2 years ago)
I have to a great Halloween party so I ended up missing scream fortress so what l miss.
Setriex (2 years ago)
I always feel nostalgic when I remember the way the grappling hook used to look, also, 5 more comments and this video will have 666 comments.
RowdyCJ11 (2 years ago)
Did he say an MvM update? Holy shit, I thought valve would think Australiums were good enough.
Артур Страх (2 years ago)
(Just my opinion don't scream ate me for having it) so u say great update? But in my my opinion this update is a copy paste update new maps,new hats nothing game changing. One of the reasons this game is still alive is the variety and with the weapons we didn't have any new weapons FOR 1 YEAR bringing nothing new to the classes. no new gamemodes to have other objectives to team up and switch the gameplay , again nothing new(manpower doesn't count,we had the beta). the maps don't count cause there are thousands of other community created maps for fun we just showed u that these 3 unoriginal maps exist. The gargoyles: gets really boring real fast and nothing new, gets real boring after 2 days cause when u did the gun mettle contracts u can actually use something u can marvel at and use all the time , with the gargoyles we get things we get to use for maximum 1 and a half weeks (the crates don't count as they require payment to get the hats inside them and with time we can simply buy them off the community market instead of wasting 100$ to get 1 puny virtual hat).
Milled2 (2 years ago)
I's so glad the cosmetics in this update aren't Halloween restricted for once
Fedora Whale (2 years ago)
Why is Plague pronounced as Pleg xD
aaronvikhughes (2 years ago)
my fucking laptop broke I won't have my replacement battery till the 9th I'm missing the tf2 payday2 and chivalry Halloween events :(
Smoking Skull (2 years ago)
my only complaint is THAT I CANT DO CONTRACTS wtf i need to go to a gorge_event map so i go to it but it says its not a valve server ok i look for a valve server AND THERE ARE NO VALVE SERVERS making contract doing only possible only when u get a kill merasmus or other boss contract and i dont got one sooo wtf.please explain
Mageh-Pro (2 years ago)
Is there a way to play Halloween maps when Halloween finishes? I really enjoy them
MajinBros (2 years ago)
LEAVE PYRO ALONE!!! BOO HOOOOHOOOO, no really, no one is wanting powerjack or flare gun nerfed, and valve is doing it anyway, if anyithing they want the degreaser nerf.
Aidan Martin (2 years ago)
Whats with the video?
go away (2 years ago)
Overall this update was fantastic. Valve is really doing well
ratziboi (2 years ago)
Im not getting any merasmissions after completing 3 of them it sayd no merasmissions are available now please check later. Anyone please help!!
XErox7X (2 years ago)
I like how you say complaints and comments because are so many of them rock on bro I love this news network!
Ewan Jones (2 years ago)
So I'm seeing some people saying the flare gun was nerfed, but I'm also seeing people say it's still the same. Can someone elaborate to me which side is correct?
Seamus O'Hara (2 years ago)
It was bugged, but it's fixed now. Do all the crits you want.
Cursor (2 years ago)
Pyro Mains: I hate Life now.
GLeeM (2 years ago)
idk scream fortress 2013 was awesome
Bionis Spider (2 years ago)
So, did you know that some people think you work at Valve?
Gazelle Samyueru (2 years ago)
If tf2 still refuses to fucking launch, I will murder someone.
Allgeyer (2 years ago)
If Valve keeps nerfing every non-WM1 pyro tactic we will never see pyro played with any kind of respect.
A. Nodnoc (2 years ago)
If the Flare gun was nerfed, I think they should keep it. Flare gun was OP before.
Daniel Haikal (2 years ago)
uh guys I updated my tf2 and I got the statue thingy whatever u call it but I cant find the Halloween maps pls help me
Nathaniel Krohn (2 years ago)
Yesterday when I was doing my MerasMissions, what I did didn't fill up my bar. Merasmus pls nerf.
Flare gun is nerfed? Fuck you valve
Benjamin Bertilsson (2 years ago)
Only my marasmissions that are glitched? (there aren't any merasmissions visible)
Communist Pootis Birb (2 years ago)
All we need now is some actual new weapons.
DyslexicGamer (2 years ago)
DyslexicGamer (2 years ago)
+DyslexicGamer Someone tell me how many contracts do you get in a 24 hour period? Is it random is it once every three hours or something along the lines of that? I just need to know
stealth sniper (2 years ago)
I cannot find ghost fort, plus help me
Probably Potato (2 years ago)
Aaaaaand my computer decides to have internet errors right when they release this update. Fantastic
Dawnstar (2 years ago)
All of the non-halloween/invasion/mannpower maps are down for some reason
Lee Pyro (2 years ago)
Too bad some players having problems about the Engine Error problem so they cant play. Everytime my friend join a game, it crashes. I hope they can fix this
Atticus Koya (2 years ago)
I keep being told I have 2 missions but I click on the campaign button with a number 2 on it and there are no contracts - I'm a tad bit annoyed along with some large trades being moved to other people because my account was especially screwed by Valve
Bobby Ferg (2 years ago)
Hopefully they add more invasion files
Bobby Ferg (2 years ago)
I am still traumatized by the 24 players on Hellstone. That map (shivers) so chaotic
Skippertomtom (2 years ago)
Were any of Sparkwire's added?
Crab Cakes (2 years ago)
Donavon E (2 years ago)
Is there any info on when the missions refresh?
Tao (2 years ago)
I just wanted to point this out., if you go to the Mann. Co Catalog and select under craft items you find the icon of a name tag saying "Competitive Matchmaking Pass. You're welcome XD
The contracts are also bugged. They can't be completed and from what I heard can only be completed in Washington servers (I wouldn't trust the Washington bit, it was only one guy who said that. But, unless they patched them sometime today, you could no complete them as of last night.)
kvmlsky (2 years ago)
+Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach I was making a joke but k.
+kvmlsky  that was just a filler hat. They needed more hats, so they picked the easiest one to work with at the last minute. Probably took them at most 10 minutes to code that goofy bastard in.
+PokemonTom09  there's no guarantee you'll even get a crate (Which should of been coffins, they even look like one) after finishing a contract. All and All this update wasn't awful, but it could of been 100% better. like I said to Filip, most of the cosmetics they released in the "coffins" have no business being in a Halloween update. It's the worst Scream fortress so far, at least to me. Gorge event is nice, would of raised the water under the bridge up a lot more and removed the hole in the wall over looking the first point, but all and all it's was a solid map, but that's about it.
kvmlsky (2 years ago)
+Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach Or the duck-hat. Actually it's pretty spooky, nevermind.
+Filip Herian  They could be better.  I'm not aware of what all items could of been in the update, but if it's anything like the list of things that could of been in invasion, I'm severely let down.  Some of the cosmetics they released have no business being in a Halloween themed update. Like the engineers poncho... Super scary valve, I'm too spooked to sleep now. 
Ğємнєαят (2 years ago)
FINALLY a fucking FREE update... it would be a strike out making a 3rd update with a PAYed pass in a row -.-"
canary eloressa c (2 years ago)
The mini crit thing with the flare gun and the sniper is just a bug. Whew... http://store.steampowered.com/news/19092/
Kayson Lee (2 years ago)
Rip my baby the flare gun :,(
supernaturalnoscope (2 years ago)
I thought Rave in the Grave wasn't among the new Unusuals? Only Death by Disco
Comrade1985 (2 years ago)
Engine error out of memory
Idk Anymore (2 years ago)
Oh mah God rave in teh grave is nest unsual=most expensive but unusual ever
Aunt Jemima (2 years ago)
Please, Valve. Nerf the Axtinguisher. Nerf the fucking Flare Gun, but for the love of god, do not touch our degreaser.
Webster The Mac (2 years ago)
Can some one explaine to how the Halloween contacts work like how long I have to whait till I get another 1
LtMelons (2 years ago)
nice video tyler!
John Guy (2 years ago)
You forgot to mention that you can't finish the fancy spellbook or get a seal mask.
... and we cant play tf2 on 32 bit anymore cuz there's an error now :)
Arrowtongue64 (2 years ago)
My friend made Rave in the Grave!
ThatOneSlowking (2 years ago)
Mann Vs. Machine updates? Has volvo blessed us?
Pine Jew (2 years ago)
>MFW No cauldron I want my free shit

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